Temple Terrace Residential Roofing

When you get the right kind of residential roofing in Temple Terrace, you should be able to look up and see a home that you are proud of. A solid and sturdy roof is a major contribution to the overall quality of a house. Being a homeowner is an achievement that not everyone is able to experience. Owning a home creates a sense of pride and dignity that must be fought for and protected. To protect your pride as a homeowner, Ability Roofing Solutions strives for customer satisfaction and beyond in every job they do.

Roof repair is not a service to be taken lightly; it is an act of protecting families’ homes and ensuring that you need not worry about your home’s safety and durability. Ability Roofing Solutions takes this responsibility very seriously and hopes to gain the trust of each and every one of their customers. The value of trust in a residential roofing service is substantial when concerning the overall quality of your home. Ability Roofing Solutions will work diligently to gain that trust so you need not fret when Mother Nature’s natural processes threaten the durability of your roof.

By choosing to have your Temple Terrace residential roofing done by Ability, you are placing your trust in a certified roofing company that values the pride of the homeowner as they do the satisfaction of every customer they service. If you are ready to establish confidence in your home’s longevity then call Ability Roofing Solutions at (813) 323-7802.


Clearwater Home Remodeling

Homeowners are always trying to find new ways to make their homes fresh and modern. Many options like painting the walls a different color and reorganizing the furniture are just some ways to consider changing a room; however, there are times where some homeowners want to accomplish a larger project—something more significant and prominent. For the person who is looking to renovate a part of their room, there are professional and licensed workers that can be there for your future Clearwater home remodeling projects. At Americraft Building Technologies, their staff has both the knowledge and experience to tackle most, if not all, aspects of remodeling.

You want more than just an average building contractor. With the help of their courteous staff, they will assist with laying out all plans related to how your renovation will go. Their promise of never leaving you in the dark holds true from start to finish. If there is ever a question of how a certain design element can be changed or if something isn’t going according to the original plan, they promise to always deliver customer stratification. Their workers strive to construct an impactful area for your home, as well as using top of the line materials that will still remain for generations to come.

Considering Americraft as your future Clearwater home remodeling company will not only allow your vision of a remodeling come to life, but give you access to some of the most respected and diligent renovation workers around the Bay Area. Call them at 727.953.8082 to see how they can be of service today.

Tampa Window Treatments

Windows, a key component to any major room of your home is an important design feature. There are so many ways to adorn your windows. You can add treatments that make them look bigger, focus the views the offer, reduce sun glare and radiated heat, and provide privacy. The treatment you choose will make a large impact upon the style of the whole room. Whether you are looking for blinds, shades, or shutters, Blinds by Design will aid you in finding the perfect window treatments in Tampa.

Shades are a very versatile solution. They can be lowered or raised so you can let just the right amount of light into any room. They also come in many different materials that can either be opaque so that some light is always entering the room or views can still be seen or they can be solid and block all light and add absolute privacy when needed. A very popular type is the Roman shade. Roman shades are a fabric covering that evenly folds up smooth when raised open. Depending on the fabric made, Roman shades can be opaque or completely block light when lowered. The ability to use any fabric in any color gives Roman shades the ability to blend into any décor whether it is a classic or modern look.

One of the most popular window treatments in Tampa are shutters. Shutters blend very well with classical looks and can become the focal point of your interior design. Shutters can be custom made from wood or composites for virtually any type of window. Shutters do not lower or raise but instead consist of horizontal segments that open and close to allow or block light. Because they are installed to the window and do not raise or lower, they become an integral part of the interior. Therefore, to get the most benefit from shutters, you should consider have professionals like the ones at Blinds by Design work with getting the perfect shutters for your room.

Last but not least, you may consider using blinds to get the benefits of both shades and shutters. Like shutters, blinds have segments, either vertical or horizontal, that may be opened or closed. Additionally, blinds can be fully opened or closed by either raising and lowering or dragging them to one side. With these combined abilities, it is easy to see that blinds offer some of the best versatility. Blinds are not all function either. You can select blinds from a wide range of colors, textures and materials that will also seamlessly blend into any room design. The versatility of blinds makes them another popular choice for window treatments in Tampa.

Whether you are looking for shades, shutters, or blinds, contact Blinds by design at 727-623-4587 to find the perfect window treatments in Tampa. For other cities in Florida and the US, call 888-708-3610.

Tampa Window Shutters

You just moved into a new home or you recently remodeled and have begun or are in the middle or designing the interior spaces. You are bound to think about what you should do with your windows. What treatments should you choose? You should consider going with the timeless versatility and beauty that shutters offer. You can find them in a variety of styles ranging from the traditional plantation look to a more modern sleek style. Today’s shutters are even offered in a wide range of materials to be aesthetically pleasing as well as low maintenance. Blinds by Design can help you find the perfect window shutters in Tampa. They will help design and install blinds for any windows for every room.

You can find shutters at your local hardware store. However, you will find the selection to be very limited. You may find a choice between wood or white vinyl shutters. However, what if you want a different look that they do not offer in their showroom? Worse yet, what if you have a non standard window or an arch window? These situations require custom blinds to perfectly suit your needs. Don’t settle for anything less than the best for window shutters in your Tampa home. Blinds by Design can provide shutters for literally any window in nearly any style you could want.

Shutters offer great benefits in light and radiated heat management as well. Living in Florida has its drawbacks. The sun, at times, can be very glaring. The intensity can make it hard to see if it is shining directly into a room. Shutters provide a perfect answer to blocking out the sun in this situation. Additionally, shutters absorb and reflect a lot of the heat radiated by a direct sun light source. This leads to more efficient cooling of your home.

To find the best window shutters in Tampa call Blinds by Design at 727-623-4587. For other cities in Florida and the US, call 888-708-3610 or browse their website at http://www.blindsbydesignhd.com.

Kitchen Remodeling in Clearwater

People spend a lot of time in their kitchens. Family meals are prepared in this room and you often entertain guests in it as well. The kitchen really is a central part of any home. Even more so with today’s popular open floor plans. Many new homes feature a kitchen that is open to a living room or great room. Some even incorporate a breakfast bar as the only dividing feature. These home designs have become popular because of how essential the kitchen is to our home. Every so often, the need arises to remodel this integral part of your home. Americraft Building Technologies is an expert at providing kitchen remodeling in Clearwater, Florida.

Reasons for remodeling a kitchen include:

  • Resale
  • Deterioration
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Style
  • Special Needs

Advice given by many house resellers is to spend much of your budget on the kitchen if it needs it. Kitchen remodels usually bring back more in resale than the initial investment. More importantly, a fresh updated kitchen can get a home sold quicker. Sometimes homeowners are looking to update the kitchen because it is just breaking down. Tiles are cracked, appliances are on the fritz, and cabinets are worn and dated. Everyone enjoys a fresh modern kitchen. Energy efficiency can be increased with some simple kitchen remodeling as well. Older appliances and lighting can use more energy than their modern equivalents. Perhaps your kitchen just does not fit your style or you have special needs that require some remodeling. For instance, do you need to make cabinets and appliances more accessible to persons in a wheelchair or maybe you plan to do catering out of your home. Americraft Building Technologies can meet all of your needs for kitchen remodeling in Clearwater.

When remodeling your kitchen there are many factors to consider. What is your style? Do you prefer a more modern look or stick to classic styling? Do you have certain appliances already in mind that you want to match the kitchen to? You need to measure and plan out the space you have to work with. You may even want to consider opening up an older floor plan by taking out a wall. With so many considerations, the task can seem overwhelming. Hiring professionals in home remodeling is a great way to achieve your goals. To get the style and look you demand at a budget you can afford, call Americraft at (727) 953- 8082 today for kitchen remodeling in Clearwater.

Bonita Springs Home Remodeling Contractor

Are you thinking about remodeling your home? If so, you should consider hiring a home remodeling contractor to help you with the process. In fact, chances are, dealing with a contractor will be necessary at some point. Unless you are a trained carpenter, electrician, and plumber, hiring a professional is nearly unavoidable during any remodeling project. Working with a certified, licensed, and insured contractor can save you a lot of time, frustration and possible liabilities.

Just getting off the ground can be a tedious, time consuming task. Planning, designing, and sketching a new project can take time but a trained professional with experience will know how to manage the new look you are after. Planning, designing, and sketching are necessary steps to alleviating obstacles during the build. Even figuring out what permits will be required can seem like a daunting exercise. Obtaining the wrong permits or even failing to pull any can cause delays and headaches with your build. Bristol Bay Development of Bonita Springs is operated by Terry Booth, a home remodeling contractor with over 30 years of construction experience. Bristol Bay building consultants will work with you to plan your project to your needs, style, and, most importantly, budget.

With any home remodeling, there will be some projects you do not have the expertise or know-how to handle. The experienced construction professionals at Bristol Bay can handle all the tasks associated with remodeling any room, especially the important high traffic kitchens and bathrooms. Their knowledge doesn’t stop with the interior either. Bristol Bay Development also specializes in exterior remodeling work such as stucco, hurricane proof windows, door installation and they can even manage new construction for you. Bristol Bay development contractors are state certified, licensed, and insured which ensures that you are not liable for any damage that may be possible during any remodeling projects. It also ensures that you are receiving expert services for your renovations.

So, if you are thinking of renovating any part of your home call (239) 949-4022 to speak to an experienced home remodeling contractor at Bristol Bay about turning your home into your dream home today.

Bathroom Remodeling in Clearwater

Homeowners are always looking to improve their surroundings where needed. Some might find certain areas of their home to be harder to rearrange due to the way they are built. In places such as your bathroom, tasks like reorganization can be significantly tougher to complete due to their limited space. For those who are looking for something more than rearranging, a few companies you know that could handle your bathroom remodeling services in the local area may come to mind. Or maybe not.

Americraft Building Technologies wants to prove to their clients that this is not only a cost effective task, but also something that can be quick for the client to achieve in a timely manner. To clarify, obtaining this type of service can normally be done through any home contracting provider; however, what makes Americraft outperform the rest is their ability to be prompt and professional throughout all of their projects. They strive to keep all of their clients informed throughout the whole remodel process and never leave out a single aspect that they know would be important from the client’s perspective. Using nothing but the best materials for each job, Americraft ensures that everything will be centered on the client’s needs. Materials such as tiles, shower heads, piping, and even sinks are all carefully selected to work with each other. Americraft will never mismatch nor install something that will not work for the project.

With all things considered, allow Americraft Building Technologies to be the front runner for any future bathroom remodeling services in Clearwater, St Pete, Tampa Bay, and all surrounding areas. Call them at 727.953.8082 today to see how they can outline your desired bathroom.