Kitchen Remodeling Tips for a Minimalist Home

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As more and more people in St. Petersburg begin to embrace a minimalist lifestyle, the desire to have a home matching these ideals follows. Kitchen remodeling is an excellent way to start a transition from a life full of stuff to a minimalist, clutter-free home.

Cabinets and Countertops

No home is complete without the right cabinets and countertops. During kitchen remodeling, these are two of the main areas of focus. Cabinets come in many designs to best fit the needs of different homeowners. Some people choose light-colored laminate to keep with a bright theme. Others prefer wood cabinetry for a warmer feel.

When it comes to the countertops of your St. Petersburg home, white or light neutral colors are the most common options. These colors give a bright look to your cooking space. Suggested materials include marble and granite. Granite comes in many forms to guarantee the right fit for you.

Kitchen Remodeling Means New Floors

While not everyone having work done will have their floors replaced, kitchen remodeling is a great time to pursue this project. By replacing your cabinets and floors simultaneously, you will have many more options in both areas as they are customizable to fit together.

During a full renovation in your St. Petersburg home, flooring installation typically comes first. This ensures your cabinets reach the appropriate height. In addition, installing your flooring first allows for future flexibility if you decide to replace your cabinetry again or move things around.

For a minimalist feel, choose neutral-colored floors. Popular materials include concrete, marble tile, and grey, white, or black hardwood. These colors help make your space look and feel clean and open.

Appliances in Your St. Petersburg Home

Minimalism does not necessarily mean getting rid of every appliance in your house. This lifestyle is more about getting rid of the unnecessary items or things you don’t use. Kitchen remodeling is the perfect opportunity to replace old appliances like refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers, with more efficient units that fit in with the rest of the room. Sleek stainless steel appliances give your cooking space a classy and professional look.

When it comes to countertop appliances, cookware, and dishes, consider what pieces you use. Many St. Petersburg minimalists ditch fancy but unnecessary tools like a garlic press and avocado peeler, as a simple knife provides the same utility. Use your best judgment and above all, make decisions you are comfortable with. Some people really do get use out of tools that others do not.

West Shore Construction

No matter the style of your St. Petersburg home, West Shore Construction can help. Since 1985, they have been assisting local homeowners in creating the home of their dreams. Along with kitchen remodeling, they are also one of the top contractors for painting and bathroom renovations. They are known for their quality workmanship and their focus on customer service and satisfaction. For more information on their services, visit them online or call them at (727) 488-8182.

Signs You Need to Think About Remodeling Your Home

Deciding to begin home remodeling services on your Tampa residence isn’t all about keeping up with what the neighbors are doing. There are various reasons to consider upgrading or adding on to your house.

Damage Is Accumulating

Any residence is subject to wear and tear over time—particularly if there are young children running around. When damage starts to become noticeable, it can also become dangerous for you or your loved ones to be around constantly. Lookout for some dangerous things to take care of such as:

  • When bathroom or kitchen tiles are lifted or loose, they can become hazardous to walk on daily. You can be easily trip over unsecure or ripped carpeting or unleveled or damaged hardwood floors.
  • Holes or water damage in the walls or the ceiling of your house. If your bathroom or kitchen countertops or cabinets are loose with scratches or peeling paint, it is a sign that it is time to replace them.

It’s Time To Catch Up

Interior design trends come and go, so don’t make hasty decisions based solely on what is in fashion at the time. Some situations requiring a little work may include:

  • If your interior has 70’s style shag carpets and wood paneling, we could agree in might be time for a revamp.
  • Lighting can make or break the atmosphere. Renovating to incorporate more of the natural Tampa sunlight or to upgrade light fixtures can vastly improve the ambiance, making the space more inviting to guests.
  • You may also consider home remodeling services if your appliances are out of date. Many of the newer appliances are engineered for energy saving, and water-saving shower heads or toilets are great for bathroom renovations.

You Need A Layout Change

If storage is a concern for your Tampa household, you should consider home remodeling services to change the layout and incorporate more cabinetry or closets.

A practical bathroom should have designated space for your toiletries, hygiene products, and linens, just as your kitchen utensils should fit conveniently in the drawers or cabinets provided. Constantly going back and forth between rooms to retrieve items, or bringing in movable storage pieces are both signs that your space is not satisfying your storage needs.

Layout changes can also be spurred by changing family dynamics. Welcoming a new child can mean adding additional rooms or altering existing fixtures for safety. You may even be considering adding accommodations for handicapped family members.

Maybe you’re just annoyed that people are bumping into each other in the kitchen or that the counters are too far from the appliances. A new layout for your Tampa home can ease your daily life and change the look and feel of your house.

Greaves Construction

If you’ve decided it is time for home remodeling services, call Greaves Construction at 813-985-2739. The team has been offering affordable services for more than 25 years and can help you turn your Tampa residence into the place of your dreams.

Tips for Remodeling your Tiny Bathroom

Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms of any Tampa home. The average person goes 6 times a day which adds up to 1.5 years in a lifetime. You deserve to spend 1.5 years of your life in a restroom you love, but bathroom remodeling can be tough if the size of your space is small. Follow these tips to fall in love with your toilet again.

Colors and Lighting

Bathrooms are a design space of infinite possibility, but infinite possibilities will not make your tiny room bigger. Stick with colors or wallpapers that are solid and versatile. Bold or gaudy design elements can overpower an area and make it feel smaller. The same applies to lighting choices and fixtures. That big chandelier might look good in a magazine, but big elements will fill up a tiny room.

Shelving and Storage

Shelving is an important part of your bathroom remodeling project. Place all grounded cabinets and drawers in a corner or reserve the area under the sink to make use of all available room. Consider using floating storage (fixtures that are attached directly to the wall) to free up floor space and keep everything at a reachable level.


Sinks can often take up a large portion of a wall and choosing the right sink depends on the other spa elements you plan on including. Trying to fit a large sink and a large shower or bathtub into the same area will fill it entirely. Opt for a compact sink like a pedestal sink or even a wall-mounted sink with a smaller faucet. This will free large amounts of space and will give you the ability to include fixtures you deem more important.

Showers and Tubs

Before you start anything, consider whether you absolutely need of a full tub or if a shower would do just fine. Barrier-free showers or low-walled tubs are an easy way to free space quickly. Glass shower doors or glass sliding doors will allow light and visibility throughout the room, opening it up.

Greaves Construction

Rearranging the space to your liking is possible without too much disruption to your daily life. So, if you are want to start planning your bathroom remodeling, contact the trusted experts at Greaves Construction at (813) 985-2739 and spend your 1.5 years in luxury!

Why Have Storage Container Homes Become So Popular?

Storage container homes have become an increasingly popular topic among business owners and residents throughout the U.S.—and understandably so. These small units provide a wide variety of purposes for individuals and businesses alike. In addition to their eco-friendly materials and building process, they provide cost-effective solutions for people looking for additional space, whether it be for an office, vacation home, or additional storage.

Using Storage Containers for Sustainable Homes

Over the last decade, Americans have become more aware of our societal need to reduce carbon footprints and energy consumption. There are an abundance of eco-friendly products and services that make doing so possible and convenient, such as LED lighting.

But now it is possible for people to increase their means of sustainable living on a much larger scale. Storage container homes not only improve the environment, but our lifestyles as well. Built using only eco-friendly materials, these units are versatile and quick to construct. They offer an infinite number of aesthetic and function design opportunities that make creating one based on individual and specific needs entirely plausible.

When it comes to buying or renting homes, most people are looking to make investments that offer long term benefits. With container homes, you can reduce your energy consumption by “living small,” without sacrificing comfort. Storage container homes are built in such a way that you have full control over the design and function of the unit. Each square foot is used for maximum efficiency—so there is no space left unused. Every part plays a vital role in overall comfort and functionality.

Because they are constructed out of steel materials, they are naturally weather resistant. They are made to withstand harsh climates and don’t possess the risk of rot or premature deterioration, like traditional homes do.

Creating Custom Container Homes

If you are interested in designing and building a custom space using shipping containers, you can schedule a consultation with the industry’s leading experts, such New Generation Builders. But even if you are not interested in designing and building your own home, there are plenty of storage container homes that come ready made for people to rent or buy.

These units are the perfect solution for those who are looking to live small, yet comfortably and efficiently. They provide adequate space and solitude for individuals or small families that wish to have a versatile yet convenient get-a-way—whether it be to work, live, or vacation. And they do so while helping people reduce their costs of living and improving the sustainability of our planet. For more information on how New Generation Builders can help you create the perfect space, call them today at 800-759-4459.

Tile and Grout Cleaning in Clearwater

Cleaning your house can be exhausting, especially when it comes to your floors. If you have tile flooring, you have it easier than most people because the material is easy to maintain. But overtime, it can sometimes be difficult to notice how dingy and faded the tiles are becoming—not to mention the mildew build up in the grout (the material that connects the tiles). How are you supposed to clean that?

While regular cleaning methods are sufficient for day to day cleaning, your kitchen and bathroom could significantly benefits from having a professional tile and grout cleaning service come in to give it a deep cleaning. The difference you will notice is truly priceless. Making sure your tile flooring is effectively cleaned once in a while is not only good for the appearance of your home, but also for the health and safety. Without even noticing, tons of debris and mildew can get built up in the cracks and slip in between the tiles. The sooner you have professional tile and grout cleaning, the longer the flooring will last.

If you live in the Clearwater, St. Petersburg, or Tampa Bay, Florida area and need a reliable and experienced home remodeling company, call Americraft Building Technologies today. They specialize in tile and wood flooring, home renovations, residential painting, and much more. (727) 953- 8082

Tile Flooring

Tile Flooring is an excellent option if you are remodeling your home’s bathroom or kitchen. Since tile is easy to clean it is the perfect option for places such as a mudroom at the entrance of your home or kitchen where messes are probable. Tile is easy to clean and an attractive option that won’t mold or warp. There are many different color, design and texture options when you are choosing the type you want for your home.

The professionals at Americraft Building Technologies will provide you with exceptional customer service in your home and offer you the very best in quality craftsmanship. If you are in the Clearwater, Safety Harbor, Palm Harbor, Largo, St Pete or Tarpon Spring area we will be happy to give you a free quote that will honestly reflect the materials and time put into the tile flooring project you need for your home. So whether you are building a home of your own, or you are remodeling your current home by giving it a makeover that will ensure it maintains a high level of value contact us at (727) 953-8082. Any kind of home improvement is an investment especially ones of high quality such as the ones done by Americraft.

Wood Flooring

If you are remodeling your home, wood flooring is an excellent way to add an elegant feel. Aside from the benefits of an attractive looking home, wood is durable, long lasting and easy to clean. Carpet and vinyl flooring is decreasing in popularity since they are hard to clean, trap dirt and odor and have to be replaced after a few years. Wood is not only versatile as far as complimenting décor it will last for as long as your home does. Our professionals at Americraft will provide you with quality craftsmanship and a fair and honest quote. If you are a resident of Clearwater, Safety Harbor, Palm Harbor, Largo, St Pete and Tarpon Springs we will be happy to help you with your home remodeling needs.

One reason wood flooring is growing in popularity is because there are many possible options when you are choosing one that is right for you. There are pre-finished options that safe time during installation so there is no need to wait for them to dry. We at Americraft will help you through the process of selecting the right materials to complete the project based on your specific needs and preferences. Having a professional guide you through the process of choosing different stains and color options will assure you with a great quality product as well as save you time. Please call us at Americraft Building Technologies at (727) 953-8082.