Tips for Remodeling your Tiny Bathroom

Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms of any Tampa home. The average person goes 6 times a day which adds up to 1.5 years in a lifetime. You deserve to spend 1.5 years of your life in a restroom you love, but bathroom remodeling can be tough if the size of your space is small. Follow these tips to fall in love with your toilet again.

Colors and Lighting

Bathrooms are a design space of infinite possibility, but infinite possibilities will not make your tiny room bigger. Stick with colors or wallpapers that are solid and versatile. Bold or gaudy design elements can overpower an area and make it feel smaller. The same applies to lighting choices and fixtures. That big chandelier might look good in a magazine, but big elements will fill up a tiny room.

Shelving and Storage

Shelving is an important part of your bathroom remodeling project. Place all grounded cabinets and drawers in a corner or reserve the area under the sink to make use of all available room. Consider using floating storage (fixtures that are attached directly to the wall) to free up floor space and keep everything at a reachable level.


Sinks can often take up a large portion of a wall and choosing the right sink depends on the other spa elements you plan on including. Trying to fit a large sink and a large shower or bathtub into the same area will fill it entirely. Opt for a compact sink like a pedestal sink or even a wall-mounted sink with a smaller faucet. This will free large amounts of space and will give you the ability to include fixtures you deem more important.

Showers and Tubs

Before you start anything, consider whether you absolutely need of a full tub or if a shower would do just fine. Barrier-free showers or low-walled tubs are an easy way to free space quickly. Glass shower doors or glass sliding doors will allow light and visibility throughout the room, opening it up.

Greaves Construction

Rearranging the space to your liking is possible without too much disruption to your daily life. So, if you are want to start planning your bathroom remodeling, contact the trusted experts at Greaves Construction at (813) 985-2739 and spend your 1.5 years in luxury!


Three Roofing Issues and How to Fix Them

As a Tampa homeowner, realizing you need roof repairs can be scary if you don’t understand the processes. While some problems can require a lot of time effort and money to repair, most are a much simpler fix. If you believe that there is a problem with your roof, be sure to give a professional roofing company a call immediately.

Here are three common roof repairs explained so that you can understand what to expect:

Loose shingles

Hurricane season in Tampa can cause severe damage to your roof. If you’ve noticed water leaking into your attic, it may mean you have damaged or loose shingles that need replacing. The first step to fixing this is removing the shingle using a pry bar to pop the nails out. Once the shingle has been removed, the surrounding area needs to be examined for other signs of damage. If there are any cracks in the roofing paper, they will need to be sealed with roofing cement.

Once all other repairs are made, the shingle is replaced by applying roofing cement to the backside of the shingle and placing it down where the previous shingle had been. Finally, the shingle is nailed firmly into place using the appropriate roofing nails.

Although this may seem like a simple process, it is recommended that homeowners call a reputable roofing company and do not climb onto their roofs and attempt these repairs themselves, as it can be dangerous and lead to further damage.

Buckling shingles

Tampa is known for high humidity, especially in the summer, so if your attic is not properly ventilated, moisture can be absorbed into the roof causing the shingles to buckle. The most important thing to do if your shingles are buckling is to allow moisture to escape by making sure the top floor of your home is properly ventilated. In some severe cases, an exhaust fan may be a necessary addition.

Once the moisture has been released, the affected shingles must be removed. If the felt underneath is wrinkled, it will need to be cut out and re-nailed to ensure it lies flat before replacing the removed shingles.

The most difficult step in this process is knowing when your roof is retaining too much moisture and knowing when it has been released to the appropriate level. That’s why it’s important to call a professional roofing company to ensure the repair is done correctly and that no other work is needed.

Loose Gutters

Sturdy gutters are crucial in Tampa during harsh storms. Gutters are designed to carry rain away from your home to protect it from damage. If your gutters become loose or misplaced, your foundation is at risk for water damage and erosion.

If your gutters are loose or are directing water to the wrong place, you may need to install new brackets. If your home has an older style of brackets, a roofing company may suggest installing the more modern fascia hanger brackets to your home. This is done by hooking the bracket under the front piece of the gutter and screwing the other side of the bracket so that the gutters. It’s important that your gutters are secure and moving water in the right direction away from your home and its foundation.

If your home needs any of these minor repairs, or even more extensive work, call the best roofing company in Tampa, Done Rite, at (727) 771-8747.

What Constitutes a Roofing Emergency?

It can be exceedingly frustrating when your Palm Harbor home is in need of roof repair services. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for someone to blame for your disaster, blame Mother Nature.

So many emergencies are a result of harsh weather or pest control problems. The harsh winds that blow during hurricane season can tear off shingles and leave your home exposed; or Florida’s infamous lightening could strike your home; hungry animals and insects can even chew through your shingles.

What all these problems have in common is that they can cause holes in your roof. These holes can lead to leaks that can do massive damage to the interior of your home, which means you need emergency roof repair services.

What are the warning signs?

When inclement weather conditions are wreaking havoc on your home, which is common in Palm Harbor’s hurricane season, you can see the effect almost instantly, like if a hurricane throws a rogue tree branch into your chimney. However, when pests or leaks are the culprit, the damage can accumulate slowly over time, until you finally see the signs of an emergency situation. These warning signs include, but are not limited to, rippled or peeling wallpaper, dark patches on shingles, musty smells when it rains, or noticeable water damage in the attic or top floor of your home.

During a hurricane even a solid roof can fail if the windows and doors are not protected. Installing hurricane protection for these openings is critical to maintaining the integrity of you home during a hurricane. Hurricane shutters or high quality ballistic grade hurricane fabric shutters are the best protection for your home in Clearwater St Petersburg and throughout Tampa Bay Florida. These shutters should be professionally installed to insure they will stay in place during a storm and meet building codes for your area.

What can you do in a roofing emergency?

You can keep your home safe from further damage in an emergency by calling a roof repair services company as soon as possible. Take immediate action and hire a professional company to install a protective cover to prevent further water damage to your home.

Done Rite Roofing of Palm Harbor will be there for you, if emergency strikes. Call (727) 771-8747 as soon as you notice a problem, and they can help find the best way to prevent further damage to your home and fix your roof in a timely and affordable fashion.

Tiny Living in Florida

For people who are unfamiliar with the Tiny Living movement, the idea of buying, let alone living in, a shipping container house may seem unappealing—to the say the least. But as more people learn about the many benefits of living in tiny homes, the more investments are being made in container home real estate. Now there is even a television show about it, Tiny House Nation.

Not only are these homes eco-friendly and affordable for additional space, whether that to be to live in, work at, or use for storage, but they are also significantly simpler and quicker to build than traditional Florida homes.

So, What is Tiny Living?

This movement, also known as the “small house movement” was sparked by a desire to downsize by minimizing (and simultaneously maximizing) the way they live. Although the physical spaces may be smaller, every square foot of property built serves a functional purpose. While they may not be expansive in size, they are abundant in their practicality and use.

From vacation homes and rentals, to permanent work offices and cabins, these shipping container units have become both temporary solutions and permanent installments of real estate property for many Florida occupants.

Many people have hopped onboard with this movement for economical or financial reasons, though a great many have enjoyed the freedom and flexibility that can accompany such a change. With tiny living, you can escape debt of buying a traditional piece of real estate, or maintained costs for taking care of a space that you don’t necessarily need or use. The stress of trying to keep up with a large home you don’t need can be exhausting in itself—not just on your bank account but on your mentality and energy levels! People interested in tiny living can downsize their homes to as little as 100 square feet—without having to sacrifice comfort!

Benefits of Tiny Homes in Florida

To be considered a tiny house, typically the units have to be less than 1,000 square feet. The designs are versatile, with many containing lofts along with large, sliding glass doors. They can be multi-level and typically include all the same varying rooms as a traditional home: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc. Because they are significantly less expensive to build, heat, cool, and maintain, they are an ideal investment for people on a budget.

Tiny living encourages a lifestyle absent of useless clutter and chaos by promoting intentional and conscious ways of existing. For example, most of the furniture installed in these tiny houses serves multi-functional purposes, such as a couch that turns into a bed, or a table that doubles as a storage unit.

To learn more about tiny living in Florida, or to schedule a consultation with the industry leaders for building storage container homes, give New Generation Builders a call today at 800-759-4459.

Choosing the Best Site to Build Your Container Home

While building your own home can be a satisfying experience, there are many considerations to be made before choosing the best location for your Georgia container home.

Soil Bearing Capacity

You will need to have testing done on your land plot to determine the strength and levelness of your soil. The more level and consistent the soil, the less excavating will need to be done. This will allow for a more economical building process for the foundation.

Existing Landscaping

Container homes have become increasingly popular due to their eco-friendly materials and building processes. One of the biggest considerations when choosing a site for your home is whether it will maintain that eco-friendly mindset you had initially. Because Georgia is in the south, heating is less likely to be an issue than cooling, so in choosing a location, consider natural shade for those scorching summer months. Choosing a land plot with existing landscaping will not only keep you comfortable, but it will also save you money on air conditioning. Not to mention, it will save you the added cost of hiring a landscaper to plant trees for shade once the home is constructed.

Personal Preferences

Location is key when building a home, so think about what is important to you.

  • Are you looking for a remote retreat or for something just outside of a major city?
  • Do you have school district preferences?
  • Do you want to build on land with a view?

There are many options for scenic and private places to build your Georgia container home, so do your research to make sure you’re getting everything you’re looking for. There is always potential to landscape and build your own private retreat, but there are some things you cannot change once you buy a plot of land.

Container homes can be relaxing retreats or functional homes for your professionals. If you’ve made the decision to build your very own, call New Generation Builders of Georgia today at (800) 759-4459. No matter where you decide to build it, the professionals at New Generation Builders can help you create the perfect Georgia home.

Fitting a Large Family in a Tiny Home

The growing popularity of tiny homes around Florida makes us question who may be most interested in building such space. While people may generally think they are reserved for a younger crowd living alone, many larger families that have also made the switch.

The things triggering a change in lifestyle for those families vary from the need to find a new financial stability, to feeling the need to have less impact on the earth. Regardless of the reasons why parents and kids moved into homes that are only a few hundred square feet, they all found a new lifestyle to enjoy. Here is how some of them were able to do this and how it impacted their lives:

  • Going back to the basics: People often mention how materialistic their life has become, and complain about it. Moving into a tiny home in Florida is one of the best ways of going back to having what’s really necessary. You can work on you project based on a list of real needs you and your family will have.
  • Fewer chores, more fun: Dusting and sweeping a two story home will easily take up a couple hours from your day. Chores go a lot faster when the surface you need to clean or organize is reduced. Living small assures you will get more time to spend with kids, friends, or family.
  • Saying goodbye to debt: Becoming a homeowner in Florida is expensive, but smaller spaces offer many Americans the opportunity to purchase a property and build a home with little to no debt. Owners of tiny homes also enjoy lower energy bills and taxes.
  • Creative designs: With creativity and help from architects and designers, it is easy to find new ways of arranging your home with all the comfort you are looking for. One of our favorites is furniture that has double uses. For examples sofas can transform into bed at night with very little effort.

If you are looking for a team of designers and builders to help you bring a project to life, contact New Generation Builders. They will help you create the perfect tiny home for your family. For more information about their work, give them a call at 800-759-4459.