Pool Fence or Hefty Fine; Your Call

Why you need your pool to be enclosed, and what pool fencing company will get it done

Pool fencing is a serious matter in Florida.  It might sound dramatic, but it’s not. Most people don’t know that if it is not done correctly, you will probably be slapped with a hefty fine.

Regulations are strict because Florida has the highest drowning rate in the nation for children under five, and fences have been proven to reduce the risks of drowning accidents by 85%.

If you have a pool, you need to have the proper fencing.  When designing your pool landscape it’s easy to forget about the fencing.  Understandably, many people are more focused on the actual pool itself—why wouldn’t they be? The last thing you want to do is deter the attention with a fence. You need a pool fence that is safe and will complement the pool scene and beautify your landscape.

For your home swimming pool or Jacuzzi, some decisions have fewer options. For example, the company you select to build your pool must be licensed, insured, and experienced. Each type of fencing has a different set of qualifying rules.  It’s important that you hire a pool fencing company in Bonita Springs that not only adheres to the codes and regulations, but one that has a versatile selection of fence designs and accessories.

To best balance your need for a great looking, durable, and secure pool fence at a reasonable price, look for a fencing company that specializes in aluminum products.  Aluminum fencing gives you the best and most beautiful bang for your buck.  It is low maintenance; you don’t have to deal with rust or the bothersome upkeep issues that come with wooden fencing.

When you have your own specific ideas about how you want your fence to surround your pool area, while at the same time providing an inviting look that doesn’t distract from the aesthetics of the pool, it’s good to know there is a local pool fencing company in Bonita Springs that has enough knowledge and experience to give you an estimate from an emailed sketch.

For the most durable and most beautiful aluminum fencing call the Aluminum Fence Store at 1-800-747-8563 or visit their website for more information: http://www.aluminumfencestore.com/fencing/pool-fencing.html