Air Conditioning Repair | Tampa

I woke up this morning at 3am, drenched in sweat. I went through the mental checklist to determine the problem. Did I have a bad dream? No. Did I close the window before I went to bed? Yes. Is the ceiling fan on? Yep. So after the mental check list was completed, I got up to figure out what was wrong. The thermostat says 86! After messing with the thermostat some more I realize it’s time for some air conditioning repair in Tampa. Who is going to come out at 3am and fix my AC? There was only one option—Millian Aire.

After calling their emergency line, the professional technicians arrived shortly to repair my AC. I was impressed with their craftsmanship and their attitude. I was a little worried about the people would enter my home at such an obscene hour, but when they arrived I wasn’t worried one bit. I actually showered and got dressed for work while they worked. It was great to have Tampa air conditioning repair technicians I could trust. While I didn’t enjoy waking up at such an early hour, it was nice to not miss a day of work over something as stressful as a broken air conditioner.

Whenever I tell someone about my adventures this morning, they all have the same reaction. Quality technicians come to your home HOW early!? This is why whenever someone asks me about my experience, I always rant about how wonderful Millian Aire is! For anyone who is unsure about who to call for your Tampa air conditioning repair, I only have one thing to say– you don’t have to pay millions for Millian Aire. Go ahead and give them a call today at 888-628-0691 and find out for yourself!


Paver Sealing

I received a notice the other day from my neighborhood manager that the weeds in my driveway were too pervasive and I would be subject to a fine if I did not comply with neighborhood regulations. True Story. My housemates were ready to throw me out because landscaping was supposed to be my duty. This was when I called West Shore Painters’ professional paver sealing treatments in St. Pete, Clearwater, and Palm Harbor.

My driveway was a mess. Weeds poked up through the cracks and sprawled out onto the road. Dirt and other debris stuck to my driveway from the summer rains and humidity. It was just too overwhelming of a task to manage. But after West Shore Painter’ Paver sealing treatment, taking care of my driveway couldn’t be easier. I don’t have to worry about weeds anymore because the sealant actively prevents the growth of molds, grasses, and other plants and fungi. Now all it takes is one simple sweep a week and my driveway is kept looking fresh and clean.

 The best aspect of West Shore Painter’s work was the aesthetic appeal. For the past few years, the tiles in my driveway were corroded by time, faded by UV rays, and worn from constant use. But after the West Shore Painter’s paver sealing treatment in St. Pete, Clearwater, and Palm Harbor my tiled driveway brand new and well-kempt. West Shore Painter’s paver sealing treatments works with almost any kind of concrete or stone. The paver sealing works with:

  • Pool Decks
  • Brick
  • Driveways
  • Decorative Concrete
  • Patios
  • And other stone tiling


My housemates are thankful that I called West Shore Painters to help with my driveway problems. Now, our driveway looks the best in the neighborhood. If you are like me and are in want of a new fresher looking driveway, don’t spend all of the extra money on a complete renovation. Instead, call West Shore Painters at (727) 488-8058 and inquire about their paver sealing treatments in St. Pete, Clearwater, and Palm Harbor. 

Commercial HVAC Company in Tampa

As a premiere commercial HVAC company in Tampa, Millian-Aire Enterprise Corp. has been ensuring that your customers and employees are comfortable in the environment you’ve provided them. A business’s success is dependent upon the conditions in which business is conducted. No potential client is going to want to sit in a stuffy room with their sweat keeping them stuck to a chair. If you’re business can’t even keep your employees cool in their own office, what kind of message does that send to any potential or past clientele?

As a commercial HVAC Company in Tampa, Millian-Aire has a lot of competition in the Bay area. However, there are simply some aspects of Millian-Aire’s services that other companies just cannot compete with. Millian-Aire Enterprise Corp. understands that productivity leads to profits, and in an uncomfortable setting, productivity plummets leading to a decrease in profits. This is the reasoning behind Millian-Aire’s 24/7 emergency HVAC service. If your HVAC system goes down at your place of business, their expert technicians can be there the same day to provide you with a free estimate. If it turns out that your HVAC system needs to be replaced or repaired, the process can start that day!

Millian-Aire is proud to be a premiere commercial HVAC company in Tampa; our expert technicians enjoy completing a task in a competent, timely, and professional manner. Since 1987, Millian-Aire   has been providing relief both commercially and residentially from the Florida heat. Your comfort is important to the hard workers at Millian-Aire, and seeing your standard of living restored and heightened is their goal for every project that they are hired for. If you need a commercial HVAC company in Tampa, look no further than Millian-Aire. Give them a call at (888) 628-0691 and get your free estimate today!

Be Cool | Tampa Air Conditioning Repair

With summer coming to a close, it’s important to take advantage of the many summer specials air conditioning companies have. Because, as loyal Tampa Bay residents, we know that although we are tip-toeing towards falls, we are nowhere near ready to start switching to heat settings.

If your AC unit is not working as efficiently as you would like, it is imperative you have it looked at it by a local professional air conditioning repair company—as soon as possible. Too many homeowners put off all HVAC work because they think it will either be a huge, expensive hassle or because they think it is mundane and can wait.

Although your less-than-adequate air conditioner may not be the most pressing of your problems, it is definitely not an issue you want to put off. The longer you wait, the worse the problem will become. Even though the hottest months of the year are about to be behind us, fixing your AC now is a decision you will be thanking yourself for come next summer!

For a reliable but affordable Tampa air conditioning repair company, call Millian-Aire Enterprise Corp. to schedule a free estimate.

Tampa AC Installation and Replacement

In Florida I am grateful for two opposing forces: the warm temperatures and Millian-Aire’s Tampa AC Installation and Replacement services. The one thing I want to do when I come back from a long day of working at the beach is sit in my Lay-Z Boy and let the 75˚ air wash over me, but this past week, that want has been nothing but a fantasy. Since my Ac system crapped out on me a few days ago, instead of coming home and sinking into my favorite chair, I’m sticking to it. I go from working in 90˚ temperatures to trying to sleep in it.

Finally, after comparing prices and calling about a million different Tampa AC installation and replacement companies, I finally settled on the obvious choice: Millian-Aire Air Conditioning and Heating. As soon as it was apparent that my Ac wasn’t going to fix itself, I contacted Millian-Aire’s 24/7 AC services; they were able to get me a free consultation that day. Not many other Tampa Ac Installation and Replacement services could offer me that!

After it was determined that my five year old AC system was kaput and was never coming back, the professional technician was able to talk to through the processes and costs of replacing my old AC system with a new one. I was surprised at how affordable their pricing was. The best part was that I felt comfortable with the technician from Millian-Aire. Unlike other services I’ve dealt with in the past, this expert technician was very earnest and forthcoming with supplying me with the best services that I would need instead of trying to sell me every product they had to offer. In other words, in felt like Millian-Aire was there to really lend a helping hand instead of capitalizing on my predicament. If you are like me and need professional Tampa Ac Installation and Replacement services, don’t bother with other services that only see you as a big dollar sign. Instead, call Millian-Aire at (888) 628-0691 and get your free estimate today. 

Tampa AC Installation and AC Replacement Services

There’s no point of buying a whole new air conditioning system if all yours need is a minor repair. Unfortunately, too many make the mistake if misdiagnosing their machines and spending way too much money as a result. Similarly, some people spend too much money month after month, summer after summer, fixing the same problems with their unit when they would actually be better off in the long run by just replacing it!

If you suspect there is something wrong with your AC, or it has been a while since you have had it looked at, its time for AC installation and replacement services in Tampa by a professional company, such as Millian-Aire Enterprise Corp.

The older your unit is the more likely it is to have problems. Like all machines, with time comes inevitable wear and tear.

Our specialists will determine whether an AC replacement is necessary at this point in time, or whether you are better off with a minor repair.

Millian–Aire is a professional ac installation and ac replacement company in Tampa that will teach you about the different AC types available, and which is best for you.

For more information about our Tampa air conditioning services,call Millian-Aire today! 888-628-0691.


Custom Blinds | St. Pete

If you are in need of custom blinds in St. Pete—look no further than Blinds by Design. Your home is a statement of yourself. If you are an individual, you need to have an individual home—and details are everything. Changing the window treatments can be a powerful tool to help recreate the atmosphere of your home. Whether you want to make your home more modern or a throwback to colonial living, changing your blinds can alter your home’s interior dramatically. Don’t be blind to change!

If you are shuttering at the thought of purchasing custom blinds in St. Pete—don’t worry. The prices at Blinds by Design are some of the best in the Tampa Bay area! If you are looking for an easier way to control your window settings, Blinds by Design offers motorized blinds and shades. These blinds and shades allow you to control how dark or bright your home gets with a push of a button. You have the option to set a time of day in which the blinds open or close. If you want to sleep in one day, just lower the blinds and schedule them to open at the time you want to wake up. Waking up to the sun on your face is a lot more pleasant than waking up to the obnoxious droning on your alarm clock.

Finding quality custom blinds in St. Pete can seem like a daunting task, and Blinds by Design understands that. They will sit with you to discuss your wants and budget, and find just the right set up for you. Don’t put this off for another day—you’ve always said you wanted to change up your home. Now is the time! Call Blinds by Design today at 9727) 388- 7064 to set up a consultation.