3 Amazing Reasons to Incorporate Universal Design into Your Home

Universal Design for Homes

The point of universal design is to make things more accessible, usable, and flexible for people to use. When it comes to the home, this type of design aims to increase the functionality of the property for not only the family that lives there but also those who visit. Though you may not think your Tampa house needs something like this, there are many reasons why it can be beneficial to you. Here are three compelling reasons to get you started.

1. It Makes Your Home Accessible

If you, anyone in your family, or any of your friends has a disability such as being confined to a wheelchair, universal design can make your home a friendlier and more approachable place for them to be. With simple solutions such as ramped entryways, wider hallways, and level flooring, you can make your house in Tampa a safe space for everyone to enjoy. Imagine your loved ones’ relief at not having to fret constantly over how they’ll maneuver in your residence with their disability.

2. Your Home Will Be More Functional

Even if you or anyone else living in your home does not have a disability, such as arthritis, that makes it almost impossible to grip round doorknobs or get up from furniture, you can benefit from universal design and its elements on a functional level. Door handles instead of knobs are easier for the hand to grip, with or without arthritis, and railings for stability can be more beneficial than you would ever imagine. You never know when you may accidentally trip and prevent a nasty spill thanks to a handrail!

3. Universal Design Can Be Stunning

Universal design often gives a modern, almost futuristic, architectural feel to any space given the innovative and creative elements used. LED lighting along floorboards, touch-appliances, remote-powered windows and doors and a host of other implements can truly create a stunning look for your Tampa house. Not only will you get to enjoy the hospitality, but also the appeal that this forward style provides.

Greaves Construction’s Universal Design Experience

At Greaves Construction, we have been assisting Tampa Bay clients with all of their home improvement and construction needs for many years. We have extensive, practical experience with creating a variety of styles and designs, and we can help you make your residence accessible to all. Contact us today at 813-985-2739 to learn more.


Florida Sheds Man Cave | Workout Room

Florida Shed Company | Man Cave

Find the Personal Shed You Need

It is a warm summer morning, your day off from work and you look down at that stomach. A disappointed look appears on your face as you notice that you have put on a little weight in the past few months. You decide it is time to hit the gym and get back to that body you have always had, problem is your gym membership has expired. On top of that, the house has no space for you to do the workouts you envision doing and the wife will not tolerate a workout room in the home. What will you do?

As you look up across the street, there you see your neighbor Chuck. Fully dressed in his workout clothes, Chuck has just reached home from a good 2 mile run and starts toward a shed in his side yard. As you watch him open the shed door, to your amazement inside you can see Chuck has built his very own personal workout room, man cave that he exercises in. “Eureka!” You shout to yourself, “A workout room in my very own personal Florida shed is what I will get.”

Everyone needs a little personal space and what better to grant that space other than a personal shed. Coming in all shapes, colors, and sizes, the Florida Sheds Company provide you with high quality sheds to accommodate your personal needs. Not only do they have reasonable prices, but they have awesome representatives that provide quality customer services, able to answer any and all questions on making sure you are guaranteed the perfect shed!

You could not wait another minute and ran over to your neighbor Chuck to get information on his shed. In no time soon you find yourself browsing for your very own shed at the Florida Sheds Company. Amazed at the various choices you were presented, you had no idea these sheds were the perfect solution to your personal workout room problem. The representatives showed you not only one story sheds, but interestingly two story sheds as well. You realized that with two floors of space, more workout machines could be inserted into this shed to make it your very own personal gym. No need to buy a gym membership or struggle to find a gym. Everything you need will be right in your backyard!

“Hey Chuck! Come take a look at my new shed.” You soon after purchasing and having your shed installed, waved Chuck over from across the street. “Florida Sheds had the right shed I was searching for. They took me through an enjoyable experience trying to help me find my perfect man cave and I could not be even happier. My wife and I are satisfied that we both were able to get the space we wanted.”

“You are going to have to let me workout out with you one of these days!” Chuck said, “This man cave is amazing.”