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If you are trying to find a general contractor to do some renovation/remodeling, consulting, designing or building, you are better off hiring a commercial contractor who specializing in commercial properties, rather than a general building contractor who works mostly on homes. The reason for this may be obvious, but many people make the mistake of settling for the first person they come across that offers them an affordable price for renovation or construction services.

There are many special aspects that need to be taken into consideration when working on a commercial building or property, therefore it is essential to hire someone who has years of perfecting the skills required for such major projects. If you hire a licensed, insured and experienced commercial contractor, it is very likely they have worked in a number of different markets. Veracon, LLC of Tampa, St Petersburg and Sarasota areas specialize in health care & hospital facilities, education & institutional facilities, and some custom residential.

They understand that there are particular rules and safety regulations they must adhere to on commercial properties that most residential contractors do not have to worry about when working on homes.

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