Garage Floor Finishes: Polyaspartic vs Epoxy

The door to your kingdom is lifted, slowly and with grace. Each click of the metal and the chain working in unison to grant you entrance into your den. You take a moment to glance upon the tools on the workbench, the bikes hanging off the bike rack and are disappointed as you look down onto the floor. Your garage floor is stained yellow, lacks a glossy finish and has more chemical and tire stains than you can bear to handle. Then you remember your neighbor’s garage and recall why he chose Polyaspartic coating versus Epoxy coating.

Benefits of Polyaspartic Garage Floor Finish

Your garage will finally be the admiration of all others in the neighborhood after Park Place Garage is through with it. The benefits of polyaspartic coating versus epoxy coating are endless. Polyaspartic coating never yellows, has a clear finish, has high heat tolerance, is chemical resistant and maintains this finish far longer than epoxy coating. This coating also saves you time. Epoxy coating takes 3 to 5 days to dry versus polyaspartic which takes merely hours. You could wake up in the morning with disastrous garage floors and by bedtime sleep soundly knowing your garage can be once again used to its fullest potential.

With over 28 years of experience, Park Place Garage can be trusted with all your garage needs. Upon contacting Park Place Garage the team will discuss the benefits, in detail, of choosing polyaspartic coating versus epoxy coating. Park Place Garage has high expectations for its employees to treat costumers with respect and honesty in any situation, so a consultation will run smoothly and prove to be informative, once again saving you time and money. Applying polyaspartic coat to your garage is a difficult task and takes trained workers with experience to attain. Sit back and relax as a dependable team from Park Place Garage comes in and transforms your dreary garage to a kingdom with gleaming floors. For more information visit:


Emergency Water Damage Restoration

Often times when people experience a flooded home, they will try to extract the water themselves, thinking that they will help the process when in fact that may actually make it worse.  If you have standing water in your home, you will want to call a professional water damage company right away so they can quickly and correctly remove all of the excess moisture from the floor, baseboards, and furniture.  These experienced and qualified technicians can eliminate all of the dampness from your home as quickly as possible to decrease the chance for dangerous mold and fungi to grow.  These health hazards can be released into the air, causing allergic reactions and even lung damage, if left for too long.  With our 24 hour emergency water damage services in Clearwater, you will never even have to begin to worry about mold.

Water damage services extend beyond just drying out the floor, which is why furniture restoration is also offered as well. Floods can be stressful enough without having to think about purchasing new furniture too.  As the premier water damage company in Clearwater, Chris’ Carpets strive to go above and beyond to provide customers with complete satisfaction.

With over 100 years of combined experience, 24 hour services, and certified technicians, we guarantee that here at Chris’ Carpet Service, they have the knowledge and experience to handle any emergency water damages you may have.

For more information, or if you need emergency services in Clearwater call Chris’ Carpet Service today at 727-397-1551.

Garage Storage Cabinets

We all know that family that has a two car garage, and yet they have to park both cars outside each night because there is no room. Or perhaps this describes you! Regardless, Park Place can help by installing garage storage cabinets to allow you to reclaim your St. Petersburg, Tampa Bay, Clearwater, and Sarasota home! Their experts take into account exactly what your needs are, whether you need as much storage as possible, or extra countertop workspace. Not only will this increase storage space, they will also eliminate unnecessary clutter and help you organize your possessions. Imagine how nice it will be when you can access what you need without having to sift through piles of things.

For over 35 years Park Place has been creating practical storage spaces in St. Petersburg, Tampa Bay, Clearwater, and Sarasota. They use a specific material called Melamine that is half the cost of actual wood cabinets, and will not warp in Florida’s humidity. These cabinets have a flat exterior to reduce dust buildup for easy cleaning, and are resistant to chips and dents. These functional organizing systems do not sit directly on the ground, to reduce the chance of being ruined in the event of a flood. All of these factors combine make Melamine the perfect material for a garage workspace.

The Park Place employees are experts in organizing, and will sit down with you to discuss your options to ensure that you are getting exactly what you want and need. It’s time to reclaim your space from all of the clutter, and make room for your car to fit inside your St. Petersburg, Tampa Bay, Clearwater or Sarasota garage. Call Park Place Garage Service at (813) 380-6965 or (727) 528-7569 to get a free quote.

When to Repaint Your Home

Have you noticed that your home’s exterior paint has started to fade, peel or chip away? The thought probably crosses your mind every once in a while and put on the bottom of your To Do list for home improvements. ‘We’ll do it in the spring’ or ‘It can make it another year’ are often used as excuses or justifications to delay the process. But postponing exterior painting can actually put a building’s structure at risk and result in extensive maintenance and costly repairs.

I can put it off my house painting for another year…

If you’re wondering if your home’s paint needs to be redone, then the answer is probably yes. “We recommend having your home painted as soon as you see the first signs of distress,” said West Shore Painters Vice President, Brennan Nelms. “Paint doesn’t last forever. Depending on the type and brand you use, the lifespan can be anywhere between 5 and 10 years.”

Have you noticed your paint?

  • Peeling
  • Chipping
  • Fading

While those small chips in the paint may not seem like a huge problem, it can lead to severe damage to a buildings structure. Water soaks through the cracks and chips and over time, the excess moisture can cause rot, mold, or mildew. The severity of the damage depends on how long your home has been exposed to the elements. So before deciding to wait, think about a year’s worth of rain and moisture seeping into the wood or stucco.

“Keeping a good coat of paint on a home’s exterior prevents mold and mildew from penetrating wood or stucco” said Brennan Nelms. “The longer you put off painting, the more maintenance issues you’ll have when you finally do decide to do it.”

“There are so many benefits to having the exterior painted,” continued Nelms. “Not only does it protect your home from weather conditions but it’s also aesthetically pleasing to the neighborhood. What many home owners don’t realize is that a fresh coat of paint increases a home’s value.