Which one has the best ROI – Hurricane Shutters or Hurricane Fabric?

Hurricane Shutters | Westshore Construction

Getting the most out of your hurricane shutters or hurricane fabric means deciding on which is the best price-wise. While hurricane shutters may initially cost more, they can have a better return on investment depending on where you live. Before going over which one has the best ROI – hurricane shutters or hurricane fabric, you have to take into account the advantages and disadvantages. If you live near the coasts or in storm-prone states like Florida, any type of protection is better than none. While driving through neighborhoods before a hurricane makes landfall, you will notice many boarded windows and entrances. This usually happens when property owners have little time to prepare. Shutters or fabric will offer much better protection while also costing you less in the long run.

Hurricane Shutters vs. Fabric

The main advantages of hurricane shutters are that they are permanent additions to your home they provide more than protection. Outdoor shutters, also known as exterior blinds, are easy to manipulate so allow more light to come through. Hurricane fabric is different in that it requires you to set them up and remove them after use. However, the fabric is easy to install and store. It is also much more affordable and customizable. For example, garage doors obviously cannot have shutters, but fabric can be set up over garage doors.

What is ROI and How does it Relate to Hurricane Protection?

When talking about return on investment, individuals mean the ratio between your profit and initial investment. When dealing with hurricane protection, you have to consider additional beneficial factors like savings from reducing damages. Estimates for damages for the coming years are reaching hundreds of billions of dollars for Florida alone. A single broken window and damaged frame can easily cost homeowners a couple hundred dollars. Fabric can cost nearly as much and will last you through more than one storm. Both fabric and shutters will withstand high-speed winds and debris and rarely need replacement. They also have secondary benefits such as slightly reducing energy consumption by working as insulation. Much of the heat that goes into homes and coolness that comes out is through your windows.

Overall, you can potentially recoup your investment into hurricane shutters or hurricane fabric in a single year. Simply preventing damage to your windows over a year can save you thousands of dollars. In terms of ROI, hurricane fabric is more affordable and provides a high degree of protection. With how low the initial investment, it is easier to recoup your investment. To learn how to order and install hurricane fabric and shutters, you can visit West Shore Construction online or call us at (727) 488-8182.


Benefits of Hurricane Fabric on Waterfront Homes in New Jersey

Hurricane Fabric | New Jersey | DIY Hurricane Protection

Residents of New Jersey know the dangers they are vulnerable to during hurricane season, especially those living on the water. Severe weather brings about harsh conditions that only proper protection like hurricane fabric can withstand.

Do it Yourself

Unlike other methods of storm protection, installing hurricane fabric does not require the help of a professional. Measure the space you want to fit with the panels, place your order online, and hang your panels when the weather takes a turn. While some companies offer installation, those interested in do-it-yourself projects will have no problem prepping the exterior of their house for upcoming severe weather. As an added bonus, this material comes with storage bags to hold your panels when the weather is clear. Fold the cloth and store wherever convenient around your New Jersey home.

Hurricane Fabric is Not Just for Windows

Unlike storm panels, this method of protection comes in custom sizes to fit a variety of open spaces around your New Jersey home. From patios and screen rooms to garage doors, a custom-fitted sheet will keep everything secure. The worst weather can bring winds blowing at over 150mph. These forceful air currents pick up debris like tree branches, but they can also be strong enough to turn patio chairs, tables, and sofas into projectiles. With the protection of hurricane fabric, your outdoor furniture stays in place.

Secure your New Jersey Home in Minutes

Installing hurricane fabric is a simple task that only takes a few hours. Along with the panels and hardware included in your purchase, this project only requires a few other tools, including:

  • A marker
  • A power drill
  • A Philips head screwdriver
  • A tape measure

With these tools, protecting your home is an easy task. Though storm season lasts from June to November, it is hard to know when a tropical storm near New Jersey will upgrade into a severe threat. During these times, it is better to have your heavy-duty panels ready to go than be scrambling to find the right supplies.

Protect Yourself from Projectiles

Hurricane fabric was designed to withstand harsh elements as well as objects picked up in intense winds. Built with durable and high-quality materials, these panels keep water, projectiles, and forceful winds out. Rather than a rigid board, this material is flexible, allowing for better absorb the impact of objects caught in the currents. This product faces rigorous testing and meets the standards of the Miami Dade building code, which has the highest standards in the United States.

DIY Hurricane Protection

At West Shore, we understand the importance of keeping your home and family safe in New Jersey. We provide quality, easy-to-install materials to home and business owners, safeguarding your house and everything inside. Our products come in sizes for a variety of spaces to ensure every inch of your space is protected. For more information, contact us online or call us at (727) 488-8182.

Is Your House Hurricane Proof?

Hurricane Proof | West Shore Construction

Regardless of if you are looking to benefit from a reduce in insurance costs or protect yourself from storm damage, you have to ask yourself one question, is my home hurricane proof? Every year, homeowners have to deal with repairs and costs totaling in the tens of millions. The best way to ensure your home is adequately protected is to rely on a professional hurricane protection company like West Shore Construction. At West Shore, clients get the best in support and can better protect their homes with the best and most affordable methods. Instead of investing in expensive and unsightly steel cover, you can get hurricane protection that is:

  • Easy to install
  • Reusable
  • Proofs home for insurance deduction

Easy to Install

One of the most expensive parts of storm preparation is hiring contractors. Many individuals wait until the damage is done to decide they need storm blinds or covers finally. Contractors can take a long time to get around to your specific needs and can charge you for unnecessary services. There is also a problem with scheduling. If you are often busy and not home, then finding a time that works for both you and the contractors can be difficult. DIY installation is preferable for those handy with average home improvement tools.


While simply nailing in plywood is exceptionally cheap and does not require much preparation, it is not at all reusable or as protective. Plywood, unlike high-quality types of wood, does not have any durable protective coating to keep it from forming mold. If store old panels after a storm in areas like a shed, then they will rot in the humid conditions. The thin covering is too cumbersome and wasteful when it comes to ensuring your house is hurricane-proof.

Your Homes Standards for Insurance Deduction

If you live in States like Florida, then your insurance provider may offer deductions for verifiably proofing your home. However, homeowners must fulfill specific guidelines to receive deductions. You cannot merely board up windows and assume you are correctly proofing your home. For one, windows and all major entrances must be protected. Protection for sliding glass doors can and other entries must be present. West Shore Construction provides homeowners with easy and effective DIY hurricane fabric. All you have to do is order to your specifications and follow simple installation instructions. The best part is, when the storm is all over, you can easily remove and store your hurricane fabric.

If you are looking for the best and more affordable way to hurricane-proof your home, look no further than West Shore Construction. If you are looking for something more permanent, then you also order aluminum Bahama style storm shutters. You can go online or call (727) 488-8182 today to learn more and begin appropriately protecting your home.

Can Hurricane Fabric Protect Garage Doors?

Hurricane Fabric for Garage Doors | Jacksonville | DIY HUrricane Protection

Protecting your sensitive equipment from debris and water damage can feel impossible or unnecessary when you own a garage in Jacksonville. Even the highly durable doors are not invulnerable to damage or resistant to storms. Hurricane fabric for garage doors can help homeowners avoid expensive repairs, replacement, or damage property in the garage. Moisture can quickly seep into electronic parts. Garage door manufactures typically offer storm rated versions that can better withstand high-speed winds.

However, spending thousands on replacing a functioning system is a waste of time and money. Hurricane fabric for garage doors offers better protection for less. They are made and tested to withstand the elements and absorb impacts. Even if your garage door can handle a storm, why deal with the dents and scratches destroying the look of your door?

Advantages of Using Hurricane Fabric for Garage Doors

Besides better protection than merely closing the door and hoping it holds, hurricane fabric for garage doors costs much less. If you were to replace an entire 16′ economy size door, then you would be spending over $1,000 on removal and installation. Just the installation of a typical 9′ economy garage can cost $950. Over a couple of years, you could potentially save thousands on repairs and replacements. Hurricanes and Tornadoes are becoming more frequent throughout Jacksonville so preparation is more vital than ever.

Save Hundreds instead of Replacing Doors

If you live in the Jacksonville area and are curious about how much you could save, then you need to consider the sizing of your garage door. The larger and more costly the door, the more you can save. Buyers can save even if they also purchase installation services. You can save over $4000 on a deluxe 16′ overhead garage door with fabric and installation. If you instead do it yourself, you are setting yourself up to save over $550 over installing a new hurricane-resistant overhead door.

Simple Use and DIY Installation

In addition to the potential savings, users of hurricane shutter fabric can quickly set up their barriers. Unlike wooden panels that can require an entire day of preparation, you can place your covers with common home improvement tools. You do not need to invest in installation services or be at the mercy of contractors. Storm resistant fabric simplifies storm-proofing and allows you to take control of protecting your home.

You can take advantage of numerous benefits such as weatherproofing, easy storage, and customizable sizing. By investing in hurricane fabric for garage doors, you can avoid a banged up and soaked garage. West Shore Hurricane Protection You can go online or call (727) 488-8182 to learn more about sizes, orders, and installing storm protection fabric in Jacksonville

4 Hurricane Protection Myths

Best DIY Hurricane Fabric | DIY Hurricane Protection

Hurricane season is coming up, and the last thing you need as a homeowner is to install hurricane protection that won’t stand up to the harsh hurricanes expected this year. Instead, choose the best DIY Hurricane Fabric to protect yourself and your home. If you’re still deciding on the protection method for you, here are a few hurricane protection myths debunked.

Myth #1: Opening Your Window Helps Air Pressure

A hurricane is a terrible storm, and between the low air pressure and the gale force winds, many homeowners worry about their home’s windows getting sucked into the house. As a result, our first popular myth developed. People think cracking windows will prevent their home from imploding.

While at first thought this solution would seem to solve this issue, the wind’s true speed and strength will overpower even a slightly opened window. Instead, the best DIY Hurricane Fabric offers “full envelope protection,” which ensures that every surface is covered to keep your home—windows, roof, and all—intact.

Myth #2: Leaning Against Glass Prevents Shattering

Simply put, this one just doesn’t work. Leaning against glass is not proven to help with the pressure of your home and the prevention of your windows getting sucked into the home. Instead, this makes you and your family more susceptible to injury from flying projectiles that come through the window you are leaning against.

The solution for your home’s openings, especially windows, is the best DIY Hurricane Fabric. DIY Hurricane Fabric is best because it is strong enough to withstand the flying debris, yet it is easy to install and deploy and is flexible.

Myth #3: Taping Windows Prevents Damage

Come hurricane season, many coastal residents arm their windows with crisscrossed tape, whether it is electrical tape or duct tape. While this solution has one thing right—securing larger shards of glass when broken—you are still faced with the issue of broken glass after a storm hits.

If this is the only hurricane protection solution within your budget, this method requires very specific instructions in order to have a chance at protection. The top option for protecting your home’s windows is to install the best DIY Hurricane Fabric, which is installed onto the window frame rather than the window itself, giving your windows a barrier against flying debris. When not in use, the best DIY Hurricane Fabric can be easily stored compactly, ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice.

Myth #4: Protecting Yourself From High Winds Will Keep You Safe

Your coastal home must be prepared against the damaging forces of high winds and flying debris that is typical of every hurricane. But other concerns will put your safety in jeopardy, such as flooding. Preparation of your home with DIY Hurricane Fabric is the best way to be proactive against gale force winds and severe conditions of hurricanes, but there may come a time when you need to leave your home for safety.

The Best DIY Hurricane Fabric for Your Home

Now that all the myths have been debunked, it’s time to think about equipping your home with the best DIY Hurricane Fabric. The best DIY Hurricane Fabric is available through West Shore Hurricane Protection, offering simple installation and deployment, without sacrificing complete coverage.

Hurricane season is coming! Are you ready? Protect your home with the best, most cost-effective DIY Hurricane Fabric. Contact us for a free quote on the best DIY Hurricane Fabric, measured perfectly for your home. If you do not want to install it by yourself, we can help, click here.

Is Hurricane Fabric Miami-Dade Approved?

DIY Hurricane Fabric | New Orleans | DIY Hurricane Protection

Your New Orleans home is likely your biggest investment, which is why it’s important to protect it against the harsh weather conditions of hurricane season with DIY Hurricane Fabric.

Florida’s Mitigation Inspection is concerned about the safety of homeowners who live in High-Velocity Hurricane Zones and as such have developed a rating system that has been touted as the highest, most stringent standards for hurricane protection. When you’re installing your DIY Hurricane Fabric onto your New Orleans home, knowing that your system has been given the highest Miami-Dade rating will instill peace of mind year after year.

What do you need to know about Florida Mitigation Inspection when choosing and installing DIY Hurricane Fabric onto your home? We’ve outlined the must-knows for you so that selecting and installing your New Orleans DIY Hurricane Fabric system is easy.

Inspection Process

As a result of Florida’s regular hurricane season, the state’s rigorous requirements have become well-known standards of excellence across all states. Florida was the first to make it mandatory for insurance companies to reduce insurance premiums for an impact-rated home.

The Florida Mitigation Inspection, followed in New Orleans, watches out for these three areas when inspecting your home:

  • Building Code: This is determined mostly based on the age of your home and indicates which building code was required at the time of construction.
  • Roof Construction: Inspectors will look out for how your roof was constructed, taking into account roof decking, its attachment to walls through either nails or hurricane clips, covering, and its geometry. As a coastal homeowner, you can expect inspectors to also take an interest in the degree of secondary water resistance as well.
  • Opening Protection: Last but certainly not least, inspectors look for hurricane protection systems that adequately protect your home from flying debris. One of the Miami-Dade approved choices is DIY Hurricane Fabric, due to its overall rating for hurricane protection.

DIY Hurricane Fabric, when installed on your home in New Orleans, stands the test, with the Large Missile Impact Rating.

How DIY Hurricane Fabric Fits In

With the Miami-Dade approval rating, DIY Hurricane Fabric is a guaranteed investment that will continue to pay for itself every hurricane season. DIY Hurricane Fabric is built to give New Orleans homes:

  • Strength against the elements
  • Durability for long-lasting protection
  • Flexibility in the ability to deploy and remove after the season
  • Easy installation due to the lightweight material and carefully considered design


DIY Hurricane Fabric, once installed onto your New Orleans home, is not only highly rated by Miami-Dade County regulations, but it provides the fastest return on investment. Once installed, an insurance-company-approved inspector will be able to assess your home, potentially saving you money on insurance premiums based on approval!


Aside from financial advantages, DIY Hurricane Fabric is also a breeze to install onto your home in New Orleans in the first place. Forget calling your local New Orleans installer! When you purchase DIY Hurricane Fabric, all you need are a few tools and the instructions in order to install the system yourself and feel safer within your home year round.


Not only can DIY Hurricane Fabric provide you and your New Orleans home with the protection you need during gale-force winds and hurricanes, but it can save you concerning insurance premiums, just by taking proactive measures against the excessive damage from hurricanes. Get started protecting your home by calling 727-488-8182 or reaching out online to speak with our experienced team members for an assessment.

Top Reasons Why You Should Replace Old Windows

Windows | Lutz, FL. | Greaves Construction

Many homeowners in Lutz, FL are becoming aware of the impacts that old windows can have on the air quality, energy efficiency, and comfort of their home. Replacing old windows can offer many benefits to your home and lifestyle in Lutz, FL. Curious how? Here are our top four reasons why homeowners should consider window replacement.


  • Extend the Life of Air Systems


Old windows allow more than light to enter your home in Lutz, FL; outdated windows provide less insulation in comparison to new windows, leading your heating and air conditioning systems to work harder to maintain the environment set by your thermostat. Proper insulation extends the life of your HVAC systems by reducing the risk of overuse, saving you money in the end.


  • Reduced Energy Costs


Much like the benefits new windows bring to your Lutz, FL home’s air systems, modern windows can reduce the energy costs needed to maintain the desired, comfortable temperature you look for in your home. According to a report by ENERGY STAR, replacement windows lead to an average of $126 to $465 a year in energy cost-savings, particularly in the state of Florida. In the end, reduced energy consumption leads to reduced costs, leaving you more money to do what you love to do!


  • Increased Comfort


The sunny weather of Lutz, FL can have a greater impact on your comfort within your home than you think. Solar heat gain refers to the penetration of sun into your home through outdated windows, a quality that new windows are designed to account for. By reducing the amount of solar heat gain let into your home through old windows, your Lutz, FL home can begin to restore a temperature that you are able to control more closely. More control means more comfort within your home!


  • Protect Furniture and Carpeting from UV Damage


Modern windows have an added benefit over outdated windows: protection from UV damage. This particular benefit of modern windows can significantly extend the appearance and quality of your furniture and textiles. Forget sun-bleached couches when you choose modern windows for your Lutz, FL home.


Modernized windows have a lasting impression on your home and quality of life. Swapping old windows throughout your home in Lutz, FL for new energy-efficient windows can lower energy bills and save you money, all while increasing your comfort. Plus, when you decide to sell your home, prospective buyers take stock of aspects such as your windows, which can increase the sale price.


Replacing old windows throughout your home in Lutz, FL doesn’t have to be complicated! With the help of our expert team at Greaves Construction, your home can begin to function better, leaving you with reduced energy costs and more peace of mind in your home. Call us today at 813-985-2739 or by requesting a consultation online.