Residential Solar Water Heater | Clearwater, Florida

Residential Solar Water Heater

What is a solar water heater?

Uniquely the hot water for your home can be heated by the sun. Tubes or solar collectors on your roof absorb the sun’s thermal and radiant energy and uses the energy to generate heat. That heat is then transferred to your water to be use immediately or stored in an insulated water tank. That stored water travels within the tank through the day and remains warmed. This heated water can be used for showering, space heating, and other residential uses.

Why is it important?

The importance of residential solar water heaters is that you are guaranteed a sure supply of hot water with significantly reduced energy consumption. This way of generating hot water for your homes would be very cost effective as you would accumulate much savings on your monthly energy bills. Able to be used in any environment, the power used to fuel these solar collectors is sunlight. So this means no need to burn electricity or fossil fuels to heat the water in your homes as sunlight is free to consume. Reducing reliance on fossil fuels use makes solar water heaters environmentally friendly cutting household carbon emissions. Residential homes containing solar water heaters also make them more appealing for sale.

What are the benefits of having a residential solar hot water heater?

The benefits include:

  • By using the sun’s free energy you can reduce your hot water energy consumption.
  • Less gas or electricity which needs to be produced.
  • Reducing your energy usage give you savings year round.
  • Be in possession of energy instead of renting it from the power company.
  • No environmental impact from making solar energy at our homes.
  • Buyers would want to purchase a home for sale with solar water heater
  • Assured amount of hot water to use

The Value of LED Lighting in Print Shops

The Value of LED Lighting in Print Shops

Can LED lighting in print shops improve the quality of the printing produce?

You are inside the print shop, looking at a brochure you have just finished creating. The over- head office lighting seems to give you adequate brightness to view your work, so you think. A client from the University of South Florida needs the brochure finished today to display to the upcoming new semester students. To your eyes, the brochure looks perfect, but when the client comes to pick up his brochure he is very unsatisfied. The green and gold color on the USF Bulls logo is lime green and yellow instead. You the designer failed to pick up on this, the client is frustrated, and disappointed with the outcome you both face a lose-lose situation. You ask yourself, “Why did the print not come out in the proper color the client requested?”

The answer lies dead in your face as you stare up directly at the root of the problem. The lighting in your office isn’t giving off the proper illumination and color rendering. The dim fluorescent tubes are worn down and some of them are burnt out. Your shop cannot continue to work under these conditions if it wishes to maintain its status as the best in south Florida.
How can you solve this problem and not fail another client?

Well, we must look into LED lighting in print shops and companies. If you are new to light emitting diodes (LEDs), just think of them as the new modern state of lighting applications we use in our world today. It has better brightness, more energy efficient, and a longer duration of life compared to fluorescent light. Our sunlight gives off a natural type of brightness that is best for properly making out things our eyes see. In poorly lit offices, the fluorescent bulbs give off poor illumination. This is associated with bad health conditions varying from eye strain, headaches and or fatigue. In work environments, such as warehouses and factories, the outcomes of a dark or dimly lit workplace can lead to injuries or failure to properly complete tasks.

LED technology is the answer to this inadequate lighting problem. Mimicking natural sunlight at 5000 Kelvin, this lighting system serves as the perfect form of illumination for seeing color accurately. Combining natural and artificial light, this technology is sufficient and suitable at making the workplace a better environment for everyone to be in. Reduced health effects, safer worker environment, better energy efficiency and longer life duration compared to fluorescent bulbs, LED lighting in print shops will lead to excellent results and less problems having to make out color in the work created.

Quality and success for print companies lie in the use of LED technology. You the designer after doing research on this lighting have decided to replace your fluorescent lights with LED light bulbs and look forward to your print shop retaining its highly praised name.

Quality LED Lights

LED lighting is the new age technology way we be lighting our world to save money, energy and help our planet. Throughout time mankind has created light through the use of heat to illuminate their surroundings. In the early 20th century fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs were the epitome of how we were able to brighten our surroundings. This great invention illuminated the world giving business, homes, schools etc. power to see. Yet, in today’s 21st century another new way of lighting the world challenges fluorescent and incandescent bulbs and its name is the Light Emitting Diode (LED). This new and improved type of lighting has the same capabilities to provide illumination as fluorescent and incandescent lighting, but surpasses it in many ways. Using electricity to heat a wire or gas within the lightbulb, the amount of energy used to power old lights vs this new LED kind of lighting allows electricity consumption to be cut in half. This new and improved light source is more energy efficient and has the capability to last in your business ten to fifteen years without fail. The solid state technology used in LED lights are so energy efficient, it draws less power wasting less than 10% of the power to heat and converting over 90% of that energy into light.

When using LED lights, you must consider the quality grade of light you are purchasing for your home or businesses. Big well know companies deliver a wide range of LED light products, which may seem appealing and what you are looking for, but they import their products from low quality assemblers and manufacturers. Offshore Chinese manufacturers may produce low quality merchandise that end up being sold here in America to companies. Not to say their product won’t function or last awhile, the problem is low quality LED’s are a waste of your money and time. For your business to be the best, it must use the best materials available to be successful and get a long life from their LED lights. If you have a business where the lights are on for long hours it is imperative you use only commercial grade LED lighting

If you want lighting that will last your business 10 to 15 years, made with the highest grade top optimal materials that you can be safe and assured will not malfunction, commercial LED lights are your solution.

Find the Right Residential Construction Company

residential construction company

Finding the right residential construction company in Temple Terrace is not as difficult as many believe. In fact, hiring the best professional for the job is easier than ever because we have the ability to look up exactly what we want. Taking those few extra minutes to find the precise design you have always wanted not only makes the contractor’s job easier, but also helps you determine whether that contractor is right for you.

Don’t Skimp on Your Home

Homes are more than just a place to live; they’re also an investment. Just like all other types of investments, it is important to take care of and nurture this one in any way possible. This includes hiring a professional residential construction company, as opposed to cheaper freelancers, to renovate your home in Temple Terrace. Doing so will often lead to significantly better results and a much more profitable return on investment.

The Right Residential Construction Company

So now that we know:

  • What type of services we need
  • The designs we prefer
  • And the importance of hiring skilled professionals

We can finally begin our search.

When sifting through the mountain of search results, there are two important questions to ask: how diverse is their skillset, and do they have a portfolio? The range of renovations they can perform will be a good indicator of their experience and knowledge.

Temple Terrace residents will discover that a great residential construction company provides an extensive list of remodeling and restoration services. They should have pictures of their previous works available for you to peruse, which gives an accurate representation of the results you can expect to receive. The last notable distinguishing factor is their years of experience working in this industry. Those that have been a staple in certain fields longer typically have a much wider expanse of practical knowledge. By working with an established business, you can gain access to their expertise and receive outstanding renovations.

Greaves Construction – Industry-Leading Renovation and Remodeling

We have hit the internet to save you countless hours of researching and searching for the best residential construction company in Temple Terrace. Out of the many businesses we examined, the one that stood out the most was Greaves Construction. They have over 30 years of experience designing and implementing various types of structures to all kinds of houses. Give them a call at 813 985-2739 and speak with one of their experts today.