Create a Scene with Custom Built Sheds

Create Your Custom Built Shed

If you think custom built sheds are only made to hold bags of mulch, wheelbarrows, and backhoes, think again! For those in Tampa who don’t want to sacrifice garage space, we can help you design a room for your personal projects and pursuits.

Build a Workshop

Whether you enjoy carpentry, restoring classic muscle cars, or gardening, we can construct a workshop that is suited for your projects. Some tools are messy while others make a lot of noise; you can keep the peace with your family by putting some distance between the house and your circular saw.

Design an Office

For those who work remotely, consider a custom built shed to contain a separate office on your property. Working from home in Tampa can be freeing because you have a flexible schedule, but the proximity of to-do’s, like laundry and dishes, can distract some from their job responsibilities. Regain your focus by installing an at-home office.

Set Up a Personal Gym

Is your exercise equipment piling up in Tampa? With our custom built sheds, you can build a private gym to your exact specifications. We can plan accordingly for:

  • Chin up bars
  • Treadmill stations
  • Elliptical machines
  • Built-in weight racks
  • A/C hookup and fans
  • Sound systems and stereos

Some individuals like to exercise to high volume music, and we can point you toward materials that will insulate sound better. Whatever your fitness interests, you can have them within easy reach of your house!

Create a Play Space

Perhaps, you have young kids or grandchildren. Custom built sheds provide the unique opportunity to create a play space for them. It can be outfitted with their toys, miniature furniture, or art supplies. A tree house has aesthetic appeal, but there are some glaring safety risks. Keep the kids on stable ground and out of the harsh sun by offering them a play area to call their own!

Enhance Your Meditation Practice

If you’re a Tampa yogi who wants to practice meditation, consider constructing a room where you can set your daily intention. You can store your Tingsha cymbals, essential oils, and favorite mat all in one place. Instead of setting up a meditation station in your home during every session, you can step out to your personal chamber and start right away!

Custom Built Sheds — the Answer to Personal Space

If you have some ideas, talk to the team at Florida Shed! We can design a room to match your intent, whether you want a personal office or a play area for your grandkids. Not only do we provide custom built sheds to Tampa residents, but we can also construct:

  • Carports
  • Garages
  • Fences
  • Barns

Phone us at 727-423-8484 to discuss the possibilities!


The Perks of Hiring a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

bathroom remodeling contractor

When you’re getting ready in the morning, do you find yourself wishing you had more counter space? How about more eco-friendly appliances and fixtures? Maybe you’d like a walk-in tub with accessible handrails. Whatever your desires, a bathroom remodeling contractor can bring your ideas to life in Tampa. While you may think this is a project you can do on your own, there are some terrific perks that a professional can offer.

Opportunity to Custom Design the Room

Unless you’re a trained plumber or electrician, your customization options are limited. Sure, you can tile the floors or add a backsplash, but you miss out on valuable upgrades like:

  • Multiple shower heads
  • Hot water recirculation
  • Tankless water heaters
  • Sauna and steam units
  • Roll-in, barrier-free showers

With a bathroom remodeling contractor, you have the opportunity to completely customize the room in your Tampa townhome. Our team can re-do wiring or rework pipes to make every one of your designs possible!

Safer Construction Process and Set Schedule

Not only is construction safer when you hire professionals, but you also have a clear start and finish. Our staff is trained to manage the ins and outs of reconstruction, so you get a custom design that looks great and is safe to use. Wouldn’t it be terrible to re-do it yourself and discover, one week later, that your walk-in tub is leaking? Let Greaves Construction assist you by getting the job done right the first time.

Dangers of DIY Bathroom Remodeling

When you forgo hiring a bathroom remodeling contractor, the risks accumulate faster than you can manage them. Technical issues with plumbing and electric can lead to damages and unexpected costs, which may keep you from installing lever shower valves or non-skid flooring. Don’t let DIY attempts keep you from the design you want!

Another DIY danger is a never-ending construction process. Many Tampa homeowners take on the task, but few follow through. Life gets full— an unexpected project comes up at work, a relative falls ill, or your kids sign up for new extracurricular activities. Whatever the case, these will stop you from completing your project on time.

Talk to the Bathroom Remodeling Contractor at Greaves

With the assistance of Greaves Construction, you can bypass all of these risks and get the design you’ve always dreamed of! We specialize in green construction, so we can offer input on energy efficient materials and fixtures that will honor the earth and lower your utility costs in Tampa. Call 813-985-2739 to set up an appointment with our bathroom remodeling contractor.