Custom Blinds in Tampa

The holiday season is fast approaching. With the yummy food, the great family, and the cozy sweaters come one thing we all dread— the in-laws. While some in-laws are a girl’s best friend, mine leaving something to be desired. Weeks before their special visit, I primped and pressed, scrubbed and cleaned every inch of my home. I wanted to make sure everything was perfect for their arrival. The day finally came, and I welcomed them with open arms into my spic-n-span sanctuary only to find the one area I overlooked—my blinds. I was informed that I was in need of some custom blinds in my Tampa home.

Where was I going to find custom blinds? I didn’t even know they were customizable! After searching the internet and finding some possibilities, I was very disappointed to learn that they were insanely expensive. That is when I found Blinds by Design. Not only were they a fantastic price, but they had a great selection and even better people. The lady I talked to on the phone went over my options that were within my very limited price range; I was surprised to hear that I had so many! Blinds by Design is definitely the place to go for your Tampa custom blinds.

With so much selection, you don’t ever need to worry about not finding the right window treatments for you. They have:

Vertical blinds

Horizontal blinds

Aluminum blinds

Wood blinds

Tilt shutters

Wood shutters

Roller shades

Honeycomb shades

Modern and traditional shades

Roman shades

And so much more!

I am so pleased with the outcome of my home, and I’m even more pleased to know it didn’t cost me a small fortune! Turns out, Tampa custom blinds is a great way to spruce up the interior of your home, and a wonderful way to impress the in-laws! So when you want to do a little upgrading, call Blinds by Design today at (727) 388-7064. You won’t regret it!


Aluminum Fencing | Bonita Springs

Sometimes it feels better to live in a gated community, especially for safety purposes. A lot of the time, instead of appreciating the aluminum fencing in Bonita Springs for keeping us safe, we get angry at the gate for not opening fast enough or being inconvenient. We never really consider where the fencing comes from or who put it there with our safety in mind. Another thing we don’t consider is when it becomes that time in your life where you are considering buying a house, it probably won’t be a gated estate, and there goes the safety precaution that you took for granted.

Why would you need aluminum fencing in Bonita Springs for your new home? Well, maybe you aren’t in the best area and you would like a little more protection. Or, maybe you are planning on having children sometime in the near future. Protecting your children is one of the most important jobs that a parent has. Getting a driveway gate on your property could help ensure your child’s safety. It would also be pretty impressive to have a gate at the beginning of your driveway when you are having guests over. Envision the fight that your friend is going to get into with her husband because she “wants a gate too.” Not to mention that you can customize your gate to make it that much better.

If you like the sound of having your own privately gated community, or just want to know more about aluminum fencing in Bonita Springs, give Fine Lines a call at 1-(800)-742-8563 and they can provide you with more information.  Ensure your child’s safety and start a fight among another couple because you have something they want; It’s a win-win situation.

Clearwater Indoor Air Quality

If you are a Clearwater resident (or a surrounding area like St. Petersburg) you are fortunate enough to be able to enjoy the year-round sunshine (except for that occasional hurricane!) and scenic ocean views. Whether it is January or July, it is likely you are able to take a walk around your neighborhood and breathe in the clean, fresh air of the atmosphere.

But can you say the same for when you go home?

As much as we would like to, most of us are not able to spend more time outdoors as we do in. Since the majority of our time is probably spent in our homes, it is important to make sure the air we are breathing and circulating within those walls is healthy. While, obviously, no amount of air filters will make living under a roof as refreshing as talking a walk along the beach shores, it is still important to consult with a company for proper indoor air quality in your Clearwater home.

Unfortunately, not enough people consider the importance of looking into the air quality of their home. They think if they have an efficient working AC unit, they are good to go. And although an adequate HVAC system is a staple in living comfortably in Florida, it is not the only aspect you will want a professional company to inspect in your home.

Most experienced Clearwater indoor air quality companies offer duct cleaning and fogging services that will locate any contaminants and pollutants. If some are found, such as mold or radon, they will be able to take the necessary steps to eliminating them and, ultimately, improving your health!

To get a free estimate for Sunbeam Air services today, call 727.744.4027


AC Services Company in Tarpon Springs

The holidays are coming up, and everyone knows what that means: it’s time to get the air conditioning checked. It’s Fall, and Fall means Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are all right around the corner. So why is it necessary to get an AC services in Tarpon Springs to come and look at your air conditioner? Well, holidays mean friends, family, and last but not least, parties. Costume parties, Christmas Eve parties, Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas Day dinners, you name the occasion but Fall is one big season of dinners and parties. That means that if your AC doesn’t RSVP to your party, then you have a big problem.

Family is priceless, but getting your AC fixed in time to have your family over for dinner is not. Finding AC services in Tarpon Springs can help prevent holiday catastrophes. Everyone has that family member that they tolerate because of the holiday season. Now, imagine if that family member had a reason to complain? Or what if you’re throwing a Halloween party and you have 50 people in your apartment, all dressed up in uncomfortable costumes that make them sweat, and your AC isn’t working? Then you have a bunch of angry zombies, goblins, witches, and mummies, and no one wants the wrath of those creatures upon them. Maybe you’re hosting a Christmas Eve party for your co-workers. It isn’t very impressive to have your boss over without any air conditioning. Then you have an agitated boss and that is scarier than a mob of angry zombies and goblins or any mystical creatures combined.

This Fall, make sure to find an AC services company in Tarpon Springs to ensure a cheerful holiday season with family and friends. Sunbeam Air Conditioning, who you can reach at (727)-744-4027, is a great company that can help make sure nothing goes wrong with your air conditioning so that you can throw parties that are more memorable than The Great Gatsby’s. Well, that’s a stretch, but you can at least make them memorable.

Clearwater Carpets

Area Rug Cleaning


A rug is defined as a thick fabric for covering part of a floor, but it is so much more than that isn’t it? If you’re a woman you know that a rug can completely change a room. It can take a boring, bland room and make it exciting. If you’re a man, you know how seriously women can take rugs. My dad is a carpet installer, and I still remember when he got into a huge fight with his girlfriend because he cut up a piece of spare carpet in the garage and used it as a rug in the living room. Needless to say, she was not happy. One of his arguments for keeping the ‘rug’ or piece of old carpet, is that area rug cleaning is too difficult, and although his girlfriend wanted to argue she knew that he had a good point.

Everyone knows the struggle of cleaning a rug. Do you shake it out? Then you get dirt and dust in your eyes and have to go to the doctor and wear an eye patch for the next week. Do you vacuum it? Then you break the vacuum because it tried to eat the rug and you have to go buy a new one. What if you spill something on it? Do you get down and scrub it? No matter how many times you yell “Blot it don’t rub it!” you know someone’s going to rub it right into the rug. Then you have a nice big beautiful stain in the middle of your rug. Maybe it will just give it more character though, right? OR, or you could call an area rug cleaning service, and you can save your vocal cords from the unnecessary strain of yelling at a “scrubbing will get the stain out” rug-ruiner.

Instead of dealing with a rug-ruiner, I suggest getting a rug-fixer-upper. If you need an area rug cleaning service in the St Petersburg, Clearwater, and Tampa Bay area, call Chris’ Carpet Service at (727) 397-1511. They will make your rug look brand new, without you having to get an eye-patch, a new vacuum, or bronchitis from yelling at people who won’t listen.

Not Too Cool Yet | Ac Repair in Tampa

While the rest of the world is enjoying pumpkin spice lattes in brown leather boots and scarves, apple picking on the weekends, and posting pictures of the foliage on social media, it seems like us Floridians are just sitting back thinking “is it just me, or is it getting hotter?” While we all know that we have some cold temperatures ahead (however small the window frame is in the winter months of Florida), we also know that we are quite a bit away from being able to turn off our ACs. Which is why having a company that specializes in AC repair in Tampa readily available is a wise decision.

It is not normal for certain rooms to cool down faster than others; it is not okay if the temperature on your thermostat reads something completely different than how it feels.

So how will hiring the right company for AC repairs in Tampa make your life easier?

Any established, professional HVAC company will offer same day service (often 24/7 service) as well as maintenance programs. Appliances like your AC are not always the most pressing problems in your life, but it is necessary to maintain their upkeep if you don’t want to end up breaking the bank over time. By scheduling routine checkups you will expand the longevity of your system’s life span.

As we leave one season and welcome the next, many companies offer great end of the summer and fall season sales. It is fairly easy to find a reliable and knowledgeable AC company that will gladly come out to your property for a free quote.

Contact Millian-Aire Enterprise Corp. today to learn about their fall saving deals! 888-628-0691.

Indoor Air Quality Company in Clearwater

Living in the Tampa Bay area means that you will probably, at some point, need the services of an indoor air quality company in Clearwater—especially during the months of unrelenting heat such as July and August, when outside it feels like an open air oven.  Florida is one place you do not want to live without sufficient air conditioning to keep you cool with clean, quality air.

You want to make sure you are breathing and living in clean air, like living in the mountains where the air is lighter, or along the coastlines of higher altitudes with those cool sea breezes, where you can open the windows all through the house and have those clean, fragrant, fresh, curtain swaying breezes fill your house.  A nice thought, but in Florida, at sea level near the equator, there is only a small window of time when you feel you can really get away with doing that.  Most of the time we prefer being shut up inside with the air conditioner running.  Otherwise, it’s simply too humid out for open windows.

Being closed up inside your cool space for long periods of time makes it even more important to make sure your air quality is good.  An indoor air quality company in Clearwater can help you with that.  A good air conditioning system does more than just keep you cool.  It controls humidity.  Florida weather is notorious for both high temperatures and high humidity. A well maintained air conditioning system will control harmful particles that trigger headaches and eye irritations.

If your air conditioning system breaks down, it makes sense to call an indoor air quality company in Clearwater that offers 24/7 repair and maintenance services. In some industries, national brands are the preferred choice because they have maintained a reputation and they usually carry generous warranties, and that’s true of air conditioning services.  An indoor air quality company in Clearwater that carries National Brand names can be counted on for superior service.

To schedule a service in Clearwater today, call Sunbeam Air at 727-744-4027.