Storage Sheds: The Clutter Solution!

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Most homeowners can relate to the sensation of owning more than is really necessary. Some of our Sarasota clients wonder, “How did we get to have so much stuff?”, and the solution to your clutter problems are storage sheds. Between Kon Mari’s best-seller, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and your own desire to declutter, we make attaining your organizational goals possible!

Benefits of Storage Sheds

As the years go by for residents in Sarasota County, accumulation tends to occur. Whether you’re a die-hard packrat or a self-proclaimed minimalist, this will happen to some degree. As you tuck items into the back corners of your hallway closet or stuff them into boxes that slide beneath your guest bed, your collection will amass without your notice. Once you run out of concealed areas, the piles will demand your attention. We suggest storage sheds, which can:

  • Free up space in your house
  • Create a framework for organization
  • Provide a designated area for certain items
  • Make it easier to locate particular belongings
  • Provide perspective for what to keep and part with

If you want to park your cars in the garage and walk through your home without fear of knocking a pile of boxes over, consider storage sheds. Not only will this structure alleviate the hodgepodge of heaps that have piled up in Sarasota, but it also serves as a fresh start for organizing your belongings. Inside, you can install shelves or hooks to accommodate your needs.

Once you’ve decided how to arrange things, it makes it easier to continue doing so. With a designated spot for your hammer or your bike helmet, you don’t have to spend time trying to track them down. You also gain perspective on what you own. Months may go by and you notice that you haven’t touched the contents of a tub since you set it on the shelf. This is your chance to reflect on whether these items are a priority or a packrat habit.

Learn More About Storage Sheds From Our Experts

At Florida Shed, we specialize in creating custom structures and storage sheds for those who live in Sarasota. Once you have your closets decluttered, we can assist you with:

Whatever your needs, Florida Shed has them covered! Call 727-423-8484 for more info!


3 Tips for Finding the Best Kitchen Remodeling Services

kitchen remodeling

There are plenty of contractors offering kitchen remodeling services throughout Tampa, but you don’t want just any contractor; you’re looking for the best builders out there. As professionals in this arena, we have some tips for those who are seeking a renovation or update.

1. Identify What You Want

The thought of an upgrade is enough to get most people excited. Some go as far as creating a Pinterest board for the cause or exploring their local hardware stores for ideas. Peruse as much as you please, but before consulting professionals or making any drastic changes, take time to observe the existing room. Ask yourself:

  • What do you like about it?
  • What do you wish was different?
  • Do you like how the area is organized?
  • Are you interested in making things more energy efficient?

Your wishes and wants should help you develop a list of kitchen remodeling priorities. Your top ‘musts’ should direct the first meeting you have with a contractor. That way, you can remain calm and avoid becoming overwhelmed if they bring up alternatives. By knowing what’s important, you are more likely to get the room you’ve been dreaming of in Tampa!

2. Ask For Examples of Previous Work

Once you’ve clarified your focal points for the renovation, request an explanation of the building process and photos of previous work that is similar to what you want to have done. Whether you’re interested in custom counters or LP gas conversions, you need to make sure that the people you’re working with can complete the kitchen remodeling to your specifications.

3. Request References from Former Customers

Beyond explanations and examples, ask for references from former clients. Ask them how clear the communication process was and if things proceeded on schedule. Were the workers respectful of your home and property? Did the final price match the initial quote you received? Many homeowners in Tampa have sought the services of Greaves Construction, and we can put you in touch with someone who can give you an idea of how we operate.

Kitchen Remodeling By Greaves Construction

When you’re ready for kitchen remodeling, get in contact with Greaves Construction! They can help expand your existing pantry or install a custom island. If you want high-efficiency appliances, they can point you to the best ones. Along with enhancing your cooking space, they can assist with:

You can reach their staff in Tampa by calling 813-985-2739. They’ll discuss your ideas and start putting plans in motion!

Green Home Building Can Save The Earth, And Some Green

Green Home Building in St Petersburg
To a lot of people, the concept of going green means a lot of unpleasant inconveniences like giving up meat, not eating fresh local St. Petersburg seafood, or spending more on things just because there’s an eco-friendly sticker on it.  Green home building is none of this, and it is not a fad, it is simply the use of environmentally conscientious materials, and practices and it actually can save you money in the long run.  For your edification, please consider the following:

Window Shopping

According to the Department of Energy, the number one way Americans lose cooling or heating is through their windows.  Contractors are using cheaper and inferior windows in order to keep building costs low but it is the homeowners who end up paying the price in higher utility costs and the planet when inevitably the windows have to be replaced.  Fortunately, in St. Petersburg there are talented contractors who practice Green home building by using only the highest quality energy efficient windows that won’t need to be replaced in a few years.

Solar Savings

There is a source of infinite energy just chilling up in the sky, and it is called the sun.  Solar admittedly has been under-utilized by homeowners due to the higher startup costs for panels, however thanks to green energy grants and newer, thinner panels being brought to market the costs are getting more and more reasonable for homeowners looking into green home building.  As more people buy into solar energy, it will demonstrate a demand and the market will respond accordingly and produce better and eventually cheaper panels than what the early adopters paid.  Also once the solar system is in place it can end up paying you money!  If the solar system generates more energy than is used, the excess goes into the grid and the homeowner receives a check from the power company for the wattage.  And in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida there is no better place to soak in the rays.  This translates into thousands of dollars saved over 20 years.  Be aware though that some unscrupulous persons are trying to get “grid usage fees” in place to prevent homeowners from living utility free.

Green Home Building for Your Wallet and Environment

The last anyone checked, there is currently only one earth and thus only one basket to hold all 6.6 billion humanity-eggs, so it is in everyone’s best interest to preserve the planet at least until space travel and colonization stops residing in the realm of science fiction.  Green home building can be a major player in the effort to preserve the planet, as there are a whole host of materials and supplies that your friendly local St. Petersburg construction companies can use to lessen the impact on the planet.

Low VOC Paints And Building Supplies

VOC, or volatile organic compounds, are solvents that get released into the air as paint dries.  Cheaper, substandard paint often contains higher concentrations of these which makes for poor air quality, which in turn harms human who breathe these in.  It is also worth noting the process for making these paints is terrible for the environment, so Low VOC is win-win and thankfully so be sure to verify that your contractors are using low VOC.  If you are in the greater Tampa or St. Petersburg area, there are plenty of green home building contractors who use low VOC.