Green Home Building Can Save The Earth, And Some Green

Green Home Building in St Petersburg
To a lot of people, the concept of going green means a lot of unpleasant inconveniences like giving up meat, not eating fresh local St. Petersburg seafood, or spending more on things just because there’s an eco-friendly sticker on it.  Green home building is none of this, and it is not a fad, it is simply the use of environmentally conscientious materials, and practices and it actually can save you money in the long run.  For your edification, please consider the following:

Window Shopping

According to the Department of Energy, the number one way Americans lose cooling or heating is through their windows.  Contractors are using cheaper and inferior windows in order to keep building costs low but it is the homeowners who end up paying the price in higher utility costs and the planet when inevitably the windows have to be replaced.  Fortunately, in St. Petersburg there are talented contractors who practice Green home building by using only the highest quality energy efficient windows that won’t need to be replaced in a few years.

Solar Savings

There is a source of infinite energy just chilling up in the sky, and it is called the sun.  Solar admittedly has been under-utilized by homeowners due to the higher startup costs for panels, however thanks to green energy grants and newer, thinner panels being brought to market the costs are getting more and more reasonable for homeowners looking into green home building.  As more people buy into solar energy, it will demonstrate a demand and the market will respond accordingly and produce better and eventually cheaper panels than what the early adopters paid.  Also once the solar system is in place it can end up paying you money!  If the solar system generates more energy than is used, the excess goes into the grid and the homeowner receives a check from the power company for the wattage.  And in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida there is no better place to soak in the rays.  This translates into thousands of dollars saved over 20 years.  Be aware though that some unscrupulous persons are trying to get “grid usage fees” in place to prevent homeowners from living utility free.

Green Home Building for Your Wallet and Environment

The last anyone checked, there is currently only one earth and thus only one basket to hold all 6.6 billion humanity-eggs, so it is in everyone’s best interest to preserve the planet at least until space travel and colonization stops residing in the realm of science fiction.  Green home building can be a major player in the effort to preserve the planet, as there are a whole host of materials and supplies that your friendly local St. Petersburg construction companies can use to lessen the impact on the planet.

Low VOC Paints And Building Supplies

VOC, or volatile organic compounds, are solvents that get released into the air as paint dries.  Cheaper, substandard paint often contains higher concentrations of these which makes for poor air quality, which in turn harms human who breathe these in.  It is also worth noting the process for making these paints is terrible for the environment, so Low VOC is win-win and thankfully so be sure to verify that your contractors are using low VOC.  If you are in the greater Tampa or St. Petersburg area, there are plenty of green home building contractors who use low VOC.


3 Factors to Consider Before Hiring an Interior Painting Contractor

When it comes to interior painting in Clearwater, St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay areas, there are a number of things you want to take into consideration before starting the project. West Shore Construction is certified to paint your home in a way that will last. When deciding about an indoor painting contractor, it will help to get a working idea of the kind of look you are going for, what materials you want to use, and the type of contractor you are going to hire. Doing so will make the home remodeling project a lot easier and time efficient.

Color Choices

The color of a room has a tremendous effect on the vibe it gives off. Although sometimes soothing, darker color, like navy blue, tend to make the space appear smaller, so should be avoided at all costs if you are looking to make a small space look bigger, however, bold and bright colors make a great choice for accent walls (one wall painted a different color) and gives any room an instant touch of modern sophistication.

When deciding on a color for your home it is important to explore your options. While you may think you know the general look you are going for, don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone and test out some different unique options. You never know what colors you could end up falling in love with once they are on your walls. Similarly, sometimes home owners are convinced they want a certain color, only to feel entirely different after they have seen that color take up 4 walls worth of space in their home, rather than just on a color wheel.

Paint & Materials

The type of paint used for interior painting in your Tampa, Clearwater or St. Pete home will depend largely on which room you will be working in. For example, a bathroom requires special mildew-resistant paint because of the moisture. You should also request from your contractor the paint used has a low level of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) or that the paint is VOC free to ensure the safety and health of your family.

The type of brand you choose is subjective, though many trust the contractors to use the right brands that will guarantee the paint job will last.

Hiring a Contractor for Interior Painting

The most important factor to consider while looking for a painting company is that they are insured and licensed. Too many people are able to pass themselves off as professionals when they are not even state certified. Be sure to confirm the company you are looking to hire can prove that they are certified by the state. Also, pay attention to how attentive and prompt they are with responding to your calls and requests; if you can’t get a hold of them now, you probably once be able to after they’re hired, either. At West Shore Construction, we are attentive in contacting you or returning phone calls.

If you are looking to get a free quote for interior painting in the Clearwater, St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay area, call West Shore Construction today at 727-488-8058.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal | Tampa

When I get older, one thing that I really look forward to is buying a house. A house is a really exciting step in one’s life, and a first house is very special. One thing I don’t plan on saying when I buy my first house is “I need popcorn ceiling removal done.”  I know that my first house will be older, and more than likely a fixer-upper and it excites me more than worries me, but fixing up a house can be very expensive.  Yet, because my first house will probably be older I will probably need my ceiling redone.

Stucco, or what I refer to as popcorn, was a texture treatment used on ceilings back in the 50’s. It was used to reduce sound and hide flaws because apparently people threw some crazy loud parties where they would throw things at the ceiling and damage it. Don’t worry though, because Stucco would cover it up! The parties must have been more important than style to them because it is not an attractive look. I, personally, will get popcorn ceiling removal if I have it in my first house. It looks like cottage cheese is falling from the sky, and don’t get me wrong I love cottage cheese and if it fell from the sky I would probably be a really happy girl, but it isn’t real cottage cheese and the idea of it being on my ceiling really freaks me out.

Some people may like the way that Stucco looks and the texture it brings to a room. In regards to that I would say, “To each his own,” but it isn’t my style and most of the time it contained asbestos, which is a chemical that can cause cancer. If there ever comes a time where I need popcorn ceiling removal  I will call a service like West Shore painters at 727-488-8058 to take care of it for me.


To learn more about this service visit West Shore Painters website:

Paver Sealing Services in Clearwater

There are so many outdoor activities in Florida you can experience almost year-round.  Entertaining friends outside on your new patio during the cooler months is one of them.

In that case you would want your patio to look its best at all times, and the way to do that is to have your patio sealed by a Clearwater company specializing in paver sealing.

For example, outdoor grilling is very popular in the Tampa Bay area. A grill on the patio is a common site, and if you grill for the family or when entertaining friends you’ll probably want your patio keep its original appearance.

Without paver sealing your patio bricks quickly become vulnerable to seepage and staining, while UV rays continually cause the color of the bricks to fade.  Eventually you will have to deal with cracks and ugly weeds growing up between the bricks.  Since you don’t want this to happen to your beautiful patio, always consider, not whether you should use paver sealing, that’s a given, but what kind of paver sealing would work best with your style of patio.

You can choose between a sealing that enhances the natural color of the brick, a sealing that provides a shine, or the wet look for a pool patio.  With regular cleaning, paver sealing will make the colors of your patio design standout for a long time.

If you are especially concerned about the environment, you should hire a construction company that uses only water-based paver sealing.  A water-based paver sealing keeps VOCs to a minimum, and with sealing, you won’t have to use chemically loaded weed killers, making your patio environment basically much healthier, especially for children and pets.

Paver sealing will provide the same benefits for the walkways around your home.  A walkway with its original color and structural integrity maintained, without weeds between the bricks, will enhance both the aesthetic appearance and value of your home.

For the ultimate Patio sealing products call West Shore Construction in Clearwater: 727-488-8058 or visit their website at

Office Painting | Clearwater | St Petersburg | Tampa


If you are starting a business in the Tampa Bay area, relocating your business, or if you already own a business and need to repaint your offices, then you should look for a painting company with a history of office painting experience.


Even before you select a painting company to do the job, you probably should take some time to decide on what kind of personality you want your office space to convey to your customers.  The old adage “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” applies to how your business headquarters will impress a client.


For example, if you are a business that deals with children, you might be considering a colorful mural or color combinations that suggest fun.  Or you might want warm colors with a Faux finish.


If you own an environmental business, or if you are just committed to creating an environmentally friendly atmosphere for your workers and staff, check to see if the paint company you are considering has a good selection of zero VOC paints.


When searching for the right company to paint your office space you should find out if the company has extensive office painting experience in the Tampa, Clearwater and St Petersburg areas, in addition to a staff of painters who see their work as more than just a paint job, and who can suggest ideas and help you select the perfect color or style.  Your best choice would also be a company with a strong local history, a company you would trust to be committed to the area businesses.  Also check and see if the company has won any awards.


Since the appearance of your business space is how you make that all important first impression, keep in mind how a quality paint job and the right selection of colors will always be there in the background.  So you would also want to make sure you use high quality, long lasting paints.


If you are repainting existing offices, an important point to keep in mind is to make sure the painting company you select has a lot of past experience office painting in Clearwater, Tampa or St Pete because you would not want an unprofessional crew disrupting your work environment.


West Shore Painters: 727-488-8058. of Clearwater, St Petersburg and Tampa Bay.

Why would you need a Clearwater Paver Sealing Company?

Summer may be coming to an end, but as a Clearwater resident you know you are nowhere near done spending time outdoors. Florida is a place that allows us to consistently entertain our guests our doors and many people are luckily enough to enjoy a pool as a home amenity. But unless we spend the necessary time maintaining our outdoor areas, the aesthetic appearance and property value can quickly deteriorate.

That is where having a reliable paver sealing company in Clearwater comes in handy.

Because most walkways and pavers are made of concrete, they unfortunately absorb UV rays, grease, oil, dirt, mold, and algae fairly quickly. This kind of buildup significantly decreases the overall appearance of your home. They can make the most elegant homes look dreary. You may not notice it from day to day, but we promise you’ll notice the difference once they are cleaned!

Rejuvenate the appearance of your home. West Shore Painters is a Clearwater Paver Sealer Company that will give your walkways and patios a clean, sleek appearance, a smooth structure, and protection from future seepage and damage.

We seal:

  • Driveways
  • Walkways
  • Patios
  • Pool Decks
  • And much more!

Call us today for a free estimate and to hear about any end of the summer specials! 727.488.8058.

How Pinterest Can Be Misleading

House Painting Company in Largo

Pinterest has magically made people feel like they can conquer any home project with a trip to Michael’s. And, sometimes, that is true. Actually, thanks to Pinterest, people are getting more creative and hands-on with their homes.

But there are some home projects that should not be DIY. Ever. (I don’t care how many Pins you have pinned to your “Dream Home” board that you think will help you).

Painting your home is one of those projects.

If you are fortunate enough to realize that your home could use a little rejuvenation, consider yourself one of the few because far too many people are in denial that their house looks good– which is understandable. After all, it is something we see every day of our lives; it’s hard to notice the small wear and tears that happen. But over time our paints fade, crack and peel. They lose their vibrant appearance– especially when they’re forced to withstand the brutal Florida heat day after day.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to paint your house yourself. While exterior house painting can look like the fun, exciting, and bonding life event often portrayed  in movies (topped with a music backdrop), it is actually a frustrating, rigorous and tedious project that you’ll be grateful you hired a professional painting contractor for.

Not only will they be able to offer expert advice, like the best colors to paint your home if you are trying to sell it, but they will save you time, energy and money that you can put towards another home project you’ll be more successful at…. like crayon art or bur-lapping your lamps.

Keep in mind that there are certain things you need to keep in mind before hiring a painting contractor. But once you find the painting company in Largo you feel confident with, you will be glad to be able to sit back and watch your home regain it’s aesthetic appeal and value.

After all, beauty is important on the outside, too. At least when it comes to your home.

For a reliable and professional house painting company in Largo, call West Shore Painters today to schedule a FREE EXTERIOR HOUSE PAINTING ESTIMATE! 727.488.8058.