Home Remodeling in Largo

Americraft Building Technologies specializes in home remodeling in Largo. When you’ve grown tired of the appearance of your home and need to improve it’s amenities they will get the job done. Their experienced professionals perform quality craftsmanship and offer superior customer service. They are known for their well-designed, professional and consistent reconstruction services that surpass their customers’ expectations.

Imagine transforming your Florida residence into the home you’ve always dreamed of. Update your bathroom, rip out that old rug, add a guest room! There are endless amounts of options for your home, and any improvement you make is a quality investment.

Americraft Building Technologies offers an extensive assortment of services. No matter what it is about your home that you wish to change or add on, we have the professionals to get the job done correctly. The various services that Americraft Building Remodeling offers are wood or tile flooring, cabinet replacement, room additions, garage conversions, and kitchen and bathroom remodeling. We guarantee you a reliable contractor that you can trust. As the homeowner you are able to work with the design team and contractors to gain  knowledgeable opinions. This is a great opportunity if you are looking for a home remodeling in Largo. For further questions or assistance call 727-953-8082.


Kitchen Remodeling in Naples

Are you looking for a custom kitchen remodel in Naples? Whether your remodel is a simple counter replacement or an entire renovation, you have stumbled upon the right place. We are Bristol Bay Development a full service remodeling company located in Naples. Everyone knows that the kitchen is the most important room in the entire house. It is where you are preparing the morning coffee and also prep for family gatherings. Homeowners dream of a kitchen that will be convenient for themselves, family and their guests when purchasing a new home or doing a reconstruction.

Our team of renovation designers will do their best to accommodate all your needs to create that dream kitchen you have always longed for. When presented the options of products for your kitchen keep in mind that they are endless. The best part about working with Bristol Bay Development is that you get to be as hands on with the project as you want. We are striving to give you the room that you have always wanted. Customer satisfaction is at our best interest. Not only does Bristol Bay Development Naples specialize in kitchen renovation, they also specialize in interior and exterior renovation along with bathroom renovation. Your custom kitchen remodeling in Naples will leave you with a new kitchen that will make you feel at home and at peace. For a free quote call 239-949-4022. 

Roofing Company in Carrollwood

Without a doubt, the Tampa Bay area’s homes are hounded with severe weather ranging from the dry humidity and raging storms. After a prolonged time, these conditions tend to wear down the state of a roof, and may eventually damage it. Depending on how significant the damage is, the homeowner might want to look into a professional contractor before another unfortunate event could occur. The staff at Ability Roofing’s is here to offer their services as the go-to roofing company in Carrollwood, Tampa, Town n Country, and Temple terrace. Proud to offer excellence in roofing installations and repair, Ability Roofing wants to extend a lending hand and offer their service out to many of the homeowners in need of a professional roofing company.

Of course, people could seek any other roofer listed in the phonebook or stubble across through a search engine, but what makes Ability Roofing different from the rest is their dedication towards satisfying the client. Homeowners pursue a company that is specialized and trained in the business, hoping to find the perfect one to accommodate their roofing issues. No one wants to find out that the company at hand is not meeting the industry standards and can’t provide a timely service to their clients at a convenient crossroad. As both licensed and insured by the state of Florida, Ability Roofing guarantees their services to be top quality, suitable, and upfront about any woes a homeowner addresses. If you ever find yourself wondering when that leaky roof needs to be patched up, contact Ability Roofing, the respected roofing company in Carrollwood, Tampa, Town n Country, and Temple terrace, at 813.323.7802 to be your best choice in roofing repairs and installations.

No VOC Paints – Brennan Nelms

At West Shore Construction, they use Low VOC and No VOC paint. VOCs are volatile organic compounds, these are the particulates that cause the new paint smell. They are unhealthy to inhale, so West Shore Construction offers Low VOC and No VOC paints for all your office painting needs.

Painting your office is an inexpensive easy way to revitalize your office space. Is your office dreary and dull? Well a nice bright coat of No VOC or Low VOC paint can really improve the appearance of your workspace. Paint can update the look of your office and even increase productivity. Office workers work harder in places they want to be and are proud of. A nice looking, healthy (remember No VOC, no harmful smell) office space will make happier workers. Who says you need a solid color? West Shore Construction can also paint custom murals for a wallscape.

No VOC paints are perfect for those office spaces where the elderly, the young, and the infirm congregate. They are the perfect paints for hospitals and obstetric offices. Volatile Organic Compounds are dangerous for pregnant women and babies, so use  No VOC paints for all your patient areas. VOCs present health problems to many people, so when you’re painting an office space, trust West Shore professionals with the job because it is obvious they care about your health.

West Shore Construction won’t interfere with the running of your business; they can come in after hours and paint when the office is closed. They are considerate and protective of office equipment and personal belongings. Their paint job is deigned to be as low-impact as possible.

Brennan Nelms – Environmentaly Freindly Painting Consultant

New Construction

Do you have an idea for a home, but don’t know where to start? Do you want to create a domicile that’s both creative and professionally done? The associates at Bristol Bay Development want to be there for any of your new construction wishes. For over 30 years, Bristol Bay has been providing exceptionally high quality construction services, with the backing of knowledgeable and in-house workers willing to tackle any job. Having the highest level contractor’s license in the State of Florida and a Port Royal approved builder, this is only a small fraction of how experienced this company is. Being a family owned business, they understand the quality and uniqueness that is needed when approaching all clients’ requests, taking into consideration all the small aspects brought to the table.

Granted, the company does more than just creating an entirely new foundation or an addition to an existing home. They will go a far as making sure the internal construction is tended, whether if it’s electrical wiring, insulation, air conditioning, or flooring. During the new construction process, the client is involved in all these steps. Bristol Bay listens to all, if any, concerns given by their clients ensuring that their ideals are preserved throughout the modeling process. All of their workers are directly employed through the company, striving to produce quality work without hiring a third party that may not complete everything in a timely manner. The company also provides daily updates and last minute changes to accommodate how well the construction is going.

In time, the workers over at Bristol Bay will bring to life the dream home their clients wished-for. With service areas ranging from Bonita Springs to Naples, they complete their job with absolute client satisfaction. Allowing their clients to inspect the finished product, no room or trait of the build will be left unnoticed. The next time you are considering a possible dream project for a foundation, consider the services over at Bristol Bay. By calling 239-949-4022, let them be your top quality hands to aid you through your future new construction.

Custom Kitchen Remodeling

Have you ever wanted a custom kitchen remodeling that you are beyond pleased with and have all your friends, family, and neighbors talking about? You have come to the right place. Bristol Bay Development is a full service remodeling company in Bonita Springs. We know that your kitchen is the most important room in the entire house; it is where you spend majority of your time, from cooking family dinners to hosting a party. Everyone wants a kitchen that will be a convenience for the users and their guests.

Our renovation designers will work with you to create that dream kitchen you have always wanted. Whether you are looking for a cabinet replacement or an entire reconstruction project, we have options that are endless for your needs. When remodeling you can be as hands on with the project as you want, after all it is your home and this is a room you will be utilizing daily. It is important to us that you are satisfied with the outcome. Bristol Bay Development specializes in interior remodeling, offering exceptional customer service and the highest quality products on the market. Your custom kitchen remodeling will leave you with a finished product that you will truly love and enjoy. For a free quote call 239-949-4022.

House Painters in Tampa

If you are having your home repainted, you want house painters in Tampa you are confident will get the job done correctly. The best painting companies offers quality service at an affordable price. Whether it is a residential or commercial job you need done, the best painting companies will work with you to make sure you are completely satisfied. They work around your schedule, so you do not need to worry about annoying painters and their equipment getting in your way while you are trying to work or relax at home.

Both licensed and insured, The best painting companies are house painters in Tampa that will be completely honest and up front about both the price and estimated time of completion. Their services extend to Hillsborough County, Pasco County, and Pinellas County. They are a family owned and operated business that has provided excellent interior and exterior paint jobs for over many years in the Tampa Bay area.

With The best painting companies, you will be happy knowing your property is in good hands. Whether it is your home or office, you will be satisfied knowing the job is getting done exactly how you want, and in a timely manner. Call the best painting companies today for a free quote!

– Brennan Nelms

Environmently Friendly Painting Consultant