Green Living: Benefits of Container Homes

The dramatic increase of people becoming interested in shipping container homes can be largely attributed to people beginning to understand our need for sustainable living. With more people learning about the damaging impact our carbon footprints are making on our planet, many people are looking for new and different ways to approach green living—from the foods we eat, to what products we buy and—now—even where we live!

And while shipping container homes are especially eco-friendly in comparison to traditional houses, it should also be noted that there are many additional benefits that extend beyond the environment.

Below are some of the greatest benefits of shipping container homes:

  1. They are cost-efficient. Not only are these houses cost efficient to build, but they also don’t take very much to maintain. Because they are generally smaller and more compact than regular sized homes and buildings, the cost in utilities is also significantly less because it takes less energy to fuel them.
  2. They are versatile. Shipping containers can be used for a lot more than just homes. They are also built for additional office space, classrooms, storage, etc. You can essentially put them anywhere, so long as you own the property, and some can even be transported! It is important to note, though, that just because they are all made from steel shipping containers, does not mean their appearances must be uniform. You will have a wide range of design options when it comes to the layout of your home/building.
  3. They are durable. Because they are made from steel, shipping container homes are mold resistant. They have a long lifespan, and are able to withstand even the harshest weather conditions, such as hurricanes and tropical storms that frequent Florida year-round. Not only are the materials used in the construction of these structures more durable and longer lasting than those used for traditional homes, but they are also cheaper and easier to come by!
  4. They can be built quickly. Because the materials are readily available, and their designs are typically simple, they can be built in a relatively short period of time. This is perfect for families who are just looking for temporary housing as they have a newer home built, or for someone who needs additional space as quickly as possible.

Shipping container homes help efforts for sustainable living because they use materials that would otherwise be unnecessarily taking up space. When these containers sit unused for too long, they are melted for scraps, which can waste a lot of energy. Give New Generation Builders a call today for more information at 800-759-4459.