Top Reasons Why You Should Replace Old Windows

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Many homeowners in Lutz, FL are becoming aware of the impacts that old windows can have on the air quality, energy efficiency, and comfort of their home. Replacing old windows can offer many benefits to your home and lifestyle in Lutz, FL. Curious how? Here are our top four reasons why homeowners should consider window replacement.


  • Extend the Life of Air Systems


Old windows allow more than light to enter your home in Lutz, FL; outdated windows provide less insulation in comparison to new windows, leading your heating and air conditioning systems to work harder to maintain the environment set by your thermostat. Proper insulation extends the life of your HVAC systems by reducing the risk of overuse, saving you money in the end.


  • Reduced Energy Costs


Much like the benefits new windows bring to your Lutz, FL home’s air systems, modern windows can reduce the energy costs needed to maintain the desired, comfortable temperature you look for in your home. According to a report by ENERGY STAR, replacement windows lead to an average of $126 to $465 a year in energy cost-savings, particularly in the state of Florida. In the end, reduced energy consumption leads to reduced costs, leaving you more money to do what you love to do!


  • Increased Comfort


The sunny weather of Lutz, FL can have a greater impact on your comfort within your home than you think. Solar heat gain refers to the penetration of sun into your home through outdated windows, a quality that new windows are designed to account for. By reducing the amount of solar heat gain let into your home through old windows, your Lutz, FL home can begin to restore a temperature that you are able to control more closely. More control means more comfort within your home!


  • Protect Furniture and Carpeting from UV Damage


Modern windows have an added benefit over outdated windows: protection from UV damage. This particular benefit of modern windows can significantly extend the appearance and quality of your furniture and textiles. Forget sun-bleached couches when you choose modern windows for your Lutz, FL home.


Modernized windows have a lasting impression on your home and quality of life. Swapping old windows throughout your home in Lutz, FL for new energy-efficient windows can lower energy bills and save you money, all while increasing your comfort. Plus, when you decide to sell your home, prospective buyers take stock of aspects such as your windows, which can increase the sale price.


Replacing old windows throughout your home in Lutz, FL doesn’t have to be complicated! With the help of our expert team at Greaves Construction, your home can begin to function better, leaving you with reduced energy costs and more peace of mind in your home. Call us today at 813-985-2739 or by requesting a consultation online.



The Easiest Do-It-Yourself Hurricane Protection for You!

Easiest Do It Yourself Hurricane Protection | DIY Hurricane Protection

Your home and family deserve protection from severe weather conditions during hurricane season, but not at a high cost! Many hurricane protection systems require professional installation, which can mean a higher cost that you didn’t anticipate. But don’t worry; there’s an alternative. You can protect your home with the easiest do-it-yourself hurricane protection system. It’s called hurricane fabric.


What is Hurricane Fabric?


Hurricane fabric is a resin-coated hybrid fabric that protects your home from high-velocity winds without causing roof lift-off from rapid pressurization.


The Benefits of Hurricane Fabric


Hurricane fabric was developed to be the easiest do-it-yourself hurricane protection system on the market, without sacrificing the quality and durability that is crucial to the safety and security of your home. Benefits of the hurricane fabric system include:


  • Wind and rain resistance
  • UV resistance
  • Compact storage when not deployed
  • Simple deployment after installation


How to Install the Easiest Do-It-Yourself Hurricane Protection System


Equip your home with the easiest do-it-yourself hurricane protection system! Hurricane fabric was specifically designed for simple setup with many resources for installation steps, hints, and best practices. In just a matter of hours, you can protect your home with the easiest do-it-yourself hurricane protection system and feel confident about your home’s safety throughout severe storms.


After ensuring you have received and purchased all necessary parts and tools, the easiest do-it-yourself hurricane protection system can be installed onto your home in just four easy steps:


  1. Measure out the appropriate widths for clips and anchors, as well as your hurricane fabric.
  2. Cut the material to the measurements taken from your window openings and entryways, according to specifications.
  3. Attach clips to the sides of the window, sliding the hurricane fabric into place.
  4. Drill and hang the easiest do-it-yourself hurricane protection fabric.


Hurricane fabric instructions also supply example sketches for a variety of different openings so you can be sure that your sliding door, windows, and entryways are all protected properly.


By following the simple instructions, you can protect your home from the elements in just one day. For detailed instruction on how this system is so easily and effectively installed, watch this video!


Storing Your Hurricane Fabric


One final step helps you with the simple deployment of your hurricane protection system when the occasion does arise: labeling and storing. Luckily, once you’ve labeled your hurricane fabric so that you can easily and quickly find the correct panel for each opening, the hardest part is over! Since hurricane fabric was designed to be the easiest do-it-yourself hurricane protection system on the market, storage had to be easy as well.


Hurricane fabric can be folded and stored in storage bags. Always make sure that your hurricane protection system is clean and dry before storing to ensure longevity. Just like its installation, the easiest do-it-yourself hurricane protection system also offers the easiest cleaning method! Simply wash your hurricane system with water and mild soap.


Installing your home’s hurricane fabric system is easier than you think! Call us at 727-488-8182 or reach out online for a free quote.



5 Reasons Why You Should Remodel Your Kitchen

Kitchen Remodeling | Tampa | Greaves Construction

Your home’s kitchen is where your family gathers to prepare meals and spend time together. While your kitchen may be functional, you may be looking for a way to upgrade your kitchen to suit your taste and your lifestyle. With the help of Greaves Construction, your Tampa Palms home kitchen remodeling can be effortless!


Deciding to go forward with a kitchen remodeling project in Tampa Palms presents many benefits. Below are some of the most popular reasons to remodel your kitchen.


  • Elevating the Value of Your Home


Though your home once had a much more modern design when you originally purchased it, tastes change, and your furnishing can deteriorate over a kitchen’s lifetime. Consider kitchen remodeling for your Tampa Palms home if you foresee selling your home in the near future to increase its value significantly!


  • A Kitchen to Match Your Lifestyle


Depending on how large your family is, how often you cook large meals and host guests, and many other factors, you may be finding that your home is built for someone else entirely. A kitchen remodeling project by professionals in the Tampa Palms area can help you get exactly what you need from your kitchen. By choosing a layout that was designed specifically with your family in mind, your kitchen can be more conducive to your lifestyle.


  • Energy Efficiency


The characteristically sunny weather of Tampa Palms allows many homeowners to take advantage of natural light, reducing the need for constant use of artificial light or heating, which increases energy consumption. You can increase efficiency after a kitchen remodel by incorporating smart design elements. Remodeling your Tampa Palms home can include more windows for natural light or perfectly designed nooks for more energy-efficient appliances.


  • Repair Wear and Tear


The heart of the home is the kitchen, which is why this important room is often the first to show the effects of daily use. Kitchen remodeling for many homeowners in Tampa Palms often occurs when tiles break, counters chip, and door hinges become worn down. Repairing wear and tear can also increase the value of your home should you decide to sell it in the future.


  • Inspiration and Hobby


Many families take great pride in their homes. And many homeowners take a great interest in kitchen remodeling. A kitchen remodeling project for many homeowners in Tampa Palms simply starts as a fun way to exercise creativity, try out new techniques from home improvement shows, or to change up their home’s decor. Not all kitchen remodeling projects have to start from a need. After all, we believe your kitchen should be your favorite room in the house!


A kitchen remodeling project doesn’t have to be complicated if you live in Tampa Palms! If you’re excited about your upcoming kitchen remodeling project, we would love to work with you to ensure your Tampa Palms home becomes your dream home. Contact our dedicated team of professionals by calling 813-985-2739 or by requesting a consultation.

Why Hurricane Windows are Perfect for Any St. Pete Home

Hurricane Windows | St Pete | Clearwater | Westshore Construction

Many residents of St. Pete and Clearwater have their preferred methods of boarding up before stormy weather, from plywood to aluminum shutters.

Hurricane windows are an alternative that has many benefits that put it a step above other methods of protection.

From safety to efficiency, these windows prove their worth year round.

Install Hurricane Windows and Save Money

While plywood might be cheaper at the moment, hurricane windows are an investment for years to come. Impact glass is made to handle the extreme weather conditions that Florida is known for.

Others in Clearwater and St. Pete pays for new plywood year after year or worse, pay for broken panes after going through storm season with no protection. Storm-proof panes take these costs away.

Impact glass can save you money in other ways as well. Storm resistant glass reduces 99% of UV rays which not only protects your skin but helps regulate temperatures inside your home.

This feature saves you money on your electricity bill. Also, you might find that your insurance lowers in cost after installing your panes, as some companies offer discounts for this safety feature.

One-Time Installation Makes Storm Season a Breeze in St. Pete

Once your hurricane windows are in, the work is done. Impact glass is typically four times stronger than ordinary glass and can withstand much more than average panes.

Installing the panes once is all it takes to protect your Clearwater home for years. Instead of spending time worrying about when and how to board your home, you can focus on preparing yourself indoors.

Take time to sit down with your family and discuss an emergency plan. Having a plan makes the storm seem much less scary for children when it hits St. Pete.

During this discussion, also talk about where emergency supplies are located in your home.

These supplies should include things like candles, matches, flashlights, non-perishable goods, and other items you consider essential to your family’s comfort and safety.

Peace of Mind for your Family in Clearwater

The most important benefit of hurricane windows is the peace they bring to residents of St. Pete and Clearwater. After installation, there is very little work or upkeep to manage the panes.

When the storms begin and others scramble to board their homes, you can take time to focus on your family’s needs while your impact glass takes care of protection from the elements.

West Shore Construction

At West Shore Construction, your comfort is our top priority. From hurricane windows to shutters and fabric, our experienced team helps prepare homes in St. Pete and Clearwater for severe storms.

For over 30 years we have been providing residents with high-quality storm protection in the Tampa area.

To further your at-home comfort, we offer services like painting and whole-home remodeling.

You should be proud of your home, and we want to help you feel that way. To learn more about what we can do for you, call us at (727) 488-8182 or visit us online.

Hurricane Protection for your Clearwater Home

Hurricane Protection | Clearwater | Westshore-Construction


As coastal cities, both St. Pete and Clearwater are vulnerable to the devastating effects of severe weather. It is essential for residents to take hurricane protection tactics seriously to avoid damage to their homes and families. Nothing is worse than experiencing a tragedy that could have been prevented with proper preparations.

Create a Plan with your Family

When disaster strikes St. Pete and Clearwater, it is vital that everyone in your household understands what the next steps are going to be. Once the storm season hits, sit down with those you live with and discuss the best way to handle situations like evacuations, flooding, and power outages. Make sure everyone knows where essential items like candles and flashlights are. The most important part of hurricane protection is safety.

Gather Supplies

It is a great idea to keep emergency supplies stocked year-round for unexpected emergencies. However, if you choose not to keep supplies through the year, it is essential you at least stock up during storm season. Supplies should include:

  • First aid kit
  • Non-perishable foods
  • Batteries
  • Matches
  • Candles
  • Flashlights
  • Etc

There are many resources online that offer lists of suggested items you should keep on hand for proper hurricane protection in Clearwater and St. Pete. This can also be part of the discussion you have with family members on your plans for the harsh weather.

Collect Important Items

It is better to prepare for the worst than to let it blindside you. Keep necessary items in safe, waterproof containers on high ground in your Clearwater home. This includes documents like passports and birth certificates, medications, and any other items you would not want to lose in a flood in St. Pete. While you can wait until signs of severe weather for this method of hurricane protection, many people choose to keep their valuables safe for the whole year.

Hurricane Protection Outside your St. Pete Home

Preparing inside your living space is not enough. Exterior hurricane protection is vital for the safety of your family in St. Pete and Clearwater.  Boarding up your home can be the difference between a few missing shingles and a roof blown off entirely. Extreme winds can turn trash and debris into projectiles that break windows and leave the inside of your house vulnerable to wind, water, and more projectiles. Skip the plywood and get serious about boarding your house with shutters, fabric, and windows made to withstand the catastrophic effects of intense storms. Each of these materials is simple to install ahead of time. Both shutters and windows function as normal parts of your home’s exterior year round, and fabric takes only a few minutes to put up after initial installation. The early installation gives you one less thing to worry about.

Let West Shore Construction Help Keep you Clearwater Home Safe

Take care of your family and leave the exterior hurricane protection to us. At West Shore Construction, we have over 30 years of experience working on houses in St. Pete and Clearwater. We offer various materials to board your home, from hurricane fabric to hurricane windows. Our skilled team works quickly to get your safety measures in place and ensure you will have nothing to worry about when harsh weather hits. In addition to these services, we also offer painting and remodeling services. No matter what you are looking for, get it done right and efficiently with West Shore. For more information on our construction services, visit us online or call us at (727) 488-8182.

The Power of Home Improvement Services

Home Improvement Services | Tampa | Greaves Construction

With all the free and useful DIY advice out there, it’s becoming more common to take on home renovation projects for yourself rather than seeking home improvement services in Tampa.

While there are certainly cases where you can save both time and money on your home improvement by doing it yourself, the reality is that those times are few and far between. Your best chance of success involves the use of home improvement services in Tampa.


Why Should You Use Greaves Construction?

When you’re dealing with your home renovations, more things can go wrong than right—especially when you’re attempting to take it on by yourself. Hiring professional home improvement services in Tampa will get the job done quickly and on a budget so that you can enjoy your space without breaking the bank.


Common DIY Mistakes Home Improvement Services in Tampa Will Help You Avoid


Not Obtaining the Proper Permit

You may think that because you own your home that you can do whatever you want with it. Unfortunately, your municipality has other ideas. Home improvement services in Tampa like Greaves Construction are familiar with the city’s zoning laws and can help you apply for and receive the necessary permits for the work you want to get done.


While it may seem tempting to skip this process and save yourself some time and money, that could be problematic for you down the road if you want to sell the house. Or worse, if something happens on your property during unpermitted work, you are liable, and your insurance likely won’t cover the damages.


Hiring Greaves Construction for all your home improvement services will ensure you’re not left liable for accidents. These experts get permits in place before work begins.


Going Over on Budget

Almost every DIY project goes over budget. It’s a cliché for a reason. The guidance of home improvement services in Tampa will give you a realistic idea of cost. The experts at Greaves Construction have 33 years of experience in Tampa. They can more accurately predict the total cost, using their extensive experience in the field.


Going Over on Time

You will almost always underestimate the amount of time required to complete the project and undervalue the cost of your time contribution. Time is money, and it’s often cheaper to pay a little bit more to home improvement services in Tampa who know what they are doing and will get the job done faster than you can.


Not Having Quality Tools

Tools are expensive, and for a reason. If you are doing a one-off home reno, it may not make sense for you to invest in the same quality of tools that professional home improvement services in Tampa will already have handy. The use of improper tools can lead to shoddy work. At Greaves Construction, we have the tools needed for every job, and we know how to use them.


Staying on task and on budget saves you both time and money in the long run, making it well worth the investment to hire a professional. Greaves Construction has been around more 30 years serving the Tampa Bay area. For more information on our services, visit us online or call us at (813) 985-2739.







How to Find the Best Remodeling Company

Best Remodeling Company | Tampa | Greaves Construction

When it comes to hiring help for home renovations in Tampa, you want the best remodeling company you can find. There are many factors to consider when deciding what business to trust your home’s new look with.

The Best Remodeling Company Should Specialize in Your Type of Project

If you want to give your whole Tampa home a makeover, hiring a contractor that only specializes in bathrooms might not be the best idea. They might give you a gorgeous bathroom but struggle on meeting your demands for other rooms. The best remodeling company for you can complete the entire job, regardless of area.

At Greaves Construction, we specialize in:

  • Kitchen Redesign
  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Historic Renovation
  • Whole House Renovation
  • Universal Design
  • Green Building

No matter your needs, we can handle almost any job.

Check Out What Others are Saying

Referrals from family and friends are a great way to find the best remodeling company in Tampa for you. Another great way to find a business that works for you is to check out online reviews. Many people take to the internet to offer honest reviews of the work done on their homes, whether or not these reviews are positive.

Many businesses also offer a place on their websites for customers to post testimonials, which can provide insight into the work you want to be done. These websites might also feature before and after photos to give you an idea of the style and quality of work your home will receive.

Find out Who Will be Working on your House

Some renovation businesses hire subcontractors to carry out parts of their projects. This means many people will be coming in and out of your house that you do not know, and who might not have the insurance and licensing as the contractor you hired. The best remodeling company in Tampa completes the job with their team only.

At Greaves Construction, your project is carried out from start to finish by the same team. We handle the design and the construction of your project, meaning every member of our team is on board with your budget, ideas, and phases of construction. This reduces the risk of mistakes as well as cost and ensures everyone who is coming in and out of your place is verified.

For top-notch work in Tampa, trust Greaves Construction

For over 30 years, Greaves Construction has been serving Tampa as the best remodeling company for almost any project. Our design/build process gives our clients the advantage of working with a team who understands the entire process being carried out. In addition, we are part of the Florida Green Building Coalition, and we are a certified Aging-In-Place Specialist, meaning we can ensure your home receives the added touches it needs to make it fit your lifestyle perfectly. For more information on our services, visit us online or call us at (813) 985-2739.