Clearwater Air Conditioning Service

Did you know effectively working air conditioners have been the reason for a decreased number of U.S. deaths over the past half century? In fact, the chances of dying due to hot weather have reduced to approximately 80%. This might seem dramatic, but then again so is refusing to get your AC fixed because you’re trying to save money. After all, would you rather save a few dollars, or a few lives?

If you need Clearwater air conditioning service, call Sunbeam Air today (727) 744-4027. They are BBB accredited (Better Business Bureau) and only use nationally recognized brand names– so you can be sure your AC units are built to last.

Sunbeam also offers emergency AC repair, duct cleaning and fogging, indoor air quality and HVAC services in Palm Harbor and Tarpon Springs areas.

Right now they are offering a “Spring Cleaning Sale” on air conditioning systems, air handlers, heat pumps, electric heat strips and thermostats. If you need Clearwater air conditioning service, stop delaying gratification and call Sunbeam today. Trying to survive the Florida summer heat is no way to spend your time. Stay in the 80%. Stay cool. Stay safe.

For more information about the different kinds of AC services offered in Pinellas County, call Sunbeam today or visit their website.



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