Why Hurricane Windows are Perfect for Any St. Pete Home

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Many residents of St. Pete and Clearwater have their preferred methods of boarding up before stormy weather, from plywood to aluminum shutters.

Hurricane windows are an alternative that has many benefits that put it a step above other methods of protection.

From safety to efficiency, these windows prove their worth year round.

Install Hurricane Windows and Save Money

While plywood might be cheaper at the moment, hurricane windows are an investment for years to come. Impact glass is made to handle the extreme weather conditions that Florida is known for.

Others in Clearwater and St. Pete pays for new plywood year after year or worse, pay for broken panes after going through storm season with no protection. Storm-proof panes take these costs away.

Impact glass can save you money in other ways as well. Storm resistant glass reduces 99% of UV rays which not only protects your skin but helps regulate temperatures inside your home.

This feature saves you money on your electricity bill. Also, you might find that your insurance lowers in cost after installing your panes, as some companies offer discounts for this safety feature.

One-Time Installation Makes Storm Season a Breeze in St. Pete

Once your hurricane windows are in, the work is done. Impact glass is typically four times stronger than ordinary glass and can withstand much more than average panes.

Installing the panes once is all it takes to protect your Clearwater home for years. Instead of spending time worrying about when and how to board your home, you can focus on preparing yourself indoors.

Take time to sit down with your family and discuss an emergency plan. Having a plan makes the storm seem much less scary for children when it hits St. Pete.

During this discussion, also talk about where emergency supplies are located in your home.

These supplies should include things like candles, matches, flashlights, non-perishable goods, and other items you consider essential to your family’s comfort and safety.

Peace of Mind for your Family in Clearwater

The most important benefit of hurricane windows is the peace they bring to residents of St. Pete and Clearwater. After installation, there is very little work or upkeep to manage the panes.

When the storms begin and others scramble to board their homes, you can take time to focus on your family’s needs while your impact glass takes care of protection from the elements.

West Shore Construction

At West Shore Construction, your comfort is our top priority. From hurricane windows to shutters and fabric, our experienced team helps prepare homes in St. Pete and Clearwater for severe storms.

For over 30 years we have been providing residents with high-quality storm protection in the Tampa area.

To further your at-home comfort, we offer services like painting and whole-home remodeling.

You should be proud of your home, and we want to help you feel that way. To learn more about what we can do for you, call us at (727) 488-8182 or visit us online.

Hurricane Protection for your Clearwater Home

Hurricane Protection | Clearwater | Westshore-Construction


As coastal cities, both St. Pete and Clearwater are vulnerable to the devastating effects of severe weather. It is essential for residents to take hurricane protection tactics seriously to avoid damage to their homes and families. Nothing is worse than experiencing a tragedy that could have been prevented with proper preparations.

Create a Plan with your Family

When disaster strikes St. Pete and Clearwater, it is vital that everyone in your household understands what the next steps are going to be. Once the storm season hits, sit down with those you live with and discuss the best way to handle situations like evacuations, flooding, and power outages. Make sure everyone knows where essential items like candles and flashlights are. The most important part of hurricane protection is safety.

Gather Supplies

It is a great idea to keep emergency supplies stocked year-round for unexpected emergencies. However, if you choose not to keep supplies through the year, it is essential you at least stock up during storm season. Supplies should include:

  • First aid kit
  • Non-perishable foods
  • Batteries
  • Matches
  • Candles
  • Flashlights
  • Etc

There are many resources online that offer lists of suggested items you should keep on hand for proper hurricane protection in Clearwater and St. Pete. This can also be part of the discussion you have with family members on your plans for the harsh weather.

Collect Important Items

It is better to prepare for the worst than to let it blindside you. Keep necessary items in safe, waterproof containers on high ground in your Clearwater home. This includes documents like passports and birth certificates, medications, and any other items you would not want to lose in a flood in St. Pete. While you can wait until signs of severe weather for this method of hurricane protection, many people choose to keep their valuables safe for the whole year.

Hurricane Protection Outside your St. Pete Home

Preparing inside your living space is not enough. Exterior hurricane protection is vital for the safety of your family in St. Pete and Clearwater.  Boarding up your home can be the difference between a few missing shingles and a roof blown off entirely. Extreme winds can turn trash and debris into projectiles that break windows and leave the inside of your house vulnerable to wind, water, and more projectiles. Skip the plywood and get serious about boarding your house with shutters, fabric, and windows made to withstand the catastrophic effects of intense storms. Each of these materials is simple to install ahead of time. Both shutters and windows function as normal parts of your home’s exterior year round, and fabric takes only a few minutes to put up after initial installation. The early installation gives you one less thing to worry about.

Let West Shore Construction Help Keep you Clearwater Home Safe

Take care of your family and leave the exterior hurricane protection to us. At West Shore Construction, we have over 30 years of experience working on houses in St. Pete and Clearwater. We offer various materials to board your home, from hurricane fabric to hurricane windows. Our skilled team works quickly to get your safety measures in place and ensure you will have nothing to worry about when harsh weather hits. In addition to these services, we also offer painting and remodeling services. No matter what you are looking for, get it done right and efficiently with West Shore. For more information on our construction services, visit us online or call us at (727) 488-8182.