Upholstery Cleaning in Tampa

upholstery cleaning tampaThere are a number of reasons why you may need upholstery cleaning in Tampa right now. In a lot of ways, having a puppy and having a newborn baby are similar experiences. They are both ridiculously cute. They are both small. They are both prized possessions. They are both spoiled by everyone in the family. They both put things in their mouths that they shouldn’t. And they are both very messy.

As they grow older, some of these similarities fade away, but both pets and babies will always leave a mess. If you have dogs or children or both (in which case, you might want to get your head checked), your furniture is bound to have some spots and stains. The puppy got excited and peed (gross). The kid spilled their juice and cereal all over the place (also gross). After a while, you start to call that couch the children’s couch, and your adult friends tend to avoid that over worn, untidy, stained piece of furniture. Eventually, the couch starts to get unsightly from the marks, and you think you will have to get rid of it. You don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a new furniture set, and you don’t want to remove this artifact of family history from your home either. Instead of replacing something your family loves, you can get  upholstery cleaning and save money and prevent tears.

You can trust Chris Carpet for Upholstery Cleaning in Tampa to make your couch look like new after years of messy dogs and sloppy kids. Their tools, techniques and experience will get your couch and other furniture spiffy and spot-free in no time. Their methods of hot water extraction and dry solvent cleaning are ensured to take care of light cleaning or deep stains. The 7-step process will make your beloved family couch look like it did when your dog was just a puppy, and your child just a baby. For a free estimate for Upholstery Cleaning in Tampa, call Chris Carpet at 727.397.1511 today.