Garage Door Spring Repair: What Not to Do

The typical garage door looks strong and sturdy. However, what does most of the work are actually the springs. With a heavy workload, these springs can sometimes fail. In fact, LiftPro has found that garage door spring repair emergencies makeup the majority of our service calls.

What Not to Do

A garage door failing might be one of the most frustrating things to happen to any homeowner. After all, these doors are used on a daily basis and often multiple times. A malfunctioning garage door can also trap essential everyday items inside, like your car. Nevertheless, it is always best to leave garage door spring repair in Clearwater to the professionals.

  1. Don’t open or close a damaged or broken door: It sounds like common sense, but when your car is trapped inside, you may get the urge to open the door just one more time. Not only will such an attempt probably fail, this might cause greater damage to the door itself.
  2. Don’t fix the issue yourself: Garage doors are large, heavy, and potentially dangerous if left in the hands of someone without the proper knowledge regarding repairs. If you have to wonder whether you can fix the problem, you’re not qualified to do so.
  3. Be careful investigating the issue: Maybe you want to leave the actual repair in the hands of garage door spring repair professionals in Clearwater, but just want to take a closer look at the issue. Although seemingly harmless, such an approach is still not advised as high-tension springs can easily snap which could cause the door to drop suddenly.

What We Do

  • No Repeat Visits: At LiftPro Garage, we don’t just send out a technician to merely explain the underlying problem. All of our technicians come armed with the tools needed to do the job on the spot.
  • Fix Any Brand: LiftPro technicians service all garage door brands, no matter how big or small.
  • 24/7 Garage Door Repair: We don’t just cater to the homeowner that has a problem during the daytime. Have an issue in the middle of the night? Call us at 727-799-3667, and we’ll be there.

As a licensed company currently affiliated with the International Door Association and the Better Business Bureau, our experience is proven. For any of your garage door spring repair needs, call LiftPro today!


Tips for a Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodeling may seem a bit overwhelming. Unnerving images of ripping up tiles, removing a toilet, hauling out sinks, and getting the strength to heave out a bathtub may come to mind.
However, bathroom remodeling in Tampa, offered by Greaves Construction works to eliminate much of the hassle. Overall, they do this by striving to allow customers to make noteworthy changes without necessarily succumbing to a drastic overhaul.
Here are just a few services offered that are sure to make life easier:

  1. Add shampoo and soap shelves to your shower. This provides some much needed convenience without replacing the shower itself. If looking for a noticeable advantage, this option may prove beneficial.
  2. For those sick of hanging their towels on doorknobs or over the shower curtain, towel bars might be appropriate. This is a minor change that could eliminate a great deal of hassle. That is especially true for those constantly struggling to close their bathroom doors as a result of their towel being in the way.
  3. Getting out of the shower and putting both feet on the floor can be like skating on ice. However, bathroom remodeling in Tampa can work to correct this issue without replacing an entire bathroom. Non-skid floors can protect both the resident and overall value of the house.

Now it might seem innocent enough for the average individual to look at their bathroom and determine what is needed. However, having a budget is critical to the long term success of any project. With that said, going for the cheapest products and choosing discounts over professionalism isn’t always a winning strategy. So what is the proper mindset to maintain?
Greaves Construction offers the best bathroom remodeling for their customers in Tampa.
When you are searching for a professional and qualified construction company:

  • Look for companies with a local connection.
  • Research whether they are fully licensed and insured.
  • Search for members of and those certified by Building Trade Associations.
  • Go for companies that have a proven record of being active in the community.

After 25 years, Greaves Construction and its bathroom remodeling Tampa experience remain intent on making everyone’s home a source of pride. For more information, call (813) 985-2739.

Beat the Heat: How Regular AC Maintenance Can Save You Money

As the summer months roll in, thermostats in the Clearwater area go down while utility bills go up. The majority of bills are made up of cooling costs, however regular AC maintenance with Total Air Inc. of Clearwater can not only improve your system’s performance, but can also save you money by lowering your bill and avoiding repair costs in the future. Here are some tips on how you can cut your cooling costs:

Change filters and clear drains

Cleaning or changing the filter can be the simplest step a homeowner can take to maintain their AC unit and save money at the same time. During the prime months of cooling, a filter should be replaced or cleaned once every month; a new filter can lower your system’s energy usage by 15%. As well as clean filters, clearing the drains on a unit can help with energy uses. A clogged drain can cause your system to work harder, only to pump out less cold air. For a low cost, Total Air Inc. will provide an AC maintenance “check-up,” which includes having the drain cleared for the system’s best performance.

Clear the area outside

When the outdoor component is surrounded by leaves, weeds, or other landscaping, it can make it harder for the unit to pull in air. Keeping all vegetation at least two feet away from the unit can help with pulling in the air and keeping energy usage low.

Seal ducts and open spaces

Air ducts in attics or crawl spaces can form leaks over time and keep cold air from getting to the house. Sealing these leaks can save cold air, energy and money. Keeping windows and doors sealed and shut can also keep more cold air in your home. The colder the air that stays indoors, the more comfortable you can be, and the more money you will save!

Clean the indoor/outdoor units

Remember that “check-up” for the AC system? It also includes having a Total Air Inc. technician cleaning the indoor (evaporator) and outdoor (condenser) components so they can run efficiently. The technician will not only clean out a year’s worth of dirt from the cooling fan, but they will maintain the coolant levels and keep buildup off of the evaporator coil, all of which keeps the unit from needing repairs.

Give your unit and your wallet a break this summer season, and have your unit be more energy efficient during the most important cooling months by keeping up with maintenance and calling Total Air Inc. of Clearwater today at 727-822-7700 to schedule a check-up!

3 Signs You Need AC Repair

Sometimes, the signs that you need AC repair in Clearwater aren’t very obvious. If you wake up one morning, and the interior of your house feels nothing short of a sauna, it’s safe to say the air conditioner has failed. However, most air conditioners don’t just suddenly stop working. Some will continue to run; all the while leaving people to assume there’s no problem. Meanwhile, the longer that assumption lasts, the worse the problem will become.

3 Signs that you may need AC repair services:

  1. Hot air coming out of the vents: If the air conditioner turns on and initially disperses a little warm air, don’t be alarmed; it is, after all, combating the elements. However, if this heat persists for more than a few minutes, you should call a professional to inspect it.
  2. Air conditioner continuing to run: The sound of the unit continuously running does not necessarily mean everything is fine. If the air conditioner never, or rarely, takes a break, this means the home is not being cooled to the set temperature and calling for AC repair Clearwater might be necessary.
  3. Outdoor condensing fan stops spinning: If you are still not sure whether the unit is functioning properly, going outside should provide a clearer answer. If the condensing fan motor has stopped running, a replacement motor will be needed.

Is the Problem Easily Fixable?

Sometimes the most complicated of problems can have the simplest of answers. Total Air wants all AC repair customers in Clearwater to get through the process of a malfunctioning air conditioner with as little frustration as possible. Check these three troubleshooting tips to see if the solution can easily be found:

  • Make sure that the AC unit hasn’t accidentally been turned off.
  • Check electric panel to confirm there’s no issue with the circuit breaker.
  • Verify the temperature in the room is above the level the thermostat is set. Just because it’s hot outside doesn’t mean the air conditioning unit hasn’t already worked to cool things down and is taking a little break.

Be in the Know

Worrying about AC repair in Clearwater can be extremely exasperating, especially if you are experiencing issues in the middle of the summer.  Total Air strives to not only cool down buildings, but to ease your stress about the entire situation.
For more information about their services, call Total Air at 727-822-7700 today!

What is Historic Renovation?

Tampa historic renovation projects are an exciting and way to preserve the past. Many homes carry significance in regards to their history, but have become worn down over time. Everyday wear and tear is common, but replacements are difficult to locate or are no longer in production. To put it simply, professional home remodeling companies along with the homeowners can restore a piece of history to its original state.

There is no need to deal with the damage of an older home since there are so many repair options available. Don’t just get rid of the priceless landmark, remodel and preserve it.

High Quality Reproductions.

Historic renovation in Tampa can prove to be quite challenging when it’s time for replacements. There is art and sentimental value in every aspect of the home. Switching out older parts with updated ones can clash with the original charm and style. However, remodeling companies specialize in creating reproductions of the same product. Not only will the outcome have the same appearance, but the same feel and smell as well. Searching for material can be an exhausting task and often times may only be offered in bulk. Professionals can often assist you with locating, purchasing, and constructing products to assure that the outcome is made with high quality material that is guaranteed to last.

Detail Oriented.

There’s a high level of precision necessary when taking up historic renovation in Tampa. The charm of an older home is often due in part to the attention to detail. Small engravings in wood, the placement of each brick, or the design of the border all add to an overall aura of precision and age. Experts have the training and proper tools, technology, and education to maintain the detail-oriented charm of every home.

If attempting DIY work then it’s crucial to take the time for extensive research on the proper equipment necessary for each project. You don’t want to find yourself damaging a piece and then having to spend the extra money to replace it.

The experience of a historic renovation project in Tampa is good for all parties. The rewarding process not only betters the homeowner’s life, but neighborhood, and even the city as well. Preservation is important in today’s fast-paced society and gives us a moment to reflect on our surroundings. Make sure to take into account the time, effort, and knowledge it takes to complete the entire process to guarantee the original state of the home.

Garage Floor Finish: Professional vs. DIY

Choosing a new garage floor finish in St. Petersburg can be difficult, but the choice between hiring a professional to do it and doing it yourself should be easy. DIY kits have become very popular these days, but unfortunately do not include all of the necessary equipment to get the job done right. A DIY garage floor will last 2-3 years, while a professionally done one can last up to 15, and then only requires the reapplication of a sealer to look like new.

Two of the main differences between DIY and professional grade garage floor finish in St. Petersburg are:

  • Film Thickness: The film is designed to be a barrier between the concrete and the harmful elements in your garage. The thicker the barrier, the longer it will last. A DIY kit will provide about 1.5 miles per coat whereas professional grade will offer a thickness of 3-30 miles per coat, which is drastically thicker.
  • Level of Surface Preparation: The longevity of any paint will depend on how well prepared the surface is. The only way to properly prepare concrete floor is to rough-up the surface, in order for the finish to have something to bond to. The only way to effectively prepare your floor is with a diamond grinder, which a professional company will certainly have. The DIY kits will assume that you will not have one, and recommend acid washing the floor instead. While the lower grade film may stick better on an inadequately prepared floor, its thinness will not allow it to have high durability.

While hiring a professional to install your garage floor finish in St. Petersburg can be a bit costly, it will be worth it when the finish lasts 15 years. A professional will also have materials that are quick drying, so within a day of installation, you will be able to drive on it. Using a DIY kit can take many days, simply because the materials are slow to dry.

Park Place Garage offers a garage floor finish in St. Petersburg that will give you a refined finish that is built to last. With a protective UV coating so it won’t fade, a wide variety of styles, and a 15 year warranty, they are sure you’ll be completely satisfied with their work. For more information, call us today at 727-528-7569.