Emergency Water Damage Restoration in Clearwater

Florida brings us a lot of rain, sometimes too much. Unfortunately, depending on where you live in the Clearwater area, flooding can happen. When it does you want to make sure you know the appropriate steps to take to prevent everything in your home from being ruined and, for the stuff that is damage, to see what can be done to restore it.

There are plenty of water damage services that can help you renew your home’s value including:

  • Structural Dry Out
  • Sewage Extraction
  • Mold Remediation
  • & more.

Some people think that if they are living in a semi-elevated region they do not need to worry about flooding. Keep in mind that flooding also happens from pipes bursting—which doesn’t only happen in colder climates. Pipes can also burst from misuse, or simply from worn out materials.  To be honest, this kind of water damage can be quite dramatic and alarming. But not always; other signs of burst pipes is wet spots on the wall or ceilings.

No matter how much water has flooded your home, there are professional services available that can restore your furniture, flooring and carpets.

Chris Carpet Cleaning and Emergency Water Damage Restoration of Clearwater has been servicing the area since 1978. They offer 24/7 emergency water damage services to Clearwater and the surrounding areas & even offer claim assistance! Call today for a quote (727) 397-1511 or visit their website for more information: http://chriscarpetservice.com/24-hr-emergency-water-damage-services.html

24 Hour Water Damage Service Company | Clearwater

Many homes in the Tampa Bay area are susceptible to water damage caused by flooding from long periods of rain storms as well as potential hurricanes.  When serious water damage strikes your home you want to already be prepared to call a 24-Hour water damage services company in Clearwater.  Flood water in your home is more than just “a problem,” the destruction of standing water is irreversible.  So time is critical regarding the devastation and cost of water damage, threatening the structural integrity and value of your home.  Therefore, know in advance who to call.

The company you call should not only offer emergency service, it should have extensive experience with and knowledge of carpeting and upholstery, furniture wood and fabrics as well as knowledge of flooring of all types.

A 24-Hour water damage services company that uses the following methods:

  • Hot Water Extraction (HWE): Primary method chosen by the IIRCR.  The hot water increases the reaction time.  Preconditions the surface of the fabric with alkaline chemical followed by light treatment, the groomed and dried.  Furniture, carpet and upholstery cleaning machines used by professionals are preferred.
  • Dry Solvent Clean: Dry cleaning solvent used to remove stains without water.  Water can make a stain worse.  This solvent is petroleum based, super effective on toughest stains and does not contain harsh or toxic chemicals

You’ll want your carpet to be restored to its original beauty.  And speaking of restoration, a Clearwater water damage company also has the experience, the expertise, and the right equipment to restore your heirloom carpets and fine furniture even if you haven’t experienced water damage.

For more information visit the Chris Carpet Service website: http://chriscarpetservice.com/24-hr-emergency-water-damage-services.html

Water Damage Restoration Services in Largo, Florida

Someone once pointed out that “if there is a possibility of several things going wrong, the one that will cause the most damage will be the one to go wrong.” And, when it comes to all of the negative things that can happen to our homes as a result of the awful Florida hurricanes we encounter each and every summer, water damage is the most destructive. If you need water damage restoration services in Largo, Florida or a surrounding area, call the experts at Chris Carpet & Water Restoration. Not only do they offer emergency 24/7 care, but they are the industry leaders with a vast amount of experience.

Each home is different and taking care of your carpets, while it may seem like a hassle, can actually be an art. From oriental to area, to hardwood to tile, Chris Carpet Service does it all.

If your home recently flooded, the amount of stress you are dealing with right now in your life is probably unbearable. Accept help where you can get it. If you need water damage restoration service in Largo, Florida call the professionals at Chris’ Carpets today. 727.397.1511. Their services also include mold remediation with an affiliate company, sewage extraction, structural dry out, and more.

We know; when it rains, it pours. But don’t let a little damage get you down. We promise Chris Carpet Service will restore your home.

Emergency Water Damage Services in Clearwater, Largo & St Petersburg

Although water is great for your body, it can cause permanent damage to your home.  You may normally only associate a carpet service company with remodeling or cleaning.  But, Chris’ Carpet Service provides emergency water damage services in Clearwater, Largo and St. Petersburg.  Weather conditions in Florida can be intense.  The likelihood of indoor flooding is high for residential areas in Tampa Bay.  When an unexpected emergency like this happens, you can’t call the police or the fire department, but you can call Chris’ Carpet and Water Restoration Service.    emergencywaterdamageservicesclearwaterlargostpetersburg

When you need emergency water damage services in Clearwater, Largo or St. Petersburg, you need help before the damage becomes permanent.  Chris’ Carpet Service is there for you when you need us most.  We provide 24-hour emergency water restoration and water damage cleanup.  Not only are we available 24 hours, we make it our priority to arrive on the scene as fast as possible.  We have a guaranteed response time of 30 to 90 minutes.  You may not constantly be thinking about emergency water damage services in Clearwater, Largo or St. Petersburg.  But when you do need assistance, you can’t waste time finding the right company or be in a panic and choose the first one you see.  Research our services now, so you’ll be safe later.

Chris’ Carpet and Water Restoration Service provides:

  • Restoration Services
  • Structural Dry Out
  • Sewage Extraction
  • Mold Remediation (with an affiliate company)
  • and many more

Emergency water damage services in Clearwater, Largo and St. Petersburg are necessary for all types of home owners.  Whether you have wood, carpet or tile flooring Chris’ Carpet Service is trained to help you.  We detect moisture within your walls and floors that may not even be visible using thermal imaging cameras and penetrating/non-penetrating probes.   All of our technicians are certified to handle water removal, water damage restoration and structural drying.  Our expertise is water damage.  Don’t underestimate the damage water can do to your home.  Some people try to fix water problems on their own and end up with permanent signs of damage.  This reduces the value and quality of your home.  Without an immediate and thorough drying process, microbial growth and odor can develop.  This damage is not only unpleasant and irreversible, it’s also a health risk to you and your family.  Call Chris’ Carpet Service at the first sign of water damage, before it’s too late.

Carpet Cleaning & Water Restoration | Largo | Clearwater

Unexpected flood, carpet disaster, or a surprise from your in-laws? No problem. Chris’ Carpet Cleaning Service and Water Restoration offers many benefits and an array of services to assist with your emergencies including:

  • 24 Hr. Emergency response
  • Emergency water removal and restoration service
  • Sewage Extraction
  • Structural Dry Out
  • Water Damage Services
  • Referral Program Rewards – with the referral of a new client, you will receive a 10% credit from the amount of their purchase

Chris’ Carpet Cleaning Service and Water Restoration of Largo, Clearwater, and all of Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties is affiliated with a Mold Remediation company, which offers a follow up service to ensure the proper care for your water logged property. Certified technicians are always able to assist commercial businesses and residential homes with a quick response time of 30 to 90 minutes. With their high tech CRI-approved vacuum, it can provide all your needs in an efficient amount of time.

Routine maintenance of your flooring or carpet is also a service that Chris’ Carpet Service & Water Restoration offers. By professionally cleaning your carpets, rugs, and tile every 12 to 18 months, it will help preserve the look and life of your flooring. The Carpet and Rug Institute’s Seal of Approval program is used to meet the testing standards when removing spots or grime from your carpet. If you are interested in learning more, contact their carpet cleaning company by visiting their website www.chriscarpetservice.com.