Is It Time to Switch to Universal Design?

Universal design allows you to customize your Tampa home to fit your family’s needs while also complimenting its interior. These home improvement services transform the household into a safer, more convenient environment for everyone inside. It is an ideal for those with small children, those going through a period of temporary illness, injury, those reaching an older age, or even those who are just looking to prepare for the future.

Design Options for Every Room in Your Home

Universal design allows even the oldest and smallest of spaces to be altered into a barrier free one but without the sacrifice of quality and comfort inside. There are many ways for professional contractors to incorporate these home improvement services into every room of the house:

Kitchen: Adjusting countertop heights and putting in pull out shelves and drawers give easy access to every kitchen utensil and snack in the pantry. Installing automated lighting to brighten up the room as soon as someone walks in can also relieve one less stress and these automated lights can also be installed in any room beyond the kitchen.

Bathroom: Non-skid flooring is beneficial in bathroom spaces to reduce the risk of slipping and falling on excess water. Also consider walk in tubs and plenty of shelving at all heights for easy access.

Your whole home: Home improvement services can be incorporated to every aspect of your Tampa Bay area property. Widening hallways allows easy movement from room to room and installing hand rails and ramps where necessary can help getting in and out of the trickiest of places. You’re creating more floor space while still providing structure. Or simplify one step further and add ramps to the garage and entryway floors to avoid steps altogether.

Greaves Construction Home Improvement Services

If you’re looking for ways to renovate your Tampa home with the benefits that universal design can provide, contact Greaves Construction today for all of their home improvement services. Let their experts help you create a layout that is perfect for you and your family. Call them today at 813-985-2739.


Does Your Roof Leak?

If you have noticed puddles on your floor, bubbling paint, or the smell of mold, your home may have a roof leak. Your ceiling is your home’s first line of defense from Mother Nature, so making sure it is in good space is crucial. And with so many heavy thunderstorms coming through Palm Harbor this summer, keeping your home dry is always a good idea.

Detecting the Leak

Finding the location of the leak is the first step towards fixing your home. Call your local roofing company immediately to have experts inspect your home to find the source of the roof leak. Regular maintenance checks are the best way to detect early signs and will help fix the problem much earlier than later on in the process.

No Time for DIY

Any repair is crucial to a home, whether major or minor, and some people would rather do the work themselves. However, it is never a good idea to attempt a DIY fix on your roof. Not only is it dangerous, but you could end up making the problem even worse. It’s always best to have a contractor look at your home in Palm Harbor on a regular basis regarding the condition of your home. By having a skilled technician look at the current state of your home, they will be able to choose the best way to fix the leak.

Quality Repairs

At Done Rite, our experienced contractors will be able to inspect your home, both inside and out, find the source of the water, and create a solution that will last. We know how stressful it can be to discover you have a roof leak, which is why we are always courteous and treat your home respectfully.

Done Rite Roofing is the best to call on in your time of need. Whether you have water soaking your carpet or if you just need an evaluation of your home, we can be there in no time. Contact us in the Palm Harbor area at 727-771-8747 to schedule an appointment with our contractors today!

What is Green Building?

Every day we do what we can to protect the environment. We recycle our empty soda can from lunch, carpool with coworkers to and from work through the Tampa traffic, and try to remember to turn off the water when we brush our teeth. Now there is a way to do more for the environment than just the small stuff; it is time to consider choosing green building.

Also known as sustainable or high performance building, there are many things transforming your space can do:

  • Increase efficiently and harvest energy, water, and other resources
  • Reduce waste, pollution, and environment degradation
  • Improve the health of those who occupy the building

Environmental, Economic, and Personal Benefits

Environmental benefits: This approach to construction will not only work towards protecting Tampa Bay’s local wildlife and ecosystems, it will also conserve its natural resources. Waste will be cut down and in result, air and water quality in the area will be improved.

Economic benefits: These building materials have been designed to cut down on heating and air conditioning costs that make green building financially favorable in the long run. And outside of your own personal benefit, this new age of construction is creating more jobs for specific contracting needs.

Personal and social benefits: Not only are you working towards improving the local Tampa Bay wildlife and ecosystems, you’re taking a step towards improving your own health and well-being. With improved air and water quality you’re overall health will notice the change.

Want to Learn More About Green Building?

New Generation Builders believes in making use of the materials we already have. They take the millions of shipping containers that are sitting empty around the world and turn them into not only a green building but also a comfortable living space. You can live luxuriously while doing your part to help the environment.

If you’re interested in living with all of the benefits an environmentally friendly home has to offer, contact New Generation Builders of Tampa for more information on their services. Call today at 800-759-4459 to get started on your unique and exciting building experience.

Shipping Containers: Design Tips and Tricks

More and more Florida residents are choosing to leave their large houses and move into shipping containers instead. Although the idea of living in a cargo container may seem strange, once you see how much you can save, while still having a nice home, you will want to downsize too!

The tiny living phase is sweeping the nation, and the key to successfully living small is knowing the right design tips and tricks to keep your small house from feeling too cluttered.

How can you design your shipping containers to get the most out of your small space?

  • De-clutter. Before you move into your tiny home in Florida, take a few days to go through all of your things, and get rid of anything you don’t need. Keep items that have sentimental value, but don’t keep anything just because you “might use it someday in the future.”
  • Storage under furniture. Find ways to make small storage areas everywhere, either by using boxes that slide under the sofa or chairs that have built-in storage. This will help give all your belongings a designated place so that you aren’t tripping over books and toys.
  • Curtains. Curtains can give you added privacy and can turn a day-time living room into an extra bedroom at night!
  • Double up. Some wardrobes offer a place for the TV as well as space for clothes. Plenty of items can serve duel purposes and save you a lot of space.
  • Narrow shelves. For rooms like the bathroom that seem to accumulate clutter on the counter, consider some narrow shelves to hold extra shampoo, toothpaste, and other toiletries. Open shelving will also give you more of an incentive to keep displayed items clean and organized.
  • Use the outdoors. Many shipping containers in Florida offer large windows or sliding glass doors, so consider adding a deck or outdoor area to maximize your useable space. Opening up the doors can make it seem like you’ve added a whole extra room to your home.

New Generation Builders

New Generation Builders of Florida knows how daunting it can be to downsize to a house less than 500 square feet, but with all of the added benefits, they are sure you will love your new home! They have been creating homes out of shipping containers for years and can create the perfect space for you to enjoy!

Call today to learn more about their designs at 800-759-4459.

Transform Your Kitchen in Four Steps

When cooking in your home, do you imagine cooking with celebrities, like Paula Dean or Bobby Flay? This is the perfect time to expand your kitchen and add some new flavor. For some, kitchen remodeling is an exciting project because it adds creativity to a person’s cooking space and visitors will be amazed by the improvements in the household. Many people remodel their current eatery in the Tampa area to increase the value of their home. In any major project, there are four steps that are important to keep in mind:

  1. Design of the Kitchen. Does your revision include a bigger refrigerator, a better stove, or even a breakfast nook? This will involve strategic planning of the equipment that you are going to purchase as the homeowner. Kitchen remodeling means you can design the space to be exactly what you want; make sure you take the time to create the perfect design.
  2. Cost of the project. This project is not going to be cheap; planning your budget far in advance in key to keeping a design you love with the budget you need. It is also important to let your Tampa contractors know your budget, so they can plan accordingly.
  3. Home Safety. Safety is also an important rule when starting on a new assignment inside of a home. Always make sure the company you hire is licensed in Tampa and have the ability to pull the correct permits so that there are no delays during the kitchen remodeling process.
  4. Enjoying your new space. Before you enjoy your new space comfortably, make sure that you purchase enough lighting and storage for all the items that you want to use in your new space. Some homeowners neglect to include these features in the place of culinary creation, and soon regret it.

Greaves Construction offers excellent kitchen remodeling services and will be there to help you every step of the way. Safety is our number one priority when choosing the items you want to see in your home. We make every effort to work with you from beginning to end. Call them anytime in Tampa at 813-985-2739 to get started. You can also look at their gallery to see examples of their past projects.

Should You DIY Residential Roofing?

DIY (Do It Yourself) has become popular with homeowners who have the desire to save a few dollars whenever possible. But is DIY always worth it? If you live in the Palm Harbor area and are considering DIY residential roofing, think twice before climbing up the ladder and taking on this project yourself.

Are You Up For The Job?

Installing a new roof is much more complicated than nailing on new shingles. Professionals train for years to learn the proper technique for installation, safety precautions, and building regulations for this complex project. Before you make the decision to DIY, make sure you understand the task at hand and all of the risks that go along with it. From tearing up the old shingles to disposing of all materials property, this is not a simple job.


There are many safety risks that come along with residential roofing. Building materials can be heavy, using a ladder to get on and off is dangerous, and even your work area can be a hazard, especially if you are working on a home where children and pets are present.

The safety risks for this project expand beyond the rooftop. You will need to make sure you are aware of all electrical wires around the work area and use and store all tools safely and properly. If you are taking on this project during the summer in the Palm Harbor area, you can be at risk of sun burn and heat related illnesses, as well as severe weather conditions and heavy rainfall.

How Much Can You Really Save?

You may save money by not hiring a professional for your residential roofing project but the risks of DIY, outweigh the possible savings. If you do get hurt, treatments or hospital bills will exceed the cost of hiring someone to do the job for you. DIY is also increasing your chance of making a mistake during construction. There is a possibility of your ceiling leaking or of damage caused by building materials, and a mistake can end up costing you more money in the long run.

Leave This One to the Professionals

There are some home projects that you should leave to the licensed professionals and residential roofing is one of them. Safe yourself time, money, and the risk of injuring yourself. If you are a Palm Harbor resident or the surrounding area, call Done Rite Roofing today at (727) 771-8747 to schedule your free estimate from the experts.


Do Shipping Containers Make Good Homes?

Over the past decade, people in Tampa have been making the move from their traditional homes into smaller, more ecofriendly alternatives. This has become possible with the recent movement of recycling old cargo shipping containers and transforming them into full functioning homes that can compare to even the most luxurious of residences. So, why should you make the move?

  1. They have it all: Sure you can spend months and thousands of dollars remodeling your home to turn it into the dream house you’ve always wanted, or you can switch to this new way of living. These tiny homes are perfect for people looking to downsize, someone looking to have a second home on the beautiful beaches that surround Tampa, or can even be used as any easy expansion of space on an existing home. Shipping containers can have all of the same features as a traditional home; plumbing, electric, insulation, and windows can easily be installed into any cargo model and will be just as functional.
  1. Durable: These spaces were originally built for the purpose of transporting goods across the ocean from country to country. They are made of steel and were constructed to make sure no harm, weather or human related, could come to whatever goods were inside of them. The materials used to build shipping containers have a structure that is stronger and much safer than those of an old-fashioned home.
  1. Eco and Wallet Friendly: We are always looking for new ways to conserve the beauty of the environment in Tampa Bay, and this is a great way to do it. This purchase is a green alternative to using all of the harmful building materials that are needed when building or remodeling a traditional home, as well as less manual labor.

In comparison this alternative requires less maintenance and can also be purchased for a much lower price than regular real estate because of their availability. The only reason shipping containers are not reused for transportation is because the cost of sending the containers back to their origin is too expensive. It’s less expensive to build a new home with one!

Switch to Your Dream Shipping Container Home

If you think moving into a more versatile, durable, ecofriendly home in the Tampa Bay area is the right decision for you, give New Generation Builders a call at 800-759-4459 today. We can transform a unit of steel into the home you have always dreamed of.