Signs You Need to Think About Remodeling Your Home

Deciding to begin home remodeling services on your Tampa residence isn’t all about keeping up with what the neighbors are doing. There are various reasons to consider upgrading or adding on to your house.

Damage Is Accumulating

Any residence is subject to wear and tear over time—particularly if there are young children running around. When damage starts to become noticeable, it can also become dangerous for you or your loved ones to be around constantly. Lookout for some dangerous things to take care of such as:

  • When bathroom or kitchen tiles are lifted or loose, they can become hazardous to walk on daily. You can be easily trip over unsecure or ripped carpeting or unleveled or damaged hardwood floors.
  • Holes or water damage in the walls or the ceiling of your house. If your bathroom or kitchen countertops or cabinets are loose with scratches or peeling paint, it is a sign that it is time to replace them.

It’s Time To Catch Up

Interior design trends come and go, so don’t make hasty decisions based solely on what is in fashion at the time. Some situations requiring a little work may include:

  • If your interior has 70’s style shag carpets and wood paneling, we could agree in might be time for a revamp.
  • Lighting can make or break the atmosphere. Renovating to incorporate more of the natural Tampa sunlight or to upgrade light fixtures can vastly improve the ambiance, making the space more inviting to guests.
  • You may also consider home remodeling services if your appliances are out of date. Many of the newer appliances are engineered for energy saving, and water-saving shower heads or toilets are great for bathroom renovations.

You Need A Layout Change

If storage is a concern for your Tampa household, you should consider home remodeling services to change the layout and incorporate more cabinetry or closets.

A practical bathroom should have designated space for your toiletries, hygiene products, and linens, just as your kitchen utensils should fit conveniently in the drawers or cabinets provided. Constantly going back and forth between rooms to retrieve items, or bringing in movable storage pieces are both signs that your space is not satisfying your storage needs.

Layout changes can also be spurred by changing family dynamics. Welcoming a new child can mean adding additional rooms or altering existing fixtures for safety. You may even be considering adding accommodations for handicapped family members.

Maybe you’re just annoyed that people are bumping into each other in the kitchen or that the counters are too far from the appliances. A new layout for your Tampa home can ease your daily life and change the look and feel of your house.

Greaves Construction

If you’ve decided it is time for home remodeling services, call Greaves Construction at 813-985-2739. The team has been offering affordable services for more than 25 years and can help you turn your Tampa residence into the place of your dreams.


Shipping Container Homes FAQs

Although more and more people in Georgia are realizing the endless benefits of shipping container homes, they are still a relatively new idea to some. At New Generation Builders, we are a premier company based in Florida that strongly believes in creating durable, quality living and working spaces for people which allow them to live sustainably—without breaking the bank.

Instead of just reiterating how reliable, convenient and eco-friendly shipping container homes are, we want to get down to the specifics of their benefits to help people understand exactly why these products are well worth investing in.

What are they used for?

Shipping container homes in Georgia, and all throughout the United States, can be used for many purposes—from permanent housing and vacation homes to extra working or storage space. At New Generation, we even offer commercial container buildings! Because these are modular in shape, they can be stacked on top of one another, as well as along sides, to make them as big and complex as necessary. Some of our container homes have been used for:

  • Mobile showrooms
  • Trade booths
  • Guest houses
  • Mother-in-law cabins
  • Lounges
  • Work and office space
  • Climate controlled storage
  • Vacation homes/rentals

What makes them different? Why are they so reliable?

These shipping containers are designed to support an excess of 50,000 pounds in cargo. Because they are made from steel, they are fire and bug proof, as well as weather resistant—which is important for Georgia residents dealing with harsh weather conditions! These units are built to be fully insulated with heating and cooling elements, complemented by windows and sliding glass doors for natural sunlight and a more spacious feel.

Are they cheaper?

These shipping container homes are built using the storage containers used to transport cargo to and from manufacturers overseas. Once they are in the U.S. and emptied, they actually end up just sitting there, wasting space, since shipping them back empty, or melting them down to scrap pieces, actually costs more money and energy.

Because they are built so structurally sound and sealed, they don’t leave any room for energy to escape—which can end up saving you a significant amount of money on your monthly energy and utility bills. Not to mention that heating, cooling, and powering your shipping container home costs a lot less than a traditional home in Georgia because you have less space to deal with.

Not only do these homes allow you to save money on maintenance costs, they also generally cost less to build because the materials used are easily accessible and affordable.

At New Generation Builders, we offer a standard 20’ x 8’ unit, which comes with everything including a kitchen, bathroom, and living room, for as low as $39,500, as well as a 40’ unit, with even more space, for as low as $57,500. We also can create completely custom designed Georgia shipping container homes built to adhere to your specific needs. Some of our products have been featured on Fox 13 News.

To get a quote, or for more information, give us a call today. You can also take a look through our gallery to see some of the previous units we’ve built.

How To Avoid A Roofing Emergency

Sometimes, life throws at us some unexpected surprises. When an unexpected storm hits in your area, you’ll want to make sure your roof can withstand all of the strong wind forces and rain. You don’t want to be calling a palm harbor roofing contractor each time a storm comes and damages your surface. Here are some ways you can avoid calling in for an emergency:

Get an inspection before or after a storm

No matter how big or small a storm may be, it’s important to have a Palm Harbor roofing contractor inspect your home. Professionals can identify minor problems, like natural wear and tear, that could cause problems later on. An inspection before a storm can also save you from any leaks that may occur.

If you believe there may have been damage done to your surface after a storm, it’s a good idea to call for help. By doing an inspection before or after a storm, you can easy catch small issue before they create emergencies.

Take care of the smallest repairs

To ensure the most protection and safety, and to avoid calling a Pam Harbor roofing contractor in the middle of a huge storm, get even the littlest of problems repaired as quickly as possible. When you notice a small repair needs to be done, call the professionals and get it fixed.

If you don’t take care of a little problem, it will become more of a hassle down the road. The best time to call for maintenance and repair is right now since it’s dry season in the area. A Palm Harbor roofing contractor will be there to make sure that everything is working properly.

Find expert now to avoid an emergency

At Done Rite, the technicians are able to fix even the smallest problem to save you from major issues down the road. If you call today, you will be able to avoid having to call in a major emergency. Call us today to inspect and repair your surface at (727) 771-8747.

Why Your Wallet Will Love a Shipping Container Home

Creating storage container homes in Georgia or in Florida is not common and building a house out of steel boxes may be something you have never heard of. However, building out of containers is an innovative, environmentally friendly way to create a welcoming pad and can also be very cost effective.

Building Your Home Will Cost Less

Building storage container homes is an effective way to save on constructing your Georgia or Florida house:

  1. These types of construction are made from recycled materials, which save you from having to spend on expensive new materials.
  2. You can find someone to construct your new place from start to finish. No need to spend extra on outside contractors, plumbers, and designers to finish your new place.
  3. The cost of living units often includes a full kitchen, living areas bathroom, and bedroom. You can get a full installation of all appliances that you need to make this the living space of your dreams.

Living in Storage Container Homes

Not only will building cost you less, but living in your new pad in Georgia or Florida will save you money, as well.

  1. Living in something smaller will reduce your taxes and homeowners insurance.
  2. They tend to be low maintenance, strong, and weather resistant, so repairs are less frequent.
  3. Living on a small plot of land will reduce the cost of maintenance and landscaping, which can be quite costly.
  4. Since storage containers are also smaller, it takes less energy to fuel. This will help you avoid having to pay expensive energy bills, and give you more time to enjoy what your state has to offer.

Call Today for a Cost Efficient Home

New Generation Builders are on the cutting edge of designing shipping container homes in Georgia and Florida. We know that you will be saving a large amount of money in choosing to build from these instead of going the traditional way. If you’d like to learn about more of the benefits of making the switch, or to schedule a consultation, call today at 800-759-4459.

What to Do When Your Shingles Fall Off

Proper roof repair can help you extend the lifespan of your surface. However, with the sometimes unpredictable Palm Harbor weather, there will be a point when a shingle becomes loose and will inevitably fall off. When this happens, the question is; what should you do when your shingles fall off?

Why your shingles are falling

There are several reasons why your surface may not be as sturdy as it once was. This is probably because of nature, time, or the original installation.

  1. Nature– Palm Harbor homes are constantly being hit by gulf winds and heavy rains. Your roof acts as a barrier and may become gradually less and less effective with each big storm.
  2. Time– Even the best made homes need a little T.L.C. Roofs can usually last for a few decades but as the shingles age they start to lose their adhesive and then start to fall off.
  3. Original installation– If the shingles were applied improperly or perhaps inexpertly, then it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that you will experience problems such as leaks, loose shingles, and other kinds of damage. That’s why it is important to hire a credible company the first time around.

Living on the edge is fun until you fall off

Roof repair is not something that is common knowledge and therefore shouldn’t be attempted by just anybody. More often than not people will climb on top of their house with the idea that they will simply attach new shingles with the ease of attaching Legos to one another. This is not the case. This type of work requires the proper tools and knowledge. Otherwise, you risk creating further damage to your house or to yourself by falling off.

Put down the hammer and pick up your phone

Residents of Palm Harbor will assume that roof repair will be too expensive and will then proceed to try and fix their houses on their own. The experts at Done Rite Roofing will do the heavy lifting for you and at an affordable cost. Your home’s livelihood is not something to take lightly because it is the barrier between the elements and your family’s safety. Your house is an investment and should therefore be cared for by professionals only. If you have falling shingles or any other roofing concerns please call Done Rite Roofing at (727) 771-8747.

Reasons to Retire in a Tiny Home

There are a lot of misconceptions about tiny homes, like they are a trendy, eco-friendly option for young people looking to buy at an affordable price in Florida. The truth is, these houses are practical for anyone looking for something more budget-friendly, and low maintenance.

Low maintenance

If you’re retired, you’re probably enjoying the time off from the daily grind of work. Why hold onto a big house that’s going to have you working hard to maintain during your prime years for relaxation and rest?

Downsizing to something smaller means less space to maintain. This includes less cleaning, fewer repairs, and less land to upkeep. When your space is limited, you’re forced to reduce clutter and prioritize must-have items.

Lower costs

Not everyone retires with unlimited funds, so living frugal is often critical for many retirees. A smaller living space means having smaller utility bills, because even though smaller spaces still heat up under the Florida sun, they are less expensive to cool.

A tiny home means paying less in taxes and homeowners insurance, and it means less money wasted on repairs and landscaping costs. If you choose to buy your land instead of lease, you can choose a smaller land plot, which will lower your maintenance costs and your property taxes.

More freedom

Investing in tiny homes can pay off in the long run by giving you more time and disposable income for spending time traveling, seeing shows, going out to eat, spoiling grandchildren, etc.

The smaller the house, the more quickly it can be built as well, which can free up the time you’d spend bouncing around in hotels or in guest rooms waiting for your construction to be finished.

Why call New Generation Builders?

If you’re considering retirement within the next few years, or if you’re already enjoying the early stages of retired life, you may already be considering downsizing. New Generation Builders of Florida understands that the decision to scale back to a tiny home can be little scary, but we believe we can show you the small pleasures of small living. For more information about cost and design options, call us at (800) 759-4459.