Garage Storage and Remodeling Company | Tampa | Clearwater | St. Pete

If your garage is the clutter bin of the house, the best home improvement investment you can make is hiring a professional garage storage and organizing company. Regardless of what you use the room for—parking your car, storing all the family’s miscellaneous items, a workspace—you will benefit from remodeling and reorganizing the area.  Park Place Garage of Tampa, Clearwater and St. Petersburg have been the industry leaders for over 35 years. They specialize in:

  • Custom Garage Cabinets. They actually cut the wood themselves- ensuring that each project they complete for their clients is tailored to their specific needs. Cabinets will help you increase your space and decrease the clutter.
  • Garage Shelves. Park Place uses SafeRacks, the most safe, durable, and economical choice for shelving units. They can be used to hang virtually anything—from tools and clothes, to bikes and toys, these versatile racks will simplify your space.
  • Floor Finishes. Park Place uses the high performance, patented technology of HP SpartaCote™ polyaspartic floor coating to give garage floors a long lasting finish. Not only is this applied and installed in a same-day process but they also offer a 15 year warranty!

With the right garage remodeling company you won’t ever have to worry about not knowing where something is in your messy garage. To schedule a free estimate at your Tampa, St. Pete or Clearwater home today, give Park Place Garage a call today at (813) 380-6965 or (727) 528-7569.


Rolling Shades for Your Clearwater Home

Rolling shades from Blinds by Design are the perfect finishing touch to your modern Clearwater living room.  In order to see what I mean let’s imagine the following scenario:  Your new home is almost perfect.  There is the modern sofa facing the stylishly casual chairs, all surrounding the elegant wood and glass coffee table resting on a beautiful area rug.

Ah yes, an island of simplicity and comfort in the middle of a huge room, with abundant walking space on all sides beneath the high ceiling above.  But with the six tall windows, there is now the issue of how to control all of that natural light!  What better way than with automatic blinds controlled with the push of a button?

Having total control between shade and natural light will enhance the mood that a room provides for any occasion – Affording you that final touch of class and sophistication which you originally had in mind.  And as far as entertaining family and friends, with automated rolling shades you can create a subtle balance of elegance and function that makes the room always stunning to look at as well as comfortable to be in.

Blinds by Design in Clearwater has a great variety of fabrics and colors to complement any style of home décor.  Imagine the automated shades in your bedroom being programmed to open when the sun rises so you can wake up in the glow of soft morning light.  How amazing is that?  You can sit on your couch and effortlessly control the mood of a spacious living room with the touch of a button.

The benefits of installing automated rolling window shades is not only aesthetic, but utilitarian as well.  Such as in high rise condominiums where exposure to the intense Florida sun can damage furniture and expensive carpet.  And if you’re someone who has to spend several weeks away from home each year on business or vacation, you can feel more secure with by programming your blinds to open and close each day automatically, making it look like you’re home.  Automated shades are the perfect, budget-friendly solution to convenience and display.

For a free design consultation call Blinds by Design at 727-623-4587