Tips for Remodeling your Tiny Bathroom

Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms of any Tampa home. The average person goes 6 times a day which adds up to 1.5 years in a lifetime. You deserve to spend 1.5 years of your life in a restroom you love, but bathroom remodeling can be tough if the size of your space is small. Follow these tips to fall in love with your toilet again.

Colors and Lighting

Bathrooms are a design space of infinite possibility, but infinite possibilities will not make your tiny room bigger. Stick with colors or wallpapers that are solid and versatile. Bold or gaudy design elements can overpower an area and make it feel smaller. The same applies to lighting choices and fixtures. That big chandelier might look good in a magazine, but big elements will fill up a tiny room.

Shelving and Storage

Shelving is an important part of your bathroom remodeling project. Place all grounded cabinets and drawers in a corner or reserve the area under the sink to make use of all available room. Consider using floating storage (fixtures that are attached directly to the wall) to free up floor space and keep everything at a reachable level.


Sinks can often take up a large portion of a wall and choosing the right sink depends on the other spa elements you plan on including. Trying to fit a large sink and a large shower or bathtub into the same area will fill it entirely. Opt for a compact sink like a pedestal sink or even a wall-mounted sink with a smaller faucet. This will free large amounts of space and will give you the ability to include fixtures you deem more important.

Showers and Tubs

Before you start anything, consider whether you absolutely need of a full tub or if a shower would do just fine. Barrier-free showers or low-walled tubs are an easy way to free space quickly. Glass shower doors or glass sliding doors will allow light and visibility throughout the room, opening it up.

Greaves Construction

Rearranging the space to your liking is possible without too much disruption to your daily life. So, if you are want to start planning your bathroom remodeling, contact the trusted experts at Greaves Construction at (813) 985-2739 and spend your 1.5 years in luxury!

Shipping Container Homes Design Tips

You have made the decision- traditional Georgia houses are not for you. Instead, you have decided to create your dream shipping container home. Repurposed steel boxes are the next big thing, and the trend has plenty of reasons to be. The constructions are everything you might be looking for: durable, versatile, and more affordable.

Then comes the design phase, where things may get a little more difficult. Since you are probably reducing your square footage, we have a couple design tips to help you create a spacious space, regardless of the size of your future Georgia shipping container home:

  1. Have Fewer Walls: Creating rooms that are separated by walls always takes up more space. Consider designing a wide and open space that can be multipurpose. The living room could easily double as a bedroom when nighttime comes.
  2. Light Colors: It is a total optical illusion, but painting your walls with a lighter color will make the space feel bigger, while darker colors will make the area seem smaller. Go for a white or very light color for both your ceilings and walls.
  3. Think Vertically: Getting the ceiling to be as high as possible creates a large breathing space everyone enjoys. It is also the perfect design to create a mezzanine on one side of your shipping container home.
  4. Play with Mirrors: This is just another illusion for more space that is created through the use of mirrors placed in strategic places. Place a large mirror on a wall and you will double the visual space you have available thanks to the reflection.
  5. Add More Windows: The more windows you have, the more natural light gets into your home. Other types of large windows such as sliding doors let you open up the house, and the view will make you feel you are part of the beautiful Georgia landscape.

To get started on the construction of your new Georgia residence, get in touch with the professionals at New Generation Builders. Their experienced designers and builders will help you achieve the shipping container home of your dreams. To receive more information and discuss the project, call them today at 800-759-4459.

Storage Tips for Tiny Homes

Whether you have made the move to a tiny home in Florida or are still thinking about making the transition, we know you are thinking about ways to get yourself organized in such a small space. Living in a few hundred square feet is a great opportunity to downsize a bit, but there is only so much stuff you can leave behind.

When space is limited, everything becomes about the storage tricks you can put into action. We’ve compiled a list of 5 super-efficient organization tips, to help you get started:

  1. Storage Furniture: Ottomans, bed, couch, or coffee table, there are plenty of furniture pieces that can have dual utility. With hidden drawers everywhere, you can easily store clothes, art supplies, or toys and keep them out of sight.
  2. Wall Library: For the bookworms of Florida, walls can be transformed into a library. From encased space to free standing wall units, you can create a great set of shelves to feature books and other small items in your tiny home.
  3. Ceiling Space: Higher space is rarely used; but with a little creativity, bicycles could be stored up, and shelves can be added for extra storage above your head with no effect on your living space.
  4. Open Floor Plan: When you’re trying to give your guests, and yourself, the illusion of a larger space, half walls are what you need. They’re perfect to create shelves, and the open view will make a room seem larger.
  5. Closets: Instead of cluttering a larger closet, find tracks and shelves to keep everything in order. Believe me, you have all it takes to become a Tetris master, placing each object in its perfect spot.

If you still worry about the space you will have available for storage in a tiny home, get in touch with the professionals of New Generation Builders. They will guide you throughout your adventure and will help you make sure you get all the space you need.

With New Generation Builders, Florida residents who are thinking of downsizing do not need to compromise as much as they think. Give them a call at 800-759-4459 to get more information and discuss how a tiny home can change your life.

Five Advantages of Carports

Lakeland is not spared from Florida’s well-known hurricanes, so if your home does not have a covered garage, a carport may be the best solution available to you. Living in an area where weather can damage our car’s exterior, it’s important to protect vehicles as much as possible. While adding a garage usually is the first idea when it comes to protection, carports can be a better choice:

  1. Multi-Use: A garage is only for parking your car, and possibly storing other house items, nothing else. A carport offers you a covered area for family picnics in your yard for beautiful grilling days. It can be the perfect shed to allow you to spend time outside while being protected from the sun’s burning rays.
  2. Cost Effective: These are a lot more affordable than building a garage in Lakeland. Whether you are the owner of your home or just renting, these sheds also don’t typically require permits, unlike other big projects, but it is always best to check with your county.
  3. Easy Installation: Getting your new covered area can be as easy as preparing the ground and calling the right installation company.
  4. Semi-Permanent: If you’re not sure how long you will be in your current home, a semi-permanent protection is the good compromise to keep your car safe without having to make any irreversible changes to your house or your yard.
  5. Appeal: Adding a special parking space if you are planning on selling or trying to find tenants for your home will rend it more attractive since people will not need to park on the Lakeland streets.

If we haven’t convinced you a carport is the ideal solution to keep you vehicle safe and off the street, while adding an attractive addition to your yard, visit the Florida Shed Company’s site to learn more about the various design options available. You can use the Carport Estimator to design your own and see exactly what styles, sizes, and colors are available. Or feel free to give them a call at 727-524-9191.

Find New Affordable Office Space with Shipping Containers

If you are looking for an affordable and environmentally friendly way to build a new business location in Florida or expand on your current one, you need shipping container offices.

What are Shipping Container Offices?

When importing and exporting goods by sea, manufactures utilize large, steel cargo containers to transport their products. These massive metal boxes aren’t reused, and so they are either melted down as scrap or used in commercial and residential construction as durable and easily customized structures.

Cost Effective Business Expansion

Expanding or moving your business on a budget can be difficult. Finding a new Florida office that’s large enough for your staff, while also suiting your individual needs as a business, can be time consuming, and often ends with settling on a solution that is “good enough.” This usually entails either a monthly cost that is too high, or a floor plan that is not adequate for your needs. And when you are building an addition to an existing property, or constructing a new location, the costs can keep adding up. There are permits to acquire and blue prints to draw, along with excessive labor and material fees that make the entire process both frustrating and expensive.

Shipping container offices are an affordable, simple, and fully customizable solution for your new construction needs. They can be used to easily add onto an existing property or build an entirely new operations center; they create an office space that is both functional and unique. And since they are built for strength, they can withstand up to 150 mph winds, making them an incredibly easy way to achieve a safe working environment during the Florida hurricane season.

Stay Environmentally Friendly With Shipping Container Offices

With an ever increasing awareness of our impact on the environment, we realize that finding ways to reduce our carbon footprint is of the highest importance. And because the storage containers used by New Generation Builders are no longer needed for their original purpose, all of the materials are instead recycled into a new commercial or residential property. This style of green building greatly minimizes waste.

Green building techniques such as these are just one of the many effective strategies that can be employed to combat further environmental damage; and at New Generation Builders of Florida, we care about the future. For more information, call New Generation Builders today at 800-759-4459.

The Benefits of Container Homes

New Generation Builders’ container homes are becoming increasingly popular throughout Lakeland and Florida—and for good reason. Whether you want to use them for a small office, a vacation home, a beach house, or just a place to live that requires little maintenance, these homes are reinventing the way we think about green living and sustainability. The best part about them is that, while buyers of these cozy adobes are being economically feasible and environmentally friendly, they don’t have to sacrifice style of elegance and comfort.

How Are Container Homes Built?

Container homes are constructed from recycled and repurposed steel shipping containers, usually in blocks that are 8 by 20 feet. They are created in a factory controlled environment using state of the art equipment and quality craftsmanship.

The installation of container homes is quick and easy, but most importantly safe and reliable. These ISBUs (International Steel Building Units) can sit on a regular concrete, block foundation that is used in the construction of regular sized residences, and are then hooked and welded into place, and fastened at the corners to ensure utmost security and stability. In fact, they are completely hurricane proof, making them an ideal option for Florida residents who are no stranger to tropical storms and frequent hurricanes. If you are living in a normal Florida home in Clearwater St Petersburg Tampa you must protect the opening on you home to stop structural failure during a hurricane. Opening protection should include all openings including Garage doors, entry doors and windows. Hurricane shutters can be strictly for hurricane protection or architectural pleasing in the form of hurricane Bahama shutters, hurricane colonial shutters or ballistic grade hurricane fabric shutters.

Benefits of Container Homes

Although they are built from standardized steel containers, they are completely customizable and generally cost less than half of what traditional homes do. Though you may only be using the container home temporarily, you still can have fully functioning plumbing and electrical systems installed.

Their versatility allows owners to create innovative designs that are as modern as useful. Not only are these homes a benefit to the environment, but they also provide their owners with added space that can be kept on land they already own!

These are the perfect living options for those who are having a house built and want somewhere to stay in the meantime, want a beautiful yet modest place to stay on the beach, or tucker away in the woods. They are even great for people looking to live on their own for the first time!

To learn more about our company, or to schedule a consultation, please feel free to give us a call today at 800-759-4459

Room Addition Contractor

Expanding on your home with a room addition contractor will undoubtedly increase the value of your property. Americraft’s superior level of customer service and craftsmanship is what has been keeping our customers satisfied and recommending us to their families and friends. Each project we have provided to the residents of Clearwater, Safety Harbor, Palm Harbor, Largo, St Pete and Tarpon Springs is of the top level of quality. We are proud of our previous projects and are committed to continually providing exceptional project outcomes.

Expanding on your home may seem like a daunting project. You may be under the impression that it will be an inconvenience to your daily routine or that it will be out of your budget. Our contractors are respectful of your space and we will work with you and your schedule to ensure that we are not intruding in your day to day life. We also offer affordable prices so no matter what your budget is we will be able to offer a fair and honest price.

If you are considering a room addition contractor, look no further than Americraft. We are the professionals that can give you the extra space you’ve always wanted, whether that is a guest, game or TV room, you decide! Call us at (727) 953-8082 today!