Roll Down Hurricane Screens in St Petersburg

Roll Down Hurricane Screens | St Petersburg | West Shore Construction

Roll down hurricane screens in St Petersburg are a practical way to secure your home against major storms. Furthermore, they can add significant value to your house should you wish to sell. Did you know that installing screens may even lower the premium on your home insurance?

What are roll down hurricane screens?

 Roll down screens offer fully automated protection against those frequent hurricanes of ours. They glide down at the touch of a button – the process takes mere moments. Once the storm passes, give it another push, and your screens will roll back neatly into their resting place. It’s that easy!

Our roll down hurricane screens in St Petersburg are one of the most effective forms of protection against storms. In the event of a cyclone, they shield your windows from the impact of debris. What’s more, they protect your entire home against the damaging implications should the pressure from a hurricane enter the interiors.

Who will benefit from roll down hurricane screens?

The short answer is that every resident will benefit from roll down hurricane screens in St Petersburg! Our hurricane season spans half of the year and, as you probably know, storms strike with little notice. All residences are vulnerable, and steps should be taken to reduce your risk of damage. 

Because our roll down screens are remarkably durable and long-lasting, they are a worthy investment in your property. This is ideal whether you intend to live in your house for the foreseeable future, or are considering selling up. 

Many homes benefit from our picturesque Bahama or Colonial Impact hurricane shutters. But, these might not necessarily complement your house’s architecture. Our roll down screens are so discrete that they won’t interfere with the facade of your home. They are masterly designed to blend in. When they’re not in use, nobody will even know that they are there!

Additional perks of hurricane protection 

Your roll down hurricane screens won’t just protect you from those infamous storms of ours. Another perk is the protection against mosquitoes. We don’t know about you, but we’d much rather eat than be eaten!

Our meshed screens limit sunlight without completely blocking it out. On a sweltering Floridan summer’s day, many of our customers appreciate the cooling effect this has on their property. 

Installation of roll down hurricane screens in St Petersburg

West Shore Construction is the premium provider of roll down hurricane screens in St Petersburg. We have provided residents of St Petersburg with protection against hurricanes since 1985. Our installation service is thorough and will give you the peace of mind you need as the storm season draws closer.

We can install our screens over windows, doors, and balconies. The larger the surface, the better – but we can work with all sizes. 

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Safeguard your home today with roll down hurricane screens in St Petersburg. Contact us online or give us a call at 727-488-8182 for any questions you may have. Check out of our other blog here for more information. 

Motorized Rolling Screens in Clearwater

Motorized Hurricane Screens | West Shore Construction

Motorized rolling screens in Clearwater are one of the most efficient ways to safeguard your home against hurricanes. As all Floridians know – we require adequate defenses for our houses – not only for hurricane season but all year-round.

Besides protection from impending storms, motorized rolling screens by West Shore Construction offer multiple other benefits. So, if you want a durable, cost-effective, and multi-faceted solution, you’ve found it!

Where are motorized rolling screens in Clearwater fitted?

West Shore Construction covers the entire district of Clearwater as well as neighboring towns in the hurricane path. We can fit motorized rolling screens over any door, window, balcony, or porch in your home. Everything is custom-made to suit your unique requirements.  

How do motorized rolling screens protect my property?

Once installed, your motorized rolling screens will fully deploy in a few minutes flat. All you need to do is press a button – the motor will do the rest. There’s no need to reorganize your living space and move furniture around when the alert sounds, as with alternative methods. When your screens are not in use, they will retract and remain out of sight. 

If you’re looking for a long-term, durable and easy-to-use barrier against hurricanes, get motorized rolling screens. We produce and fit all motorized rolling screens in Clearwater to a quality that you can trust. 

Benefits of motorized rolling screens

Of course, there are a variety of options available to protect your home and possessions. But the key benefits of motorized screens are:

  • Convenience: Motorized rolling screens do not require preparation ahead of usage. When you receive a hurricane forecast alert, just flick the switch. Presto – your home is protected!
  • Mobility-friendly: The elderly and those with any mobility issues will particularly benefit from motorized rolling screens in Clearwater. 
  • Exceptionally durable: Our screens are resilient against even the highest grade hurricane categories and general wear and tear.
  • Discretion: Once they’re retracted, your motorized screens are not visible. They will not disturb your home decor.
  • Bug resistant: If your home is a hotspot for mosquitoes and bothersome bugs, roll your screen down in the evening. Then you can dine al fresco on your verandah – in peace!

What type of hurricane protection is best for me?

As you know, there are several hurricane protection options to consider. Besides motorized screens, you can choose from traditional methods. Those include hurricane fabrics, windows, and shutters. You should pick the option that offers the most reliable safeguarding for your home, possessions, and loved ones. 

To find out more about motorized rolling screens in Clearwater, and discuss your options, arrange a consultation with us or check out our page here. West Shore Construction is a certified Florida contractor with over 35 years’ experience. We offer free estimates so that you can decide which is best for you. 

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Fortify your home this season with motorized rolling screens in Clearwater. Contact us online or give us a call at 727-488-8182 for any questions you may have.


Things to Consider for a Bathroom Remodel in Tampa

Bathroom Remodeling | Carrollwood | Greaves Construction

Whether your children have left years ago or you’re a recent empty nester, you’ve decided that you want to remodel your bathroom. If you’re going to live in your house for many more years to come it’s important to consider ageing in place. Bathrooms can become tricky places as you get older and it’d be nice to have a luxurious bathroom that also follows the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. Whether you’re considering a simple remodel of updating some fixtures or an extensive reconstruction of your bathroom, there are 5 things to consider for a bathroom remodel in Tampa.


 Before all else, it’s important to talk numbers with all parties involved including spouse, relatives, and most importantly the construction company you choose. According to, a typical bathroom remodel can cost anywhere from $5,000-$15,000. When thinking about things to consider for a bathroom remodel in Tampa, especially one that is ADA compliant, it’s important to understand that you may have to move things around or widen the space if necessary.


 If you’re going to make your bathroom as ADA compliant as possible, your tool for measuring space should be a wheelchair. It’s important that there is a radius of at least 5 feet of space between the side walls and the rear wall. This is to enable wheelchair accessibility if you were to ever need it.

The Toilet

 A standard toilet is typically about 27-32 inches high, while an ADA compliant toilet is 17-19 inches high. Not only that, but you also have to consider handrails around the side of the toilet to ensure accessibility of getting on and off it.

The Shower

A popular feature recently in the bathroom has been the zero-threshold shower. There are no raised steps; everything surrounding the shower is one level, and it tilts down slightly into the drain. If you’re considering a zero-threshold shower you might as well think about your bathroom as one large wet room: a waterproof room with no steps or doors, just one big, luxurious spa-like room. Whether you want to make your bathroom ADA compliant or not, this is an amazing feature that is both indulgent and practical. Other than the zero-threshold, it’s also important to incorporate handrails on the side of the shower. The bathroom is a slippery place and it’s a good idea to add support in key places.

Location for a Bathroom Remodel in Tampa

One of the last things to consider for a bathroom remodel in Tampa is the physical location of the bathroom. If the budget allows and if there is no full bathroom on the main level of the house, it’s important to either make an addition or had accessibility to the nearest bathroom in the house. If your house already has a half-bath then adding on to it won’t be that much of a hassle.

 If you live near the Tampa area like Hillsborough Country, Dover, Lithia, Plant City, and other surrounding cities, you can almost guarantee that any construction company will be able to help you out in Spanish if needed. Any remodeling project can be nerve-wracking but if you take these 5 things to consider for a bathroom remodel in Tampa and pair it with a good construction company, it’ll make your bathroom remodel a breeze.

Bathroom Remodeling Makeovers On A Budget

Believe it or not, most people spend a shocking amount of time in their bathrooms. A UK study found that the average person spends roughly three hours and nine minutes sitting on the toilet a week. That’s a shocking 92 days over a lifetime! So it’s safe to say that the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home, and investing in bathroom remodeling services in Westchase should be a priority.

Here are just a few reasons why you should start looking for bathroom remodeling services in Westchase, and tips on how to make your bathroom stylishly functional on a budget.

Start With The Fixtures

When you’re redoing your kitchen or living room you can almost see your money evaporating into thin air with every floor, window, backsplash, and appliance you replace. But luckily, bathrooms don’t cost nearly as much, and you can make a massive difference by replacing a few small things. Like fixtures, for example.

Take notice if your taps, doorknobs, towel hangers, and other bathroom hardware are looking a little rusted and old. One of the best and most cost-effective ways to breathe new life into your space is replacing those worn fixtures with new matching ones. A safe and stylish bet is always stainless steel or copper.

Restrict Tile and Use Paint

Tile can get pretty expensive. That’s just the cost alone of the slabs when you think about the cost of paying someone to lay it down for you; the numbers keep increasing. Focus your money perhaps more on floors or use tile for small spaces. Areas such as the interior of our shower. If you have your heart set on tiles, though, there’s an affordable way to use them. It’s possible just to use a single slab and paint around the area. Or if you have a specific tile you like that’s not in your budget, you could use that tile to accent other pieces of your bathroom. On the topic of paint, however, its an extremely affordable option to give your bathroom that boost it needs. 

Make The Mirror A Priority

The first place anyone looks in a bathroom is always the mirror, so make it look as good as it possibly can. A mirror that’s cracked smudged, and outdated will bring the whole look of the bathroom down with it. Luckily, replacing mirrors are cost-effective bathroom remodeling services in Westchase that experts will tackle first.

A helpful tip is to replace mirrors with big and borderless ones. The bigger the mirror, the more light it’s going to reflect into space and make your bathroom appear bigger and brighter. Mirrors without borders also keep your eye traveling and give the illusion that the wall the mirror is on is much bigger than it actually is.

Don’t Splurge On Expensive Countertops For Your Bathroom Remodeling Services in Westchase

Even though you might feel like you need that gleaming granite countertop that you see on every home magazine cover, that particular remodel can get expensive and wreak havoc on your bathroom budget. Besides, in a small bathroom, it’s not going to have the same impact or get you the return that you would get if they were in the kitchen.

Instead of reaching for granite, quartz, or marble countertops, look at DIY options. Many people retrofit dressers and side tables to make rustic and charming sink vanities. Or instead, look at glass or laminate surfaces that can mimic the expensive look of other countertops without being a burden on your budget.

Contact Greaves Construction

These are just a few tips on how you can renovate your bathroom without breaking the bank. But above all else, to really save your money, you should hire professional bathroom remodeling services in Westchase like Greaves Construction that will give you a quality, stylish, and affordable bathroom makeover that will make it your favorite room in the house!

Ready For Something New? How About A New Kitchen?

Kitchen Remodeling in Clearwater | Clearwater | West Shore Construction

Looking around at your space and feeling uninspired? Have you wanted to entertain guests for a while but always thought your home didn’t quite have everything it needed for you to be the best party host that you can be? Well, the answer to all these feelings doesn’t have to be moving houses to finally get what you want. It can be as easy as deciding to start a kitchen remodeling in Clearwater FL. Here are just a few reasons why you should take the plunge and remodel your kitchen today.

It Adds Value To Your Home

In a survey done by the National Association of Realtors in 2013, 69% of people said they would pay more for a home with new appliances, and 55% of people said they pay more for a kitchen with granite counter-tops. These statistics alone show that potential home buyers pay close attention to the details in a kitchen, and a kitchen remodeling in Clearwater FL can go a long way in increasing the value of your home.

Energy-Efficient Renovations Save You Money

While renovating a kitchen to be “green” may not be a difference you can see right away in your home, it’s a worthwhile investment if you’re looking to hold onto a couple of dollars here and there. Replacing your incandescent bulbs with LEDs during a kitchen remodeling in Clearwater FL can save you a third of energy typically spent on lighting, a skylight or window replacements can reduce your daytime electricity use, and solar panels installed on your roof generates enough energy to run the kitchen without help from electricity.

Kitchen Remodeling in Clearwater FL Is A Must For Any Party Host

If you’ve ever been to a social gathering at someone’s house or hosted your own dinner party, you know that everyone’s going to end up in the kitchen no matter where you’ve set up for the party. However, if your kitchen is outdated, or you haven’t ever done a kitchen remodeling in your Clearwater FL home, you might be hesitant to have people in it. Updating and installing features like kitchen islands, bar stools, skylights, and wine racks all give your kitchen a more convivial and inviting atmosphere.

A New Kitchen Helps Foster New Culinary Hobbies And Healthy Habits

If you’re looking to make a change in your life, maybe it’s to cook more instead of ordering in, or you want to master a certain dish, kitchen remodeling in Clearwater Fl can help inspire you to make a lifestyle change. When you have a new oven, appliances, and expanding counter space, suddenly your kitchen allows you the wiggle room and the tools to start experimenting with some new and exciting dishes. If you want to prepare Thanksgiving dinner for the first time you’re going to need the right kitchen to help you handle all that food and show your family and friends how much you’ve grown.

The Benefits of Accordion Hurricane Shutters

Accordion Shutters | Sarasota | Sun and Storm Systems

Hurricanes are no laughing matter. In 2012 alone, Hurricane Sandy cost an estimated $50 billion in damages and many lives and livelihoods. Many people’s homes, businesses, places of work, and community centers were destroyed by the storm. There’s only so much you can do to reduce the damage that a hurricane brings, but if you have the opportunity to do so you should take it, and hurricane shutters in Sarasota FL can help.

Even Just One Unprotected Window Can Spell Disaster

One of the best features of accordion hurricane shutters in Sarasota FL is that they’re built in a way that is very versatile and accommodates for the protection of a lot of different window sizes and shapes. The way they roll across the window and secure is great because they can protect windows if they’re inset, bay, or standard shapes.

Not only is this useful, but it could mean the difference between your home being protected from the storm and not. Hurricane shutters should be installed in every window in your home because if even one is unprotected and it implodes, the pressure inside the house can change and even more damage could be done.

You Don’t Need To Store Them Any Special Place

Unlike the old two-by-fours and nails method, you don’t need to keep accordion hurricane shutters in your basement for most of the year. Lugging those planks up and down and in and out of your basement is an incredibly cumbersome thing to do repeatedly. Or, there’s the option to get rid of the wood and replace it every time you need it – but that will definitely get expensive. Since they’re stored on the outside of your home, accordion hurricane shutters in Sarasota FL are out of sight, out of mind, and always there for you when you need them.

Hurricane Shutters in Sarasota FL Provide Safety Above All Else

If you’re on the fence about buying hurricane protective equipment for your home or your business due to thinking that the damage really couldn’t be that bad, think about it from a different perspective. Hurricane shutters do more than just safeguard your belongings and property; they protect your family. When windows shatter under strong hurricane winds they often launch shards of glass into the air, and anyone nearby is in danger of being injured or worse, but accordion shutters will provide the safety you need.

Accordion Shutters Are The Best If You Don’t Have Much Time

Sometimes, for whatever reason, you’re late getting the message that a big storm is coming. Maybe you’ve been sick, out of town for a few days, or you’ve been working to secure and prepare the properties of other people before getting around to your own. Accordion hurricane shutters in Sarasota FL only take a couple of minutes to unfold and latch into place, and one person can do them.

Don’t delay and install your accordion hurricane shutters today. They’re the safe, affordable, and convenient option for you to protect your home, business, and family during a storm. Having hurricane shutters gives you a peace of mind that one thing is taken care of so you can spend your time getting other preparations you need for an oncoming storm.

How Much Does Bathroom Remodeling Cost?

Bathroom Remodeling | Carrollwood | Greaves Construction

What to Expect with Bathroom Remodeling in Carrollwood

When you are looking at renovating your Carrollwood, FL home, you probably have a few goals in mind; you want renovations that improve your lifestyle and reflect your personal taste. It’s also smart to do remodeling that gets you the most return on investment, for when you plan to sell. One job that can help you increase your home’s asset value is bathroom remodeling. But how much should you expect to pay for bathroom remodeling in Carrollwood?

Bathroom Remodeling in Carrollwood Costs

According to the National Association of Realtors, a bathroom remodel is a pretty good investment in your home. On average, a bathroom remodel costs $20,420 and $ 64,743, depending on the extent of the project. According to their data, you usually recoup between 67.2% and 60.2% of your costs when you sell your home.

Where the Costs Come From

There are a number of different ways to spend your money with your bathroom remodeling in the Carrollwood project. Some of the most common cost areas are cabinetry, plumbing, tiling, walls and ceilings, lighting, ventilation, paint, and hardware. Don’t forget the costs of design and labor as well.

How to Keep Bathroom Remodeling in Carrollwood Costs Down

It’s a good idea to start with a plan, including a solid budget. This can help you to estimate costs, understand your limits and see where you can cut back.

If it’s possible for your bathroom remodeling in the Carrollwood plan, don’t move the plumbing around. That’s expensive.

Look at updating items, rather than replacing them. You could frame your mirror, for example, instead of hanging a new one. Think about a new toilet seat and hardware instead of a whole new toilet.

One of the most cost-effective ways to refresh a space is with a fresh coat of paint. Keep in mind, if you do intend to sell your home in the next few years, keep your color choice neutral, so as to appeal to the largest buyer base.

Get creative in where you find your materials. Hit flea markets. Look at used and resale websites. See if you can upcycle any items in your own home.

DIY where you can to keep bathroom remodeling in Carrollwood costs down, but make sure you call in the pros for jobs like plumbing, wiring, and gas. You need proper training, permits, and experience to do those jobs right.


It’s very important to plan the ventilation in with your bathroom remodeling in Carrollwood. Your bathroom is hot and humid, and you need somewhere to direct the moist air. If you don’t, you could cause mold to grow. Similarly, your paint, flooring and other finishes could be damaged if the moist air doesn’t ventilate. You don’t want to spend all the time and money on bathroom remodeling in Carrollwood, only to have to do it all over again.

Is it Cheaper to add a Second Story or Build Out?

2nd Story Addition | Lutz | Greaves Construction

Keep Costs Down With a 2nd Story Addition in Lutz


Over time, especially if your family grows, you may soon discover that you’ve outgrown your current home. There are probably too many people trying to cram into your one bathroom. You may even need a bathroom to remodel to improve your current bathroom. If you are interested in a bathroom remodel click here. Moving may not be desirable, especially if you like the neighborhood that you are in- not to mention that moving is expensive and inconvenient. The answer may be to expand the space that you’ve got with a 2nd story addition in Lutz or a build-out. The question is though- is a 2nd story addition in Lutz cheaper than a build-out? Here is what you need to know.

What is Your Space Like?


In addition to cost, one other major factor in deciding whether or not you do a 2nd story addition in Lutz or build out is what available space do you have? Is it feasible with your existing property to build out at all? Are you prepared to give up yard space? Are there other improvements that you hope to make overtime to your yard (i.e. landscaping, a pool or a deck)?


You should also think about what sort of rooms you are hoping to create. If you are seeking more common areas like a family room, recreational room or adding on to your kitchen and dining areas, the layout of the main floor addition might make more sense. If you are after more bedrooms, a 2nd story addition in Lutz is probably more sensible.

Zoning and Permits


It’s also important to ensure that building regulations in Lutz will permit you to build up or out, depending on the structure and the exact location of your home. There will be issues around clearance and space between other houses if you are building out; if you are doing a 2nd story addition in Lutz, you respect height restrictions or other related bylaws.

Build Up or Build Out?


From a cost perspective, it is generally cheaper to add a 2nd story in Lutz than to build an addition on to the side of the house. That’s not always the case, but it there is usually less structural work involved to build a 2nd story addition in Lutz, then to build a new structure out.

When you build out, you usually need a new foundation, which is costly. 


When you build up, assuming that the foundation is structurally sound, you can use the existing foundation to build up. Some smart cost-saving ideas include building over top of a garage or doing an attic conversion for your 2nd story addition in Lutz.

Building an addition to the side or back of your home is least disruptive to your life because in many cases you can continue to live in your home while that is being done. That generally isn’t possible with a 2nd story addition in Lutz.


What’s the Tax Break On My Hurricane Impact Windows?

Hurricane Impact Windows Tax Credit | Westshore Construction

Beyond keeping your family and your most valuable asset, your home, safe, there are added benefits to installing hurricane impact windows to your home. Learn how you can receive a hurricane impact windows tax credit here!

Hurricane and Wallet Protection


Hurricane season isn’t the time to be thinking about installing hurricane impact windows. It might be hard to stomach the upfront costs of installing these windows, but planning ahead can pay off in more ways than one.


By proactively planning for hurricane season months before, you can not only increase your family’s peace of mind, but you can claim the purchase on your upcoming taxes to receive as much as $200 back in a hurricane impact windows tax credit.

Why You Receive Hurricane Impact Windows Tax Credit


As technology improves in hurricane windows, the government has come to appreciate the value of these windows to homeowners. As part of the government’s focus on encouraging energy-efficient and safety-focused choices on homes, there has been an increase in the hurricane impact windows tax credit to incentivize homeowners to make the switch. The hurricane impact windows tax credit, Energy Star guidelines are met, can equal to 10% of the product cost up to $200 for eligible windows.

Eligible Window Improvements


You can get a hurricane impact windows tax credit when they are purchased and installed according to the Energy Star guidelines. By working with a Florida State Certified Building Contractor that is knowledgeable in hurricane protection for homes, you can make sure that your home is secure and your windows are eligible.


Hurricane impact windows provide more than safety. These windows can offer UV protection for your family and your valued furniture, as well as increase the energy efficiency of your home, saving you money on your electrical bills for years to come.

Easily Apply for a Tax Break


While taxes are likely not your best friend, applying for a hurricane impact windows tax credit is easy! When you submit your taxes for the year, fill out and submit the IRS Tax Form 5695 to claim your tax credit for your residence. Of course, it’s best to keep records of your purchase, a certified statement, and the work completed by West Shore in order to ensure that you have all the information necessary to complete this step.

Save Money And Improve Your Home!


Get started on making your home energy-efficient and safe with the installation of the proper windows and receive your hurricane impact windows tax credit. Our team is dedicated to making your home safe and efficient through delivering quality work and caring customer service. We’re happy to help you get the most out of your hurricane impact windows with solutions that get you a tax credit.





Economic Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Outdoor Kitchens | Lutz | Greaves Construction

Get Inspired with These Budget-Friendly Outdoor Kitchen Plans


Having an outdoor kitchen in Lutz is a way to improve your lifestyle and your property value, but outdoor kitchens in Lutz can also be very expensive. With some planning and a creative approach to building, you can have the outdoor kitchen that you dream of. Here are some cheap outdoor kitchen ideas for you to try.

Draw up the Plans


The best way to keep your costs down is to start with a detailed plan and wish list for your outdoor kitchen in Lutz. How much will you entertain? What sort of cooking do you intend to do? If you see yourself having a cookout now and then with family and friends, a simple charcoal grill might suffice for your outdoor kitchen in Lutz. If you intend to have large dinner parties with complex menus, you’ll need sizeable grills (i.e. gas or charcoal), lots of prep areas, lots of seating areas and possibly things like sinks, gas lines, storage, and refrigeration.


If the idea is to keep costs down, ideally, you should have your outdoor kitchen in Lutz situated as closely as possible to your indoor kitchen so that your indoor kitchen amenities and tools can do double duty. If nothing else, you will minimize the steps that you need to take, making it easier and more enjoyable when you are cooking outside.


If you don’t do a detailed plan, you might spend money that you don’t have to. Doing a detailed plan will also help you to devise a budget and a timeline for your plan.

DIY to Keep Costs Down With Your Outdoor Kitchen in Lutz


One cheap outdoor kitchen idea is to do as much of the labor as you can yourself. However, if you are doing things like gas fittings, electrical or plumbing, those are jobs that you are better off to source out to the professionals who are certified and licensed with the proper permits. It is a safety issue. If you do it yourself, but do it incorrectly, you could pay more in the long run, because you might have to redo your outdoor kitchen in Lutz.

Reduce Reuse Recycle


Given that your outdoor kitchen will encounter the weather elements, your materials must be durable and high-quality. You can keep costs down with your materials for your outdoor kitchen in Lutz by seeking out materials that you can reuse or repurpose with paint or refacing. Look for bathroom vanities or kitchen cabinetry on used sites, at salvage yards or at thrift stores. Look for used or leftover stone or pavers to use for your flooring.

With a little ingenuity, you can repurpose existing materials at a fraction of the cost.

Use of Accents


To really personalize your outdoor kitchen in Lutz on a budget, you don’t need to do custom décor. You can really make an impact using inexpensive accents. Purchase an outdoor rug for a pop of color. Use plants to add some greenery. Place tea lights in hurricane lamps around for soft lighting. Buy used furniture, but splurge on newer cushions to freshen the look. With some strategic, well-placed accents, your outdoor kitchen will be a stunner. If you are still interested in an indoor kitchen to check out this page.