The Major Benefits of Tampa Bay Custom Kitchen Design

Custom Kitchen Design | Tampa Bay | Greaves Construction

If you’re looking for a variety of remodeling options, then relying on templates isn’t the best move. Custom kitchen design requires a contracting group that’s experienced and dedicated. Don’t waste your time investing in materials you’ll only use once. When you work with a business that’s experienced in remodeling, you know exactly what’s going to happen. Remodeling work is not a quick one-man operation. Amateur work can result in aesthetics that do not match your home or appliances not function correctly. In Tampa Bay, Greaves Construction plans the entire construction project before starting any work. Also, their clients only deal with one contractor rather than multiple ones for different parts.

Greaves Construction’s custom kitchen design services offer:

  • Easy communication
  • Detailed planning and blueprints
  • Cost-effective options
  • Eco-friendly choices

Communication and Planning

When looking for a business that provides professional planning and design, specific factors must be kept in mind. Homeowners should look for a contractor that offers easy communication and concise preparation. If you’re having trouble relaying information or getting responses, then you’re better off somewhere else. Greaves Construction takes clients’ ideas and turns them into a functional kitchen. Tampa Bay property owners can benefit from countertops and cabinets designed to their specific needs and dimensions. Custom kitchen design options also include everything from lighting to countertops and flooring.

Cost Effective and Eco-Friendly Options

One of the significant benefits of remodeling a room is converting it to be more cost-effective. Older appliances can end up costing thousands to keep running. By choosing options like LP gas conversion, you can avoid spending an unnecessary amount on propane. Natural gas is currently a more cost-effective option. It’s as effective propane and usable in everything from heating to stoves. Natural gas is highly available and consistently supplied throughout the U.S. It’s also a more clean-burning alternative. Tampa Bay property owners can also choose other cost-effective and eco-friendly options like Energy Star appliances and bamboo floors.

Greaves Construction – Custom Kitchen Design and more

Greaves Construction provides homes and properties throughout Tampa Bay with unique options. You can select from options like cabinets types, sizing, and material. Other services available include:

  • Historic home renovations
  • Whole home renovations
  • Bathroom remodeling
  • Universal design

For custom kitchen design services or other renovations, contact Greaves Construction at (813) 985-2739 or by going online today.


Kitchen Remodeling Hacks to Increase Storage

Kitchen Remodeling | Tampa Bay | Greaves Construction

There are many different kitchen remodeling ideas that can increase your storage space around the home. Whether you want to stay minimal or you’re ready for a full-scale renovation, Tampa Bay’s Greaves Construction can help. No project is too big or small for them to handle!

Update Your Cabinets with Kitchen Remodeling Services

The most effective, long-lasting way to increase your storage is to remodel your kitchen. Kitchen remodeling, including new cabinets and storage systems, increases the amount of space you have to stash all of your tools, appliances, food, and more. Whether you consider yourself a gourmet chef, an amateur baker, or your specialty is a bowl of cereal, you still need the proper space to store all of your belongings. Cabinetry can hide those unsightly mixers, dicers, and Tupperware. Don’t forget the other items typically found in a kitchen like cutting boards, colanders, and dishware! With new cabinets, extra shelving, and other storage solutions, you can improve the functionality and appearance of your  Tampa Bay home.

Utilize Vertical Spaces

Your walls are wide open spaces that can be used to store extra items. For example, if you place wall-mounted drying racks by the sink, you can free up valuable counter space. You can also go even higher and install a ceiling-mounted hanging pot and pan rack, which frees up cabinet space for larger items and also gives your home a rustic, homey feeling. Hanging your pots and pans also provides easy access to them while you’re cooking, instead of digging around in your cabinets searching for the right sized pan and then scrambling to find the matching lid. A kitchen remodeling contractor in Tampa Bay like Greaves can help you with the preparation and installation process since you want to make sure that you have a sturdy, secure mount.

Customize Your Space

With a professional remodeling contractor, you can personalize your Tampa Bay home to your exact needs. Greaves Construction specializes in accessible/universal design, which makes the home more functional, especially for those who are differently abled. To have a more accessible home and to increase your storage space, they can add:

  • Pull-out cooktops
  • Drawer microwaves
  • Lower cabinets with pullout shelves
  • Full extension drawers
  • Pull-out shelves
  • Upper cabinets with drop-down shelves
  • Single function doors and drawers
  • Lower pantry shelves
  • Pop-up small appliance storage
  • And more

Choose Greaves Construction for Kitchen Remodeling Services in Tampa Bay

For Tampa Bay homeowners looking to increase their storage space with kitchen remodeling, rely on Greaves Construction. They use their professional experience and high-quality craftsmanship to makeover spaces of all types. From simple renovations to full-scale restoration services, they can tackle any job. To discuss your project, call Greaves Construction today at (813) 985-2739 or contact them online.

3 Tips for Finding the Best Kitchen Remodeling Services

kitchen remodeling

There are plenty of contractors offering kitchen remodeling services throughout Tampa, but you don’t want just any contractor; you’re looking for the best builders out there. As professionals in this arena, we have some tips for those who are seeking a renovation or update.

1. Identify What You Want

The thought of an upgrade is enough to get most people excited. Some go as far as creating a Pinterest board for the cause or exploring their local hardware stores for ideas. Peruse as much as you please, but before consulting professionals or making any drastic changes, take time to observe the existing room. Ask yourself:

  • What do you like about it?
  • What do you wish was different?
  • Do you like how the area is organized?
  • Are you interested in making things more energy efficient?

Your wishes and wants should help you develop a list of kitchen remodeling priorities. Your top ‘musts’ should direct the first meeting you have with a contractor. That way, you can remain calm and avoid becoming overwhelmed if they bring up alternatives. By knowing what’s important, you are more likely to get the room you’ve been dreaming of in Tampa!

2. Ask For Examples of Previous Work

Once you’ve clarified your focal points for the renovation, request an explanation of the building process and photos of previous work that is similar to what you want to have done. Whether you’re interested in custom counters or LP gas conversions, you need to make sure that the people you’re working with can complete the kitchen remodeling to your specifications.

3. Request References from Former Customers

Beyond explanations and examples, ask for references from former clients. Ask them how clear the communication process was and if things proceeded on schedule. Were the workers respectful of your home and property? Did the final price match the initial quote you received? Many homeowners in Tampa have sought the services of Greaves Construction, and we can put you in touch with someone who can give you an idea of how we operate.

Kitchen Remodeling By Greaves Construction

When you’re ready for kitchen remodeling, get in contact with Greaves Construction! They can help expand your existing pantry or install a custom island. If you want high-efficiency appliances, they can point you to the best ones. Along with enhancing your cooking space, they can assist with:

You can reach their staff in Tampa by calling 813-985-2739. They’ll discuss your ideas and start putting plans in motion!

Find the Right Residential Construction Company

residential construction company

Finding the right residential construction company in Temple Terrace is not as difficult as many believe. In fact, hiring the best professional for the job is easier than ever because we have the ability to look up exactly what we want. Taking those few extra minutes to find the precise design you have always wanted not only makes the contractor’s job easier, but also helps you determine whether that contractor is right for you.

Don’t Skimp on Your Home

Homes are more than just a place to live; they’re also an investment. Just like all other types of investments, it is important to take care of and nurture this one in any way possible. This includes hiring a professional residential construction company, as opposed to cheaper freelancers, to renovate your home in Temple Terrace. Doing so will often lead to significantly better results and a much more profitable return on investment.

The Right Residential Construction Company

So now that we know:

  • What type of services we need
  • The designs we prefer
  • And the importance of hiring skilled professionals

We can finally begin our search.

When sifting through the mountain of search results, there are two important questions to ask: how diverse is their skillset, and do they have a portfolio? The range of renovations they can perform will be a good indicator of their experience and knowledge.

Temple Terrace residents will discover that a great residential construction company provides an extensive list of remodeling and restoration services. They should have pictures of their previous works available for you to peruse, which gives an accurate representation of the results you can expect to receive. The last notable distinguishing factor is their years of experience working in this industry. Those that have been a staple in certain fields longer typically have a much wider expanse of practical knowledge. By working with an established business, you can gain access to their expertise and receive outstanding renovations.

Greaves Construction – Industry-Leading Renovation and Remodeling

We have hit the internet to save you countless hours of researching and searching for the best residential construction company in Temple Terrace. Out of the many businesses we examined, the one that stood out the most was Greaves Construction. They have over 30 years of experience designing and implementing various types of structures to all kinds of houses. Give them a call at 813 985-2739 and speak with one of their experts today.

Advantages to Hiring the Best Kitchen Remodeling Service

Kitchen Remodeling | Temple TerraceIf you are considering kitchen remodeling, you should hire the best possible service. It is one of the highest traffic areas in Temple Terrace homes, and as such, it can be a difficult room to renovate. Unless you have extensive experience with electronic installation and plumbing, you will need professionals to see this job to completion. In fact, there are several benefits to going pro!

Make Your Vision a Reality

Maybe you’d like a white brick backsplash, or you want a deeper island with wheels. Whatever your desires, professional kitchen remodeling services can turn them into a reality. Small projects are one thing, but renovating an entire room in Temple Terrace is a whole different story. The work done goes beyond aesthetics because, while it does need to look nice, it also needs to be functional. Again, this room is used every day.

DIYs can be frustrating, and you may abandon your priorities in the face of thoughts like “Let’s just get this over with!” Since this is such a grand undertaking, you won’t be doing it again soon. Wouldn’t you rather have the outcome you were hoping for? A pro can tackle the tough stuff, so you’re more likely to get exactly what you want.

Get the Job Done Right the First Time Around

We can’t say it enough—renovations should last. If you are going to recondition a room in your home, you shouldn’t have to do it again in a few years. When you hire professional kitchen remodeling services in Temple Terrace, you can get the job done right the first time around.

We already discussed the importance of getting the look and feel that you want, but consider other things, like safety and function. You want appliances and plumbing installed correctly to save you headaches down the line. When things are done correctly, they rarely have to be redone. Some maintenance will be called for as years go by, but not replacements. With pro services, you can have your dream kitchen without any hassles.

Greaves Construction for Kitchen Remodeling

When you team with Greaves Construction, you can count on top quality customer service and green building. This means you hire experts in the industry who honor sustainability in all that they do. Kitchen remodeling can offer a new look in your Temple Terrace home, and it can also be more eco-friendly. Our company can also help with historic restorations, bathrooms or whole house renovations. Call us at 813-985-2739 to learn more!

Transform Your Kitchen in Four Steps

When cooking in your home, do you imagine cooking with celebrities, like Paula Dean or Bobby Flay? This is the perfect time to expand your kitchen and add some new flavor. For some, kitchen remodeling is an exciting project because it adds creativity to a person’s cooking space and visitors will be amazed by the improvements in the household. Many people remodel their current eatery in the Tampa area to increase the value of their home. In any major project, there are four steps that are important to keep in mind:

  1. Design of the Kitchen. Does your revision include a bigger refrigerator, a better stove, or even a breakfast nook? This will involve strategic planning of the equipment that you are going to purchase as the homeowner. Kitchen remodeling means you can design the space to be exactly what you want; make sure you take the time to create the perfect design.
  2. Cost of the project. This project is not going to be cheap; planning your budget far in advance in key to keeping a design you love with the budget you need. It is also important to let your Tampa contractors know your budget, so they can plan accordingly.
  3. Home Safety. Safety is also an important rule when starting on a new assignment inside of a home. Always make sure the company you hire is licensed in Tampa and have the ability to pull the correct permits so that there are no delays during the kitchen remodeling process.
  4. Enjoying your new space. Before you enjoy your new space comfortably, make sure that you purchase enough lighting and storage for all the items that you want to use in your new space. Some homeowners neglect to include these features in the place of culinary creation, and soon regret it.

Greaves Construction offers excellent kitchen remodeling services and will be there to help you every step of the way. Safety is our number one priority when choosing the items you want to see in your home. We make every effort to work with you from beginning to end. Call them anytime in Tampa at 813-985-2739 to get started. You can also look at their gallery to see examples of their past projects.

Signs You Need to Think About Remodeling Your Home

Deciding to begin home remodeling services on your Tampa residence isn’t all about keeping up with what the neighbors are doing. There are various reasons to consider upgrading or adding on to your house.

Damage Is Accumulating

Any residence is subject to wear and tear over time—particularly if there are young children running around. When damage starts to become noticeable, it can also become dangerous for you or your loved ones to be around constantly. Lookout for some dangerous things to take care of such as:

  • When bathroom or kitchen tiles are lifted or loose, they can become hazardous to walk on daily. You can be easily trip over unsecure or ripped carpeting or unleveled or damaged hardwood floors.
  • Holes or water damage in the walls or the ceiling of your house. If your bathroom or kitchen countertops or cabinets are loose with scratches or peeling paint, it is a sign that it is time to replace them.

It’s Time To Catch Up

Interior design trends come and go, so don’t make hasty decisions based solely on what is in fashion at the time. Some situations requiring a little work may include:

  • If your interior has 70’s style shag carpets and wood paneling, we could agree in might be time for a revamp.
  • Lighting can make or break the atmosphere. Renovating to incorporate more of the natural Tampa sunlight or to upgrade light fixtures can vastly improve the ambiance, making the space more inviting to guests.
  • You may also consider home remodeling services if your appliances are out of date. Many of the newer appliances are engineered for energy saving, and water-saving shower heads or toilets are great for bathroom renovations.

You Need A Layout Change

If storage is a concern for your Tampa household, you should consider home remodeling services to change the layout and incorporate more cabinetry or closets.

A practical bathroom should have designated space for your toiletries, hygiene products, and linens, just as your kitchen utensils should fit conveniently in the drawers or cabinets provided. Constantly going back and forth between rooms to retrieve items, or bringing in movable storage pieces are both signs that your space is not satisfying your storage needs.

Layout changes can also be spurred by changing family dynamics. Welcoming a new child can mean adding additional rooms or altering existing fixtures for safety. You may even be considering adding accommodations for handicapped family members.

Maybe you’re just annoyed that people are bumping into each other in the kitchen or that the counters are too far from the appliances. A new layout for your Tampa home can ease your daily life and change the look and feel of your house.

Greaves Construction

If you’ve decided it is time for home remodeling services, call Greaves Construction at 813-985-2739. The team has been offering affordable services for more than 25 years and can help you turn your Tampa residence into the place of your dreams.