What You Need to Know Before You Start a Historic Restoration Project

Reconnecting a historic building with its past is a tricky business. Greaves Construction is a Tampa-based historic restoration company that understands all projects are different based on the needs and personalities of each house. We can help your home tell its unique story and achieve its historic aesthetic without looking neglected. Here are some tips to help you get started on your renovation or restoration project!

Before You Start:

Know the Exact Service You Need

At Greaves Construction, we offer a wide array of projects to suit your specific needs. We will make it our goal to protect, retain and/or reproduce your home’s features strictly in the style of its restoration period while keeping its unique Tampa flare. Our historic restoration company can perform a wide variety of services: we can make seamless additions to your already perfect historic home, or recreate your worn stained-glass windows. We can make all this happen and more while still treating your home respectfully and carefully.

Things to Remember:

Small Details Make a Big Difference

At Greaves Construction, we know even the smallest difference in shades of blue or type of masonry can affect a house’s appearance. We have 25 years of experience in the Tampa construction industry, meaning we know the importance of attention to the specifics.

Always Back Up Changes You Make With Historical Documentation

You don’t want to put your time and money into hiring a historic restoration company only to find out your information was inaccurate. If you are specific with your information, we will use the most trustworthy documents we have available. We don’t allow for silly mistakes, and we know you don’t, either!

As a historic restoration company in Tampa, we are passionate about restoring homes to their former glory. We want you to enjoy the process of discovering the story your historic Tampa home has to tell. We know we will! For more information, call us today at 813-985-2739.


Historic Renovation Services in Temple Terrace

With interest rates remaining low, now would be a good time to do that kitchen remodeling project you’ve been thinking about for several years, but felt nervous about the cost of the investment because interest rates were so high.

That dream kitchen remodeling project you’ve had in your mind since you purchased your waterfront home. You wanted to tear down that wall and extend your kitchen with a large, glassed in dining room facing the beautiful Tampa Bay inlet.  Once you make the decision, questions might start swirling around in your head:  How do I find a construction company with the experience to help me realize this historic renovation in Temple Terrace?

A remodeling project is something you approach very carefully, and certainly a project you want to have done right the first time.  Beyond the original purchase of your home a remodeling project could be the most expensive and valuable investment you make. It’s a life-long investment, and once you complete the project, you’ll want to be satisfied with the work because it’s going to be with you as long you are in your home.

Large remodeling projects, especially historic renovations in Temple Terrace, require a lot of creativity, craftsmanship, extensive knowledge of state environmental issues and local building codes. It’s paramount that you trust the remodeler 100%.  It stands to reason you’ll want a remodeler with historic renovation experience.  Once you’ve decided what you want to do and that you can afford it is the easy part.

Hiring the wrong remodeler who uses contractors that do not work with the highest professional standards, would be a disaster and not only ruin the experience, it could cost you a lot more money than you originally quoted.

One of the first things you need to consider is how to decide on a remodeler with a lot of historic renovation experience in the area where you live.  In addition to all the decisions you have to make and all the things you have to factor into a major remodeling project, don’t forget that you want the remodeling experience to be enjoyable. A great part of that enjoyment is seeing the project move along on schedule, and the satisfaction of knowing its being done right. You want a remodeler with ideas and someone you know you can work with and who is knowledgeable, otherwise, you’re in for headaches and conflicts.

Need historic renovation and remodeling in Temple Terrace done with experience and style, call Greaves Construction today at 813-985-2739.

Historic Renovation and Restoration

If you own a home that is rich with history, getting a historic renovation and restoration in Tampa/Temple Terrace will benefit you. Greaves Construction has an experienced crew in historic renovation and restoration. This type of home remodeling is unique because the house can be remade to mimic the original design. The options include:

· seamless additions

· whole house renovations

· a specific level of the house to be rebuilt

We can reproduce any kind of historic home.

Benefits of restoring historic homes:

By owning a home with a rich past you have the benefit of receiving Ad Valorem tax incentives if you maintain the condition. This is one of the best reasons as to why it is beneficial to keep the aesthetic of the house even if you have had to touch it up a bit. Another benefit to maintaining your home is so that you can keep the aesthetic you first fell in love with.

Houses, no matter the date they were built, tend to decay with age. The paint starts to chip or the material starts to come apart. Some houses even have green vines travelling along the walls, which tends to take away from the original beauty. Historic renovation and restoration in Tampa/Temple Terrace can maintain the historic element to the design. Call Greaves Construction at (813) 985-2739 to get more information.