What Every New Homeowner Needs to Know About Their Roof

Many residential roofers have been asked over the years what’s the best way to care for a roof in Palm Harbor.  We’ve found that many of these questions come from new homeowners.  To help both first-time and experienced homeowners, we put together what are the key things to know about your roof.  Keep reading and find out how this information can affect both you and your wallet.

What’s the Condition?

The first thing you should check with the roof is if there is any visible physical damage.  You shouldn’t climb on top of your home, but you can contact some Palm Harbor residential roofers to make a thorough inspection for you. They’ll look for everything including:

  • Damaged and worn shingles
  • Holes or exposed gaps water can enter
  • Damage to the gutters, soffits, and flashing
  • Mold and algae growth

After your residential roofers finish their inspection, they will tell you what the problems are and possible solutions.  Neglecting to make even minor repairs could end up creating thousands of dollars worth of other problems.  A leak can lead to water damage for ceilings and walls inside the house, or even mold growth.  Early prevention can save you and your wallet many headaches later on.

What Does Insurance Cover?

Knowing what your homeowner’s insurance covers is a very important thing that should never be overlooked.  When making repairs, contact your insurance agent to find out what building materials are promoted underneath your policy.  Using a material that is different than suggested may change your premium costs.  The last thing anyone needs to is to be caught off guard when their next bill comes in the mail.

Contact an Expert

To get the best idea on what to do with your roof, contact Done Rite.  Their team of residential roofers has been helping out residents of Palm Harbor for over 15 years.  Every job site they work on is treated as if they were working on their own homes.  This mentality provides each customer with the highest quality of craftsmanship and care.  Done Rite will cover everything from minor repairs to total installation and replacement.  If you’re not sure what has to be completed, call them today at 727-771-8747.


Biggest Residential Roofing Mistakes

Whether it’s a simple repair or a full installation, there are a lot of things that can go wrong with a roofing project. As local residential roofers in Palm Harbor, Done Rite contractors have seen almost everything, good and bad, and want you to be informed about some of the most common mistakes homeowners make so you are better prepared to avoid them from happening to you.

  1. Attempting DIY. Unless you are trained in repairs and have the necessary equipment, it is never recommended that you climb up on top of your home and attempt this on your own. Not only is it incredibly dangerous, but you could cause more harm than good to your Palm Harbor home.
  2. Shopping around for materials. We all want to get the best price, but buying your own materials can be risky. Not only do you risk buying the wrong things for your home, but many contractors in the area have connections with suppliers and can get an even better deal than you can. It would be silly not to take advantage of this!
  3. Installing incorrect or harmful products. Just because something looks great in the hardware store doesn’t mean it’s well suited for your home. The wrong type of rain gutters can cause your entire roof to be flooded and the wrong shingle will blow off the second we get a summer thunderstorm.
  4. Not calling residential roofers. All of these problems and hassles can be avoided by just calling a professional contractor to perform the repairs. This way, you can be sure that the job will be done correctly and that it will last through all of our Palm Harbor weather.

Done Rite Residential Roofers

Done Rite of Palm Harbor has been helping residents keep their roofs in great condition for over 15 years and they will be able to help you. With a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and multiple discounts available, they are the best choice for residential roofers. They can help with everything from inspections to repairs to regular maintenance to installations and replacements and more.

Call Done Rite today at 727-771-8747 to schedule your free estimate with the best contractors in the Bay area. Remember, if you want it done right, call DONE RITE today.