A Planning Guide for ADA Compliant Bathrooms

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More and more, Bay area residents are researching compliance standards from the Americans with Disabilities Act to make their houses more accessible. This might be for personal use or guests of different abledness. Whatever the case, universal design is a priority for many homeowners, and creating an ADA compliant bathroom involves a lot of preparation and work in Tampa. Before you initiate construction yourself or hire contractors to tackle the task, consider our advice about completing the process.

1. Be Mindful of Measurements and Spacing

Clear floor space is essential in Tampa, but there are some detailed specifications involved:

  • Must accommodate one wheelchair of at least 30 inches X 48 inches
  • Potential for diameter turning spaces or T-shaped turning spaces
  • Opportunity for parallel or forward approach to various elements
  • Clear areas can include under lavatories, fixtures or other accessories
  • But these areas beneath restroom elements must provide knee and toe clearance

It’s best to offer as much room as possible for users in your ADA compliant bathroom. DIY can go awry when you don’t have adequate information about measurements and spacing. Too many people opt for the minimum measurement requirements, which can put a lot of users at a disadvantage.

2. Consider Reach Ranges

Alongside open turning areas and clear pathways, you need to consider reach ranges during the design process. Obstructed reach is frustrating for users, and it doesn’t comply with the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act. There are many details to think about— counter height, sink handle placement, mirror height, toilet paper access, and more. Between left and right-hand accessibility and the other standards of ADA compliant bathrooms, you might feel overwhelmed by everything that’s involved in universal design. Instead of shying away from this excellent service, consult with professionals who offer insight and assistance in Tampa.

3. Avoid Raised Thresholds in Doorways

Thresholds are a big no-no when it comes to accessibility. Not only do they obstruct wheelchair users, but individuals might trip over them. If the person struggles with balance or uses a cane, they’re liable to fall. If you require thresholds within your Tampa property, make sure they’re beveled.

4. Hire Professionals That Offer Universal Design Services

Creating an ADA compliant bathroom is no easy task to DIY even if you have contracting skills. There are statutes and standards that align with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and one mistake can negate your overall efforts. Instead of trying to go it alone in the Bay area, consult with professionals who specialize in universal design.

Choose Greaves for Your ADA Compliant Bathrooms

Greaves Construction is one such company! We can help you form a plan that is both functional and fashionable. There’s no reason that universal design can’t be stunning, and we’ll help design a restroom that exceeds your expectations and promotes accessibility. In addition to designing and installing ADA compliant bathrooms in Tampa, we can assist with:

  • Whole house renovations
  • Kitchen remodeling
  • Historic restoration
  • Green building
  • And more

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