Residential Construction Services and Green Building

Residential Construction Services and Green Building Tampa | Greaves Construction

As the world moves further and further into an effort to be more friendly to the environment, green building has taken a prominent place at the forefront of residential construction services. In progressive cities like Tampa, residents are taking action. They believe in the importance of preserving the environment through green practices.

Green Building Practices

At the heart of green building practices lies an effort to reduce waste and pollution. It also aims to conserve energy and reuse materials when applicable. In order to boost energy and water efficiency, homeowners in Tampa need to have energy-saving appliances and devices installed with the help of residential construction services as well as observe wise conservation practices. In addition to installing high-efficiency HVAC systems and low-flow faucets and showerheads, you’ll need to create daily habits like turning off lights when leaving a room, take shorter showers, and keep moderate indoor temperatures.

Finding Green Residential Construction Services

You want to be sure that the residential construction services company you hire to help you turn your home into an eco-friendly oasis is certified and reliable. You need to ensure that they are registered as a Certified Building Contractor (CBC), check to see if they have affiliations with professional organizations local to Tampa and across the country. Greaves Construction proudly affiliates with the following organizations:

  • National Association of Home Builders
  • Waypoint Living Spaces
  • Tampa Bay Builders Association
  • Florida Home Builders Association

Greaves Construction is a fully licensed general contractor, and their CBC license number is #CBC 037937. To learn more about their qualifications and their specialty in green building, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Call Greaves Construction in Tampa

For premier residential construction services in Tampa, look no further than Greaves Construction. Our team has been helping people with sustainable development and home building in the Bay area for more than 30 years. They have the experience and expertise to design and build the perfect home for you. We offer remodeling, historic restoration, additions, renovations, and more. Whether you need just a kitchen or bathroom redone or the entire house needs a renovation, Greaves has the experts you can rely on! Call them today to schedule a consultation at (813) 985-2739.


Home Improvement Services That Are Right for You

If you’re interested in remodeling or general home improvement services in the Tampa area this coming New Year, it might seem a bit daunting with an endless list of available contractors at your disposal. One tip to make your search for home improvement service specialists easier is to fine-tune your search field based on the type of work desired, as well as the type of company you’d desire. If you’re an environmentally conscious home owner looking to remodel your kitchen, the ideal search for a contractor would be one who shares the same “green” mentality as you. In kind, if aesthetics are pivotal to your needs, a specific search for professionals who specialize in Contemporary/Art Deco residential rehabilitation would prove their worth versus a general contractor who is limited to knowledge of standard Floridian cottages.

Deciding the Home Improvement Services You Want

When embarking on the (seemingly endless) journey of imagining all possible homestead upgrades, it’s incredibly easy to get overwhelmed with wide eyes picturing everything that your Tampa abode could be. Here are some key steps which could assist you in staying on track:

  • Differentiate between areas of your house that are in need of repairs and areas that you would like to improve upon; the areas that require rehabilitation allow an opportunity to fix the problem AND initiate an upgrade to a more appealing rendition.
  • Get ideas from specialty contractor and the portfolio pages of home improvement services. These will help you find new designs for your house in Tampa, and it also helps to show the working capacity of your chosen contractor and what they’re able to achieve.
  • Gather and consider input from your family or housemates on possible remodeling choices; remember that they’re living there, too! A small notebook could double as your family’s “Home Improvement Handbook”, where everyone could jot down their own ideas for the shared living space.
  • Talk with your home improvement service professional to collectively realize the desired look for your dwelling. Make sure that what you’re imagining is what they’re planning on creating. This can be assisted with catalog pictures, notes that are readily available to client and builder, color swatches and rudimentary sketches of layouts.

Making the Final Call on Home Improvement

Now that you have gone through your residence with an enhancement mission in mind, maintained notes for reference,  established goals and visions for various rooms, it’s time to contact one of Tampa’s most accredited home improvement service contractors; Greaves Construction. Greaves has been awarded Best Whole House Remodel in 2015, by the Tampa Bay Builders Association, as well as Excellence in Complete Kitchen Remodeling (2013) and Best Creative Use of Space for Kitchens (2014) by the TBBA. Greaves is located in Temple Terrace and serves the greater Bay area, Temple Terrace, and Hillsborough County. Please contact a Greaves representative at (813) 985 – 2739 to get started on your new household projects today!

Green Building in Your Kitchen

Both customers and contractors in Temple Terrace are interested in reducing their carbon footprint. From design to remodel, green building standards enforce procedures that are ecologically responsible and resource-efficient. Conserving natural resources and energy performance are at the center of every project. There are several things to consider before renovating your kitchen.

Green Building Best Practices for the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most heavily trafficked areas of the home, and there are several opportunities to implement green building best practices. Possible areas in a Temple Terrace home include:

  • Plumbing
  • Appliances
  • Electrical and lighting

When home owners make eco-conscious decisions, they conserve energy and reduce their carbon footprint. One’s choices about indoor construction have an effect on the environment overall, so keep them in mind when planning your renovation.


The water heater is the first thing to consider when it comes to making plumbing eco-friendly. Purchase an insulated jacket to decrease standby losses of the heater. This is an inexpensive and effective way to save electricity. If the existing tank uses excessive energy, it may be time to replace it. Consider choosing a tankless heater, which only runs when a tap is in use, to conserve water.

Low flow faucets are an excellent option for green building because they waste less aqua without any pressure loss. If there are any lead pipes, they should be replaced immediately, because ingesting lead is harmful to one’s health.


It is nearly impossible to achieve an entirely eco-friendly kitchen because appliances use a lot of electricity. The refrigerator is the biggest energy drain in any Temple Terrace kitchen, so an environmentally-efficient model is the best choice. Avoid models with an ice dispenser, because they are less efficient. Keep the refrigerator away from heat sources, like microwaves and stoves. By doing this, it won’t have to work as hard to stay cool. If green building is important to a home owner in Temple Terrace, knowing how to choose environmentally responsible appliances is crucial.

Lighting and Electrical

Naturally occurring light is the best resource for light in a kitchen. If a room has few windows or the existing ones aren’t East or South facing, observe the space and consider where windows could go. Since power is needed in the evening, pick energy-efficient bulbs.

Greaves Construction

From deconstruction to renovation, Greaves Construction will adhere to green building standards while working on Temple Terrace homes. Call Greaves Construction at (813) 985-2739 to set up a free consultation today!