How to Hire the Right Painting Contractor | 7 Tips Before Hiring a House Painting Company

Contractors (of pretty much every kind) don’t have the best reputation. It seems like a very, very long time ago, a very mean person gave the rest of contractors a bad name. And maybe in your own experience you’ve found the stereotype to be true– that contractors are inconsiderate jerks. And many probably are.

But not all of them.

House Painting Contractor ServicesAs with any profession, there are people who are willing to do the bare minimum to get by in their daily jobs– and then there are people who go above and beyond every opportunity they receive. When you enjoy the work you do, the latter is much more likely to happen.

You can’t always help some of the people you’re forced to deal with throughout your day– may it be a lousy waiter, a cranky customer service rep or an uncooperative automated machine, some people we just have to put up with for certain services. But there are certain jobs that we need done that we should need (and deserve) to be selective about.

Having your house painted is one of those jobs.

When it comes to your home, where you spend probably a majority of your time and invest a lot of  pride in, you’re allowed to get picky. Not only are you trusting your painting contractor access onto (and often INTO) your property for a designated period of time, but you are also investing a lot of time, trust and money in this person  to get the job done correctly, cost-efficiently, and in a timely manner.

So how do you hire the right painting contractor?

1. Word of mouth. Surely you’re not the only person in group of family/friends and community that has needed their house painted in the past few years. Ask around for referrals. This way, you can get honest opinions from people you know. You could also go to your local Home Depot, Lowes or Paint Store to ask for a referral. (After all, chances are these stores are very familiar with the local painters).

Also, if you come across a contractor you may want to use, don’t feel shy asking them for references. If they are trustworthy and go above and beyond to satisfy their customers, they should have no problem providing you with this info.

2. Get estimates. Most painting contractors should give you free, onsite quotes. If they don’t offer you a free estimate, move on to one of the many that will.

3. Inquire about the company background. Are they state licensed and insured? How long have they been in business? Are they family owned? Do they believe in green building? What kinds of paints do they use (Low VOC paints, etc)? These things matter more to some people than others, but asking these kinds of questions will give you a better idea of the kind of company you are dealing with.

4. Search online. Use Google to find local contractors that specialize in house painting  in and around your city. Do they have a website? Do they have Google reviews?

4. Talk to them about the specifics of the job. What might make the job particularly difficult (strangely shaped rooms, wall ornaments, etc). Do you only want them to come at certain hours of the day, or certain days of the week? See if they are flexible. Initially dealing with potential problems could save you a lot of wasted time and energy. Also, simply raising these concerns can tell  House Painting Company | Palm Harboryou a lot about a painting contractor– based on how they react/respond. Do they seem genuinely willing to work around your individual needs to get the job done? Or do they seem annoyed? If there are certain colors you’re considering, but can’t decide– talk to them about that– even if you haven’t hired them yet. Painting is their profession and they should be experienced. It’s important you feel confident they know what they are doing. Certain colors make rooms look bigger, smaller, etc. Its their job to know these things so you can consult with them.

5. Ask about  pricing. Do they charge by the hour? Or by square foot? Or by the job? Decide which kind of pricing works best for you and for your home. Shop around and compare prices.

6. Pay attention to what they do just as much, if not more, than what they say. It’s a rule of life. Don’t take their word that they are a trustworthy company and that they are courteous. Do they call if they are going to be late? Do they do their best to conveniently work around your schedule and meet you half way? Or are they always unavailable, tardy, and inflexible?

7. Trust your gut. Most people know within minutes of talking to someone whether or not they like them. At the end of the day, you are looking for the best house painting company, not a new best friend. But if you get strange vibes from someone, or your instinct tells you they are not someone you can communicate and work well with, move on. There are a lot of unreliable contractors out there, but there are also a a lot of really good ones that will far exceed your expectations if you let them.

At the end of the day, it is important that you feel comfortable and confident with the person you are trusting with the appearance of your home.

What has been your experience with contractors in the past? Have you ever dealt with someone in business that has completely exceeded your expectations?


About West Shore Painters 

West Shore Painters, a division of West Shore Construction Corporation, has been in business since 1985. Family owned and operated, West Shore specializes in house painting in Palm Harbor, Tampa, Largo, Clearwater, St Petersburg, Seminole, and all surrounding Southwest Florida communities. They use low-zero VOC paints and specialize in green building. West Shore is also Florida State Certified & Licensed#CBC044653.

To speak with a professional house painting contractor in Palm Harbor, Clearwater, St Petersburg, Tampa Bay and surrounding Florida areas today, call (727) 488-8058 for more information.


DIY or Hire a Pro? Kitchen Remodeling in Temple Terrace

If you’re thinking about kitchen remodeling in Temple Terrace then I don’t have to tell you all of the benefits remodeling can have on you and your home.  What you’re more likely struggling with is whether to do it yourself or hire someone.  Before you start knocking down walls and building your own cabinets think about all that comes with your renovation project.

Building Codes: Before kitchen remodeling in Temple Terrace can begin, you need to familiarize yourself with your neighborhood’s building codes.  These codes may completely alter your original idea and limit how far you can extend your kitchen.  Some codes even limit things like carpentry, plumbing and wiring.  If you don’t mind learning and abiding by these codes, maybe DIY if for you.  Greaves Construction already knows the building codes for kitchen remodeling in Tampa Bay and can take the pain out of brushing up on your local building codes.  A professional already has these codes in mind when they come over and do their initial inspection and recommend ideas.

Skill Level: Anyone can do home renovation.  You are capable of learning how to rewire your kitchen and install new appliances.  If you want kitchen remodeling in Temple Terrace to be a learning activity where you make mistakes and change your designs to rectify those mistakes, then DIY kitchen renovation may be a fun project for you.  If you’re skills aren’t that of a professional, but you want professional looking results, Greaves Construction might be a better option.  Lack of experience and skill will add on time and money to your project.  People often think that DIY projects will save them a ton of money in the long run.  But, one mistake that a professional wouldn’t make will cost you.  One small mistake can completely alter the placement and measurements of other elements of your design.  Creating new pieces and new designs to work around your mistake will cost you more money.

The best part about hiring a professional is the certainty of zero mistakes.  Greaves Construction won’t just build cabinets that are pretty.  They are constantly concerned with things like cabinet efficiency.  Not only do professionals make your kitchen look better, they make it more efficient as well.  Kitchens are a very complex room in the home.  Behind all of the counters and cabinets are wires that bring your kitchen to life.  Greaves Construction does kitchen remodeling in Temple Terrace with all of these factors in mind.  Bring your kitchen to life with a renovation and efficiency plan designed by Greaves with your best interest in mind.  While DIY projects are fun and rewarding, I would say leave kitchen remodeling in Temple Terrace to a professional and work on some DIY gardening instead.


Commercial Refrigeration in Palm Harbor

It is mid-summer in Florida, and it’s hot outside. The only question is— is it hot inside as well?  If your office could be cooler, then now is the time to call Sunbeam Air Conditioning.  Commercial refrigeration in Palm Harbor is a serious business, and with Sunbeam Air Conditioning, you will get the repairs you want at the price you need. 

Consider these facts when thinking about who you should go with.

  • Sunbeam is recognized by Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau
  • They are certified in commercial HVAC professional service
  • Trained professionals to repair your equipment in the shortest amount of time possible
  • Sunbeam is open 24/7 to serve repairs any time of day

In the restaurant business, keeping your food at the proper temperature is vital in maintaining food safety regulations.  If your walk in cooler is a bit warmer than it should be, schedule a visit with Sunbeam to make sure your operation is running at tip-top shape.  Don’t risk food-borne illnesses because you didn’t think you had the time to take proper safety precautions.  In Palm Harbor, commercial refrigeration can make or break your food service business.  Call Sunbeam Air Conditioning to ensure your cooling equipment is running properly. 

If you feel that your outdated equipment is broken more than it is running, call Sunbeam Air Conditioning to replace your commercial refrigeration in Palm Harbor.  The professionals at Sunbeam will install your new system within your budget and give you assurance of a job well done.  So what are you waiting for?  Give Sunbeam Air Conditioning now for a free estimate at (727) 744-4027.  Experts will be there 24 hours a day to help you with your commercial refrigeration unit in Palm Harbor. 

Faux Wood Shutters

Want the expensive look of wooden shutters but don’t want to pay the large price? Then faux wood shutters are the way to go. Blinds by Design in Clearwater carry an array of faux wooden shutters that will fit your budget and give your home that touch of elegance that it needs. They offer assorted variety of styles and designs that can be customized to fit your windows.

Faux wood shutters are resistant to moisture which would be beneficial to any part of your home such as: hot kitchens, wet bathrooms, and waterfront homes. They have strong panels that do not warp with time like some real wooden blinds do. The faux wooden shutters come in many different styles and colors that can be matched to suit your home.

Blinds by Design will help you transform each room in your home, into a serene quiet place by blocking out the heat and the sun from that space. Each shutter provides a beautiful touch to each room, and helps protect your furniture and flooring form harmful UV rays. The faux wooden shutters are a great alternative to real wooden blinds and provide long lasting durability. The shutters are easy to clean, and open with ease.

With each window that is covered, it will help reduce how hard your air conditioner and heater unit works. Summer is around the corner, by adding faux wooden shutters will help trap in the cold air which will help make your home feel comfortable all day. In the winter, the shutters provide a barrier for the cold air not to pass, helping keep heat in each room.

If you would like an estimate to help lower your monthly energy bill, call Blinds by Design at (727) 388-7064 for a consultation.

Clearwater Air Conditioning Service

Did you know effectively working air conditioners have been the reason for a decreased number of U.S. deaths over the past half century? In fact, the chances of dying due to hot weather have reduced to approximately 80%. This might seem dramatic, but then again so is refusing to get your AC fixed because you’re trying to save money. After all, would you rather save a few dollars, or a few lives?

If you need Clearwater air conditioning service, call Sunbeam Air today (727) 744-4027. They are BBB accredited (Better Business Bureau) and only use nationally recognized brand names– so you can be sure your AC units are built to last.

Sunbeam also offers emergency AC repair, duct cleaning and fogging, indoor air quality and HVAC services in Palm Harbor and Tarpon Springs areas.

Right now they are offering a “Spring Cleaning Sale” on air conditioning systems, air handlers, heat pumps, electric heat strips and thermostats. If you need Clearwater air conditioning service, stop delaying gratification and call Sunbeam today. Trying to survive the Florida summer heat is no way to spend your time. Stay in the 80%. Stay cool. Stay safe.

For more information about the different kinds of AC services offered in Pinellas County, call Sunbeam today or visit their website.


Tampa Home Remodeling Contractor

Growing up as a kid, everyone has played with building blocks at one point or another.  Whether you built an astounding skyscraper with Lincoln logs or whether you just placed land minds of Legos around the house for someone to step on, you were a contractor at one point or another.  The only difference between then and now is that some of us grew up with the continued passion for building and remodeling.

Finding a home remodeling contractor in Tampa you can trust can be a very difficult process.  Instead of spending hours combing through the yellow books, give Greaves Construction a call.  If you made your home perfect when you first built it, shouldn’t it still be perfect 20 years later?  Tired of looking at out of date appliances and cut-up counters?  I bet that tie-die wallpaper looked really cool in the 70’s.  There is a solution to all of this!

Instead of dreading having to go through the process of hiring a home remodeling contractor in Tampa, you should be excited! Your home can feel like brand new again.  Greaves Construction will work with you one on one to determine exactly what you are looking for.  You can pick out new countertops and appliances.  Since the kids moved out, I am sure there is a lot of extra room you can use for an office.  Why not take advantage of your home and the space you have? Why not have them knock down that wall that you haven’t liked since you bought the place.  You can completely recreate your new dream home or simply improve upon your dream home of 20 years ago.

Whether you have decided to just update or bring on a new adventure, Greaves Construction is the place you should call for professional home remodeling contractors in Tampa.  Visit their website to request a quote on your home now.

Emergency AC Repair | Palm Harbor

In Florida, the only place we don’t want to feel the sun is in our home.  As the summer gets hotter, emergency AC repair in Palm Harbor can be the difference between loving and hating Florida.  I’ve lived in Florida my whole life.  You’d think my favorite part of living here would be going to the beach or never having to buy winter apparel.  In reality, I appreciate Florida the most when I leave the hot sun and walk into my cool, air-conditioned home.  Sunbeam Air Conditioning provides emergency AC repair in Palm Harbor because they understand sometimes our favorite part about the sun is getting out of it.

Emergency AC repair in Palm Harbor is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  That means you have no reason not to call Sunbeam Air conditioning the moment your AC breaks.  Your home should be your number one place of comfort.  If AC is going to work anywhere, I would want it to be in my home.  The weather here is so hot that sometimes I start sweating during my car rides home even when the air conditioning is on full blast.  There is nothing I want more than to walk into my house and immediately feel my air conditioning system cool me down.  Our air conditioning systems are a luxury we take for granted.  I’m never thankful for my AC, I just always expect it to be on and running when I walk in my house.  No one thinks about their air conditioning system until it stops working.  The moment your AC system isn’t working, don’t fix it yourself, don’t wait a few days and see what happens.  Emergency AC repair in Palm Harbor is available specifically for moments like this.  Fix your AC now, before you regret it later.  If you try and fix a problem on your own when you need emergency AC repair in Palm Harbor, you may cause more damage than you started with.  This means you’ll be paying more while at the same time tolerating the lack of AC even longer than if you had just got it fixed immediately.  I love Florida’s sunshine and weather.  I love it the most when I don’t feel it in my house.  Call Sunbeam Air Conditioning for your emergency AC repair in Palm Harbor so you’ll always love Florida too.