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Greaves Construction’s numerous awards from the Tampa Bay Builders Association are well-deserved. For more than three decades, Jon Greaves and his construction company have been in the top tier of remodelers in the area. Given these points, Lutz residents call Greaves every time. Whether they desire a complete overhaul, repairs, a new kitchen or bathroom, or just a badly needed touch-up, we make it happen.

Kitchen and Bathroom Work in Lutz

The restoration of historic homes in Lutz is a specialty of ours.

“We had a fantastic experience during the renovation of our 1927 Mediterranean home,” raves Parker of South Tampa.

The family sought out a construction company up to the task of completely renovating the kitchen and two bathrooms, and a complete teardown and rebuild of three pergolas (garden archways).

“Greaves was mindful of our budget and constantly looked for opportunities to keep our costs down without sacrificing quality,” Parker says.

In Lutz, Chris and Veronica Smoke had a similarly positive experience with their kitchen remodel. The Greaves team members “were open to our ideas, provided good counsel, and worked hard to accommodate our dream for our kitchen.”

Are your home’s bathrooms showing their age, with outdated features that simply have got to go? Or is your bathroom too small to accommodate your expanding family? Greaves Construction can modernize your powder room with more space, state-of-the-art fixtures and more. Whether you desire an upgrade or a whole new look for your home, Greaves is the construction company to contact. We install energy-efficient appliances — everything from low-flow showerheads and faucets to tankless water heaters. As a result, your utility bills will go down and you’ll leave a smaller footprint on the planet. Ask us today about our eco-friendly green construction services.

The Construction Company That Works Alongside You

We’ve all seen those shows on TV where a professional remodeler comes in, looks around, and decides what has to happen. During a montage sequence, workers from the construction company move in and out. They knock down walls and rip out wires. After the commercial, the home is completely remodeled and beautiful, and everybody’s happy. The truth is, it’s not that fast, and it’s not that easy. Once you have a vision for the way you want your Lutz home to look, our team will talk with you to make sure that vision can – and will – become a reality.

Call Greaves Construction at (813) 985-2739 or contact us and let us know what we can do for you!


The Only Residential Construction Company You’ll Need

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When re-painting or slapping on some new wallpaper just isn’t enough, it’s time to consider remodeling. As a residential construction company with more than 30 years invested in the Hillsborough community, our work is everywhere. From South Tampa to Lutz, from Westchase to Ruskin, Greaves Construction helps homeowners realize their dreams. Beautification projects, plumbing or wiring revisions, simple modifications or a complete overhaul and renovation – our designers, planners, and craftspeople are time-proven experts at all aspects of home remodeling. Therefore, your desire becomes a reality in our capable hands.

In Need of an Upgrade in Tampa and Westchase?

There are numerous reasons to remodel a kitchen. Along with aesthetics, perhaps an aging design – like that outdated ‘70s Zodiac motif? – just screams out for modification. Purchasing modern appliances is a relatively easy process – but is there enough space? Can the existing wiring accommodate them? Instead of a quick fix, a residential construction company presents you with major, ultimately life-changing renovation and remodeling options. Remove a wall. Expand a room. Think of the big picture. Greaves Construction In Tampa and Westchase, Greaves Construction will consult with you every step of the way. You’re the boss.

Bathroom remodeling is perhaps the most requested service of a residential construction company. While sinks, tubs, and toilets will always be necessities, stylistic and performance upgrades and fairly constant. Also, you might have a chipped sink or a stained tub – why not replace everything at the same time and make your Tamps or Westchase bathroom beautiful – and bigger? Customize it! Greaves Construction will also advise you on how to turn your home or building bathroom more eco-friendly. We can make it a green building by installing low-flow sinks and toilets, energy-efficient windows and more. Ultimately, you’ll save money – and do your part for the environment, too.

An All-Purpose Residential Construction Company

Our menu of home remodeling services is extensive. Whether you want restoration work on your historic Tampa home, an entire Westchase renovation, or something in between, Jon Greaves and company should be your only call. They’ll consult, advise and work – on time – within your budget. Seeking out the right contractor is like finding the right car – it can be a laborious process that wears you down. Kick our tires by reading the dozens of testimonials from satisfied customers here on our website – for renovation, restoration, and remodeling Greaves Construction is without peer in Hillsborough County.

What are you looking for in your home? We can help. Contact Greaves Construction or call at (813) 985-2729 and let’s get moving on your dream home!

3 Trends in Construction Services to Watch for in 2017

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Whether you own a residential property in Hyde Park or you run a business in downtown Tampa, keep an eye out for trending construction services in the coming year. With this knowledge, you can get ahead of neighbors and nearby establishments. Not only will this make your property stand out amongst the others, but the costs will likely be lower because the trend hasn’t caught fire just yet. 2017 just might be a fantastic year for you to conduct renovations, restorations, or remodels!

1. Remodeling > Building

It may seem like homes are being built all the time, but data shows that remodeling is a more popular option for homeowners and entrepreneurs alike. Those who choose to remodel might be honoring the available resources and see reuse as a way to cut down on wastefulness. Some might see it as an affordable alternative to demolition and rebuilding with construction services. Others might wish to preserve the character or historic charm of their place in Seminole Heights. Whatever the motivation, you’re more likely to see Tampa businesses and residents tackling remodeling projects in 2017 than breaking ground.

2. Universal Design Enters Residential Sectors of All Ages

Entry ramps and handrails are expected in commercial establishments, but our builders have noticed an increase of universal design in homes, no matter the age or ability of the inhabitants. For decades, these utilities have been implemented because Central Florida is a popular place for individuals to retire. But it seems that young homeowners have noticed that properties are more appealing and saleable with these accouterments. Some design elements that appeal to potential buyers include:

  • Lower wall switches
  • Roll-in, barrier-free tubs
  • Non-skid flooring
  • Stair lifts or elevators
  • And more

From widening doorways to installing front appliance controls, we can help make your Tampa  residence more accessible. At Greaves, we offer endless construction services to match your universal design ideas!

3. Green Building in Commercial and Residential Districts

We first saw this movement in the form of energy efficient homes throughout Tampa Bay, but commercial businesses are joining up. Restaurant patrons use sinks and toilets frequently. With low flow faucets, you can cut back on excessive water use. Eco-conscious and budget-minded entrepreneurs alike are taking advantage of green building construction services. This approach is low-waste, and your utility bills will be much lower as a result of this investment.

Greaves Construction Services

To stay up to date with design trends, choose Greaves for construction services in Tampa. Not only can our staff provide you with exceptional materials, but our dedication to structural integrity is also a top priority. Whether you aim to renovate, restore or remodel, our team specializes in:

  • Whole house
  • Kitchens and bathrooms
  • Historic restorations
  • Green building
  • Universal design

If you’re curious about these trends or want to take a look at our online gallery, call 813-985-2739 today!