What You Need to Know Before You Start a Historic Restoration Project

Reconnecting a historic building with its past is a tricky business. Greaves Construction is a Tampa-based historic restoration company that understands all projects are different based on the needs and personalities of each house. We can help your home tell its unique story and achieve its historic aesthetic without looking neglected. Here are some tips to help you get started on your renovation or restoration project!

Before You Start:

Know the Exact Service You Need

At Greaves Construction, we offer a wide array of projects to suit your specific needs. We will make it our goal to protect, retain and/or reproduce your home’s features strictly in the style of its restoration period while keeping its unique Tampa flare. Our historic restoration company can perform a wide variety of services: we can make seamless additions to your already perfect historic home, or recreate your worn stained-glass windows. We can make all this happen and more while still treating your home respectfully and carefully.

Things to Remember:

Small Details Make a Big Difference

At Greaves Construction, we know even the smallest difference in shades of blue or type of masonry can affect a house’s appearance. We have 25 years of experience in the Tampa construction industry, meaning we know the importance of attention to the specifics.

Always Back Up Changes You Make With Historical Documentation

You don’t want to put your time and money into hiring a historic restoration company only to find out your information was inaccurate. If you are specific with your information, we will use the most trustworthy documents we have available. We don’t allow for silly mistakes, and we know you don’t, either!

As a historic restoration company in Tampa, we are passionate about restoring homes to their former glory. We want you to enjoy the process of discovering the story your historic Tampa home has to tell. We know we will! For more information, call us today at 813-985-2739.


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