Emergency Water Damage Restoration

Often times when people experience a flooded home, they will try to extract the water themselves, thinking that they will help the process when in fact that may actually make it worse.  If you have standing water in your home, you will want to call a professional water damage company right away so they can quickly and correctly remove all of the excess moisture from the floor, baseboards, and furniture.  These experienced and qualified technicians can eliminate all of the dampness from your home as quickly as possible to decrease the chance for dangerous mold and fungi to grow.  These health hazards can be released into the air, causing allergic reactions and even lung damage, if left for too long.  With our 24 hour emergency water damage services in Clearwater, you will never even have to begin to worry about mold.

Water damage services extend beyond just drying out the floor, which is why furniture restoration is also offered as well. Floods can be stressful enough without having to think about purchasing new furniture too.  As the premier water damage company in Clearwater, Chris’ Carpets strive to go above and beyond to provide customers with complete satisfaction.

With over 100 years of combined experience, 24 hour services, and certified technicians, we guarantee that here at Chris’ Carpet Service, they have the knowledge and experience to handle any emergency water damages you may have.

For more information, or if you need emergency services in Clearwater call Chris’ Carpet Service today at 727-397-1551.


Emergency Water Damage Restoration in Clearwater

Florida brings us a lot of rain, sometimes too much. Unfortunately, depending on where you live in the Clearwater area, flooding can happen. When it does you want to make sure you know the appropriate steps to take to prevent everything in your home from being ruined and, for the stuff that is damage, to see what can be done to restore it.

There are plenty of water damage services that can help you renew your home’s value including:

  • Structural Dry Out
  • Sewage Extraction
  • Mold Remediation
  • & more.

Some people think that if they are living in a semi-elevated region they do not need to worry about flooding. Keep in mind that flooding also happens from pipes bursting—which doesn’t only happen in colder climates. Pipes can also burst from misuse, or simply from worn out materials.  To be honest, this kind of water damage can be quite dramatic and alarming. But not always; other signs of burst pipes is wet spots on the wall or ceilings.

No matter how much water has flooded your home, there are professional services available that can restore your furniture, flooring and carpets.

Chris Carpet Cleaning and Emergency Water Damage Restoration of Clearwater has been servicing the area since 1978. They offer 24/7 emergency water damage services to Clearwater and the surrounding areas & even offer claim assistance! Call today for a quote (727) 397-1511 or visit their website for more information: http://chriscarpetservice.com/24-hr-emergency-water-damage-services.html

Clearwater Carpets

Area Rug Cleaning


A rug is defined as a thick fabric for covering part of a floor, but it is so much more than that isn’t it? If you’re a woman you know that a rug can completely change a room. It can take a boring, bland room and make it exciting. If you’re a man, you know how seriously women can take rugs. My dad is a carpet installer, and I still remember when he got into a huge fight with his girlfriend because he cut up a piece of spare carpet in the garage and used it as a rug in the living room. Needless to say, she was not happy. One of his arguments for keeping the ‘rug’ or piece of old carpet, is that area rug cleaning is too difficult, and although his girlfriend wanted to argue she knew that he had a good point.

Everyone knows the struggle of cleaning a rug. Do you shake it out? Then you get dirt and dust in your eyes and have to go to the doctor and wear an eye patch for the next week. Do you vacuum it? Then you break the vacuum because it tried to eat the rug and you have to go buy a new one. What if you spill something on it? Do you get down and scrub it? No matter how many times you yell “Blot it don’t rub it!” you know someone’s going to rub it right into the rug. Then you have a nice big beautiful stain in the middle of your rug. Maybe it will just give it more character though, right? OR, or you could call an area rug cleaning service, and you can save your vocal cords from the unnecessary strain of yelling at a “scrubbing will get the stain out” rug-ruiner.

Instead of dealing with a rug-ruiner, I suggest getting a rug-fixer-upper. If you need an area rug cleaning service in the St Petersburg, Clearwater, and Tampa Bay area, call Chris’ Carpet Service at (727) 397-1511. They will make your rug look brand new, without you having to get an eye-patch, a new vacuum, or bronchitis from yelling at people who won’t listen.

Water Restoration Company in St. Petersburg

There are upsides to living in a town near the Gulf like St. Petersburg, and there are downsides. Upsides include that you are close to the beach; you have year-round mild temperatures, palm trees, cool beach bars, and generally chill vibes. Downsides: it rains a lot, and your house is more likely to flood when it rains due to the lower-than-sea level elevation that most of Florida inhabits.

When it rains outside, you might think, no big deal, just another crappy Florida weather day. You go about your daily business; knife-sharpening, home-tattooing, marble sculpting, Facebook stalking. Then, you step into a room in your house, and your carpet feels like a wet sponge. The soaked floor squelches nastily between your toes, and you see the water spreading menacingly throughout your entire living room. You realize that your whole floor will get ruined, fast, unless you do something. Acknowledging the rather large area quickly becoming affected, you also admit this will take a professional water restoration company to fix. Because trying to take matters into your ignorant hands could not only lead to the ruin of your grandmother’s antique rug, but to the ruin of the hardwood floor under said antique rug. Chris Carpet has the tools and people to clean up the mess and prevent further damage. That way all of the water is gone, and the after-effects of the potential water damage are eradicated as well. This means no gross bacterial business or odor ordeals to sort out when you thought the water war was already won. You can return to your daily activities while they remove the water, fix the damage, and assess the area for future problems. Chris Carpet is available 24/7, so you can call them anytime you need a water restoration company in St. Petersburg at 727.397.1511 You will be glad you left it to the pros.

Clearwater Carpet Cleaning

There are a lot of things that go in our house to cause wear and tear. Especially if you have kids. Most of the day to day chaos that happens within our home every day—cooking dinner in the kitchen, building a fort in the living room with your children, playing with the dog—doesn’t seem like it is taking a big toll on your home. But the truth of the matter is that every time we walk into our home, every time we let our beloved pets in from the backyard, we are dragging dirt and debris out through the home. The problem is that most of it is not noticeable… especially on a day to day basis.

And before you know it your carpets are looking much more dingy and worn than the first few months you had them installed. But it doesn’t have to be this way. If you take advantage of Chris Carpet’s Carpet cleaning services in Clearwater you will be doing your home, and yourself, a really big favor. Most people think vacuuming weekly will suffice—but having a professional cleaning company at least once every few months is necessary if you want to keep your rugs looking new.

To learn more about how a Clearwater carpet cleaning service can help make your home look rejuvenated, give Chris Carpet a call today.

Pet Odor Removal in Largo

I went to visit a friend in Largo the other day and was hit with the overwhelming stench of wet dog the minute I walked in the door. I always dread going into her home because I know that the smell is overwhelming. It’s not as if my friend has an unclean home or anything. It’s just that she has three dogs and two cats. She quickly apologized for the smell, and I could sense her embarrassment. “I’ve tried almost everything to get rid of the smell!” she complained. She was in desperate need of pet odor removal services. As a cat owner myself, I felt for her. The essence of wet dog is as hard to get rid of as cat urine.

Up until recently, I had the same problem. I accidentally bought the wrong litter one time, and found my cat’s protest in the middle of my rug. I had tried every odor removal spray on the market, but nothing completely eliminated the smell, only decreased the pungency. Fed up, I decided it was time for a professional. After hearing excellent reviews, I called Chris Carpet Service in Largo for their pet odor removal services.

At first, I was hesitant the treatment would work. I’d tried everything else; I doubted that pet odor removal in Largo would be any different. But boy was I wrong! Their team came in and went straight to work. After they left, I was amazed at the lack of smell. There was no odor at all. For anyone struggling with this stinky problem I strongly recommend Chris Carpet Service. Their experts can eliminate even the strongest of pet odors and get your house smelling fresh again.

Vacuuming Is Not Enough

Carpet Cleaning Service in Largo and Clearwater

Spilling something on an expensive shirt is one thing, but when you spill something on your carpet it’s a different story. It’s not like you can exactly spray some OXYclean and throw it in the washer machine, right?

Too many people think vacuuming is enough. Until recently, I did as well. I figured if I bought an expensive enough vacuum, and implemented a strict policy of taking your shoes off at the door, dirt buildup would never be an issue. Boy, was I wrong.

It is amazing (and disgusting) how quickly our carpets can turn almost an entirely different color. What seems like a small wine spill (followed by aggressive scrubbing with baking soda and water) here, and a little tracked mud the dog brings in there, actually add up over time to a big mess of a carpet.

Professional carpet cleaning may seem like a silly service to some—but these are also probably the same people who will be slapped with gross charges when moving out of their rented apartment, or are oblivious to what other people aren’t—that their carpets make their home look dingy.

For a professional and reliable carpet cleaning service in the Largo and Clearwater areas, call Chris Carpet Service (727) 397-1511 today for a free quote and 24 hour emergency response!