5 Reasons Why You Should Remodel Your Kitchen

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Your home’s kitchen is where your family gathers to prepare meals and spend time together. While your kitchen may be functional, you may be looking for a way to upgrade your kitchen to suit your taste and your lifestyle. With the help of Greaves Construction, your Tampa Palms home kitchen remodeling can be effortless!


Deciding to go forward with a kitchen remodeling project in Tampa Palms presents many benefits. Below are some of the most popular reasons to remodel your kitchen.


  • Elevating the Value of Your Home


Though your home once had a much more modern design when you originally purchased it, tastes change, and your furnishing can deteriorate over a kitchen’s lifetime. Consider kitchen remodeling for your Tampa Palms home if you foresee selling your home in the near future to increase its value significantly!


  • A Kitchen to Match Your Lifestyle


Depending on how large your family is, how often you cook large meals and host guests, and many other factors, you may be finding that your home is built for someone else entirely. A kitchen remodeling project by professionals in the Tampa Palms area can help you get exactly what you need from your kitchen. By choosing a layout that was designed specifically with your family in mind, your kitchen can be more conducive to your lifestyle.


  • Energy Efficiency


The characteristically sunny weather of Tampa Palms allows many homeowners to take advantage of natural light, reducing the need for constant use of artificial light or heating, which increases energy consumption. You can increase efficiency after a kitchen remodel by incorporating smart design elements. Remodeling your Tampa Palms home can include more windows for natural light or perfectly designed nooks for more energy-efficient appliances.


  • Repair Wear and Tear


The heart of the home is the kitchen, which is why this important room is often the first to show the effects of daily use. Kitchen remodeling for many homeowners in Tampa Palms often occurs when tiles break, counters chip, and door hinges become worn down. Repairing wear and tear can also increase the value of your home should you decide to sell it in the future.


  • Inspiration and Hobby


Many families take great pride in their homes. And many homeowners take a great interest in kitchen remodeling. A kitchen remodeling project for many homeowners in Tampa Palms simply starts as a fun way to exercise creativity, try out new techniques from home improvement shows, or to change up their home’s decor. Not all kitchen remodeling projects have to start from a need. After all, we believe your kitchen should be your favorite room in the house!


A kitchen remodeling project doesn’t have to be complicated if you live in Tampa Palms! If you’re excited about your upcoming kitchen remodeling project, we would love to work with you to ensure your Tampa Palms home becomes your dream home. Contact our dedicated team of professionals by calling 813-985-2739 or by requesting a consultation.

Tile and Grout Cleaning in Clearwater

Does your bathroom floor remain dirty even though you are on your hands and knees scrubbing? Well, this may be because you need a company that does tile and grout cleaning in Clearwater. Americraft Building Technologies can remove the mess that seems impossible to get rid of. The cement in between your tiles is called grout. This can get dirty very quickly especially in areas such as the bathroom or the kitchen because these are the areas with the most foot traffic. When people walk over the tiles they leave dirt in their tracks that collect between the surface. Merely mopping the surface won’t get rid of it. You need a company that has the equipment to get rid of the grime and dirt.

Americraft’s service in tile and grout cleaning in Clearwater will thoroughly get rid of the mess that has been embarrassing you. They understand that it is not a pleasant feeling to think that you are not doing a thorough job cleaning your house. Luckily, it’s not you, it’s the difficult to reach surface that makes it nearly impossible to clean. Americraft has professionals that can reach those surfaces as well as areas that you didn’t even know needed a proper cleaning. So, stop beating yourself up over a dirty surface you can’t reach. Call Americraft today at (727)953-8082 so that they can help you clean it.

Tile and Grout Cleaning in Clearwater

Cleaning your house can be exhausting, especially when it comes to your floors. If you have tile flooring, you have it easier than most people because the material is easy to maintain. But overtime, it can sometimes be difficult to notice how dingy and faded the tiles are becoming—not to mention the mildew build up in the grout (the material that connects the tiles). How are you supposed to clean that?

While regular cleaning methods are sufficient for day to day cleaning, your kitchen and bathroom could significantly benefits from having a professional tile and grout cleaning service come in to give it a deep cleaning. The difference you will notice is truly priceless. Making sure your tile flooring is effectively cleaned once in a while is not only good for the appearance of your home, but also for the health and safety. Without even noticing, tons of debris and mildew can get built up in the cracks and slip in between the tiles. The sooner you have professional tile and grout cleaning, the longer the flooring will last.

If you live in the Clearwater, St. Petersburg, or Tampa Bay, Florida area and need a reliable and experienced home remodeling company, call Americraft Building Technologies today. They specialize in tile and wood flooring, home renovations, residential painting, and much more. (727) 953- 8082

Home Remodeling Services in Bonita Springs

Bristol Bay Development is your one stop shop for all your home remodeling services in Bonita Springs, Florida. From start to finish, they will help you get the home you want out of the home you bought.

Bathroom remodeling: remodeling a bathroom can be very tricky due to the space constraints. Any money spent on this project is easy gained in the resale period. Also, you can save money monthly with new energy and water efficient appliances.

Kitchen remodeling: A kitchen is the heart of a house, and it’s so easy for it to be outdated. Yesterdays, styles can seem harsh and old in today’s light. Fortunately, the kitchen is also easy to update. New countertops and cabinets go a long way in bringing modernity to your food preparation areas.

Interior remodeling: Among the home remodeling services in Bonita Springs offered by Bristol Bay Development, are interior remodeling. Is there a wall you just hate? Do you wish your home was more open plan? Call them, for a consultation on how best to bring your vision to life.

Exterior remodeling: Sometimes all a house needs is a bit of paint to make it more modern. A patio would be lovely for entertaining guests; add an external kitchen and you will never feel left out of a party again.

For more information on home renovation in Bonita Springs or a surrounding Southwest Florida area, give Bristol Bay a call today 239-949-4022.