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When re-painting or slapping on some new wallpaper just isn’t enough, it’s time to consider remodeling. As a residential construction company with more than 30 years invested in the Hillsborough community, our work is everywhere. From South Tampa to Lutz, from Westchase to Ruskin, Greaves Construction helps homeowners realize their dreams. Beautification projects, plumbing or wiring revisions, simple modifications or a complete overhaul and renovation – our designers, planners, and craftspeople are time-proven experts at all aspects of home remodeling. Therefore, your desire becomes a reality in our capable hands.

In Need of an Upgrade in Tampa and Westchase?

There are numerous reasons to remodel a kitchen. Along with aesthetics, perhaps an aging design – like that outdated ‘70s Zodiac motif? – just screams out for modification. Purchasing modern appliances is a relatively easy process – but is there enough space? Can the existing wiring accommodate them? Instead of a quick fix, a residential construction company presents you with major, ultimately life-changing renovation and remodeling options. Remove a wall. Expand a room. Think of the big picture. Greaves Construction In Tampa and Westchase, Greaves Construction will consult with you every step of the way. You’re the boss.

Bathroom remodeling is perhaps the most requested service of a residential construction company. While sinks, tubs, and toilets will always be necessities, stylistic and performance upgrades and fairly constant. Also, you might have a chipped sink or a stained tub – why not replace everything at the same time and make your Tamps or Westchase bathroom beautiful – and bigger? Customize it! Greaves Construction will also advise you on how to turn your home or building bathroom more eco-friendly. We can make it a green building by installing low-flow sinks and toilets, energy-efficient windows and more. Ultimately, you’ll save money – and do your part for the environment, too.

An All-Purpose Residential Construction Company

Our menu of home remodeling services is extensive. Whether you want restoration work on your historic Tampa home, an entire Westchase renovation, or something in between, Jon Greaves and company should be your only call. They’ll consult, advise and work – on time – within your budget. Seeking out the right contractor is like finding the right car – it can be a laborious process that wears you down. Kick our tires by reading the dozens of testimonials from satisfied customers here on our website – for renovation, restoration, and remodeling Greaves Construction is without peer in Hillsborough County.

What are you looking for in your home? We can help. Contact Greaves Construction or call at (813) 985-2729 and let’s get moving on your dream home!


Historic Renovation and Restoration

If you own a home that is rich with history, getting a historic renovation and restoration in Tampa/Temple Terrace will benefit you. Greaves Construction has an experienced crew in historic renovation and restoration. This type of home remodeling is unique because the house can be remade to mimic the original design. The options include:

· seamless additions

· whole house renovations

· a specific level of the house to be rebuilt

We can reproduce any kind of historic home.

Benefits of restoring historic homes:

By owning a home with a rich past you have the benefit of receiving Ad Valorem tax incentives if you maintain the condition. This is one of the best reasons as to why it is beneficial to keep the aesthetic of the house even if you have had to touch it up a bit. Another benefit to maintaining your home is so that you can keep the aesthetic you first fell in love with.

Houses, no matter the date they were built, tend to decay with age. The paint starts to chip or the material starts to come apart. Some houses even have green vines travelling along the walls, which tends to take away from the original beauty. Historic renovation and restoration in Tampa/Temple Terrace can maintain the historic element to the design. Call Greaves Construction at (813) 985-2739 to get more information.