Bathroom Remodeling — 3 Ways to Increase Safety for Seniors

Safety Bathroom RemodelingAt each stage of life, it’s necessary to make safety modifications to protect yourself or loved ones from harm. Parents of toddlers use plastic outlet covers, boat owners in Tampa have life jackets, and seniors make changes to their current housing scenario to increase comfort and security. Since 80% of falls occur in the bathroom, it’s important to consider your current setup:

  • Is it difficult to get into and out of your tub or shower?
  • Do the tiles become slippery due to humidity?
  • Are you relying on towel bars, doors, and countertops for support while walking?
  • Do you struggle sitting down or standing up after using the toilet?

We understanding that aging complicates tasks and actions that were once easy, but bathroom remodeling can make you less vulnerable.

1.     Walk-In Tubs and Roll-In, Barrier-Free Showers

Some baths are hard to get into because they require you to step over a high barrier. Your shower in Tampa may have sliding doors, but these are unreliable for support because they can move unexpectedly. With walk-in tubs and roll-in, barrier-free showers, all you have to do is walk or wheel yourself in. These structures reduce the risk of tripping or falling while functioning as a standard bath or shower should.

2. Non-Skid Flooring

Non-skid flooring is essential to bathroom remodeling when it comes to increasing safety. Whether caused by a splash in the tub or toweling off afterward, slippery floors are inevitable at any age. Non-slip mats only cover so much ground, so consider installing a non-skid floor.

3. Safety Modifications and Amenities to Meet Your Needs

At Greaves Construction, we specialize in custom bathroom remodeling. We can guide you toward safety modification and amenities based on your preferences, personal needs, and available space. Consider installing:

  • Grip bars and handrails
  • Roll-up vanities
  • Lower towel bars
  • Raised toilet seat
  • And more!

Some people in Tampa don’t like how these items look, but we can design the room so that is is safe for you and appealing to look at.

Greaves Construction for Bathroom Remodeling

Increased security means less anxiety for you in your Tampa home, so contact Greaves Construction to discuss bathroom remodeling. Whether you need handrails added to the tub or non-skid flooring, we can help! Let our designers and builders create a custom look just for you that meets your personal preferences and safety needs. Call 813-985-2739 to learn more about our green building practices!