6 Design / Build Services That Add To Property Value

Are you itching to make upgrades to your home? You might be a new owner in Tampa, and it’s also possible that you’ve owned a property for several decades. Whatever the case, design / build services can add value whether you aim to stay put or sell.

1. Bathroom Remodeling

You might overlook the bathroom since it isn’t center stage like the kitchen, entryway or living room. But this is a high traffic zone in Bay area homes, so it shouldn’t be forgotten. You can alter this room significantly with additional lighting, new counters, and efficient utilities. Some fan favorites by Greaves include tankless water heaters, low-flow showerheads, and hot water recirculation. Next time you’re in the powder room, look for things you’d like to change.

2. Kitchen Remodeling

Do you like to fix meals for your family in Tampa? Maybe hosting large events with catered dishes is more your style. No matter your approach, the kitchen makes an impression on residents and house guests alike. Whether you want custom cabinets or LP gas conversions, choose Greaves Construction!

3. Whole House Renovation

A whole house renovation is a major undertaking in Tampa, but our design / build services team makes it go more smoothly. You might be itching to explore decor options, but we urge clients to consider functional aspects like:

  • Piping
  • Water lines
  • Insulation
  • Electric panels
  • The big picture

Keep the entire house in mind while planning, and you’ll achieve the desired outcome!

4. Universal Design

Make your home accessible with universal design / build services! Residents and guests of all abilities can navigate and use your house with ease, from roll-in showers and tiltable mirrors to lower pantry shelves and non-skid flooring. If you aim to sell, this application makes your property appealing to potential buyers of all abilities.

5. Green Building

Another growing trend to consider is green building. With this approach, you’ll honor the environment with the materials you choose and save energy over time with utilities like solar and wind systems, as well as sealed ductwork and xeriscape landscaping. Not everyone in Tampa has a full understanding of this particular design / build service, so consult with Greaves Construction to learn more about it.

6. Historic Restoration

Does your historic home in Hyde Park need an update? Perhaps, you’d like to include an addition in Seminole Heights. Not all contractors in the Bay area are equipped to complete historic renovations, so locate a company that offers:

  • Whole house restoration
  • Ad Valorem tax incentives
  • Secretary of Interior Standards
  • Reproduction and replication
  • Seamless additions

At Greaves, we aim to preserve the original property while upgrading the existing structure.

Greaves Construction Offers Design / Build Services

For contracting and construction projects, locate a company that excels in customer care and provides plenty of options. Greaves Construction in Tampa offers so many design / build services; your needs are sure to be met! Call 813-985-2739 to discuss your ideas.


3 Trends in Construction Services to Watch for in 2017

Residential Construction Services and Green Building Tampa | Greaves Construction

Whether you own a residential property in Hyde Park or you run a business in downtown Tampa, keep an eye out for trending construction services in the coming year. With this knowledge, you can get ahead of neighbors and nearby establishments. Not only will this make your property stand out amongst the others, but the costs will likely be lower because the trend hasn’t caught fire just yet. 2017 just might be a fantastic year for you to conduct renovations, restorations, or remodels!

1. Remodeling > Building

It may seem like homes are being built all the time, but data shows that remodeling is a more popular option for homeowners and entrepreneurs alike. Those who choose to remodel might be honoring the available resources and see reuse as a way to cut down on wastefulness. Some might see it as an affordable alternative to demolition and rebuilding with construction services. Others might wish to preserve the character or historic charm of their place in Seminole Heights. Whatever the motivation, you’re more likely to see Tampa businesses and residents tackling remodeling projects in 2017 than breaking ground.

2. Universal Design Enters Residential Sectors of All Ages

Entry ramps and handrails are expected in commercial establishments, but our builders have noticed an increase of universal design in homes, no matter the age or ability of the inhabitants. For decades, these utilities have been implemented because Central Florida is a popular place for individuals to retire. But it seems that young homeowners have noticed that properties are more appealing and saleable with these accouterments. Some design elements that appeal to potential buyers include:

  • Lower wall switches
  • Roll-in, barrier-free tubs
  • Non-skid flooring
  • Stair lifts or elevators
  • And more

From widening doorways to installing front appliance controls, we can help make your Tampa  residence more accessible. At Greaves, we offer endless construction services to match your universal design ideas!

3. Green Building in Commercial and Residential Districts

We first saw this movement in the form of energy efficient homes throughout Tampa Bay, but commercial businesses are joining up. Restaurant patrons use sinks and toilets frequently. With low flow faucets, you can cut back on excessive water use. Eco-conscious and budget-minded entrepreneurs alike are taking advantage of green building construction services. This approach is low-waste, and your utility bills will be much lower as a result of this investment.

Greaves Construction Services

To stay up to date with design trends, choose Greaves for construction services in Tampa. Not only can our staff provide you with exceptional materials, but our dedication to structural integrity is also a top priority. Whether you aim to renovate, restore or remodel, our team specializes in:

  • Whole house
  • Kitchens and bathrooms
  • Historic restorations
  • Green building
  • Universal design

If you’re curious about these trends or want to take a look at our online gallery, call 813-985-2739 today!

Historic Restoration | Tampa Bay

Some of the beautiful ceramic tiles surrounding the old fireplace are cracking and flaking, and the ornate walnut mantel could use a good refinishing.  On each side of the fireplace are two large floor-to-ceiling windows looking out over your back yard with the lake in the distance. This room is where you do all your reading and thinking, where you sometimes like to just get away and hide from everyone.

Along with the bedroom and the kitchen, this has been your favorite place in the house all these years.  The space is so familiar.  But now it’s time to think about restoring the old fireplace to its former glory, and call a construction company that specializes in historic restoration.

Like the house itself, the fireplace is over 100 years old.  That fireplace is what gives the room its’ timeless character.  You were also thinking about changing the design of the wooden mantel.   Especially since you plan to retire next year, you want this room as your special sanctuary during your retirement years.  Sure, you could do some makeshift repairs to the tiles, but without any professional restoration experience, your own handiwork could create a distraction, ending up looking like an obvious “repair” job instead of a true, historic restoration.

You also promised your wife she could renovate the kitchen at the same time but she has so many ideas she hasn’t made a final decision.  An award winning home remodeling company in the Tampa Bay area with proven historic restoration and interior remodeling experience can bring that fireplace back to its original beauty AND help your wife decide on how best to modernize the kitchen.

She wants a new look and more space but she doesn’t want the kitchen to lose its country charm.  You should call a remodeling company that adheres to the Secretary of Interior Standards and employs only the most skilled, educated craftsmen who have experience collaborating with clients on historic restoration and home renovation projects.

For any home remodeling or restoration project you have in mind, call Greaves Construction at 813-985-2739 or visit their website at: http://greavesconstruction.com/component/content/article/2-uncategorised/29-historic-restoration-in-tampa-and-temple-terrace

Historic Renovation and Restoration

If you own a home that is rich with history, getting a historic renovation and restoration in Tampa/Temple Terrace will benefit you. Greaves Construction has an experienced crew in historic renovation and restoration. This type of home remodeling is unique because the house can be remade to mimic the original design. The options include:

· seamless additions

· whole house renovations

· a specific level of the house to be rebuilt

We can reproduce any kind of historic home.

Benefits of restoring historic homes:

By owning a home with a rich past you have the benefit of receiving Ad Valorem tax incentives if you maintain the condition. This is one of the best reasons as to why it is beneficial to keep the aesthetic of the house even if you have had to touch it up a bit. Another benefit to maintaining your home is so that you can keep the aesthetic you first fell in love with.

Houses, no matter the date they were built, tend to decay with age. The paint starts to chip or the material starts to come apart. Some houses even have green vines travelling along the walls, which tends to take away from the original beauty. Historic renovation and restoration in Tampa/Temple Terrace can maintain the historic element to the design. Call Greaves Construction at (813) 985-2739 to get more information.