Pollution, pollution everywhere; pollution, pollution in my indoor… air?

Why You Need Air Filtration Systems in Tampa

Do you have any idea the kind of stuff that you’re inhaling in a Tampa building where no air filtration systems are installed?  The insides of buildings are gross.  You might be inclined to disagree, arguing that you’re indoors, where there is less visible grime and dirt and grossness, but you’d be wrong.

Outdoor air pollutants have been linked to all kinds of health problems, but on average Americans spend 90 percent of their time inside, so basically it should be obvious that the quality of what we breath is kind of a big deal.

Well it isn’t. Obvious, that is.

Studies have shown that the empty space indoors is likely to be 2 to 5 times as polluted as what’s outside, and sometimes up to one hundred times as much.

And you’re just sitting in it all day chillin’.

Without any kind of air filtration systems installed in the Tampa building, all those pollutants just fester, growing more and more concentrated due to poor ventilation.  Poor indoor air quality is actually categorized as one of the top 5 environmental risks to public health.

But hold on a second, what exactly is meant by “pollutants”?  I’m not exactly doing weird science in my bedroom.  What could possibly be inside my house that isn’t coming in from the outside?  It’s simple osmosis, the worst that the quality can get would be equal with whatever’s outside.

Wrong again.  But don’t worry, you aren’t expected to know this stuff!  This is just for placement purposes.

Ok, so instead of a summary of what we’ve learned, I’ll just leave you with this tidy little list, ok?  This is all stuff that builds up over time without an air filtration system in Tampa:

  • Dust, that is to say: Dust mites, cockroach mulch, dead skin, mold spores, pollen, who knows
  • Paint fumes (Yeah, your walls keep giving off chemical fumes for years)
  • Chemical fumes from cleaning supplies (This is a big nasty one, too)
  • Smoke, fumes from Teflon non stick pans, and oils burnt off while cooking
  • Your own body odor

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Tampa Duct Replacement

When people realize their homes are not cooling down or heating up as quickly and effectively as they should be, they often automatically assume to look to the AC unit for the source of the problem—which makes sense and usually is the correct decision. But not always. In some cases, a poorly working HVAC system could mean that you need Tampa duct replacement services.

Your ducts are not an obvious part of your home to be maintained, so it’s hard to know when something is wrong. It helps to know what you should be looking for. Common problem areas in air ducts that may lead to inefficiencies in the cooling and/or heating of your home include:

  • Air leaks
  • Inefficient sealing
  • Wear and tear
  • Improper installation

Make your home a more comfortable place to live. Once you take care of your duct replacement needs, not only will you experience the presence of fewer cold spots, but you will also save a significant amount of money by improving the energy efficiency of your system!

While it would be ideal your home’s ducts have inefficiencies that could be fixed with mild repair work, in the event that you need a full service Tampa duct replacement, give Millian-Aire Enterprise Corp. a call today to schedule an estimate at 888-628-0691.