Residential Solar Water Heater | Clearwater, Florida

Residential Solar Water Heater

What is a solar water heater?

Uniquely the hot water for your home can be heated by the sun. Tubes or solar collectors on your roof absorb the sun’s thermal and radiant energy and uses the energy to generate heat. That heat is then transferred to your water to be use immediately or stored in an insulated water tank. That stored water travels within the tank through the day and remains warmed. This heated water can be used for showering, space heating, and other residential uses.

Why is it important?

The importance of residential solar water heaters is that you are guaranteed a sure supply of hot water with significantly reduced energy consumption. This way of generating hot water for your homes would be very cost effective as you would accumulate much savings on your monthly energy bills. Able to be used in any environment, the power used to fuel these solar collectors is sunlight. So this means no need to burn electricity or fossil fuels to heat the water in your homes as sunlight is free to consume. Reducing reliance on fossil fuels use makes solar water heaters environmentally friendly cutting household carbon emissions. Residential homes containing solar water heaters also make them more appealing for sale.

What are the benefits of having a residential solar hot water heater?

The benefits include:

  • By using the sun’s free energy you can reduce your hot water energy consumption.
  • Less gas or electricity which needs to be produced.
  • Reducing your energy usage give you savings year round.
  • Be in possession of energy instead of renting it from the power company.
  • No environmental impact from making solar energy at our homes.
  • Buyers would want to purchase a home for sale with solar water heater
  • Assured amount of hot water to use