Could You Go to Work in a Storage Container Building?

If you’ve been hired to work for a company that is based out of a storage container building, or you’re considering building one to start your own Georgia-based business, the first thing you need to ask yourself is, could I go to work in a tiny office every day?

This sustainable building design has become popular in the U.S. because of its eco-friendly materials, energy-efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Just because we live in a society with a “bigger is better” mentality doesn’t mean we can’t think small sometimes. Without sacrificing the quality of work produced, these units can help you get back to business basics while providing numerous benefits.

What Are The Benefits Of A Tiny Office?

Some people have a difficult time visualizing themselves working in a storage container building, but there are a number of benefits to these workspaces.

  • Reputation—A company immediately shows off its reputation by choosing to exist in a shipping container. These structures show a business’s commitment to sustainability, which can draw in like-minded customers and clients.
  • Eco-friendly—Smaller workspaces mean smaller environmental footprints. The resources required to build the units are considerably less than traditionally sized office buildings, and the cost to maintain the spaces long term is much cheaper because they are well-insulated and require less energy.
  • Savings—Georgia can get brutally hot in the summer months, but with a tiny office, the cost of air conditioning is considerably cheaper than standard offices. The less money that is spent on energy costs, the more profit can be spent on salaries, employee incentives, and other things.
  • Easy to maintain—When you have less space, you have fewer spots for clutter to build up. Of course, you’ll have to get creative with storage ideas, but at least cleaning will be a much quicker process.
  • Safety—Storage container buildings are sturdy and can withstand the harshest Georgia weather much better than conventional building structures. These units are made to be carried on ships for long periods of time, so they are more resistant to flooding and harsh hurricane winds. Because they were also originally designed to stack on top of each other, they are also more resistant to trees that fall on them and structural rot that traditional buildings see over time.

Why Choose New Generation Builders?

Looking at all the benefits storage container buildings provide, could you see yourself working in one? If so, call New Generation Builders today at (800) 759-4459. With more than ten years of experience servicing all of Georgia and designing the perfect work spaces for those interested in the benefits of repurposed cargo vessels, the team will have what you need.


What Are the Benefits of Shipping Container Homes

If you’ve never heard or seen the wonder that is a shipping container home, prepare to be amazed. Converting the units into Florida homes, apartments, or emergency shelters provides a very unique solution to the problem of excess units littering the country. These homes can be used as a guest house for visiting family members or as an apartment for an elderly relative that wants independence but to live close to relatives. If you have an empty property, here are the benefits of placing a tiny home on it:

Save Money

Depending on the style, container homes cost at least 20% less than a house and they are much easier to build. Buyers save money on supply, construction, and energy costs. Once they are built, shipping containers generally only require little maintenance!

Because of their smaller size, utilities and air conditioning costs are also less than in a traditional home. Repurposed homes do not allow for clutter and homeowners can learn to live comfortably in a more affordable “less is more” lifestyle.


When countries ship resources back and forth it is often too expensive to send empty boxes back. These unused containers sit in shipyards and until someone thought to use them as a building alternative, served no purpose.

Refurbishing them and using them to build homes finally get those steel boxes out of the dark. These constructions also cut down on materials like cement, brick and wood needed to build a traditional home.

Custom and Durable

Stacking and interior design options are pretty much endless with shipping container homes. Builders will work with customers to tailor a home that suits your needs.

The containers are designed to withstand the harsh conditions that accompany overseas transport and are suitable against the hurricanes that we worry about in Florida. They are also excellently ranked in fire safety.

If you think you would like to learn more about this home craze, call New Generation builders at 800 759 4459. You can take a look through their gallery of already constructed homes and design the dream shipping container home for your Florida lifestyle.

Home Improvement: DIY or Pros?

Living in Tampa is very close to living in paradise. However there’s almost always something you can do to make your house look better. Many residents of the Bay enjoy taking on various projects but there are always times where you may need help of professional home improvement services.

What Are Your Skills?

If you are confident of your remodeling skills, then a DIY project may a great idea for you. Unfortunately, some may overestimate their ability to alter their home and create damages. Before getting started, just consider the following:

  • What’s already there: Water and gas pipes are just some of the things you certainly don’t want to touch unless you have years of experience dealing with them. If your project involved getting rid of a wall, you’ll need to map out where pipes, and other crucial things are located. Professional home improvement services have the knowledge to determine these things quickly so you don’t have a burst pipe!
  • How long it’s going to take: If you aren’t a trained professional, things always take longer. You may not know exactly how to proceed, and may need to follow instructions on a few things. For pros in Tampa, it’s not the same story. Changing and updating houses is their area of expertise, so they’ll know how to organize, and move along through the process faster than you, while you relax by the pool.
  • The final cost: We know going to the pros can get pricey depending on the project you have, but there’s more important things to consider. Think about how many stories you’ve heard of people trying their own modifications, and doing more damage than good. If things don’t work out like you planned, you might have to hire experts in the end to rectify the issues, which will probably cost you more than it would have in the first place!

Unless you’re absolutely convinced your project is part of the DIY world, just leave it to home improvement services experts of Tampa. From simple fixtures, to bathroom or kitchen remodeling, Greaves Construction can handle it all. Give them a call to learn more about their services and how they can help you achieve the home of your dreams at (813) 985-2739.

Can You Do Your Own Roof Repairs?

To be really clear, repairs on your roof should always be left to professional roofers. Even when you only have a few tiles that need to be replaced on your Palm Harbor home; you could risk damaging the surface, or getting hurt.

Think Efficiency and Safety First

More often than not, a novice doing a professional’s job results in more damage than anything else. A professional is called so because of his extensive training and experience in the field. If you know you have the necessary skills in order to repair your roof safely and efficiently you could consider handling it yourself, but if there’s any doubt then it is not worth the risk. A team of professional roofers in Palm Harbor will have the training and the tools to handle any job while staying safe.

In addition to ensuring you do not create more damage to the surface, consider the health risk you might take by deciding to climb up. Falling from the top of a home is never in anyone’s plans, so it’s better to just not take any risk. The protection our roofs offer us is something we often take for granted, but people also we also tend to forget just how dangerous they can actually be. According to the National Safety Council, over 6,000 people fall off their home every year, and many of that number suffer severe injuries.

Then Who Should Do It?

Finding roofers you can trust is not always easy, but the residents of Palm Harbor can be confident the team at Done Rite will get the job done! Their services cover the entire bay area with some of the highest quality work. No matter what type of repairs you may need you can rest assured that Done Rite will find the appropriate solution to your problems.

If you need roof repairs, a complete installation, maintenance, or are just looking to receive an estimate, Done Rite professional roofers are standing by to give you a quality roof that will last you years. For more information call the experts at 727 771-8747.

Do You Need Spring Roof Repair?

When spring has officially sprung, it is difficult to motivate oneself to get back to real life and decide whether your roof needs repairs or not. Although spring is a beautiful time in Palm Harbor, we should be mindful of the storms that the season can bring and that hurricane season is just around the corner. Homeowners can contact a roof repair company to evaluate the state of their home to ensure they will be ready for the season.

Why Get An Evaluation?

A professional can perform an evaluation to see if your home is in need of roof repair. Your technician will climb up and consider several factors during this inspection including:

  • The age
  • The quality of materials used
  • The number of layers
  • The exposure and damage from weather conditions
  • The regularity of past maintenance

You should never try to perform any work on your own. If your surface is damaged, you could cause further damage to the surface, but also risk injuring yourself. Many professional companies around Palm Harbor will give free evaluations or estimates so take advantage of one of these offers while you stay safe.

After an inspection, your technician will point out any roof repair and maintenance vital to the heath of your home. You do not want to get caught in hurricane season with an emergency when you could have prepared earlier. Emergency repairs can be costly and can really disturb your daily routine. If you are experiencing leakage or see broken or loose tiles contact a professional.

Part of taking care of your surface includes cleaning it regularly. Whether it’s debris after a storm or an excess of granules due to age, a good cleaning can extend the lifespan of your surface and increase the value of your Palm Harbor home if you are looking to resell.

Again, it is important to your health and wellbeing that you do not try to service this part of your home without proper knowledge or tools. The professionals at Done Rite offer a full range of cleaning, maintenance and roof repair services you can count on. Call them at 727-771-8747 for a free, no obligation estimate on your Palm Harbor home.

Why Tiny Living in Florida Just Makes Sense

Everyone would probably agree that a home is not simply a house—there are other factors involved that actually make it a home. From the people you share it with to the way you decorate it, your home is generally a reflection of your lifestyle and values. And with more people today than ever before showing an interest in going green and living sustainably, it’s no wonder why tiny living has become so popular, not only in Florida, but throughout America.

People all over the world are realizing our responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint for the benefit of the planet as a whole. And while there are many ways to do this, making the switch to a tiny home is one of the best and has the largest impact. Typically constructed using steel shipping containers, the prominence and popularity of using tiny homes for a living and/or working space is redefining the meaning of “less is more.”

Eco-friendly, Sustainable, and Affordable

Though shipping container homes can be used for temporary purposes, such as vacation rentals or temperature-controlled storage, they can also be permanent living structures. Whether it is for a bachelor pad near the beach, a get-a-way office in the woods, or a fully-customized home in your current neighborhood, these solutions of tiny living in Florida offer a multitude of benefits.

Because they are built from accessible and inexpensive materials, the process of building a tiny house results in significantly less costs than a traditional home does. In addition, the costs to heat/cool and power the unit from month to month are unparalleled.

To Florida residents who are just now hearing about the tiny living movement, the idea of permanently living in a space that measures 20’ by 8’ seems crazy—impossible, even. But the more people learn about the many advantages of doing so, the more they are jumping on-board with the idea and considering it as a viable option for themselves.

Because these multi-purpose homes don’t allow for unnecessary clutter, tiny home occupants benefit from efficient and functional living quarters that are easy to maintain and custom-designed to meet their specific needs—without excessive and frivolous add-ons.

Tiny Houses in Florida

Tiny living is certainly not for everyone. But for many people in Florida, it is a dream come true, because what these units lack in space, they make up for in convenience and flexibility. Without feeling tied down by the time and financial burdens of keeping up with the hidden traps of maintaining a traditional home, they are free to spend more time, money, and energy focusing on things they truly enjoy—like traveling.

If you are interested in learning more about tiny living in Florida, or want to get a consultation for having your own custom shipping container home built, give New Generation Builders a call today at 800-759-4459.