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Greaves Construction’s numerous awards from the Tampa Bay Builders Association are well-deserved. For more than three decades, Jon Greaves and his construction company have been in the top tier of remodelers in the area. Given these points, Lutz residents call Greaves every time. Whether they desire a complete overhaul, repairs, a new kitchen or bathroom, or just a badly needed touch-up, we make it happen.

Kitchen and Bathroom Work in Lutz

The restoration of historic homes in Lutz is a specialty of ours.

“We had a fantastic experience during the renovation of our 1927 Mediterranean home,” raves Parker of South Tampa.

The family sought out a construction company up to the task of completely renovating the kitchen and two bathrooms, and a complete teardown and rebuild of three pergolas (garden archways).

“Greaves was mindful of our budget and constantly looked for opportunities to keep our costs down without sacrificing quality,” Parker says.

In Lutz, Chris and Veronica Smoke had a similarly positive experience with their kitchen remodel. The Greaves team members “were open to our ideas, provided good counsel, and worked hard to accommodate our dream for our kitchen.”

Are your home’s bathrooms showing their age, with outdated features that simply have got to go? Or is your bathroom too small to accommodate your expanding family? Greaves Construction can modernize your powder room with more space, state-of-the-art fixtures and more. Whether you desire an upgrade or a whole new look for your home, Greaves is the construction company to contact. We install energy-efficient appliances — everything from low-flow showerheads and faucets to tankless water heaters. As a result, your utility bills will go down and you’ll leave a smaller footprint on the planet. Ask us today about our eco-friendly green construction services.

The Construction Company That Works Alongside You

We’ve all seen those shows on TV where a professional remodeler comes in, looks around, and decides what has to happen. During a montage sequence, workers from the construction company move in and out. They knock down walls and rip out wires. After the commercial, the home is completely remodeled and beautiful, and everybody’s happy. The truth is, it’s not that fast, and it’s not that easy. Once you have a vision for the way you want your Lutz home to look, our team will talk with you to make sure that vision can – and will – become a reality.

Call Greaves Construction at (813) 985-2739 or contact us and let us know what we can do for you!


Paver Sealing Services in Clearwater

There are so many outdoor activities in Florida you can experience almost year-round.  Entertaining friends outside on your new patio during the cooler months is one of them.

In that case you would want your patio to look its best at all times, and the way to do that is to have your patio sealed by a Clearwater company specializing in paver sealing.

For example, outdoor grilling is very popular in the Tampa Bay area. A grill on the patio is a common site, and if you grill for the family or when entertaining friends you’ll probably want your patio keep its original appearance.

Without paver sealing your patio bricks quickly become vulnerable to seepage and staining, while UV rays continually cause the color of the bricks to fade.  Eventually you will have to deal with cracks and ugly weeds growing up between the bricks.  Since you don’t want this to happen to your beautiful patio, always consider, not whether you should use paver sealing, that’s a given, but what kind of paver sealing would work best with your style of patio.

You can choose between a sealing that enhances the natural color of the brick, a sealing that provides a shine, or the wet look for a pool patio.  With regular cleaning, paver sealing will make the colors of your patio design standout for a long time.

If you are especially concerned about the environment, you should hire a construction company that uses only water-based paver sealing.  A water-based paver sealing keeps VOCs to a minimum, and with sealing, you won’t have to use chemically loaded weed killers, making your patio environment basically much healthier, especially for children and pets.

Paver sealing will provide the same benefits for the walkways around your home.  A walkway with its original color and structural integrity maintained, without weeds between the bricks, will enhance both the aesthetic appearance and value of your home.

For the ultimate Patio sealing products call West Shore Construction in Clearwater: 727-488-8058 or visit their website at