Pet Odor Removal in Largo

I went to visit a friend in Largo the other day and was hit with the overwhelming stench of wet dog the minute I walked in the door. I always dread going into her home because I know that the smell is overwhelming. It’s not as if my friend has an unclean home or anything. It’s just that she has three dogs and two cats. She quickly apologized for the smell, and I could sense her embarrassment. “I’ve tried almost everything to get rid of the smell!” she complained. She was in desperate need of pet odor removal services. As a cat owner myself, I felt for her. The essence of wet dog is as hard to get rid of as cat urine.

Up until recently, I had the same problem. I accidentally bought the wrong litter one time, and found my cat’s protest in the middle of my rug. I had tried every odor removal spray on the market, but nothing completely eliminated the smell, only decreased the pungency. Fed up, I decided it was time for a professional. After hearing excellent reviews, I called Chris Carpet Service in Largo for their pet odor removal services.

At first, I was hesitant the treatment would work. I’d tried everything else; I doubted that pet odor removal in Largo would be any different. But boy was I wrong! Their team came in and went straight to work. After they left, I was amazed at the lack of smell. There was no odor at all. For anyone struggling with this stinky problem I strongly recommend Chris Carpet Service. Their experts can eliminate even the strongest of pet odors and get your house smelling fresh again.