Kitchen And Bath Remodel: What To Choose First

Kitchen and bath remodels both continually offer high returns on investment. This is why they’re typically popular remodeling options for people looking to sell their homes in Tampa. If you’re in the position of choosing just one or you just don’t know which to do first. Here’s some information to help guide you.

Looking To Sell Your Home?

If you’re remodeling intending to sell, then your kitchen could be a more beneficial area to focus on first over your bathroom. According to the Active Spring Home Shoppers Report, 80% of homebuyers had kitchens in their top 3 options for most significant rooms. Additionally, first impressions are important, and the kitchen is a larger area that people see right away.

There’s also the most foot traffic in the kitchen, and potential homebuyers in Tampa understand that this is where they will spend a lot of time. So they make a functional and beautiful kitchen a priority for their potential new home. You benefit as well with a higher ROI on kitchen remodels rather than bath.

Kitchen And Bathroom Remodeling With Limited-Time Or Resources?

If you’re remodeling with limited time and recourses, then functionality should become your prime concern. Sometimes the decision comes down to what your home needs most. An aesthetically pleasing home is necessary, but a functional home is crucial to your comfortability. Consider what your home needs most and start with that for the smoothest remodel process.

Signs The Room Is No Longer Functional

If you have issues with your bathroom such as these, it’s wise to focus on the bath and not the kitchen. Missing and cracked grout can lead to structural damage, and because the bathroom is so moist, mold can begin to grow into open cracks and crevasses.

  • Breaks and leaks
  • Lack of space and storage
  • Outdated fixtures
  • Odors

On the other hand, if you’re struggling with minimal counter space while trying to cook or you’re tired of a dysfunctional layout, your kitchen should be the main focal point. You want to operate inside your home efficiently because it’s the place you go to finally wind down after a long day.

Changed Family Needs May Require New Updates

Life happens, and we have to adjust and adapt accordingly. For example, if you or someone else in your home is elderly or suffered a significant injury, it can be hard to enter and exit a shower with a bathtub. So you would require a bathroom update with a walk-in shower. Or maybe you now have a teenager that needs more storage space in the bathroom. Regardless, unsuitable conditions are always a reason to remodel, and it’s up to you whether that priority exists in the kitchen or in your bathroom. 

Kitchen And Bathroom Remodeling Conclusion 

Generally speaking, kitchen remodels are more beneficial for selling your home and increasing ROI. However, everyone’s needs are vastly different, and the deciding factors are going to vary between person to person. Luckily, the professionals at West Shore Construction can guide you through the whole process and give you advice based on their years of experience in the industry. Contact them online or give them a call at 727-488-8182. Also, speak to them about a free guide to the best hurricane protection

Should You Stay or Should You Go? Renovating vs. Selling Your Current Home

There are any number of factors that can make you ask the question: “Should I renovate or should I sell?” Perhaps your household is changing in some other way, your house is no longer your dream home, or you’re realizing that a good amount of work needs to be put into your property and you aren’t ready to do it. Whatever the reason, determining whether to renovate or sell is a big decision. Let’s take a closer look at the factors involved so that you can make the best decision for your situation.

How Much Will It Cost?

As with most things in life, money plays a major role in determining whether to renovate your current home or move to a different one. And even if you choose to sell, you will likely need to make some updates and repairs to prepare your home for the market. Brightening curb appeal, fixing those lingering issues you’ve put off, and paying for a pro to photograph your home will be part of your budgeting considerations. One of the easiest ways to boost your curb appeal is to repaint your home’s exterior, and it’s wise to hire professionals for the job.

One factor that many homeowners fail to consider, however, is the cost of moving itself. While each situation is unique, the cost of moving is usually not cheap, nor is it convenient.

According to the American Moving and Storage Association, homeowners pay an average of $4,300 to move long-distance and $2,300 to move locally. Along with considering the inconvenience of moving versus the inconvenience of undergoing renovations, you will need to compare your estimated moving costs with the costs of needed renovations to your current home to get a better idea of which is the right decision.

What Changes Are Necessary?

It’s one thing if you need to refresh your kitchen and make a few upgrades to your master bedroom and bathrooms. It’s a whole different conversation if you need to renovate entire rooms (or your entire home) and/or add extra rooms to accommodate a growing family. For example, Business Insider says U.S. homeowners typically spend between $12,557 and $34,789 to remodel a kitchen, while a home addition averages $22,500 to $74,000.

Obviously, these costs are significant, and if your current home requires changes like these, looking for a different home that already meets your needs should not be out of the question. On the other hand, if you truly love your home and location, and you only need to remodel one or two rooms (or make smaller upgrades), that should be factored into the equation as well. West Shore Construction is an excellent choice if you are looking for an expert.

What Does the Market Look Like?

Last but not least: The market should come into play when you make your decision as to renovating or selling. Over the last month, Largo homes have sold for $256,000 on average and averaged 20 days on the market. If you are leaning toward wanting to sell your home and your local market is friendly to sellers, then taking advantage of the seller’s market might be your best move. But if you live in a buyer’s market, you might consider waiting to sell and/or making some renovations to your current home. Moreover, speaking to a real estate professional can prove especially beneficial as you decide what to do.

Whether to renovate or to sell is a big decision for any homeowner, and a lot goes into determining the best path forward. Remember to consider all the potential costs as well as all the changes you need in order to accommodate your needs. Also, research the market in your area, and consult a real estate professional to get their opinion on which steps to take. While it may require a significant amount of time, energy, and money, approaching this decision carefully will pay off in the end.

Superior Storm Shutters In Tampa Bay

Master Aluminum specializes in the manufacturing of hurricane shutters. This allows for specific focus and precision when they’re creating a durable shutter to protect your home. Not to mention, they use modern techniques and welding methods to ensure the quality of the product.

What Makes Master Aluminum Storm Shutters So Special?

Where they differ from typical storm shutter manufacturers is their welded construction. Welded construction eliminates any cracks or crevasses where corrosion can occur. Corrosion is usually what ends up damaging your shutters, and they can no longer efficiently protect you.

Another area corrosion typically occurs, is near screws because they create electrolysis when in contact with the aluminum. Fortunately, though when using welded construction, there isn’t any need for screws. This is especially relevant to living in Tampa bay because of how salty the air is from the water.

Powder Coated Finish

Powder coating describes the process of applying electrically charged material to your shutter through an electrostatic process. What it does for your shutter is prevents corrosion and is aesthetically pleasing as well. It’s considered extremely hard to evenly and consistently powder coat shutters because of all the different spaces.

However, Master Aluminum powder coats their shutters in house now, to allow for more control over the quality of the product. For example, the thickness of the powder applied is monitored with a digital mil gauge. If any inconsistencies are detected, they can be addressed immediately.

Storm Shutters

  • HV Colonial Hurricane Shutter
  • HV Bahama Hurricane Shutter

The Bahama and colonial hurricane shutters are two of the most popular storm shutters out there. There are also options for decorative shutters that, despite just being for decoration, are pretty durable. But Master Aluminum guarantees these two products will secure your windows during a storm. Their functions are basically the same as well. The only real difference between the two is that Bahama shutters open upward, influencing an island look. Whereas colonial shutters open to the sides, creating a classic colonial vibe look.

Hurricane Protection Is Worth It

You must protect your home from hurricanes. If you’re a resident of the Tampa Bay area, you have probably become familiar with the news of a hurricane rolling in. Don’t get too comfortable, though. Storms can indeed be unforgiving, and you want to be safer than sorry.  

You might think a permanent investment isn’t worth something you’ll only use during the hurricane season. But hurricane shutters can benefit you all year long. From savings on your insurance to adding style to your windows that guests are sure to admire even when it’s not hurricane season. 


If you want superior storm shutters that prevent corrosion and show up completely ready to install Master Aluminum might just be the company for you. These elite storm shutters are guaranteed to secure your windows and keep you safe during a storm. For more information or any questions, you may have contact Master Aluminum online or give them a call at 727-725-1744.

Kitchen Remodeling Services That Can Increase The Value Of Your Home

Out of all home renovations, the kitchen is the most likely to increase your home’s value. A brand new kitchen really appeals to buyers when purchasing a new home. So if you’re looking to sell and plan to remodel, then the kitchen should be one of the main areas you focus on.

Furthermore, there are specific things buyers typically look for in the kitchen, such as granite countertops. You want to be careful going too far though. You don’t want to add something that the general public wouldn’t use consistently. Here are tips on what to focus on when looking for kitchen remodeling services to increase resale value. 

Consider Your ROI When Seeking Kitchen Remodeling Services

Before you even start remodeling to enhance your home’s value, you want to consider your ROI or (return on investment). There’s no point in making your home worth more if you’re going to end up losing money in the end. Ensure that you’re correctly calculating how much the renovations will increase your value vs. how much you spent renovating. 

Granite Counter Tops

When installing granite or other natural stone countertops, it can increase your home’s value by up to 25%. Natural stone is appealing because it’s so unique and durable. No two slabs of granite will ever look exactly the same, and if you take care of it, it has the potential to last an entire lifetime. The buyer knows they won’t be purchasing new countertops anytime soon. 

Furthermore, granite is scratch and heat resistant because it’s so durable. So an active household, like one with kids, is a perfect fit for granite countertops. Granite is also environmentally friendly, being that it comes from the earth and doesn’t go through harsh manufacturing and chemicals. 

Hard Wood Or Natural Stone Flooring

Natural stone and hardwood flooring are some of the more popular flooring options. There are also options for hardwood flooring now that’s waterproof, called engineered hardwood. This is great for the kitchen because there’s bound to be spills and messes.

The natural stone flooring is also suitable for moist environments like the kitchen because it’s easily cleaned. These are all going to be appealing aspects to the buyer. Remember, It’s good to keep things light when choosing colors for the floor. You want the kitchen to incorporate whatever style and decoration the buyer ends up wanting. 

Paint Your Cabinets

Cabinets take up a relatively large portion of the kitchen, so they’re among the first things a buyer sees. The type of cabinets doesn’t matter so much as the color does. If you don’t intend to buy new cabinets, painting them is a fantastic idea. White is the best color, so the space looks clean and open. You also want to give your buyer as such creative freedom as possible to make the home really their own.

Contact Greaves Construction For Kitchen Remodeling Services

Remember, before doing any remodeling to increase your home’s value to consider your ROI. Once you make sure everything balanced, focus on your floors, countertops, and cabinets. Less is more, and light colors will always appeal to buyers. If you have any questions or are interested in a kitchen remodel or even a whole house remodels, give Greaves construction a call at (813)-985-2739 or contact them online for more information.

Installation Ready Hurricane Shutters In Tampa Bay

It’s essential to protect your home during a hurricane. The strong winds and flying debris could end up causing severe damage. Especially if your insurance doesn’t cover you on storm damage. Living in the Tampa Bay area, you have probably become very familiar with hurricanes. But this doesn’t mean you should take them lightly. Storm protection is vital to keeping you and your home safe. Durable hurricane shutters manufactured by Master Aluminum will get the job done right. 

Bahama Shutters

  • HV Bahama hurricane shutter
  • Foil blade Bahama shutter
  • Z blade Bahama shutter 

Bahama shutters open upward and influence an “island” look. The HV Bahama hurricane shutter is the only option for storm protection, but there are also decorative options. Surprisingly even the decorative Bahama options are still incredibly durable. 

Colonial Shutters 

  • HV colonial hurricane shutter
  • Foil blade colonial shutter
  • Z blade colonial shutter

The colonial shutters open to the sides and also include decorative options. What sets apart these shutters is really just the style. They open different ways but generally perform the same function. When deciding between the two, it really only comes down to aesthetic preference.  

Hurricane Shutter Benefits

Your windows are entirely secure with hurricane shutters. Flying debris doesn’t stand a chance against the durable aluminum. You and your home are indefinitely safe from the storm. But what about when there are no storms? Luckily colonial and Bahama hurricane shutters will benefit you all year long and can even save you up to 10% on your insurance premiums 

Also, when your shutters are closed, they allow light and air into your home. So during the summer months, you can control how much sun you want to let in to cool things down a bit. Furthermore, having aluminum on your windows offers privacy and security. You can see outside, but no one can see in, and if someone was trying to break through your window, they would have a tough time getting through your shutters if they could even manage. 

Your Hurricane Shutters Will Be Ready To Install

Master Aluminum uses welded construction to create a superior product. By welding the shutter, it’s more robust, and there aren’t any seams or crevasses for erosion to occur. Additionally, the shutters are finished with a powder coat to further ensure elite quality.

The best part though, is the shutters come ready to install. Everything is already pre-drilled and cut prepared for immediate installation. The installer will end up saving so much time that could be better put to work elsewhere. 


The pressure and flying debris from storms can be lethal to your home. You must stay protected, and the professionals at Master Aluminum have ready to install hurricane shutters waiting just for you. If you’re looking to protect your home from storms, contact Master Aluminum online or call at 727-725-1744 for hurricane shutters.

Take Up To 10% Off Insurance Premiums With Accordion Storm Shutters

Any resident of the Tampa Bay area understands the importance of hurricane protection. Hurricanes can do severe damage to a home, and your insurance company is well aware. If you decide to protect your home, then your insurance company will take 8-10% off of your premiums—the type of hurricane protection you choose, though, depends on the discount you receive. So ensure you speak with your provider for the specific discount for accordion storm shutters. 

What Is A Wind Mitigation Inspection?

The state of Florida requires insurers to offer discounts. Home’s are at extremely high risk for storm damage. So it makes sense they want to motivate you to get protection. Before you’re able to earn your savings, though, you need an inspection done. A wind mitigation inspection ensures everything, including your roof, doors, and windows, can decrease storm damage or completely eliminate it. These inspections are good for 5 years and are well worth the discount. 

Benefit From Accordion Storm Shutters In More Ways Than Insurance Savings

  • Set up quickly with just one person
  • No need to find storage
  • Resilience and durability
  • Economic

Saving on insurance is an excellent benefit of protecting your home with accordion storm shutters. But the benefits don’t end there. Unlike some forms of hurricane protection, these shutters take almost no prep time. All you have to do is close and lock them. One person can easily get the job done, so if you live alone or just happen to be by yourself, there are no worries.

Not to mention, accordion storm shutters stay up all year long, so you don’t need to find storage for them during the off-seasons. These shutters are also extremely durable. West Shore Construction guarantees the resilient aluminum will protect your home. Additionally, it’s one of the more economical forms of storm protection that West Shore Construction offers. 

Hurricane Fabric Is Another Economic Form Of Storm Protection

Hurricane fabric is an excellent economical solution to protect your home from storms. Fabric is not permanently installed, but this might appeal to some homeowners. If you don’t want your hurricane protection to change your home’s aesthetic, this could be a viable option for you. 

You set up the fabric using the patented clips that an even be painted to match your home. So if you’re still concerned with the physical appeal, you have something to work with. Furthermore, hurricane fabric is impact tested to ensure durability. 

Accordion Storm shutters Conclusion

Accordion storm shutters are an economical option that will get you through a storm. They will even save you on insurance premiums and offer many other benefits. When choosing the best form of hurricane protection, make sure you consider accordion storm shutters. West Shore Construction has been in business since 1985. The experience speaks for itself through elite affordable products like hurricane fabric and Bahama shutters as well. If you’re interested in protecting your home and saving on insurance premiums, contact them online or call at 727-488-8182 for more information. 

Cost for Hurricane Shutters

The cost for hurricane shutters is a significant consideration when weighing up your options for hurricane protection.

If your house doesn’t currently have shutters (or any other defense against storms), you may be apprehensive about the financial implications. As we know, money doesn’t grow on our Floridian palm trees!

What is the average cost for hurricane shutters?

The first thing to know is there are several different options available to you. This means that the average cost for hurricane shutters fluctuates depending on what style you would like. 

The great news is that hurricane shutters are generally cheaper than hurricane windows. Yet they are an excellent means of protection. You will find that some hurricane shutters are more economical than others. For example, let’s take accordion shutters. These are a reliable and robust method of defense against hurricanes, and they aren’t too pricey. 

On the other hand, decorative shutters such as Bahama and Colonial style bear a higher price point. After all, you’re paying for the beautiful aesthetics.

Another consideration is the size of the shutters you require. Most hurricane shutters are priced per square feet. So, the coverage you need will determine your precise cost for hurricane shutters

Are hurricane shutters worth the cost? 

If you live in a region where hurricanes and storms frequently strike, hurricane shutters are worth the investment. For example, take the Tampa Bay area where we are subject to storms for 5-6 months every year. 

If your home is caught in the path of a hurricane, the pressure can cause significant damage to both your interiors and exteriors. Adequate protection means there’s less chance of costly repair works in the worst-case scenario. Even a category II hurricane can cause damage to unprotected windows. Perhaps that offsets the cost for hurricane shutters

Do hurricane shutters increase home value? 

The great thing about installing professional hurricane shutters is that they really can increase the value of your property. So, if you think you might want to sell your current home in the future – they can add a bit of extra value.

You’ll need to keep your shutters in excellent condition, but this is a basic DIY. There’s no need to splash out for a technician.  


Your provider will advise you on exactly how to care for your shutters, as this will vary depending on the style you opt for. 

Usually, this means light cleaning a few times a year and applying lubrication. Such simple tasks are quick and easy to complete and will help justify the cost of hurricane shutters.  

All shutters require frequent use, so you should open and close them to keep the mechanics at least once a month. Maintenance is a piece of cake!

Contact us!

Now you know the basics, it’s time to inquire about the cost for hurricane shutters on your own home. Give us a call at 727-488-8182, and we will be able to provide you with a tailored quote. 

Alternatively, you can contact us online with any more queries you may have. 

Tips for Hiring a Home Improvement Contractor

Home Improvement Contractor | Tampa | Greaves Construction

The home improvement contractor Tampa homeowners hire vary greatly. Each brings their own experience, pricing, tradespeople and work ethic to the job. Because of this, it’s important to find the right home improvement contractor for your project. Use these hiring tips to make your search successful.

Write Down Everything You Need

Make a list of everything you expect your contractor to complete for your home improvement project. Your list should look something like this for each major project:

Kitchen Upgrade:

  • Replace kitchen counters
  • New sink and faucet
  • Paint kitchen cabinets
  • New cabinet pulls
  • New floor (tile or hardwood)
  • New backsplash
  • New appliances
  • Create an island with breakfast bar
  • New lights

The more details you can provide the home improvement contractor Tampa homeowners work with, the easier it is for them to provide an accurate quote and timeline.

Get Referrals for a Home Improvement Contractor Tampa Friends Have Used

Getting referrals from people you know makes it easier to find someone you can trust. If you ask around and don’t find referrals, try searching online for the highest rated home improvement contractors in Tampa.

Do Your Research

Do some research on the contractors you feel will suit your needs. Get started by checking their website to look for appropriate licenses and insurance. You can also read reviews and look for before and after pictures of past projects. Check the Better Business Bureau for complaints. Note the contact info for the ones you wish to contact.

Meet with the Contractors

Start calling the contractors on your list and ask the following questions:

  • Can I have your license number and a copy of your insurance policy?
  • How many projects are you currently working on?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • Do you have experience in kitchen upgrades (or whatever your project entails)?
  • Do you provide an itemized estimate?
  • Can you email me a list of references?
  • Do you provide a signed contract itemizing the jobs, estimated completion date and cost?

Write down their answers and follow up on the references so you can make your shortlist.

Schedule Estimates

Price will play a major role in your decision. Make sure you understand the full cost, and ask questions. You then want to compare estimates for the home improvement contractor Tampa homeowners might choose for the project. Your estimate should include:

  • Materials
  • Labor costs
  • Start and end dates
  • Total cost

It’s best to ensure each contractor provides the same numbers so you are comparing apples to apples. One little hint: The more questions they ask you about the job, the better odds they want to provide an accurate quote.

Request a Contract

Once you decide on the contractor you want, have them draw up a contract including:

  • Start time and end time
  • Schedule for the project
  • Expected dates for materials to arrive
  • A payment schedule based on milestones such as roughing in plumbing, installing countertops, completing backsplash

It’s not uncommon for the home improvement contractor Tampa homeowners hire to request a deposit. However, you should never pay more than 10 percent.


Roll Down Hurricane Screens in St Petersburg

Roll Down Hurricane Screens | St Petersburg | West Shore Construction

Roll down hurricane screens in St Petersburg are a practical way to secure your home against major storms. Furthermore, they can add significant value to your house should you wish to sell. Did you know that installing screens may even lower the premium on your home insurance?

What are roll down hurricane screens?

 Roll down screens offer fully automated protection against those frequent hurricanes of ours. They glide down at the touch of a button – the process takes mere moments. Once the storm passes, give it another push, and your screens will roll back neatly into their resting place. It’s that easy!

Our roll down hurricane screens in St Petersburg are one of the most effective forms of protection against storms. In the event of a cyclone, they shield your windows from the impact of debris. What’s more, they protect your entire home against the damaging implications should the pressure from a hurricane enter the interiors.

Who will benefit from roll down hurricane screens?

The short answer is that every resident will benefit from roll down hurricane screens in St Petersburg! Our hurricane season spans half of the year and, as you probably know, storms strike with little notice. All residences are vulnerable, and steps should be taken to reduce your risk of damage. 

Because our roll down screens are remarkably durable and long-lasting, they are a worthy investment in your property. This is ideal whether you intend to live in your house for the foreseeable future, or are considering selling up. 

Many homes benefit from our picturesque Bahama or Colonial Impact hurricane shutters. But, these might not necessarily complement your house’s architecture. Our roll down screens are so discrete that they won’t interfere with the facade of your home. They are masterly designed to blend in. When they’re not in use, nobody will even know that they are there!

Additional perks of hurricane protection 

Your roll down hurricane screens won’t just protect you from those infamous storms of ours. Another perk is the protection against mosquitoes. We don’t know about you, but we’d much rather eat than be eaten!

Our meshed screens limit sunlight without completely blocking it out. On a sweltering Floridan summer’s day, many of our customers appreciate the cooling effect this has on their property. 

Installation of roll down hurricane screens in St Petersburg

West Shore Construction is the premium provider of roll down hurricane screens in St Petersburg. We have provided residents of St Petersburg with protection against hurricanes since 1985. Our installation service is thorough and will give you the peace of mind you need as the storm season draws closer.

We can install our screens over windows, doors, and balconies. The larger the surface, the better – but we can work with all sizes. 

Contact Us!

Safeguard your home today with roll down hurricane screens in St Petersburg. Contact us online or give us a call at 727-488-8182 for any questions you may have. Check out of our other blog here for more information. 

Motorized Rolling Screens in Clearwater

Motorized Hurricane Screens | West Shore Construction

Motorized rolling screens in Clearwater are one of the most efficient ways to safeguard your home against hurricanes. As all Floridians know – we require adequate defenses for our houses – not only for hurricane season but all year-round.

Besides protection from impending storms, motorized rolling screens by West Shore Construction offer multiple other benefits. So, if you want a durable, cost-effective, and multi-faceted solution, you’ve found it!

Where are motorized rolling screens in Clearwater fitted?

West Shore Construction covers the entire district of Clearwater as well as neighboring towns in the hurricane path. We can fit motorized rolling screens over any door, window, balcony, or porch in your home. Everything is custom-made to suit your unique requirements.  

How do motorized rolling screens protect my property?

Once installed, your motorized rolling screens will fully deploy in a few minutes flat. All you need to do is press a button – the motor will do the rest. There’s no need to reorganize your living space and move furniture around when the alert sounds, as with alternative methods. When your screens are not in use, they will retract and remain out of sight. 

If you’re looking for a long-term, durable and easy-to-use barrier against hurricanes, get motorized rolling screens. We produce and fit all motorized rolling screens in Clearwater to a quality that you can trust. 

Benefits of motorized rolling screens

Of course, there are a variety of options available to protect your home and possessions. But the key benefits of motorized screens are:

  • Convenience: Motorized rolling screens do not require preparation ahead of usage. When you receive a hurricane forecast alert, just flick the switch. Presto – your home is protected!
  • Mobility-friendly: The elderly and those with any mobility issues will particularly benefit from motorized rolling screens in Clearwater. 
  • Exceptionally durable: Our screens are resilient against even the highest grade hurricane categories and general wear and tear.
  • Discretion: Once they’re retracted, your motorized screens are not visible. They will not disturb your home decor.
  • Bug resistant: If your home is a hotspot for mosquitoes and bothersome bugs, roll your screen down in the evening. Then you can dine al fresco on your verandah – in peace!

What type of hurricane protection is best for me?

As you know, there are several hurricane protection options to consider. Besides motorized screens, you can choose from traditional methods. Those include hurricane fabrics, windows, and shutters. You should pick the option that offers the most reliable safeguarding for your home, possessions, and loved ones. 

To find out more about motorized rolling screens in Clearwater, and discuss your options, arrange a consultation with us or check out our page here. West Shore Construction is a certified Florida contractor with over 35 years’ experience. We offer free estimates so that you can decide which is best for you. 

Contact Us!

Fortify your home this season with motorized rolling screens in Clearwater. Contact us online or give us a call at 727-488-8182 for any questions you may have.