Pool Heat Pump Repair Questions

Pool Heat Pump Repair | St Pete Beach | Carr Air Conditioning and Heating

Is your pool not as warm as you’d prefer? You’re dreading the fact it might be your pool’s heat pump giving out. Or maybe you have a newer heat pump, so you’re at a loss for why it’s not performing as it should. You might need a pool heat pump repair, but there are always a few things to check before calling the professionals in.

This article will answer common pool heat pump repair questions, encourage the importance of annual maintenance, and provide reasons for common pool heat pump issues.

How Long Do Pool Heat Pumps Last?

A pool heat pump’s average lifespan is somewhere around 10 to 20 years, depending on a few different factors. Proper installation and annual maintenance are vital to enjoying a heated pool for your heat pump’s full life span.

Your pool heat pumps long life span explains why the upfront costs can be on the pricier side. You can enjoy a heated pool for years and years. So the upfront cost is definitely worth it to utilize your pool regardless of the outside temperature. After all, your pool was a large investment. Enjoy it to its full potential.

Avoid Maintenance And End Up Needing A Pool Heat Pump Repair

As stated above, annual maintenance is crucial to using your pool’s heat pump for it’s fully intended life span. Without yearly maintenance, pool heat pump repairs will soon be a common event in your life. For example, if a part experiences minor damage and remains unfixed or replaced, this can mess with the entire system.

If you have annual maintenance inspections, scenarios like that are noticed and taken care of before they worsen, costing you money and time. A pool heat pump repair beats a replacement any day.

What To Do If Your Pool Heat Pump Is Blowing Cold Air

A common issue many pool owners face is cold air blowing from their heat pumps. No need to panic though, the solution is usually relatively straightforward. First, you want to check your thermostat. Ensure it’s the intended temperature and set to “AUTO” and not “ON.” If your thermostat is set to “ON,” the fan will continue to blow even when your pool’s heat pump isn’t actually heating.

Additionally, it’s wise to turn off your thermostat and check the air filter. If there is debris compromising the filter’s airflow, it’s time for a cleaning. Dirty filters can be the culprit of various issues regarding your pool’s heat pump.

If you’ve given both of these options a try and still can’t figure it out, you can always call a pool heat pump repair specialist.

The Culprits Of Most Common Heating Issues

A lot of the time, when your pool heat pump is malfunctioning, it’s because of one of these four problems.

  • Clogged evaporator coil
  • Tripped breaker
  • Closed valves
  • Dirty filters

Need A Pool Heat Pump Repair?

If you’re on St. Pete Beach and you’re looking for a reliable company to perform your pool heat pump repair, Carr Air Conditioning and Heating is the way to go. Contact them online or call at 727-447-7212.


Hurricane Shutters: Do You Need A Permit To Install In Florida?

There are a lot of requirements that you have to meet before installing your hurricane shutters. A permit is one of those requirements. The whole point of hurricane shutters is to protect your home against a storm.

If you don’t correctly install your shutters, you remain vulnerable in the event of a hurricane. Not to mention you will need to follow specific building codes that can be a headache to research yourself.

So when it comes to hurricane shutter installation, it might be best to leave it to a professional contracting company. If you intend to get the permit yourself, then here are a few tips to aid you through the process.

Figure Out Specific Permit Requirements For Your City

Requirements are generally the same but can vary from town to town. There are specific applications and codes for what’s considered “safe” from one area to the next.

For example, waterfront properties are more vulnerable to hurricane-related damages than a home located more inland.

Once you’ve figured out the specific requirements for your area, you’ll need to fill out an application. This application will include information on all the work you want to have done.

Some general information will consist of,

  • The type of property
  • Permit type
  • Square footage
  • Why you want the permit

Where Do You Take Your Permit Application For Hurricane Shutters?

Once you’ve found out the specific requirements in your town and finished filling out your permit application, it’s time to take the paper to the building department. Don’t forget about the upfront fees for the application as well.

Also, remember that acceptance can take some time, especially during the busier seasons. Such as applying for hurricane shutter installation permits during the hurricane season.

So it’s great to plan ahead of time so you can get your permit in time for the hurricane season.

Professional Hurricane Shutter Installation

When you’re working with a professional company, they already have all the permits, insurance, tools, experience, and connections with manufacturers to get the job done.

You will save a lot of time working with a professional contracting company and avoid mistakes that could leave your home unprotected during a storm. They will have all the knowledge about specific building codes and other rules necessary to follow during installation.

Which can, in turn, benefit you with discounts on your insurance if you pass the wind mitigation inspection.

Wind Mitigation Inspection

Passing the wind mitigation inspection depends on if your hurricane protection significantly reduces the risk of storm damage. For example, your shutters don’t abide by the proper building codes.

In that case, you won’t be eligible for your insurance discounts.

Contact Master Aluminum For Superior Hurricane Shutters

Master aluminum is a company with some of the best quality hurricane shutters. They perform welded construction, which eliminates the need for screws, decreasing the risk of erosion.

Hence: elongating your shutters lifespan. Contact them online or give them a call at 727-725-1744 for more information.

Roll Down Hurricane Screens – Worth the Cost?

Roll Down Hurricane Screens | Largo | West Shore Construction

Roll down hurricane screens are among the top-rated alternative for hurricane protection in the Largo Florida area. Not only are they conveniently and quickly lowered but they protect outdoor living spaces with large openings. Although they do come in at a higher price point, many homeowners consider them to be worth the cost.

Protecting Your Property

Hurricanes, tornados, and other tropical storms can do real damage, including uprooting trees, demolishing pool cages, and lifting roofs. Hurricane-force winds turn harmless objects into weapons. Motorized hurricane screens repel projectiles aimed at the openings of your home. This is a hurricane-rated solution that will not only protect your possessions but also what value most – the lives within your home. 

Pros and Cons of Hurricane Screens for Your Largo Home

The money that you spend to have roll down hurricane screens installed in your home is not just “dollars well spent” during hurricane season. Additional benefits of retractable hurricane screens are three-fold.

  1. They are useful year-round. Lowering your screen will protect you and your guests from insects such as mosquitos. Florida, as we know, is notorious for its mosquitos. There is nothing that puts a damper on a good time outdoors more than feeling like you are being eaten by these pests. Your hurricane screen will also shade you from Largo’s sun and heat. It provides relief from glare and temperature control while still allowing you to see outside.
  1. Ease of deployment is another advantage of installing roll down hurricane screens. They operate by remote control with the simple touch of a button. In the event of an impending storm, your home is protected with ease and speed. At other times, you may swiftly lower your screen in part or full for sun and insect protection.
  1. These automatic screens retract out of sight to maintain the aesthetic appearance of your Largo home and recreational spaces.

The singular drawback of remotely operated hurricane screens is that they are more costly than some other hurricane protection methods. Motorized hurricane screens will vary between $30 and $45 per square foot. When doing the math, however, consider your ability to use your screens every day for multiple purposes.

Other Hurricane Protection Choices

If you decide that roll down hurricane screens are not your preference, West Shore Construction also offers the following:

  • Hurricane shutters – both Bahama and Colonial styles.
  • Hurricane windows – permanent protection for the interior of your home, even if you are not home.
  • Accordion shutters – stored on either side of openings. Good for large openings such as sliding glass doors.
  • Motorized aluminum roll down shutters – similar to motorized hurricane screens in strength.
  • Hurricane fabric – can be tailored to fit any window or other opening no matter the size or shape. Fold compactly for storage when not in use.

In Summary

Hurricane protection is a necessity for Largo residents. You want to protect your home, belongings, and most importantly, the people that gather in the home during a storm. Roll down hurricane screens offer the advantage of being certified for use in High Velocity Hurricane Zones. Some might consider them costly, but they provide all-day, year-round benefits for your family and guests.

Choice Installer for Roll Down Hurricane Screens

West Shore Construction offers expert knowledge on hurricane protection for Largo residents. Your consultant will help you find the best solutions for your needs and budget. They are an authorized dealer of Fenetex and Atlas Armor, the manufacturers of the highest quality roll down hurricane screens. Call (727) 488-8182 to set up an appointment with a West Shore Construction specialist. Additionally, you may send a message online. Visit their website to find out more about their services.

5 Reasons You May Need Pool Heat Pump Repair

The beauty of living in Madeira Beach is that you can use your pool virtually year round. Don’t let the need for a pool heat pump repair dampen your enjoyment. Carr Air Conditioning and Heating is a company that has kept Tampa Bay pools in top condition for close to 30 years.  There are certain clear indicators that you may need to give them a call.

Signs to Watch Out For

  1. Makes a loud noise – Noise from your pool heat pump is expected but certain sounds may signal trouble. Rattling or a vibrating pump may indicate clogging. High pitched sounds can mean that a part, such as a bearing needs to be replaced.
  2. Not turning on or continually shutting off – Your pool heat pump may be directly in the intense Madeira Beach sunlight. If this is the case, it may shut down due to overheating. Clogs, damaged capacitor or not enough power which can also cause the unit to shut down. This further indicates a need for pool heat pump repair.
  3. Low water flow – For your pool to operate efficiently, there needs to be a consistent flow of water. Most heaters have sensors that monitor the change in water flow. You may notice, however, that it is not pushing out enough water. Alternatively, your monitor may have a “Low Water Flow” warning. Additionally, it is possible that there is a large air leak making it difficult for the pool heat pump to circulate the pool’s water.
  4. Turning on but not heating – Your pool may not be heating at all or not heating up to the desired temperature.
  5. Leaking water – If there is water pooling around your pump, there may be a leak in the system. This indicates the need to call your Madeira Beach technician out for a pool heat pump repair check. Damaged or worn parts need to be replaced to maintain the efficiency of your pool system.

A pool heat pump can last up to 20 years. Regular maintenance and regular checking of the systems will ensure that it’s life is long. This will ensure many years of enjoying your pool even into the cooler Madeira Beach weather.

Contact Carr Air Conditioning and Heating Today!

Carr Air Conditioning and Heating experts, authorized to repair and service pool equipment. They regularly work with manufacturers such as Pentair, Raypak, Hayward, Jandy and many more. They have decades of experience in pool heat pump repair and maintenance. Your swimming pool is a big investment for your home or commercial property, don’t wait, call today. (727) 447-7212 or connect with them online.

Can You “D.I.Y.” A Wood Fence Installation?

Wood Fence Installer | First Fence Of Tampa Bay

Are you in St. Petersburg wondering if you can do your wood fence installation yourself? Well, the short answer is yes. You and a couple of people who have a basic understanding of the installation process could definitely get the job done. The real question is, do you really want to?

Many technical aspects don’t initially come to mind when you’re planning for your installation. Not to mention guidelines that need to be followed, such as staying within your property line. Many people who try to take on these projects underestimate just how extensive the workload is. Here are a few things to consider that we hope will change your mind about pursuing D.I.Y installation.

Do You Have The Tools and Materials For A Wood Fence Installation?

The tools you need for a wood fence installation probably aren’t just lying around in your garage. Some of the essential equipment required during installation is an augur tool for digging holes and a crimping tool for the fence.

If you don’t have the tools you need, you will have to rent them more than likely. This can end up getting relatively pricy. So most of those dollars saved doing the work yourself will go into getting the proper equipment.

Using The Equipment

Renting the equipment, you’re unsure how to use can become disappointing quickly. You can end up damaging your property, the fencing materials you paid for, and most importantly, yourself.

So prices of renting equipment, coupled with misuse of equipment, can end up taking away even more of the money you were supposed to save doing the installation yourself. Not to mention, if you damage materials, you will have to buy more. Yet again, another extra cost that could’ve been avoided by hiring a wood fence installation company.

The Quality Of Professional Work

The end product of the fence will reflect the experience of whoever builds it. When you’re working with a professional, you’re working with a company that has already created many fences. They have a set process they know works, and this decreases the chance of any mistakes. Don’t end up as a D.I.Y horror story, and trust the professionals with your wood fence installation. 

Common D.I.Y Mistakes

Regardless of what wood fence installation companies recommend, some people are still set on doing the installation themselves. While some are successful, most make common mistakes such as, 

  • Digging holes too shallow 
  • Neglecting to acknowledge elevation differences 
  • Installing posts crooked 

A crooked fence is the most common mistake we see amongst D.I.Y enthusiasts. It looks bad, but it will also weaken the fence’s structural integrity. You want to get the most out of your fence for as long as possible, which means installing a structural sound fence. 

Two typical ways your fence can end up crooked is from digging holes too shallow and neglecting to make up for elevation differences in your yard. If your holes are dug improperly and are too shallow, your fence will lean and can even entirely fall over. Not to mention calculating and accounting for different elevations really requires an expert.

Contact First Fence For A Wood Fence Installation 

We highly recommend leaving fence installation to the professionals. So contact them online or give them a call at 727-744-9940 for a free estimate on your wood fence installation.

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Wood Fence Installers

Wood Fence Installer | First Fence Of Tampa Bay

Installing a Wood Fence

A professional wood fence installer can help you create a traditional look for your home in Pinellas Park. Wood fencing is an excellent choice for deterring unwanted visitors. If you have children or pets, a wood fence adds peace of mind offering a protective boundary.

Working closely with an experienced installer is a choice that will add peace of mind. They will determine your exact property lines so there will not be any arguments with your neighbors after installment. A professional will dig to the precise depth required and skillfully level your fence so that it is even and aesthetically pleasing all the way around. Additionally, knowing where and how to dig is for the experts. You don’t want to dig on your Pinellas Park property and hit any utility lines. Moreover, your wood fence installer will remove any tree roots that happen to be in the way.

Wood Fence Options

There are a number of options for you to discuss with First Fence, your fence installer specialist.

Painting or Staining

First Fence of Tampa Bay uses pressure-treated pine, which has a long life. You have the option of painting your fence or staining your fence. Your fence can be painted to match your home or to stand out. As time passes, you may even change color or stain as you choose.

No matter if you choose to paint or stain, your wood fence installer will make sure that you seal your fence to extend the life of the paint or stain. Additionally, applying a seal will also prevent excess moisture from entering the wood causing mold. Conversely, it prevents drying of the wood, causing splinters.


Talk with your installer about the style of fence that you would like for your Pinellas Park home. Some options include:

  • Picket
  • Shadowbox
  • Stockade
  • Lattice


Fences come in different standard heights and your wood fence installer will consult with you about what height is just right for your needs. Standard fence heights are 36-inch, 48-inch, 72-inch, and 96-inch.

Choose First Fence of Tampa Bay

First Fence is locally owned and operated, not to mention licensed and insured. We work with our customers every step of the way. Excellence in materials, installation, and customer service is our number one concern.  We do it right and that, the first time around.  Contact us today for a free estimate or you may fill out the form on our website. We proudly service Tampa Bay including Pinellas Park and surrounding areas.

8 Cool Things That Will Happen in Colonial Shutter Manufacturing

Colonial Shutter Manufacturer | Virginia Beach | West Shore Construction

Master Aluminum is first class in colonial shutter manufacturing. They produce the highest quality aluminum shutters, in addition to having authorized dealers are throughout the Caribbean and Florida. There are dealers local to the Virginia Beach area.

Manufactured locally, production is efficient. Materials are inspected before even beginning the manufacturing process.

The Process of Colonial Shutter Manufacturing

  • Aluminum is then extruded. Extruded aluminum is lightweight, strong, and will not corrode. Not only this but it is easy to work with.
  • Any adjustments in length are easily and quickly made. Cuts are precise with minimal waste, which keeps costs low.
  • Special machines make arched shapes to fit special openings.
  • Master Aluminum inspects the blades for perfection and assembles into the frames.
  • Corners squared, stamped, and tacked in place. Corners then welded with 100% penetration. This ensures product integrity and longevity. There are no mechanical joining parts such as screws. This means that there is no room for rust or corrosion on the shutter.
  • Corner welds ground and sanded to produce a smooth and consistent finish.
  •  A powder finish provides durability.
  • Shutters are a product of the United States.

Choosing a Colonial Shutter Manufacturer

Qualities to look for when choosing a manufacturer of colonial shutters:

  • An established manufacturer.
  • Products have stood the test of time and climate.
  • One who is on the cutting edge of not only the technology but also research.
  • Methods that maintain low product costs while maintaining the highest quality.
  • Products are easy for distributors to install.
  • Products are reliable. They are consistent and superior, likewise strong, and durable.

Why Choose Master Aluminum

Their colonial shutters are available in Virginia Beach. Master Aluminum was established in 1987. They are the elite manufacturer of premium aluminum colonial shutters. Shutters are decorative as well as hurricane rated. Additionally, if a storm comes, they offer practical and easy protection for your home.

Contact Master Aluminum Today

Please call (727) 725-1744 to find out more about their products. Homeowners may purchase directly, not only this, you can choose to go through an authorized dealer. Master Aluminum is proud to be the colonial shutter manufacturer serving the Virginia Beach area. Distribution includes other areas of Florida and the Caribbean. Homeowners as well as dealers get the lowest possible price offerings. You may submit a message on our site knowing that they will respond as soon as possible. Feel free to check out their gallery to see the beauty of colonial shutters.

Whole Home Remodel – A New Home without Moving

Whole Home Remodel | Tampa Bay | West Shore Construction

Love where you live in Tampa but want something new? A whole-home remodel might just do the trick. There are many reasons to want a new space to live in.

However, there may be many reasons to stay right where you are.

  • You love where you live and don’t want to leave it. Your friends are right here.
  • There are memories in the house that you do not want to walk away from.
  • You have looked around and just can’t seem to find the “right” place.
  • It costs too much to buy the house of your dreams in the Tampa neighborhood.
  • You really wish the house of your dreams could be the house you are in now.

A Whole Home Remodel is the Best of Both

A whole-home remodel will give you the best of both. You can have a brand new layout as well as keeping your memories. Invite your present neighbors over and entertain in your newly remodeled kitchen. Imagine coming home at the end of a long day to a luxurious master suite and relaxing in your spa-like master bathroom. Create a unique space for your aging parents while allowing privacy for you both.

From Plans to Paint

No matter what your vision, a whole home remodel is an involved undertaking. Maybe you can walk through your Tampa home and envision what it could be. On the other hand, it may be that your vision is more of a feeling and you would like someone to help you flesh it out. No matter which category you fall into, working with a professional contractor is the best idea. Plans need to be drawn and permit acquired. There are contractors and subcontractors to worry about, not to mention all the other large and small decisions that need to be made. It can be overwhelming and costly, with too much room for error to take on by yourself.

Work with a Pro

West Shore Construction has helped many people in Tampa just like you. They are a Florida-certified and licensed contractor which the professionals and skilled tradesmen that will make your vision a reality. Call 727-488-8182 today or send a message online. You will have a free consultation with an expert about your vision for your whole home remodel. They will work with you every step of the way from planning to home maintenance. Visit their website to learn more.

Kitchen And Bath Remodel: What To Choose First

Kitchen and bath remodels both continually offer high returns on investment. This is why they’re typically popular remodeling options for people looking to sell their homes in Tampa. If you’re in the position of choosing just one or you just don’t know which to do first. Here’s some information to help guide you.

Looking To Sell Your Home?

If you’re remodeling intending to sell, then your kitchen could be a more beneficial area to focus on first over your bathroom. According to the Realtor.com Active Spring Home Shoppers Report, 80% of homebuyers had kitchens in their top 3 options for most significant rooms. Additionally, first impressions are important, and the kitchen is a larger area that people see right away.

There’s also the most foot traffic in the kitchen, and potential homebuyers in Tampa understand that this is where they will spend a lot of time. So they make a functional and beautiful kitchen a priority for their potential new home. You benefit as well with a higher ROI on kitchen remodels rather than bath.

Kitchen And Bathroom Remodeling With Limited-Time Or Resources?

If you’re remodeling with limited time and recourses, then functionality should become your prime concern. Sometimes the decision comes down to what your home needs most. An aesthetically pleasing home is necessary, but a functional home is crucial to your comfortability. Consider what your home needs most and start with that for the smoothest remodel process.

Signs The Room Is No Longer Functional

If you have issues with your bathroom such as these, it’s wise to focus on the bath and not the kitchen. Missing and cracked grout can lead to structural damage, and because the bathroom is so moist, mold can begin to grow into open cracks and crevasses.

  • Breaks and leaks
  • Lack of space and storage
  • Outdated fixtures
  • Odors

On the other hand, if you’re struggling with minimal counter space while trying to cook or you’re tired of a dysfunctional layout, your kitchen should be the main focal point. You want to operate inside your home efficiently because it’s the place you go to finally wind down after a long day.

Changed Family Needs May Require New Updates

Life happens, and we have to adjust and adapt accordingly. For example, if you or someone else in your home is elderly or suffered a significant injury, it can be hard to enter and exit a shower with a bathtub. So you would require a bathroom update with a walk-in shower. Or maybe you now have a teenager that needs more storage space in the bathroom. Regardless, unsuitable conditions are always a reason to remodel, and it’s up to you whether that priority exists in the kitchen or in your bathroom. 

Kitchen And Bathroom Remodeling Conclusion 

Generally speaking, kitchen remodels are more beneficial for selling your home and increasing ROI. However, everyone’s needs are vastly different, and the deciding factors are going to vary from person to person. Luckily, the professionals at West Shore Construction can guide you through the whole process and give you advice based on their years of experience in the industry.

Should You Stay or Should You Go? Renovating vs. Selling Your Current Home

There are any number of factors that can make you ask the question: “Should I renovate or should I sell?” Perhaps your household is changing in some other way, your house is no longer your dream home, or you’re realizing that a good amount of work needs to be put into your property and you aren’t ready to do it. Whatever the reason, determining whether to renovate or sell is a big decision. Let’s take a closer look at the factors involved so that you can make the best decision for your situation.

How Much Will It Cost?

As with most things in life, money plays a major role in determining whether to renovate your current home or move to a different one. And even if you choose to sell, you will likely need to make some updates and repairs to prepare your home for the market. Brightening curb appeal, fixing those lingering issues you’ve put off, and paying for a pro to photograph your home will be part of your budgeting considerations. A couple ways to boost your curb appeal is to repaint your home’s exterior, build a new wood fence or vinyl fence and it’s wise to hire professionals for the job.

One factor that many homeowners fail to consider, however, is the cost of moving itself. While each situation is unique, the cost of moving is usually not cheap, nor is it convenient.

According to the American Moving and Storage Association, homeowners pay an average of $4,300 to move long-distance and $2,300 to move locally. Along with considering the inconvenience of moving versus the inconvenience of undergoing renovations, you will need to compare your estimated moving costs with the costs of needed renovations to your current home to get a better idea of which is the right decision.

What Changes Are Necessary?

It’s one thing if you need to refresh your kitchen and make a few upgrades to your master bedroom and bathrooms. It’s a whole different conversation if you need to renovate entire rooms (or your entire home) and/or add extra rooms to accommodate a growing family. For example, Business Insider says U.S. homeowners typically spend between $12,557 and $34,789 to remodel a kitchen, while a home addition averages $22,500 to $74,000.

Obviously, these costs are significant, and if your current home requires changes like these, looking for a different home that already meets your needs should not be out of the question. On the other hand, if you truly love your home and location, and you only need to remodel one or two rooms (or make smaller upgrades), that should be factored into the equation as well. West Shore Construction is an excellent choice if you are looking for an expert.

What Does the Market Look Like?

Last but not least: The market should come into play when you make your decision as to renovating or selling. Over the last month, Largo homes have sold for $256,000 on average and averaged 20 days on the market. If you are leaning toward wanting to sell your home and your local market is friendly to sellers, then taking advantage of the seller’s market might be your best move. But if you live in a buyer’s market, you might consider waiting to sell and/or making some renovations to your current home. Moreover, speaking to a real estate professional can prove especially beneficial as you decide what to do.

Whether to renovate or to sell is a big decision for any homeowner, and a lot goes into determining the best path forward. Remember to consider all the potential costs as well as all the changes you need in order to accommodate your needs. Also, research the market in your area, and consult a real estate professional to get their opinion on which steps to take. While it may require a significant amount of time, energy, and money, approaching this decision carefully will pay off in the end.