1 & 2 Story Additions in Tampa and Temple Terrace

Did you know that Florida has an annual population growth rate of about 2.75%? That’s a lot. But maybe that doesn’t matter to you or affect you in anyway. Maybe you are more concerned with growing the population of your family. And, if that’s the case, you’re probably going to need a bigger home.

Moving can be quite the hassle—and no one knows that better than anyone who has ever moved before. If you enjoy the neighborhood you are currently located in, there should be no reason why you have to relocate just because you want to expand your family (may that be by having more children, or acquiring your mother-in-law as a new roommate).

Instead of up and leaving, first consider 1 & 2 story additions. It is a home remodeling service that Greaves Construction of Tampa and Temple Terrace specializes in and they offer it at an affordable price—definitely much cheaper than buying a new home!

Over time memories are made in your home. It is sad to leave, and it shouldn’t be the first option you consider if you have found yourself in a position that requires more space.

Greaves Construction specializes in 1 & 2 Story additions in Tampa and Temple Terrace that include:

  • Master Suites
  • Great rooms
  • Seamless additions
  • Increase living space
  • Build over existing living space

For more information or to explore your options, call today to speak with an expert: (813) 985 – 2739.


Water Damage Restoration Services in Largo, Florida

Someone once pointed out that “if there is a possibility of several things going wrong, the one that will cause the most damage will be the one to go wrong.” And, when it comes to all of the negative things that can happen to our homes as a result of the awful Florida hurricanes we encounter each and every summer, water damage is the most destructive. If you need water damage restoration services in Largo, Florida or a surrounding area, call the experts at Chris Carpet & Water Restoration. Not only do they offer emergency 24/7 care, but they are the industry leaders with a vast amount of experience.

Each home is different and taking care of your carpets, while it may seem like a hassle, can actually be an art. From oriental to area, to hardwood to tile, Chris Carpet Service does it all.

If your home recently flooded, the amount of stress you are dealing with right now in your life is probably unbearable. Accept help where you can get it. If you need water damage restoration service in Largo, Florida call the professionals at Chris’ Carpets today. 727.397.1511. Their services also include mold remediation with an affiliate company, sewage extraction, structural dry out, and more.

We know; when it rains, it pours. But don’t let a little damage get you down. We promise Chris Carpet Service will restore your home.

Stunning Window Shutters in Sarasota

Home design is an art, and with any piece of art, the details are crucial.  In your home, your blinds are the greatest detail you can alter. Blinds by Design specializes in window treatments, blinds, shutters, and shades, and will take your ordinary room and transform it to an original masterpiece.  It’s time to say goodbye to the monotony around you and appreciate the monument you have built for yourself.

What type of window treatments you choose can be as important as your decision to update them. When searching for window shutters in Sarasota, also consider using blinds or shades.  Many of the shades and blinds offered by Blinds by Design can be motorized and can be operated by a remote control.  Motorized blinds make an excellent addition to any home, and can be time scheduled to protect your home against the uncomfortable Florida heat.

In any design, color is a key component.  Do you like a color, but don’t want to paint the whole room that color?  Blinds by Design gives you the opportunity of expression by providing window treatments in a variety of colors and designs.  If you are a bit more traditional and would like a classic color and feel, you cannot beat the selection of Blinds by Design.  No need to be concerned about your budget when searching for window shutters in Sarasota.  Your design ideas and budget will be used to explore options that best fit your home and your wallet.


So when you decide it is time for new shades, no need to look any further than Blinds by Design.

Blinded By The Light: Blinds, Shades, and Shutters in Tampa, Florida

So this past week, at my rented house in St. Petersburg, Florida, I’ve woken up every morning in a pool of my own sweat and a bedroom flooded with hot Florida sunlight. My ancient and barely functioning shutters happen to be stuck in the one position where early morning light can literally blindside me.  There are some pretty terrible ways to start your morning and this is definitely one of them.  window blinds tampa clearwater st pete

It feels as if summer is already here in the Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater area, and it seems my house is heating up just as fast. Besides my mornings, the summer heat is damaging the cost of my air conditioning bill and straining relationships between my house mates. So today, I proposed a plan to my cranky house mates: we renovate all of the blinds, shades, and shutters in the house so that they are more efficient. At first, they were hesitant to accept my plan, but once I explained to them how spending money on new blinds would save us more money in our electric bill, they took to the idea.

After comparing prices and figuring out what designs looked best, my house mates and I decided to use Blinds by Design, a contemporary and innovative company, based in the Tampa Bay area. We chose Blinds by Design because, like a lot of houses in St. Petersburg, my house has a Florida room, otherwise known as a Sun room. My house mates and I figured who better to trust with Florida sun issues than a Florida based company. Now in the summer, this one Sun room (which takes up a large part of the house) sucks all of the cold out of the rest of the house, even though it is separated by glass doors. Blinds by Design helped my house mates and I select the best shutters possible to limit sunlight from pouring into the Florida room, thereby saving us a fortune on our utilities. Our next big project is the individual rooms, and while Blinds by Design couldn’t remove my window, they have helped me select a new set of blinds to replace the dilapidated ones I currently have.

This summer, don’t be blinded by the light in the St. Petersburg, Tampa, Clearwater, or Sarasota, give Blinds by Design a call at 727-623-4587 or visit their website http://www.blindsbydesignhd.com/. At Blinds by Design, you will receive professional help and advice with any issues you might have with blinds, shades, and shutters.

Window Treatments in Sarasota

Whether your style is conservative or funky, modern or classic in Sarasota, window treatments are the perfect statement piece to express your unique style.  When you walk into a room, the window is the first focal point your eyes meet.  Sure, it may be a huge window filling the room with an abundance of natural light, but without the right window treatment that window will just be a window.  The moment that striking window treatment saves you from an awkward silence with your boss and his wife, it will more than pay for itself.

Large windows with lots of natural light may be beautiful at 4 pm, but I bet that same light is not so beautiful at 6am.  Instead of waking up bright and early on a weekend to the sun that is shining through your window, try motorized shades and blinds.  With the motorized shades and blinds, you can set a time for the shades to open and close based on your sleep schedule.  Waking up naturally is always healthier than waking up to an obnoxious, beeping alarm clock.  Let the sun wake you up on your schedule. In Sarasota, window treatments are an important part of your home.

Blinds By Design offer a vast library of Sarasota window treatments, blinds, shutters and shades and will match any home design perfectly.


Naples Interior Remodeling

If you always wanted to remodel the inside of your home, then Bristol Bay Development can help you achieve this goal. They offer complete or partial inside home make-overs that will make you fall in love with your home all over again! They offer color an extended variety of choices to choose from, and pictures to give you a wide range of options. Their interior remodeling designers have an extensive experience in order to give you advice that will give you the best results.

For Naples interior remodeling designs that will fulfill all of your wants and needs, look no farther than Bristol Bay Development. They can design your dream interior that will suit your everyday lifestyle. With their professional experience they can help you create a living space that you will never want to leave.

Some of the services provided include:


  • Kitchen & bathroom remodeling
  • Interior & exterior remodeling
  • New construction designing
  • Hurricane window & door options
  • Boutique home preparation
  • And stucco work


They offer quality craftsmanship, and are also able to personalize many of the ideas that you come up with. Here are a few interior remodeling areas in the home that Bristol Bay Development can help you design: counter tops, cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom, flooring, stucco (such as faux pillars and moldings), appliance selection, and paint colors of the walls.


To contact Bristol Bay Development to get your Naples interior remodeling project started, contact (239) 949-4022 and they can help you will any questions that you have.



Emergency Water Damage Services in Clearwater, Largo & St Petersburg

Although water is great for your body, it can cause permanent damage to your home.  You may normally only associate a carpet service company with remodeling or cleaning.  But, Chris’ Carpet Service provides emergency water damage services in Clearwater, Largo and St. Petersburg.  Weather conditions in Florida can be intense.  The likelihood of indoor flooding is high for residential areas in Tampa Bay.  When an unexpected emergency like this happens, you can’t call the police or the fire department, but you can call Chris’ Carpet and Water Restoration Service.    emergencywaterdamageservicesclearwaterlargostpetersburg

When you need emergency water damage services in Clearwater, Largo or St. Petersburg, you need help before the damage becomes permanent.  Chris’ Carpet Service is there for you when you need us most.  We provide 24-hour emergency water restoration and water damage cleanup.  Not only are we available 24 hours, we make it our priority to arrive on the scene as fast as possible.  We have a guaranteed response time of 30 to 90 minutes.  You may not constantly be thinking about emergency water damage services in Clearwater, Largo or St. Petersburg.  But when you do need assistance, you can’t waste time finding the right company or be in a panic and choose the first one you see.  Research our services now, so you’ll be safe later.

Chris’ Carpet and Water Restoration Service provides:

  • Restoration Services
  • Structural Dry Out
  • Sewage Extraction
  • Mold Remediation (with an affiliate company)
  • and many more

Emergency water damage services in Clearwater, Largo and St. Petersburg are necessary for all types of home owners.  Whether you have wood, carpet or tile flooring Chris’ Carpet Service is trained to help you.  We detect moisture within your walls and floors that may not even be visible using thermal imaging cameras and penetrating/non-penetrating probes.   All of our technicians are certified to handle water removal, water damage restoration and structural drying.  Our expertise is water damage.  Don’t underestimate the damage water can do to your home.  Some people try to fix water problems on their own and end up with permanent signs of damage.  This reduces the value and quality of your home.  Without an immediate and thorough drying process, microbial growth and odor can develop.  This damage is not only unpleasant and irreversible, it’s also a health risk to you and your family.  Call Chris’ Carpet Service at the first sign of water damage, before it’s too late.