The Hottest Home Remodeling Services in 2018

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2018 is a year of change for many homeowners. Home remodeling services are popular in the Tampa Bay area. Businesses like Greaves Construction is seeing a number of trends in their client requests. Read on to discover more about the hottest trends and gather some ideas for your space.

Going Green

The world has been making an effort to undo some of the environmental damage humans have caused for many years, but in 2018, sustainability and eco-friendliness are more important than ever. Homeowners have access to a wide range of sustainable materials, energy-saving appliances, and water-conserving elements. Home remodeling services in Tampa Bay can help you replace old windows with energy-efficient windows that block heat, which lowers your A/C bills. A remodeler like Greaves Construction can install sustainable flooring options like bamboo. In addition, you may want to add low-flow faucets and taps to your kitchens and bathrooms to save on water usage.

Becoming Accessible

In a world that is moving towards being accessible, those who are differently abled are more likely to come across features that cater to their needs more than ever. For individuals who use wheelchairs, many homeowners are adding ramps to access their front and back doors, installing roll-in tubs and showers, and more. Others make sure that anyone who needs extra grips and handles with adjustable rails, a remodeler can also install extra features that make moving around and using the home much easier.

Choose a contractor in Tampa Bay like Greaves Construction that offers universal design for accessibility.

Smart Home Upgrades

Everything is smart: smartphones, smart TVs, and now, even smart houses. You can program your house’s thermostat, lighting, security, entertainment, and more. With home remodeling services, you can set up your home for remote access. With remote access, you can make sure your space is secure, even while you are away.

Choose Greaves Construction for Home Remodeling Services in Tampa Bay

When you want to upgrade your space with home remodeling services, rely on Greaves Construction in Tampa Bay. They offer custom designs, remodeling, universal design, whole-house renovations, one- and two-story additions, historic house restorations, and more. They can help you stay up-to-date on the hottest home trends of the year. Call them today at (813) 985-2739 or contact them online to schedule a consultation.


4 Tips for Kitchen Remodeling Services

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Home improvements can enhance the quality of your house. The kitchen is one of the first rooms people usually see when they enter your home; it’s no wonder that it’s one of the most common areas to for renovation. If you need kitchen remodeling services in Tampa Bay, selecting the right team to get the job done is a critical first step. However, there are several things to consider before you begin. Here are four tips to consider before your renovation project.

1. Know Your Budget

Keep in mind that, although investing in kitchen remodeling services is worthwhile, it can be expensive. Consider all costs and choose the best plan to fit your budget. If you don’t have the funds to remodel your kitchen to your ideal vision, it may be best to hold off until you do. If you need a quick fix, consider all your options and find a team in Tampa that can work within your budget.

2. Expect the Unexpected

There may be roadblocks during your remodel. Remember to plan for mishaps and unforeseen issues as well. Consider the age and quality of your space as well as the time it may take to finish any repairs. To be without a food preparation area for too long is taxing. So, try to plan for the unexpected when thinking about a timeline for kitchen remodeling services.

3. Have a Clear Vision for Your Project

The design is the most important thing you need to worry about, as that is entirely up to you. The more clearly defined your vision is for your kitchen, the better you can communicate your expectations to your team. The less time it takes them to finish the job, the less you may end up spending. If your vision is too vague, worst case is that something gets done that you didn’t want and then you must either live with it or pay for additional modifications. So, to avoid a clash in expectation vs. reality, create a detailed plan and communicate those expectations clearly to your remodeling team. Ensure that you are on the same page and let them do the rest.

4. Selecting the Right Team for the Job

The team you choose for your kitchen remodeling services should be prompt, receptive, competent, versatile, honest, and affordable. Find a company in Tampa Bay who is considerate and understands your vision; someone who’s as passionate about completing your project as you are and who takes pride in what they can accomplish. Honesty, timeliness, and cleanliness, are a must! Finally, you need to find someone who will be able to give you quality service at an affordable price. So, where do you locate such a stellar team of reliable people?

Kitchen Remodeling Services in Tampa Bay

Greaves Construction in Tampa has been providing 30 years of home remodeling services to the Tampa Bay, Temple Terrace, and Hillsborough County areas. They will work with you to assess and understand what your needs are regarding kitchen remodeling services. With credible, responsible, attentive experts who will meet all your specifications and more, Greaves Construction has formed an excellent reputation in the Tampa Bay area and is eager to help you create your dream home. They are willing to work with you for the best deal and service around!

In addition to providing kitchen remodeling services, they also do bathroom remodeling, additions, restoration, universal design, and whole house renovations. Contact Greaves Construction online or call them at 813-985-2739 to schedule a consultation and to get a quote for your home renovation project.

Green Home Building Can Save The Earth, And Some Green

Green Home Building in St Petersburg
To a lot of people, the concept of going green means a lot of unpleasant inconveniences like giving up meat, not eating fresh local St. Petersburg seafood, or spending more on things just because there’s an eco-friendly sticker on it.  Green home building is none of this, and it is not a fad, it is simply the use of environmentally conscientious materials, and practices and it actually can save you money in the long run.  For your edification, please consider the following:

Window Shopping

According to the Department of Energy, the number one way Americans lose cooling or heating is through their windows.  Contractors are using cheaper and inferior windows in order to keep building costs low but it is the homeowners who end up paying the price in higher utility costs and the planet when inevitably the windows have to be replaced.  Fortunately, in St. Petersburg there are talented contractors who practice Green home building by using only the highest quality energy efficient windows that won’t need to be replaced in a few years.

Solar Savings

There is a source of infinite energy just chilling up in the sky, and it is called the sun.  Solar admittedly has been under-utilized by homeowners due to the higher startup costs for panels, however thanks to green energy grants and newer, thinner panels being brought to market the costs are getting more and more reasonable for homeowners looking into green home building.  As more people buy into solar energy, it will demonstrate a demand and the market will respond accordingly and produce better and eventually cheaper panels than what the early adopters paid.  Also once the solar system is in place it can end up paying you money!  If the solar system generates more energy than is used, the excess goes into the grid and the homeowner receives a check from the power company for the wattage.  And in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida there is no better place to soak in the rays.  This translates into thousands of dollars saved over 20 years.  Be aware though that some unscrupulous persons are trying to get “grid usage fees” in place to prevent homeowners from living utility free.

Green Home Building for Your Wallet and Environment

The last anyone checked, there is currently only one earth and thus only one basket to hold all 6.6 billion humanity-eggs, so it is in everyone’s best interest to preserve the planet at least until space travel and colonization stops residing in the realm of science fiction.  Green home building can be a major player in the effort to preserve the planet, as there are a whole host of materials and supplies that your friendly local St. Petersburg construction companies can use to lessen the impact on the planet.

Low VOC Paints And Building Supplies

VOC, or volatile organic compounds, are solvents that get released into the air as paint dries.  Cheaper, substandard paint often contains higher concentrations of these which makes for poor air quality, which in turn harms human who breathe these in.  It is also worth noting the process for making these paints is terrible for the environment, so Low VOC is win-win and thankfully so be sure to verify that your contractors are using low VOC.  If you are in the greater Tampa or St. Petersburg area, there are plenty of green home building contractors who use low VOC.

3 Amazing Reasons to Incorporate Universal Design into Your Home

Universal Design for Homes

The point of universal design is to make things more accessible, usable, and flexible for people to use. When it comes to the home, this type of design aims to increase the functionality of the property for not only the family that lives there but also those who visit. Though you may not think your Tampa house needs something like this, there are many reasons why it can be beneficial to you. Here are three compelling reasons to get you started.

1. It Makes Your Home Accessible

If you, anyone in your family, or any of your friends has a disability such as being confined to a wheelchair, universal design can make your home a friendlier and more approachable place for them to be. With simple solutions such as ramped entryways, wider hallways, and level flooring, you can make your house in Tampa a safe space for everyone to enjoy. Imagine your loved ones’ relief at not having to fret constantly over how they’ll maneuver in your residence with their disability.

2. Your Home Will Be More Functional

Even if you or anyone else living in your home does not have a disability, such as arthritis, that makes it almost impossible to grip round doorknobs or get up from furniture, you can benefit from universal design and its elements on a functional level. Door handles instead of knobs are easier for the hand to grip, with or without arthritis, and railings for stability can be more beneficial than you would ever imagine. You never know when you may accidentally trip and prevent a nasty spill thanks to a handrail!

3. Universal Design Can Be Stunning

Universal design often gives a modern, almost futuristic, architectural feel to any space given the innovative and creative elements used. LED lighting along floorboards, touch-appliances, remote-powered windows and doors and a host of other implements can truly create a stunning look for your Tampa house. Not only will you get to enjoy the hospitality, but also the appeal that this forward style provides.

Greaves Construction’s Universal Design Experience

At Greaves Construction, we have been assisting Tampa Bay clients with all of their home improvement and construction needs for many years. We have extensive, practical experience with creating a variety of styles and designs, and we can help you make your residence accessible to all. Contact us today at 813-985-2739 to learn more.

Home Improvement Services That Are Right for You

If you’re interested in remodeling or general home improvement services in the Tampa area this coming New Year, it might seem a bit daunting with an endless list of available contractors at your disposal. One tip to make your search for home improvement service specialists easier is to fine-tune your search field based on the type of work desired, as well as the type of company you’d desire. If you’re an environmentally conscious home owner looking to remodel your kitchen, the ideal search for a contractor would be one who shares the same “green” mentality as you. In kind, if aesthetics are pivotal to your needs, a specific search for professionals who specialize in Contemporary/Art Deco residential rehabilitation would prove their worth versus a general contractor who is limited to knowledge of standard Floridian cottages.

Deciding the Home Improvement Services You Want

When embarking on the (seemingly endless) journey of imagining all possible homestead upgrades, it’s incredibly easy to get overwhelmed with wide eyes picturing everything that your Tampa abode could be. Here are some key steps which could assist you in staying on track:

  • Differentiate between areas of your house that are in need of repairs and areas that you would like to improve upon; the areas that require rehabilitation allow an opportunity to fix the problem AND initiate an upgrade to a more appealing rendition.
  • Get ideas from specialty contractor and the portfolio pages of home improvement services. These will help you find new designs for your house in Tampa, and it also helps to show the working capacity of your chosen contractor and what they’re able to achieve.
  • Gather and consider input from your family or housemates on possible remodeling choices; remember that they’re living there, too! A small notebook could double as your family’s “Home Improvement Handbook”, where everyone could jot down their own ideas for the shared living space.
  • Talk with your home improvement service professional to collectively realize the desired look for your dwelling. Make sure that what you’re imagining is what they’re planning on creating. This can be assisted with catalog pictures, notes that are readily available to client and builder, color swatches and rudimentary sketches of layouts.

Making the Final Call on Home Improvement

Now that you have gone through your residence with an enhancement mission in mind, maintained notes for reference,  established goals and visions for various rooms, it’s time to contact one of Tampa’s most accredited home improvement service contractors; Greaves Construction. Greaves has been awarded Best Whole House Remodel in 2015, by the Tampa Bay Builders Association, as well as Excellence in Complete Kitchen Remodeling (2013) and Best Creative Use of Space for Kitchens (2014) by the TBBA. Greaves is located in Temple Terrace and serves the greater Bay area, Temple Terrace, and Hillsborough County. Please contact a Greaves representative at (813) 985 – 2739 to get started on your new household projects today!

Is It Time to Switch to Universal Design?

Universal design allows you to customize your Tampa home to fit your family’s needs while also complimenting its interior. These home improvement services transform the household into a safer, more convenient environment for everyone inside. It is an ideal for those with small children, those going through a period of temporary illness, injury, those reaching an older age, or even those who are just looking to prepare for the future.

Design Options for Every Room in Your Home

Universal design allows even the oldest and smallest of spaces to be altered into a barrier free one but without the sacrifice of quality and comfort inside. There are many ways for professional contractors to incorporate these home improvement services into every room of the house:

Kitchen: Adjusting countertop heights and putting in pull out shelves and drawers give easy access to every kitchen utensil and snack in the pantry. Installing automated lighting to brighten up the room as soon as someone walks in can also relieve one less stress and these automated lights can also be installed in any room beyond the kitchen.

Bathroom: Non-skid flooring is beneficial in bathroom spaces to reduce the risk of slipping and falling on excess water. Also consider walk in tubs and plenty of shelving at all heights for easy access.

Your whole home: Home improvement services can be incorporated to every aspect of your Tampa Bay area property. Widening hallways allows easy movement from room to room and installing hand rails and ramps where necessary can help getting in and out of the trickiest of places. You’re creating more floor space while still providing structure. Or simplify one step further and add ramps to the garage and entryway floors to avoid steps altogether.

Greaves Construction Home Improvement Services

If you’re looking for ways to renovate your Tampa home with the benefits that universal design can provide, contact Greaves Construction today for all of their home improvement services. Let their experts help you create a layout that is perfect for you and your family. Call them today at 813-985-2739.

Home Improvement: DIY or Pros?

Living in Tampa is very close to living in paradise. However there’s almost always something you can do to make your house look better. Many residents of the Bay enjoy taking on various projects but there are always times where you may need help of professional home improvement services.

What Are Your Skills?

If you are confident of your remodeling skills, then a DIY project may a great idea for you. Unfortunately, some may overestimate their ability to alter their home and create damages. Before getting started, just consider the following:

  • What’s already there: Water and gas pipes are just some of the things you certainly don’t want to touch unless you have years of experience dealing with them. If your project involved getting rid of a wall, you’ll need to map out where pipes, and other crucial things are located. Professional home improvement services have the knowledge to determine these things quickly so you don’t have a burst pipe!
  • How long it’s going to take: If you aren’t a trained professional, things always take longer. You may not know exactly how to proceed, and may need to follow instructions on a few things. For pros in Tampa, it’s not the same story. Changing and updating houses is their area of expertise, so they’ll know how to organize, and move along through the process faster than you, while you relax by the pool.
  • The final cost: We know going to the pros can get pricey depending on the project you have, but there’s more important things to consider. Think about how many stories you’ve heard of people trying their own modifications, and doing more damage than good. If things don’t work out like you planned, you might have to hire experts in the end to rectify the issues, which will probably cost you more than it would have in the first place!

Unless you’re absolutely convinced your project is part of the DIY world, just leave it to home improvement services experts of Tampa. From simple fixtures, to bathroom or kitchen remodeling, Greaves Construction can handle it all. Give them a call to learn more about their services and how they can help you achieve the home of your dreams at (813) 985-2739.