4 of the Best Storage Sheds To Meet Your Needs

best storage sheds sarasota florida shed company

Sarasota residents have diverse interests, so we provide a variety of the best storage sheds to meet your individual needs. Whether you want to create an at-home office or keep muscle cars out of the harsh sun, we delight in designing custom structures that match your unique aims.

The Gator For an At-Home Autobody

Do you like to tinker under the hood of your Ford Mustang? Are you restoring a 1950 Chevy pickup? Whatever the case, you can keep the car nearby without sacrificing garage space. No more complaints from family members about the clicking and clanging because there’s some distance from your house. This unit can house one motor vehicle and has an attractive four-part gamble roof. The added overhead space makes it easy to raise your car without concern. If you don’t have a garage, The Gator, one of our best storage sheds, can also serve as a home for your truck.

The Buccaneer for a Play Space

Would you like to provide a play area for your grandkids who visit you in Sarasota County? Maybe you own a daycare business. Either way, you can design a covered play area by installing The Buccaneer. No more trips to the playground when you have a playhouse on the property! This unit is easy to keep clean and provides coverage from the harsh central Florida sun. If you upgrade to The Elite, you gain additional ventilation so that it won’t get too stuffy during the summer months.

The Seminole for Poolside Storage

If you’ve ever wanted a cabana, The Seminole is one of the best storage sheds for this purpose. With a 7-foot sidewall and off center windows and doors, you can get creative with the unit. You might want to install a roll-up window at the bar to serve drinks. It can also serve as a changing area for guests, as well as a space to lounge in the sun or shade in Sarasota.

He Sheds and She Sheds For Creating Private Spaces

Whether you’d like your own man cave or you want to build a haven for your DIY projects, a private structure on your property is just the thing! We’ve assisted clients with designing personal yoga studios, carpentry dens, at-home theaters, and more.

We Offer the Best Storage Sheds in Florida!

Whatever your ideas, our designers can help you create a building that fulfills your goals in Sarasota. For a variety of options, team with us! We provide:

  • The best storage sheds
  • Garages
  • Carports
  • Fences

With us, you’ll get unique ideas and stunning results. Call 727-423-8484 to learn more!

Why You Should Choose Custom Built Carports

Custom Built Carports | Hudson | Florida Shed Company

In central Florida, it’s necessary to park your truck in the shade. Trees work at certain times of the day, but they can sprinkle your van with leaves and branches. Not everyone in Hudson has the luxury of a garage or backyard shed, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t options. You can cover your vehicles, upgrade your storage, or do both with custom built carports. Don’t settle for your current limitations. Let Florida Shed help you reach beyond your present circumstances to enhance your property!

Benefits of Carports

If keeping your SUV out of the sun isn’t enough motivation, consider additional benefits to custom built carports:

Protection from the Elements

Hudson gets a broad range of weather, notably hot sun and hard rains, and these can affect your Toyota. By covering the Prius, you minimize damages done by falling branches or tree sap, as well as the amount of water that can get in or pool on the roof. If the passenger side window doesn’t shut all the way, then a rain storm can be disastrous. When you protect your vehicle, you invest in its value!

Additional Vehicle Storage

Maybe you have a traditional garage but need more space. A custom built carport is a quick and affordable way to achieve this aim. Keep your boat, motorcycle, or Oldsmobile under cover.

Added Property Value

If you don’t have a garage, you can add to your property value by adding a covered parking structure. Most people in Hudson are looking for coverage when searching for a new house. Make your home stand out from the rest!

Creative Uses for Carports

Not everyone is looking for a place to park, so consider some of these creative applications:

  • Outdoor porch
  • Shaded play area
  • Lean-to shed
  • Workshop space

Whether you want a carpentry workshop, coverage for the children at your daycare, or you want to add walls to the structure to form a storage shed, our custom built carports make it possible!

Custom Built Carports at Florida Shed

Before purchasing a DIY kit, consider your needs. If you want to increase storage space, can you add shelving units to the structure? Will your boat and motorcycle both fit underneath it? Do you want to make something entirely unique? At Florida Shed, we specialize in:

  • Sheds
  • Garages
  • Fencing
  • Carports

Whatever your aims or ideas in Hudson, we can assist in making them a reality. Contact the designers at Florida Shed by calling 727-423-8484.

Storage Sheds: The Clutter Solution!

Storage Sheds | Sarasota | Florida Shed Company

Most homeowners can relate to the sensation of owning more than is really necessary. Some of our Sarasota clients wonder, “How did we get to have so much stuff?”, and the solution to your clutter problems are storage sheds. Between Kon Mari’s best-seller, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and your own desire to declutter, we make attaining your organizational goals possible!

Benefits of Storage Sheds

As the years go by for residents in Sarasota County, accumulation tends to occur. Whether you’re a die-hard packrat or a self-proclaimed minimalist, this will happen to some degree. As you tuck items into the back corners of your hallway closet or stuff them into boxes that slide beneath your guest bed, your collection will amass without your notice. Once you run out of concealed areas, the piles will demand your attention. We suggest storage sheds, which can:

  • Free up space in your house
  • Create a framework for organization
  • Provide a designated area for certain items
  • Make it easier to locate particular belongings
  • Provide perspective for what to keep and part with

If you want to park your cars in the garage and walk through your home without fear of knocking a pile of boxes over, consider storage sheds. Not only will this structure alleviate the hodgepodge of heaps that have piled up in Sarasota, but it also serves as a fresh start for organizing your belongings. Inside, you can install shelves or hooks to accommodate your needs.

Once you’ve decided how to arrange things, it makes it easier to continue doing so. With a designated spot for your hammer or your bike helmet, you don’t have to spend time trying to track them down. You also gain perspective on what you own. Months may go by and you notice that you haven’t touched the contents of a tub since you set it on the shelf. This is your chance to reflect on whether these items are a priority or a packrat habit.

Learn More About Storage Sheds From Our Experts

At Florida Shed, we specialize in creating custom structures and storage sheds for those who live in Sarasota. Once you have your closets decluttered, we can assist you with:

Whatever your needs, Florida Shed has them covered! Call 727-423-8484 for more info!

Create a Scene with Custom Built Sheds

Create Your Custom Built Shed

If you think custom built sheds are only made to hold bags of mulch, wheelbarrows, and backhoes, think again! For those in Tampa who don’t want to sacrifice garage space, we can help you design a room for your personal projects and pursuits.

Build a Workshop

Whether you enjoy carpentry, restoring classic muscle cars, or gardening, we can construct a workshop that is suited for your projects. Some tools are messy while others make a lot of noise; you can keep the peace with your family by putting some distance between the house and your circular saw.

Design an Office

For those who work remotely, consider a custom built shed to contain a separate office on your property. Working from home in Tampa can be freeing because you have a flexible schedule, but the proximity of to-do’s, like laundry and dishes, can distract some from their job responsibilities. Regain your focus by installing an at-home office.

Set Up a Personal Gym

Is your exercise equipment piling up in Tampa? With our custom built sheds, you can build a private gym to your exact specifications. We can plan accordingly for:

  • Chin up bars
  • Treadmill stations
  • Elliptical machines
  • Built-in weight racks
  • A/C hookup and fans
  • Sound systems and stereos

Some individuals like to exercise to high volume music, and we can point you toward materials that will insulate sound better. Whatever your fitness interests, you can have them within easy reach of your house!

Create a Play Space

Perhaps, you have young kids or grandchildren. Custom built sheds provide the unique opportunity to create a play space for them. It can be outfitted with their toys, miniature furniture, or art supplies. A tree house has aesthetic appeal, but there are some glaring safety risks. Keep the kids on stable ground and out of the harsh sun by offering them a play area to call their own!

Enhance Your Meditation Practice

If you’re a Tampa yogi who wants to practice meditation, consider constructing a room where you can set your daily intention. You can store your Tingsha cymbals, essential oils, and favorite mat all in one place. Instead of setting up a meditation station in your home during every session, you can step out to your personal chamber and start right away!

Custom Built Sheds — the Answer to Personal Space

If you have some ideas, talk to the team at Florida Shed! We can design a room to match your intent, whether you want a personal office or a play area for your grandkids. Not only do we provide custom built sheds to Tampa residents, but we can also construct:

  • Carports
  • Garages
  • Fences
  • Barns

Phone us at 727-423-8484 to discuss the possibilities!

Carports for Boat Protection | Clearwater | St Petersburg | Tampa | Florida

Carports for Boats Protection

Consider building a carport to protect your boat, jet skis or RV from the Florida sun and weather in Clearwater, St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay.  If you have tried storing your boat or RV outside, directly exposed to the elements of sun, rain and weather you know it takes a toll.  Not only does the fiberglass gel coat fade and chalk but algae and mold grows and water can find its way in making a mess and potentially damaging the boat or RV.

Consider a new carport to protect the investment you have made in your boat.  Putting a carport on your Tampa Bay property in Clearwater, St. Petersburg or Tampa will easily pay for itself by maintaining the value of your boat, wave runner or RV.  Not only does the carport protect your boat or from the sun and rain but it allows air circulation which will lessen the chance of mold build up.

Advantages of Carports for Boat Protection

One of the things boat owners love about having their boat under a carport is that it is easy, comfortable and accessible to work on.  No matter what the weather you are in the shelter and shade of your carport. Your boat, RV, Wave runner or Jet Ski is also ready to go when you are. No trips to a storage lot or marina.  You will also save money by being able to gas up ahead of time at the gas station of your choice.

If you have questions about the cost of a carport for boat storage and if you can install one on your property in Clearwater, St. Petersburg or Tampa you should call a experienced expert.  A great source of for this type of information is Florida Shed.  Florida Shed is one of the oldest and most knowledge experts in Tampa Bay and Florida on carports and sheds. They are happy to provide information to consumers on the practicality of using a carport for boat storage and protection.  Florida Shed can also let you know about the building codes for carports, fences and sheds in Pinellas county and Hillsborough county as well as throughout the state. The can be reached at (727) 647-9332 in their Largo office.

Florida Sheds Man Cave | Workout Room

Florida Shed Company | Man Cave

Find the Personal Shed You Need

It is a warm summer morning, your day off from work and you look down at that stomach. A disappointed look appears on your face as you notice that you have put on a little weight in the past few months. You decide it is time to hit the gym and get back to that body you have always had, problem is your gym membership has expired. On top of that, the house has no space for you to do the workouts you envision doing and the wife will not tolerate a workout room in the home. What will you do?

As you look up across the street, there you see your neighbor Chuck. Fully dressed in his workout clothes, Chuck has just reached home from a good 2 mile run and starts toward a shed in his side yard. As you watch him open the shed door, to your amazement inside you can see Chuck has built his very own personal workout room, man cave that he exercises in. “Eureka!” You shout to yourself, “A workout room in my very own personal Florida shed is what I will get.”

Everyone needs a little personal space and what better to grant that space other than a personal shed. Coming in all shapes, colors, and sizes, the Florida Sheds Company provide you with high quality sheds to accommodate your personal needs. Not only do they have reasonable prices, but they have awesome representatives that provide quality customer services, able to answer any and all questions on making sure you are guaranteed the perfect shed!

You could not wait another minute and ran over to your neighbor Chuck to get information on his shed. In no time soon you find yourself browsing for your very own shed at the Florida Sheds Company. Amazed at the various choices you were presented, you had no idea these sheds were the perfect solution to your personal workout room problem. The representatives showed you not only one story sheds, but interestingly two story sheds as well. You realized that with two floors of space, more workout machines could be inserted into this shed to make it your very own personal gym. No need to buy a gym membership or struggle to find a gym. Everything you need will be right in your backyard!

“Hey Chuck! Come take a look at my new shed.” You soon after purchasing and having your shed installed, waved Chuck over from across the street. “Florida Sheds had the right shed I was searching for. They took me through an enjoyable experience trying to help me find my perfect man cave and I could not be even happier. My wife and I are satisfied that we both were able to get the space we wanted.”

“You are going to have to let me workout out with you one of these days!” Chuck said, “This man cave is amazing.”

Questions To Ask Your Shed Company

Knowing what questions to ask your Lakeland shed company before the ordering and installation process begins is imperative. This way, you can be sure that they will offer all of the services you need, as well as custom designs. No one wants to pay for a boring looking addition to their yard, which is why customizations are so helpful.

Florida Shed Company, in Lakeland, is a premier building company, and they want you to be as well informed as possible, which is why they have created a list of questions to ask before you hire anyone:

  1. Why should I hire you? This gives the company a chance to brag a little. Give them time to impress you with their experience, and what specific services they offer that make them special. Florida Shed’s designs and customer service outshine any other company around.
  2. I don’t have time to go to your office, but I still want to place an order. What are my options? It can be difficult to coordinate your schedule with a store’s schedule sometimes, but this shouldn’t exclude you from being able to make a purchase. Florida Shed Company in Lakeland offers in-home appointments at a time that best suits you. They also have an online estimator where you can build your addition from the comfort of your computer.
  3. What financing options are available? A well-built and well-designed shed typically won’t be cheap. Financing options show that the company is flexible and cares about its customers. Florida Shed offers financing options for all Florida residents.
  4. I don’t have a lot of extra yard space, but I still need backyard storage. Lucky for you, Florida Shed has a lean-to option that connects to the side of your home. This allows for plenty of storage, without taking up too much space.

Since 1997, Florida Shed Company has been offering Lakeland residents high quality additions such as fences, carports, garages, and sheds. Regardless of the amount of space you do or do not have, they will work with you to create the perfect design; they can build everything from a small gardening shack to a four car garage!

To see how they can help you, call today at 727-524-9191.

Five Advantages of Carports

Lakeland is not spared from Florida’s well-known hurricanes, so if your home does not have a covered garage, a carport may be the best solution available to you. Living in an area where weather can damage our car’s exterior, it’s important to protect vehicles as much as possible. While adding a garage usually is the first idea when it comes to protection, carports can be a better choice:

  1. Multi-Use: A garage is only for parking your car, and possibly storing other house items, nothing else. A carport offers you a covered area for family picnics in your yard for beautiful grilling days. It can be the perfect shed to allow you to spend time outside while being protected from the sun’s burning rays.
  2. Cost Effective: These are a lot more affordable than building a garage in Lakeland. Whether you are the owner of your home or just renting, these sheds also don’t typically require permits, unlike other big projects, but it is always best to check with your county.
  3. Easy Installation: Getting your new covered area can be as easy as preparing the ground and calling the right installation company.
  4. Semi-Permanent: If you’re not sure how long you will be in your current home, a semi-permanent protection is the good compromise to keep your car safe without having to make any irreversible changes to your house or your yard.
  5. Appeal: Adding a special parking space if you are planning on selling or trying to find tenants for your home will rend it more attractive since people will not need to park on the Lakeland streets.

If we haven’t convinced you a carport is the ideal solution to keep you vehicle safe and off the street, while adding an attractive addition to your yard, visit the Florida Shed Company’s site to learn more about the various design options available. You can use the Carport Estimator to design your own and see exactly what styles, sizes, and colors are available. Or feel free to give them a call at 727-524-9191.