American Management Services: Helping Struggling Contractors

How many contractors do you know that are skilled craftsman in their trade, yet still struggle to make ends meet at the end of every month? Running a company and building a home require two very different skill sets, yet contractors who own their own business must have both. Often time, contractors battle themselves to balance between completing a job and managing office work. When cash flow and profits are not carefully managed, businesses fail.

American Management Services, a turnaround management company, helps with this problem often experienced by professionals in the construction industry. Many contractors work harder and harder each year but never make any progress. The reason many construction businesses fail is that the contractors never learned how to manage employees, cash flow, and profits. Having quality craftsmanship isn’t enough to keep a business a float.

Case Study for American Management Services

Lou Mosca, the EVP and COO of American Management Services, told a story of a construction company they have been working with.

“We recently worked with a general contractor in the Mid-Atlantic states who had seen his revenue fall from $70 million in 2010 to $14 million in 2013 to an estimated $10 million in 2014. Margins were shrinking and field labor controls were nonexistent. On top of all this, cash was declining and borrowing was increasing. Ultimately to right the ship we implemented some basic but firm controls. Cash management became critical and paramount. No payments went out of the building without two sign-offs and any payment had to be part of weekly cash forecast. Next, we established a team approach to estimating jobs. All bids/estimates over $25K in value required a second sign-off and anything over $100K in value required the owner’s approval. As far as field labor controls, we immediately began the process of daily reporting along with weekly reviews of each job.  The project is still underway but preliminary results are positive. More results will be measured over the next couple of months.”

American Management Services Can Help

Companies like American Management Services have helped turn around many failing businesses, including construction companies. Contractors turn to the experts in turnaround management to help get their business back on track and profitable again. After an initial business analysis, they will create a customized plan to organize every aspect of your company. Learning how to manage cash flow and profits is essential for sustaining and growing any enterprise.

Common Problems with Contractors Face

  1. Selling work and then not being able to start production due to cash management
  2. Not sending out proper invoices
  3. Not having time to sell
  4. Not having a plan for success

If any of these problems sound familiar, the best thing to do would be call a company like American Management Services. For over 25 years their experts have helped make thousands of struggling businesses profitable again. Stop struggling and call today to increase your sales, profits, cash flow, and organizational effectiveness.


What to Ask Your Home Remodeling Contractor

Remodeling your home can be an exciting project that you just want to jump into. However, the experience will only be rewarding and satisfying with the right home remodeling contractor. You should never hire a contractor without asking the right questions; interviewing contractors can make or break the project in terms of quality, time and cost.

So what questions should you ask your potential contractors? Specifically, how would you know how prepared Greaves Construction is for your remodeling project? Here’s a list of questions that you should ask any potential Tampa home remodeling contractor.

What protection do they have to safeguard you from liability?

Worker’s compensation insurance should be a priority when making sure a contractor is prepared for the job. Without it, you can end up paying medical bills if a worker is injured onsite. Nobody wants an unpleasant surprise that spikes the cost of the project, so make sure insurance is included.

On the same note, the contractor should have general liability insurance. You want to make sure your home and the project is safe from pushing you over budget due to an accident or mistake. These two areas of protection will make sure that does not happen. Fortunately, Greave’s Construction has you covered in both areas.

What experience do they have and how long have they been in the business?

Finding out what types of projects home remodeling contractors have worked on will help determine if they are prepared for your project. Ask to see examples of similar projects and their professional references. Knowing how long they’ve worked in the home remodeling industry and if they are a part of any trade organizations will also ensure reliability.

The Florida Home Builders Association and the Tampa Bay Builders Association are two examples that Greave’s Construction is a part of.

Do they have a contractor’s license? What is their warranty?

A contractor’s license will verify that they are certified to supervise the remodeling project. Any task that is more than a simple installation will require them to have a license, so it is also an issue of law.

A written warranty is also a good sign that you can trust them, but make sure you know the details of its limits.

Will they pull the necessary permits?

Again, finding the contractor for you is all about preparation. A good contractor will evaluate and pull the permits required for your project. Making sure you are in compliance with building codes is important and having a professional verifying you are covered is well worth it.

How can I track the progress of the project?

It is always important to have a clear line of communication and hopefully you will be able to judge how clear the contractor is during the interview. It is still important to know who will be supervising the project, what hours they will work, and what the long-term timeline looks like.

If you are interested in speaking with a Tampa remodeling contractor with all the bases covered, call Greaves Construction today at 813-985-2739.

Tampa Window Treaments: The Right Shades

Most people think of their living room as the main area of a home. But what about the bedroom or the kitchen, even the bathroom? All these other rooms should get the attention they, too, deserve so they are reflective of the vibe of the other spaces. And, if you haven’t given your window blinds the treatment they deserve, then here are few ideas to easily update your home. No window is too large or too small unique for custom blinds.

Whether you live in a high rise condo or a house with beautiful bay windows that may need coverage, The Tampa window shades offered at Blinds by Design come in a variety of options to suit any homes needs. Maybe there is a large window in a modernized condo that needs shade. A vertical system may be best complete with large panels of eco-friendly materials, perfect for large expanses of glass. Solar Shades are also a great investment for reducing glare with the luxury of UV protection. They are easy to use without sacrificing a clean design.

All rooms in a home should have equal attention as the main rooms when it comes to shade. Remaining eco-friendly when shopping for new blinds is easy when looking for window shades in Tampa. Maybe there is a grand bay window in a bedroom that needs coverage. How about using wood blinds? Material used come from renewable resources, which come in a variety of stains to compliment the room. The tilt-functionality along with light and privacy control makes this product a worthy choice.

The bathroom needs shade for that small window. Just because there is only one, small pane, that space shouldn’t be neglected of shade and privacy. This space is perfect for Roller Shades. This stylish option is minimalist and practical without losing the sleek and modernized appearance. Aesthetics and function should be a priority when purchasing your window shades in Tampa.  Give Blinds by Design today for a free consultation!

4 Solutions for Complete Garage Organization

Organizing your garage can be a very daunting task; originally used as a place to park our cars, our garages often and quickly transform into a catch-all for anything that doesn’t have a specific place to go in our homes.  Whether its random tools, workout equipment, suitcases, or forgotten toys, garages get messy and unorganized fast! The task may seem discouraging, but if you follow these 4 simple steps, you can significantly improve the potential of the room.

  1. Take everything out and sort it.  Instead of trying to sift through all of your things while they are piled up, take everything out of your garage and lay it out in piles to decide what you will keep, and what can be donated/thrown away.
  2. Use as much vertical space as possible. By installing shelves or cabinets, you will be able to stack everything while still keeping it accessible.  This is extremely important if you plan on being able to park your car inside your garage without worrying about running something over.
  3. Designate zones. A key aspect of garage organization is to identify specific zones for your things, based on distinct categories. Keep the tools in one area, the holiday decorations in another, and the kid’s toys in another.  By doing this, you ensure that your garage will stay organized long after you’ve finished.
  4. Label, label, label! Buy a label maker or even have a crafting day with your family to create fun and readable labels for everything.  This way, once everything is in its place, you will be able to find it quickly, without having to open a ton of cabinet doors or looking through boxes.

Park Place Garage of Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater, and Sarasota specialize in creating custom cabinets for your garage to help you on your road to garage organization.  For a free quote, call them at (813) 380-6965 or (727) 528-7569 today.