Tampa AC Installation Company

If you need a commercial HVAC and ventilation system, it makes sense to have a trusted Tampa AC Installation company install and maintain your air conditioning needs.

Let’s say you manage three relatively small 24/7 call centers for three Fortune 500 companies with each calling room housing over a 50 callers sitting at tiny cubicles right next to each other.  The one thing you don’t want is for your AC system or ventilation to break down without a pre-arranged emergency service contract with an experienced AC company.

During the intense heat and humidity of the summer months in Tampa Bay a broken down air conditioning system in a call center packed with hundreds of employees without pre-arranged emergency service is a virtual guarantee that you will experience loss of revenue. In fact, you may have to send them home and if you’re lucky, you’ll lose only 8-hours’ worth of productivity and revenue.

That’s one good reason it would be wise to work with a company that offers a special emergency and priority maintenance program with customized services for individual clients;

Featuring benefits like:

  • Full web access
  • No overtime charges for emergency service
  • Competitive rates and trustworthy warranties
  • Flat fee pricing
  • Priority Response: Usually a 2-hour response time to trouble calls

Making sure your employees, especially in a highly populated work area indoors, are working and producing in a comfortable atmosphere is crucial to consistent productivity; In the Tampa Bay Area that means maintaining good air quality and efficient air conditioning.

For all your commercial or residential AC Installation & Repair needs, call Millian-Aire at 888-628-0691 or visit their website for more information: http://www.millian-aire.com/tampa-air-conditioning/air-conditioning-installation


Pool Fence or Hefty Fine; Your Call

Why you need your pool to be enclosed, and what pool fencing company will get it done

Pool fencing is a serious matter in Florida.  It might sound dramatic, but it’s not. Most people don’t know that if it is not done correctly, you will probably be slapped with a hefty fine.

Regulations are strict because Florida has the highest drowning rate in the nation for children under five, and fences have been proven to reduce the risks of drowning accidents by 85%.

If you have a pool, you need to have the proper fencing.  When designing your pool landscape it’s easy to forget about the fencing.  Understandably, many people are more focused on the actual pool itself—why wouldn’t they be? The last thing you want to do is deter the attention with a fence. You need a pool fence that is safe and will complement the pool scene and beautify your landscape.

For your home swimming pool or Jacuzzi, some decisions have fewer options. For example, the company you select to build your pool must be licensed, insured, and experienced. Each type of fencing has a different set of qualifying rules.  It’s important that you hire a pool fencing company in Bonita Springs that not only adheres to the codes and regulations, but one that has a versatile selection of fence designs and accessories.

To best balance your need for a great looking, durable, and secure pool fence at a reasonable price, look for a fencing company that specializes in aluminum products.  Aluminum fencing gives you the best and most beautiful bang for your buck.  It is low maintenance; you don’t have to deal with rust or the bothersome upkeep issues that come with wooden fencing.

When you have your own specific ideas about how you want your fence to surround your pool area, while at the same time providing an inviting look that doesn’t distract from the aesthetics of the pool, it’s good to know there is a local pool fencing company in Bonita Springs that has enough knowledge and experience to give you an estimate from an emailed sketch.

For the most durable and most beautiful aluminum fencing call the Aluminum Fence Store at 1-800-747-8563 or visit their website for more information: http://www.aluminumfencestore.com/fencing/pool-fencing.html

Tampa Air Filtration Systems

Did you know that outdoor air can be up to five times more polluted than the air outside? It has been ranked in the top 5 of worst environmental dangers by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Disgusting, right? Well your home doesn’t have to be. Tampa air filtration systems are the only way to really get rid of them and there are a bunch of different kinds you can use. It really just comes down to the size of your home/building/space you need the filters to clean! When deciding, it is a good idea to consult with a professional company that specializes in indoor air quality such as Millian-Aire Enterprise Corp.

Typically, you have two options:

  • Air purifiers & cleaners— which vary in size. These are stand-alone units to be put in a room or a particularly confined space for purification.
  • Air Filtration systems—which can work with your existing HVAC systems and can efficiently filter the air of an entire building. The MERV score will depend on the size and strength you need.

Whichever kind of air cleaner you choose, keep in mind two important aspects about them when shopping around. First, how well it can collect the air borne pollutants, and second, how much air the filter can manage. What is the cleaner’s CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate)?

Don’t live with smoke, pollen, mold, and pet dander drifting about. Call a professional Tampa air filtration system company today for more information.

For more information you can visit Millian-Aire’s website: http://www.millian-aire.com/

24 Hour Water Damage Service Company | Clearwater

Many homes in the Tampa Bay area are susceptible to water damage caused by flooding from long periods of rain storms as well as potential hurricanes.  When serious water damage strikes your home you want to already be prepared to call a 24-Hour water damage services company in Clearwater.  Flood water in your home is more than just “a problem,” the destruction of standing water is irreversible.  So time is critical regarding the devastation and cost of water damage, threatening the structural integrity and value of your home.  Therefore, know in advance who to call.

The company you call should not only offer emergency service, it should have extensive experience with and knowledge of carpeting and upholstery, furniture wood and fabrics as well as knowledge of flooring of all types.

A 24-Hour water damage services company that uses the following methods:

  • Hot Water Extraction (HWE): Primary method chosen by the IIRCR.  The hot water increases the reaction time.  Preconditions the surface of the fabric with alkaline chemical followed by light treatment, the groomed and dried.  Furniture, carpet and upholstery cleaning machines used by professionals are preferred.
  • Dry Solvent Clean: Dry cleaning solvent used to remove stains without water.  Water can make a stain worse.  This solvent is petroleum based, super effective on toughest stains and does not contain harsh or toxic chemicals

You’ll want your carpet to be restored to its original beauty.  And speaking of restoration, a Clearwater water damage company also has the experience, the expertise, and the right equipment to restore your heirloom carpets and fine furniture even if you haven’t experienced water damage.

For more information visit the Chris Carpet Service website: http://chriscarpetservice.com/24-hr-emergency-water-damage-services.html

Benefits of Using Chalkboard Paint | Chalkboard Painting Company

chalkboardpaintcompanyclearwaterWhen it comes to home remodeling or wanting to start a new project there are an endless amount of options to choose from. As with fashion, there are always new home design and remodeling trends popping up. One that has recently seemed to hit the ground running with its popularity is chalkboard paint (thanks Pinterest!).

Whether you want to use it to paint kitchen utensils and accessories for labeling purposes, like wine glasses or serving dishes, to create a life-size calendar in your office, or to provide a wall in your child(ren)’s room so they are able to express their creativity, chalkboard paint offers many benefits that make it a great asset to any home or work environment!

  • The most obvious benefit is the multi-purpose convenience. For example, if you want to add chalkboard paint to a large pantry door in your kitchen, you can use it for shopping lists, recipes, or menus.
  • It adds a fun, swanky element to your home/office.
  • This paint can be used in a variety of ways/environments. Some of the most common include:
    • Children’s room
    • Office
    • Restaurants
    • Kitchens
    • It is easy to clean!
    • There are a number of different kinds of chalkboard paints you can use:
      • Regular
      • Colored chalkboard paint
      • Chalkboard spray paint
      • Magnetic chalkboard paint

If you are thinking of having a wall in your home or office covered with chalkboard paint, call a professional painting company such as West Shore Painters of Clearwater, Florida. They offer affordable and speedy service and will come to your property to give you a free consultation—often in the same day you call! 727-488-8058 or visit their website at http://westshorepainters.com/house-painting-company-tampa-clearwater-st-pete/house-painters-in-clearwater

Tampa Duct Replacement (& Signs Cleaning Isn’t Enough)

The ducts in our home are not something we think about often. Why would we? It’s not like we see them, or really know what goes on within them from day to day. But if we could, I think we would start paying a little bit more attention. tampaductreplacement

Our duct systems are essentially filters for the air we breathe. Air duct cleaning is necessary to make sure our air supply is not pregnant with air pollutants and contaminants. If they are not properly maintained they can quickly become polluted with debris, dust, pollen, and sometimes mold. This can lead to allergic reactions and illness.

Regularly cleaning your ducts is important but there are some cases where a complete duct replacement is necessary.

One of the factors you may want to consider is how old your home is. Heating and cooling systems that are out of date can be quite troublesome. HVAC and duct cleaning systems today are typically designed around energy efficiency. If someone in your family suffers from allergies, upgrading your air system may be in your best interest—for both money and health reasons.

If you see no signs of contamination or build up from a visual inspection of your ducts, you are probably fine. But the only way to truly know is to hire a professional company that specializes in duct work.

Another tell-tale sign you may need a replacement is if a previously used company installed the system incorrectly. Again, you won’t know without having a professional looked at it, but an indicator of poorly installed system is inadequate heating/cooling throughout your home.

To learn more about duct replacement and cleaning in Tampa, call Millian- Aire Enterprise Corp. today 888-628-0691.

Visit the Millian-Aire website for more information about duct replacement and repair: http://www.millian-aire.com/indoor-air-quality/duct-replacement

Air Conditioning Maintenance in Tampa

Exif JPEGIn Tampa Bay, we rely on our air conditioning daily to function. It is necessary to our lives year-round due to the Florida heat and humidity. Unfortunately, most of us only have our air conditioning checked when it’s an emergency. For something so important to our lives, it is odd that a lot of people don’t get regular air conditioning maintenance in Tampa. It is inconsistent with how humans treat other aspects of their life they consider vital. For example, most humans do regular check-ups from the doctor, routine teeth cleaning at the dentists, eating frequently, exercising consistently, and more for our health. For our home, we vacuum and dust regularly, do the dishes daily, take the garbage out routinely, mow the yard, etc.

We do these activities habitually because it is important to maintain your health and home for good living. Surprisingly, our air conditioning, which affects our health and our home, is often neglected due to lack of regular air conditioning maintenance. The neglect can lead to problems that could have been prevented if we had just paid a little more attention. For example, humidity can clog up the drain lines in your air conditioning unit over time, preventing proper airflow. With air conditioning maintenance, this issue would have been rectified early on, instead of dealing with the agonizing aftermath of no air conditioning. Air quality can also be monitored so that, before you feel the effects of allergens and pollutants in your air conditioning system, your air conditioning system is well-maintained and providing clean, healthy air.

When you take care of your health and your home, you use the best people possible, right? Air conditioning maintenance, then, should also be entrusted to the experts. Millian-Aire has the experience, certifications, and technical know-how to help with your air conditioning maintenance in Tampa. With their help, your AC will run smoothly all year around. If anything does happen, they are available 24/7 for emergency services.