Automatic Shades | Clearwater Boutique

If you are going to go through the process of rejuvenating your homes interior decorations, why not add some home decor that will actually make your life more convenient, not just more beautiful? With automatic shades, or motorized blinds, you can instantly make any room in your home more elegant looking. They come in many different colors, textures and styles– so finding the perfect ones to match your existing interior decorating is no matter.

A great place to find these automatic shades in Clearwater and St Petersburg is Blinds By Design. Although they have been around for many, many years they have recently opened up a shop in downtown St Petersburg! They offer all kinds of modern window treatments including faux wood shutters, aluminum blinds, honeycomb shades, and rolling shades.

If you decide to go with automatic shades, you will be taking advantage of many benefits including:

  • Automatically set timers for when the shades open/close
  • Increase your home’s security
  • Increase your privacy
  • Automatic adjustments at your personal preference
  • and much more.

If you want to learn more about automatic shades, or live in the Clearwater, St Petersburg, and Tampa Bay area and want to explore your options for modern window treatments, call Blinds by Design today at either (727) 388-7064 or (888) 708-3610.

Faux Wood Shutters

Want the expensive look of wooden shutters but don’t want to pay the large price? Then faux wood shutters are the way to go. Blinds by Design in Clearwater carry an array of faux wooden shutters that will fit your budget and give your home that touch of elegance that it needs. They offer assorted variety of styles and designs that can be customized to fit your windows.

Faux wood shutters are resistant to moisture which would be beneficial to any part of your home such as: hot kitchens, wet bathrooms, and waterfront homes. They have strong panels that do not warp with time like some real wooden blinds do. The faux wooden shutters come in many different styles and colors that can be matched to suit your home.

Blinds by Design will help you transform each room in your home, into a serene quiet place by blocking out the heat and the sun from that space. Each shutter provides a beautiful touch to each room, and helps protect your furniture and flooring form harmful UV rays. The faux wooden shutters are a great alternative to real wooden blinds and provide long lasting durability. The shutters are easy to clean, and open with ease.

With each window that is covered, it will help reduce how hard your air conditioner and heater unit works. Summer is around the corner, by adding faux wooden shutters will help trap in the cold air which will help make your home feel comfortable all day. In the winter, the shutters provide a barrier for the cold air not to pass, helping keep heat in each room.

If you would like an estimate to help lower your monthly energy bill, call Blinds by Design at (727) 388-7064 for a consultation.

Tampa Motorized Window Blinds: Because Who Wants to Be Tangled in Their Shades?

If you’re tired of tripping on the long drawstrings from the blinds as you’re walking out of your patio door, or when you pull the strings on the blinds on your windows only half of the blind goes up? Blinds by Design can help your resolve those annoying issues. Motorized window blinds can offer a hassle-free dramatic change to any room, and keep you from continuously breaking your blinds.

Blinds by Design of Clearwater and Tampa Bay have many choices of window treatments and covers that can transform any bright room into an area of peace and tranquility. Their motorized blinds have a remote control that can raise or lower your blinds at the touch of a button.

Here are a few benefits to having motorized blinds in your home:


  1. Safety. Many children and pets are hurt each year from the strings hanging from the blinds. By having a motorized operating system for your blinds, will reduce the risk of injury to your loved ones.
  2. Having quick access to closing your blinds, can keep people from looking into your home when your least expecting it.
  3. A motorized operating system on your blinds will reduce your frustration of pulling and tripping on multiple strings that make you want to leave your blinds closed every day.
  4. Motorized blinds can transform any room into an elegant quiet place to fit any lifestyle.


By installing motorized windows blinds will significantly benefit your home assets as well. It will provide protection to your flooring, furniture, and the paint on your walls. Blinds by Design also offer custom blinds in Clearwater that are affordable and beautiful that will provide the best lighting control to your family. To get an estimate call their local phone number at (727) 388-7064.

Tampa Window Treatments

I had last weekend to spend however I found fit and I decided it was time to make my apartment bedroom look like someone was actually planning on staying longer than 2 weeks (I’ve been moved in for over a month, mind you). After re-assembling my bed-frame and peeling my mattress off the floor, hanging up my boxes of hardly worn clothes, and lining up the dozens of books I’ll probably never read again, I still wasn’t satisfied. Something is missing, I thought. After scrolling through my Pinterest boards a couple times, I decided what I was missing was the personal touch of Tampa window treatments.

My only problem now is deciding which kind to get and it seems the more research I do, the more indecisive I get.

There are the rolling shades or motorized blinds, but my budget is pretty tight. I have noticed though, how inexpensive some of the options are, especially considering how much elegance they can add to a single room. I know I don’t want to get any blinds because my apartment already came with pre-installed blinds for each window. Still, they look bare and empty.

If you are having the same problem I am having, you should check out Blinds By Design for window treatments in Tampa, St Petersburg, Clearwater and surrounding areas. They just opened a store, too so you have the option of shopping in person or exploring your options online.